As a women, there are many factors you’ll need to consider when purchasing a pair of lacrosse cleats. You’ll need to look at comfort, cost, style, and the performance of the cleats, among other things.

Looking at the dozens of women lacrosse cleats and choosing a pair for yourself can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve put together the ultimate list of the best lacrosse cleats women should consider.

Maybe you are looking for some goggles for a girl laxer?

Our 7 best women's lacrosse cleats

1) Under Armour Women’s UA Lax Finisher MC Cleat

Manufacturer Specs:
*Made by Under Armour
*Ultra-supportive, ankle-hugging CompFit® sleeve delivers an incredible, snug feel built to give you an extra boost of speed
*Die-cut sock liner delivers additional comfort so you’re always game-ready
*UA Corespeed chassis supercharges the foot’s natural motion, flexibility & acceleration, delivering superior mobility
*Lightweight, bladed cleats provide superior traction for quick cuts & explosive acceleration
*Available in two color varieties: White/Blaze Orange/Metallic Silver or White/Metallic Silver

Pros: The UA lacrosse Finisher MX is a great women’s lacrosse cleat. It offers almost everything you could want in a cleat. Its CompFit® technology offers a snug, and secure fit, while the lining of the cleat itself also contributes to making the Finisher MX comfortable. The UA lax Finisher also provides you with good speed and agility on the field.

Potential Drawbacks: This cleat is only available in two colors. This could make it difficult for you to purchase a cleat that matches the recipient’s style.

Player Feedback: Women compliment this lacrosse cleat on its looks. They say that it’s one of the cutest lacrosse cleats they’ve ever seen. They also add that the cleat is comfortable and well made.

One problem some players have had with the Finisher MC is that of inconsistent sizing. Some players have reported the cleat runs half a size small while others say it runs half a size large. Your findings will likely differ depending on the shape of your foot.

Overall Value:

The Under Armour Women’s UA Lax Finisher MC cleat is a great choice for beginner and intermediate women lacrosse players. The cleat provides good performance, is stylish, and is also available for the reasonable price of $56.99-$74.99 (depending on your shoe size).

The cleat is an excellent value and one we’d highly recommend at the lower end of that scale. If your size costs $74.99, however, we’d recommend looking at some of the other cleats on our list. They’re likely to be a better value for you if you’re going to be forced to spend that much money.

2) Under Armour Women’s UA Blur MC Lacrosse Cleat

Manufacturer Specs:
*Made by Under Armour
*Lightweight performance synthetic upper encourages speed while delivering structure and support
*Die-cut 4D Foam® foot bed forms to your foot for locked-in comfort while reducing cleat pressure
*Anti-bacterial foot bed eliminates odors while adding shock absorption
*Molded ArmourGuide® TPU outsole for stability and extra support on firm, natural surfaces
*Bladed heel for in-ground stability
*Color: Metallic Silver/Kaleidoscope/Black

Pros: It’s no secret that women lacrosse cleats are loved by girls when they’re well designed. That’s why the UA Blur MC women lacrosse cleat has been well received. This cleat forms to your foot for comfort. It’s also made with lightweight performance synthetic that is designed to allow you to move quickly while also providing your foot with ample support.

Potential Drawbacks: These cleats have mediocre durability. They should last you about as long as any other cleat. As these cleats begin to wear, however, you may have problems with the binding between the upper and midsole beginning to separate.

Player Feedback: These lacrosse cleats are loved by women. Women say that these cleats are very comfortable and lightweight. Another thing many users appreciated was that the UA Blur MCs have a toe cleat. Lacrosse players note that most women lacrosse cleats don’t have a toe cleat and that finding a pair with them was a nice surprise.

Overall Value:

The Under Armour women’s UA Blur MC Lacrosse cleats are a good value purchase at $44.98. They are the perfect pair of cleats for women that are on a budget, but that still want quality equipment that’ll allow them to be competitive.

3) Under Armour Women’s Lacrosse Highlight Ii Cleats

Manufacturer Specs:
*Made by Under Armour
*Form-fitting CompFit® ankle construction delivers incredible, snug feel for an extra boost of speed & stability
*Molded 4D Foam® footbed forms to the foot, providing optimal comfort & reducing cleat pressure
*CoreSpeed™ chassis supercharges the foot’s natural motion, flexibility & acceleration
*Weight: 8.5 oz.
*Available in three color varieties: White/High-Vis Yellow/Black, White/Taxi/Red, and White/Anthracite/Neo-Pulse

Pros: The Under Armour lacrosse Highlights Ii cleats perform well because of their CoreSpeed™ technology. These cleats are designed to optimize your performance by complementing your foot’s natural movements. The Under Armour Highlight li cleats also do a good job of forming to the size of your feet to provide you with a comfortable and supportive fit. Armour is spelled with an extra u and in Europe they may call their cleats women’s lacrosse boots instead.

Potential Drawbacks: These cleats are a bit more costly than other entry-level cleats. See overall value below.

Player Feedback: These lacrosse cleats women’s size should fit as exactly as you’d expect. There’s shouldn’t be any need for you to order up or down a size according to the women that have purchased these cleats. In addition, women say that they love that these cleats not only look great, but also feel great on the field.

Overall Value:

The women lacrosse Highlights Ii cleats are a bit more expensive than other entry-level cleats at $109.99. However, you are getting a cleat that has been carefully designed to fit your feet comfortably while still giving you excellent performance on the field. For that reason, we’d say these cleats are fairly priced and a good value.

