Why You Don’t Want a Homemade Lacrosse Rebounder

Ditch the DIY, Homemade Bounce Backs May Fail

The game of Lacrosse is growing faster than any other sport and men and women alike are getting into the game. It is not for the faint of heart though. It’s a tough sport that requires hours of practice and is physically demanding. Using the right equipment is essential if you want to train effectively and get yourself in top physical shape. If you are not really serious about the game and just want to hit a few balls in your backyard, a homemade Lacrosse rebounder may be fine. For those who compete, however, this isn’t going to cut it. lacrosse-college-game

There are countless companies that manufacture and sell Lacrosse equipment, so conduct a research before you spend any money. Remember, too, that if you are considering building a rebounder, you will need to know the specs before you attempt this. It’s not as simple as nailing a few boards together or stretching a net across some pipes. It is also going to cost you to do this, and the amount will depend on how elaborate you are going to make it. For what you are spending in materials, you can actually buy a new lacrosse rebounder!

Sports equipment is designed with a particular use in mind, and that includes Lacrosse rebounders. A homemade Lacrosse rebounder is not going to function as well as one that has been built specifically for that game no matter how well you construct it.

Spend Your Time Training!

Remember, if you are playing the game seriously you aren’t going to find rebounders that have been constructed at home on the playing field! This is undoubtedly going to throw your game off because it is not going to react like your homemade one does. Essentially, you might be getting into shape physically, but your game may suffer.

lacrosse-practice-youthA used professional grade rebounder would actually be a better choice than a homemade one. It was built to specs, and if it has been well maintained can offer you years of playing time. Prices of bounce backs are fairly reasonable if you take the time to shop around.

Who knows? Your friend or neighbor may have one in the garage that they want to get rid of. Look online for other sources. Sports equipment shops often have second-hand equipment for sale that they have taken in trade. They would be able to tell you what shape it is in and if it is a good value.

Build the Rebounder…and it may fall…

About the only time a homemade Lacrosse rebounder is a good idea is if you have a kid who has expressed an interest in the game at a young age. Until you know how serious he or she is building something yourself is a way to “test the waters.” If they grow tired of it and lose interest, you aren’t out a major purchase amount. New equipment can come after you decide how serious they are, but until then, build your own rebounder and invest in some good, used equipment for starters.