Why Buy a Used Lacrosse Rebounder?

The Case for the Used Lacrosse Rebounder

Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in America. This high-paced game is full contact and requires swift hand-eye coordination and footwork. The biggest part of the game is stick work, and the best way to work on this stick work is to practice passing, catching, and craddling. Two dilemmas that many encounter while trying to work on their stick skills are not having a person to play catch with, or not having an adequate wall to throw against. The latter usually causing broken windows and damaged siding. The best and most cost efficient way to improve your game is to buy a used lacrosse ball rebounder.

Anyone who plays lacrosse knows that this is one expensive sport. New equipment can set you back a huge amount of money, so if quality used equipment is available, why not save yourself some cash? Rebounder nets can cost a lot, especially if you want one that is going to last a long time, so buying used just makes perfect sense. Lacrosse dive shot

The best argument for buying a used rebounder is this: You have a kid who loves lacrosse and wants to learn how to play. That’s great! This is also the same child who gets tired of things very quickly and is ready to move on to the next thing that catches his attention. So, where does that leave you?

What you now have is a pile of lacrosse equipment heaped in the back of your garage gathering dust, and you kicking yourself for not buying used stuff in the first place! Now you are the one advertising used equipment for sale. Pity, isn’t it?

On the other hand, if you are an adult and a lacrosse player, you know that the rebounder is one of the essential pieces of equipment in the game. Even if you are just practicing in your backyard, you want a rebounder that performs well.

Concerned About the Cash? Look for the Used Lacrosse Bounce Back!

When shopping around for a used rebounder check it carefully to see how much use it has had. Practice hitting a few balls at it to see how it responds to your hits. Look for one that was high quality when new, how often it was used, and the shape it is in now. Check online for prices of new rebounders, and compare that price to what the owner is asking for the new one.

images (1)Buying used makes much more sense than buying new, and used doesn’t necessarily mean ‘junk’. Maybe the owner is someone who just got bored with the game, or has a kid just like you do and now the stuff is just sitting there. Whatever the reason, if you use your head you should be able to come out on top of the sale.

A used lacrosse bounce back is a great way to get your kid playing the game, and a good way to determine his interest. You can always move on to new equipment at a later stage in the game, and also sell your used-used stuff to recoup some of your money. Money that can be put toward new stuff!

There is nothing wrong with starting out this game using stuff you have purchased second-hand, and lots of people do it this way. No one knows for sure whether or not playing lacrosse is for them and it is a sure bet that if you look hard enough you are going to find quality rebounders and everything else lacrosse-related for sale. Check online, your newspapers, and ask your friends if they have any they want to get rid of.

Sports equipment of any kind can run into thousands of dollars if you are not careful, so do yourself a favor and buy used if you can.