5 Reasons NOT to Build Your Own Lacrosse Goal

A Case Against the DIY: Don’t Build a Lacrosse Goal

Don’t be that guy. You know, that guy who decides to build his own lacrosse goal. The result is always the same: cheap pvc piping, thin lacrosse netting, an uneven crossbar, and an entire weekend wasted sawing and gluing. Let’s avoid this.

Now we’ve all seen it before. That over-achieving dad or nerdy son who decides they’d rather spend $100 and a weekend of their time to build their own Frankenstein of a lacrosse goal, rather than investing in a new one.

Hey, we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they just never read Lacrosse Scoop’s How to Choose a Lacrosse Goal and Net Buying Guide.

But just in case you were actually thinking about building your own lacrosse goal, we’ll save you the embarrassment. Here are our top 5 reasons to invest in buying a lacrosse goal, rather than jerry-rigging your own together.

1. You Will Never Get it Perfect

Most likely, your custom built lacrosse goal will not be exactly 6 feet by 6 feet. You can measure all you want, and be a geometry whiz-kid, but the sizing will never come out perfect. Top brands like Brine, STX, and EZ Goal have top of the line technology and machines to create a flawless lacrosse goal with zero imperfections.

2. Lacrosse Netting is Expensive

When you build your own lax goal, the net is not included. Finding the best deal on lacrosse nets will be your toughest task. Most replacement lacrosse nets cost around $50. If you buy cheaper lacrosse netting, we promise you, it will rip and tear.

3. You Can’t Buy Back Your Time

Chances are, constructing your own Frankenstein of a lacrosse goal will take the better part of a day or two. You have to scope out the materials, drive to Home Depot, apply geometry to get your angles right, use a saw to cut everything, order (and wait) for your lacrosse netting to arrive,  and on and on. That’s time you could be spending playing wall ball and improving your game.

4. If You Build it, It Will Break

Quality is the most important thing to look for in a lacrosse goal. Sadly, if you build your own lacrosse goal out of wood or PVC piping, it won’t last very long. The wood will rot, and the PVC piping will crack. Buying a lacrosse goal, you will notice the strong metal used, thick 3mm netting, and bungees included. Trust us, a new goal will last you years. Plus, it will come with a full warranty!

5. New Lacrosse Goals are Affordable

If you shop around on Amazon, you can scoop up a high quality lacrosse goal for cheap. In fact, here are two lacrosse goals we found on Amazon that are under $100:

Gladiator Official Lacrosse Goal – $70
Champion Practice Lacrosse Goal – $90

Sadly, building your own lacrosse goal is more expensive! The supplies will cost you $50, the netting another $50, and you’ll waste two days slaving away.

The choice is easy here friends. Invest in a solid lacrosse goal and save yourself some time…and a nasty headache!

This Post was Written By Sean Nelson, of LacrosseScoop.com

Sean has lived in the lax world for 10 years, is the founder and editor in chief at Lacrosse Scoop, ​and spontaneously takes road trips around the United States.