Lacrosse is a great game when your kid has the right gear. Besides protective gear, a lacrosse stick is one of the most important parts of lacrosse. There are a number of factors to consider when choosing the best youth lacrosse sticks including their ergonomic build, material, and length. You can buy complete sticks or buy the two parts of a stick, the shaft, and the head, and attach them. Below we have chosen the best lacrosse sticks for beginners. Buying kids lacrosse sticks can be hard! We want to help make it easy for you. 

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The Best Lacrosse Stick for Beginners: Buyers Guide

The market is awash with lacrosse sticks, and as such, it might be a daunting task for first-time buyers to choose the best lacrosse stick for beginners. Granted, there are factors that you need to consider to ensure you get the best stick.

Complete Lacrosse Sticks for Kids

Complete sticks come ready to use out of the box with a shaft on which a head is attached. These units are ideal for entry-level players as the heads are specifically designed for beginners. They also feature a soft shaft made of less expensive material. Granted, complete sticks retail at a relatively low price.

The sticks are available at different lengths including 30-inch field length, 60-inch defense length, 40-inch goalie sticks and 42-inch shaft. Youth complete sticks sport a 28-inch shaft. If you are tall, you can choose one among the other choices. If you are wondering what size lacrosse stick for 10 year old should be, consider the 28-inch or smaller shaft.

Choosing Lacrosse Stick Head

The head is the part that carries the ball when playing. Most heads are created from high quality plastic material, but they vary in design, weight and technology. When buying a head, first consider which head specifications your league uses. Specifications refer to the measurements and weight that the head must meet. The best youth lacrosse sticks must meet the rules set by National Collegiate Athletic Association, NCAA, and National Federation of State High School Associations, NFHS.

When choosing between different types of heads, it is important to consider three different parts of a head including the pinch, scoop and sidewall.

  • Scoop – This refers to the top construction of the stick’s head. During ball pick-ups, the scoop is the part of the head that comes in contact with the ground. A scoop can be flat or u-shaped. The design is determined by the size of scoop at the top. Heads that have a flat scoop are suitable for beginners. They allow more plastic to be in contact with the ground and, therefore, enhance ball pickups.

Heads that have a U-shaped scoop are ideal for advanced players. While they are not better at pickups, they channel the ball better during a shot or pass. They are, therefore, more accurate.

  • Pinch: Pinch refers to the wideness or narrowness of the face of the head. A wide head is suitable for beginner players as it increases their chances of catching the ball. A narrow head is great for advanced players as they can catch better. A more pinched head retains the ball better, allowing you accurate passes and shots. Again, these narrow heads do not pick the ball from the ground with ease.

You can choose pinch based on your playing position. Defensive players typically prefer a wide head, but players who are always shooting prefer a narrow head.

  • Sidewall: The sidewall denotes the sides of the stick head. This is the part of the stick that determines the weight and stiffness of the lacrosse stick. When a head has more plastic on the sidewalls, it is heavier, but stiffer. Stiff lacrosse sticks are ideal for defenders and midfielders who are always checking.

A head that has a horde of open spaces on the sidewall is lighter, but with less stiffness. A light head is preferred by players who are always shooting or passing. These are mostly attackers and midfielders. A head that is light makes the stick more flexible and this reduces effectiveness during stick checks.

Choosing a good head is dependent on the playing style and preferences of a player. Ultimately, you will need to consider the design of the head and design whether it is good for weight or stiffness.

Choosing a Good Shaft

The main aspects to consider when choosing shafts are youth lacrosse stick length and material. These shafts are available at different prices. Normally, a manufacturer will set the price of a shaft based on the material of the shaft. When you have chosen the length and material of the shaft, consider the grip, strength and weight of the shaft.

  • Grip: Grips can be in three forms – smooth grip, sticky grip or sandy grip. A smooth handle is the most common on shafts, but it requires tape to enhance grip. Sandy grips add insignificant weight to the shaft and give great comfort. A sticky grip lets you use it without the need for tape, but the grip wears off with use.
  • Strength: The strength of a shaft will be determined by the material. The material also determines the thickness of the shaft. The stronger the shaft, the higher the price point.
  • Weight: The weight of a shaft is directly proportional to the material and the thickness of construction. A heavy shaft moves slowly when you are passing or shooting, but comes in handy during stick checks. Lighter shafts are suitable when passing or shooting, but are not good during stick checks.

Choosing Shaft Materials

Shafts are made of different materials including aluminum, alloys, composite, scandium, graphite, blends and titanium. A high number of shafts are made of aluminium, which is light, low cost and strong. Alloys include Vanadium, C405 and others. Alloys are great, offering a balanced weight-strength ratio.

Composite shafts are created from carbon fiber. These shafts will not bend or dent. They are created strong. Again, they are not as cold as metal. They are common on women shafts. Scandium is a single metal type on a shaft. It is suitable for those who are looking for strength. Blends, like their name suggests, are combinations of alloy, titanium and scandium, allowing them to have a great strength and weight balance.

Titanium is ideal for strength. Shafts made of titanium are a good choice for players who play aggressively. Their weight, however, is relatively high. Whether you are looking for best lacrosse sticks for intermediate players or beginners, its weight must match the strength of the shaft.

Top 5 Best Beginner Lacrosse Sticks for Sale 2018

    1. STX Stallion 50 Complete Lacrosse Stick

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The STX Stallion 50 is a stick for beginners. It is designed complete, so, you do not spend any time fitting the head to the shaft. According to the manufacturer, the stick is inspired by Elite stallion U-500 head. Granted, the overall design of the head is ergonomic and well balanced for ease of use.

