Do You Have a Youth Lacrosse Player in the House?

This page will become your hub for all the equipment and gear that you need to get your beginning laxer setup, and ready to go.

Lacrosse can be an expensive sport to just jump into! There is lots of gear to buy, and if you aren’t shopping wisely then you may cost yourself a pretty penny.

From this page find our reviews for the following:

  • The Best Lacrosse Sticks for Beginners
  • The Best Shoulder Pads for Youth Lacrosse Players
  • The Best Helmets for Youth Lacrosse Players
  • (Coming soon!) The Best Lacrosse Starter Kits (i.e buying lacrosse gear in bulk!)

Maybe you have a lady laxer in the house? We have a hub for their gear too!

The Best Youth Lacrosse Sticks

The last thing you want your kid to have is a low quality, quick to break ineffective lacrosse stick. If you want them sticking with the sport and having everything they need to dive right in, then getting a stick will be crucial!

Beginner sticks are sold in complete form, with the shaft, head and mesh all attached.

The Best Youth Lacrosse Shoulder Pads

We absolutely have to make sure that our young laxers are playing the sport safely. Without proper padding, these young players can be at risk!

Read up on all our youth lacrosse shoulder pad reviews to make sure you get the right pair.

The Best Youth Lacrosse Helmets

Just like the shoulder pads, the helmets for our young players are a crucial piece of equipment to get right! Take a look at our full page of reviews, read up, and make a knowledgeable buying decision.

The Best Youth Lacrosse Gloves

Don’t forget about the gloves! Maybe sure your new laxer is protected from head to finger, and check out our lacrosse glove reviews for kids.

Youth Lacrosse Gear Reviews Coming Soon…

Are you looking for a specific piece of gear that we’ve yet to review? We have every intention to collect the content that you want to see! So leave a line and let us know what stuff you’d like to have us take a look at!

Some lists of reviews to come for this page:

  • The Best Youth Lacrosse Gloves