Lacrosse Wall Ball Drills: 21 Day Challenge – Up For It?

Hit the Wall: Why the Best Lacrosse Players, Play Alone

Are you up for the challenge Laxers? In this article today, we are introducing the “OneStopLacrosse” 21 Days of Lacrosse Wall Ball Drills Challenge! 

Why The Wall Ball Challenge?

Playing wall ball is the simplest, but MOST EFFECTIVE way to change the way you can handle your stick.

We here at “” feel a passion for working on the fundamentals of lacrosse. Wall Ball should not and will not be overlooked by us!

Wall ball is and will always be a timeless practice for the sport of lacrosse. You WILL NOT BE A GOOD PLAYER WITHOUT TAKING THE TIME TO GET COMFORTABLE WITH YOUR STICK.

Time and time again players are told to hit the wall and spend some more time getting to know their stick. Rightfully so.

A lax player who lacks the proper stick skills is like a professional handy man who keeps hitting their thumb with the hammer. Neglecting to spend time with your stick is only hurting your own potential as a lax player!

Quit holding yourself back, step up to the challenge!

Playing More Wall Ball Will…

  • Improve your stick skills
  • Make you more confident on the field
  • Make you more of a threatening player to your opponent
  • Most importantly, make you a more valuable player to your team!

We created this challenge with YOU IN MIND. 

With this post, you will have what you need to complete 21 days of wall ball work on your own.

For each day of the week, we have provided you with videos of different lacrosse wall ball drills.

For the 21 days, you will go through each video 3 times.

The rules of the challenge are simple:

1. Commit yourself to spending either 10, 20 or 30 minutes each day playing wall ball.

2. Be honest with yourself! If you think you can actually do 30 minutes a day, then do it! However, if you feel that is not a goal you will stick with, do not feel bad going with 10 or 20.

3. EVERYDAY for the next 21 days, revisit this post and watch the lacrosse wall ball drill video corresponding to the day of the week.

4. Don’t just watch the video…DO THE DRILL for the amount of time you committed to.


5. DO NOT SKIP A DAY. (this is not a typo)

6. At the end of the week, on Monday start the 7 videos over again.

7. Do this for three weeks.

8. Complete all 21 days. BE A MORE DANGEROUS LAXER.

So what do you think? Do you think you can complete the 21 day challenge? 21 days is nothing right?


The “OneStopLacrosse” 21 Days Of Lacrosse Wall Ball Drills Challenge: 


Alright Laxers, welcome to Day 1.

Kevin Crowley is a stud. In this video Kevin shows you his 8 drill lacrosse wall ball routine that has helped him get to the level that he is at right now.


Did you get through day 1? If you did, and if you think you are along for the whole 21 days, let us know on twitter! We would love to hear from any laxers who are committed to working on their game. Let’s dig into day 2!

Today we have pro laxer Connor Martin showing us some techniques.

Each of these videos will show you something new, as well as something you have seen before. The great thing about this 21 day challenge is that at the end of it, you will have the resources to create the perfect wall ball routine for you.


The video today has Ned Crotty walking you through some of his wall ball techniques he uses in the offseason.


Remember laxers, we cannot stress this enough, take notes each day throughout this challenge of what techniques you like/dislike! When this 21 days is over you want to have the best routine possible!




Alright laxers you made it through the first week! Are you starting to feel more confident with your stick? It might be surprising what you have been able to accomplish in one week!

Time to repeat! Get through three weeks, build this practice of wall ball into a habit. Be a more dangerous player!

Give us some updates on your 21 days? Are there any videos/resources for lacrosse wall ball drills you would like to throw into the mix? Shoot us an email or leave a comment!