4) Nike Women’s Speedlax 4 LE Lacrosse Cleat

Manufacturer Specs:
*Made by Nike
*Color: White/Volt
*UPPER: Lightweight synthetic provides comfort and durability. Dual pull-fit system for outstanding dynamic lockdown. ¾-upper offers support and mobility.
*MIDSOLE: ¾-length wedge Phylon midsole offers optimal mix of mid-foot cushioning and support with low-profile forefoot for optimal feel and responsiveness.
*OUTSOLE: TPU plate for lightweight strength. Dual-stage cleats improve drive in any direction

Pros: The Nike Speedlax 4 LE lacrosse cleats for women are very durable. They live up to Nike’s reputation of producing well made equipment. What’s really exciting about these cleats, however, is that they’re designed to provide you with excellent agility. It’s literally possible for you to stop on a dime while wearing these.

Potential Drawbacks: These cleats prioritize style and performance over comfort. You won’t feel exceedingly uncomfortable in these cleats, but there’s a good chance you’ll have sore feet after wearing these all day.

Player Feedback: Users for the most part say these are good women lacrosse cleats. Women love how well they’re able to change directions with these cleats, and that they’re able to look stylish in the process. Lots of women compliment these cleats on their visual appeal.

Overall Value:

The Nike Speedlax LE lacrosse cleats are an excellent choice for women who want a healthy balance between performance and price. These lacrosse cleats are a little more expensive than some of the other entry-level cleats, but they also deliver better performance without being too pricey.

Many sizes of the Speedlax LE cleats are a great value at $59.99. However, some sizes of the cleats currently cost $85.00. We’d look at other cleats if your size is on the expensive side.

5) Nike Women’s Speedlax III Lacrosse Cleats

Manufacturer Specs:
*Made by Nike
*Featherweight lacrosse cleats keep you flying up and down the field with comfort and ease
*Control, traction and lightweight materials make for maximum velocity and acceleration
*Synthetic leather upper
*Mesh trim reduces weight while increasing ventilation
*Color: White/Metallic Silver

Pros: The Nike women’s Speedlax III lacrosse cleats are mesh trimmed. This gives the cleats a lighter weight while also allowing them to keep your feet cool. You’ll also enjoy wearing these cleats because they have great traction. Even during the muddiest of games; you’ll rarely find yourself slipping while wearing these cleats.

Potential Drawbacks: These cleats tend to be marked a size larger than they actually are. If you buy the size you normally wear, it’s likely your feet will get sore from wearing cleats that are too small. We’d recommend you purchase cleats that are at least half a size larger than your regular shoe size.

Player Feedback: Parents say their daughters love these cleats because they’re both comfortable and stylish.

Overall Value:

The Nike Speedlax III lacrosse cleats for women are currently on sale for $61.86. This makes them a good value for an entry-level lacrosse cleat. The Speedlax III cleats are a great choice for your daughter is she is a beginner or intermediate player.

6) Nike Air Team Destroyer 3 Women’s Lacrosse Cleats

Manufacturer Specs:
*Made by Nike
*Synthetic leather upper with overlays for support
*Interchangeable Swoosh design trademark colors for team customization.
*Full-length Phylon midsole for lightweight cushioning.
*Flex zones and rubber nubs at outsole for lightweight traction on all turf conditions.
*Available in two color options: White/Metallic Silver & White/Navy

Pros: The Nike Air Team 3 Destroyer cleats offer excellent cushioning with their full-length Phylon midsole. This helps make the high-impact movements of running and jumping less stressful on your body. For this reason, these cleats can be a good choice for those wishing to help prevent repetitive stress injuries.

Potential Drawbacks: These cleats currently have very limited cleat size availability online. You may have to wait some time for Nike to restock inventory of your cleat size.

Player Feedback: Parents say the mesh sides of the Air Team Destroyer 3 cleats have lots of give. Parents love this because it helps the cleats fit a wider variety of feet. Players that have used these shoes say they enjoy wearing them because they perform well on a wide variety of surfaces. Players say you can look forward to being at the top of your game whether you’re playing on grass, dirt, or turf.

Overall Value:

The Nike Air Team Destroyer women lacrosse cleats are excellent mid-range level cleats. They’re a good value at $89.90.

7) Nike Team Destroyer Women’s Lacrosse Cleats

Manufacturer Specs:
*Made by Nike
*Lightweight synthetic leather provides durability, comfort and breathability.
*Synthetic overlay upper offers additional support.
*Full-length Phylon midsole provides maximum comfort.
*Rubber outsole destroyer traction with integrated flex zones for maximum flexibility.

Pros: The Nike Team Destroyer women’s lacrosse cleats are flexible cleats that offer excellent support to your feet. The Destroyers are also durable cleats that should last you or your daughter a long time.

Potential Drawbacks: These cleats are intended to be worn on turf. They can perform adequately on short grass, but we wouldn’t recommend using them in tall grass.

Player Feedback: Players compliment these women lacrosse cleats on their excellent fit. Girls say that it’s nice to wear a pair of cleats that isn’t so narrow. They say that these shoes are comfortable and wearing them feels almost the same as wearing a regular pair of tennis shoes.

Overall Value:

The Nike Team Destroyer cleats for women are a good value purchase at $59.99.

For lacrosse cleats, women’s preferences differ. Whether your priorities are injury prevention, cost, or performance; we hope our list of the best women’s lacrosse cleats has been useful to you. If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below. We’ll read and respond to you at our earliest opportunity to do so.