The head of the stick comes molded with a soft material, thereby, giving it a forgiving response. When you are scooping the ball from the ground, the head flexes to allow you fast pickups. The unit is offered relatively short with a thin handle, enhancing use. This also makes the stick ideal for youths.

The soft mesh stringing adds to the convenience of use. However, the stick has the disadvantage of not meeting college and high school set standards. While your kid can use this stick at home for training, it will not be used in school tournaments.

Offered with a platinum white finish, the unit is ideal for men and women. It is easy for use even for those less than 10 years thanks to its light weight. The head and the shaft weighs only 12 pounds.

The unit is offered with a u-scoop small head, making it ideal for attackers and those who are always shooting.


  • Offered at a great price
  • Designed for beginners
  • U-scoop head is easy to use
  • Light weight and short shaft enhance use by juniors


  • Not ideal for experienced players

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  1. STX Stallion 200 U Complete Lacrosse Stick

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This is an ideal unit for midfielders. It is offered relatively heavy and long compared with the STX Stallion 50. It features a simple and appealing design and can be used by beginners and experienced lacrosse players. Like other units from STX, the design of the head is inspired by and ELITE Stallion U-500 head.

Its U-shaped scoop makes it easy to use for beginners. Catching and scooping from the ground is easy thanks to the comparatively wide head. If you are looking to develop your fundamentals or need the stick for a kid who is just getting started, this might be an ideal choice. The sides of the head are light-weighted, making this an effective stick for ball passing. The handle of the unit is offered smooth; no sanding and no sticky tape. The polygonal shape of the shaft enhances its look while making it comfortable to use.

With the soft stringing material, the head of this stick is flexible and great during use. Even though it is designed for mid-fielders, the head offers great versatility. Unlike the Stallion 50, the Stallion 200 U meets the rules set by NFHS and NCAA. You can, therefore, buy it for your high schooler or college kid.


  • Great weight-length balance
  • Can be used in schools as it meets set standards
  • Versatile design


  • Relatively pricey

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  1. String King Jr. Youth Complete Lacrosse Stick

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The String String King Jr. Youth Complete Lacrosse Stick is offered with an innovative pocket that allows the youth to learn the fundamentals of lacrosse. You do not need to adjust the pocket as the unit comes ready to use out-of-the-box. To enhance use for juniors, the stick is offered with a lighter shaft. The manufacturer recognizes that juniors have little hands. Therefore, the String King Jr. Youth Complete Lacrosse Stick is lighter and narrower. This lets your young player find comfort when they are picking, passing or shooting.

With its design, this stick teaches your kid how to use a full-sized shaft. It features a wide head to increase the chances of catching the ball. The increased catching area lets the kids have fun from beginning to the end.

The weight and length of the shaft are well balanced. The even distribution of the weight balances every aspect of the stick. It features a smooth grip with grooves that run across the length of the stick. While there is no sanding, the stick is still comfortable and easy to use.


  • Great balance for comfortable use
  • Offered with a great grip
  • Lightweight and short shaft for use by kids


  • Lightweight nature reduces versatility

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  1. STX Stinger Beginners Lacrosse Stick

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 The STX Stinger is offered as an entry-level stick. Its open sidewall design makes it ideal for use while picking, shooting or passing. This makes it a great choice first-time players. Unlike most sticks on its category, the STX stinger is offered with a flat scoop, which enhances pickups from the ground. This also makes it easy for the player to pass the ball.

This is a complete lacrosse stick designed for midfield use. It is relatively long for use by mid-fielders. Its soft blue mesh is highly adaptable. While the unit is designed for use by midfielders, it can still be used by attackers and shooters.

The overall length of the stick is 42 inches. It weighs 14.4 pounds, which is light enough for use by youth. Like most sticks on its class, it is offered with a smooth grip with lines that run along the length of the shaft. Even when used with no tape, the stick still offers a tight grip.


  • Versatile for use in different parts of a field
  • Tight grip for comfortable use
  • Relatively long to accommodate different players and enhances use


  • Not ideal for most women

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  1. STX Women’s Crux 100 Complete Lacrosse Stick

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This is one of the best complete lacrosse sticks for women. You will know it is designed for women based on the vibrant green color with a mesh design on the shaft. Its sidewall design reduces its weight significantly while still ensuring that that the unit is strong enough. This makes it useful in different situations and different parts of a lacrosse pitch.

When picking up a ball from the ground, the stick offers you great flexibility for faster scoops. It is also offered with a raised ball stop, which allows women all the ball control they need. Each stick features STX forward cant, which enhances use.

The complete stick comes with 6000 handles which has a great grip.


  • Specific features to fit best beginner women’s lacrosse stick
  • Great grip for comfortable use
  • Raised ball stop enhances ball control


  • Feels flimsy when used to shoot

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Conclusion: What’s the Best Youth Lacrosse Stick?

When choosing the best beginner lacrosse sticks, your preferences and playing position will ultimately influence the stick that you end up with. With the sea of sticks on the market, it is a challenge choosing one that will meet your needs and offer you value for money. 

The STX Stallion 50 Complete Lacrosse Stick is the winner in this roundup. It is a great stick thanks to its great weight-length balance, its price and most importantly its versatility. You can use the stick as a beginner and experienced player and still achieve great shots and great passes. The shaft and head are made of durable and strong materials that accommodate everyday playing without sacrificing ease of use.

The deep pocket lets you catch the ball with ease and shoot with ease as well. Again, even with a smooth grip, the shaft does not slip from your hands, letting you play consistently.