Looking for a Mini Lacrosse Stick?

A lacrosse stick (sometimes called a crosse) is the most important piece of equipment for a lacrosse player. Lacrosse sticks are used for a number of important functions including: passing the ball, shooting, and checking other players.

Yet, not all lacrosse sticks are made equally. This is especially true in regards to the head of the lacrosse stick. Your playing style and personal preferences will play a large role in your choice of a lacrosse stick. Whether you choose one of the best lacrosse sticks, or the worst, know that it just may affect your game.

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1) STX FiddleSTX Two Pack Mini Super Power with Plastic Handle and One Ball, 30-Inch

Manufacturer Specs:
*Made by STX
*FiddleSTX The world’s most popular lacrosse mini stick game
*Two mini Super Power stick with one ball
*Rugged plastic heads and shafts
*Included two sticks

Pros: The STX FiddleSTX are a great set of sticks to introduce young children to lacrosse. Purchasing a set of lacrosse sticks is awesome because it prevents your child from getting bored. Having an extra stick for your child’s friends or siblings to play with will help keep them playing outside and away from the video games.

The STX FiddleSTX are also some of the top lacrosse sticks for children because of their solid durability. A welcome bonus is that the STX FiddleSTX come with a ball so that you’re not forced to purchase one separately.

Potential Drawbacks: It would’ve been nice if the STX FiddleSTX came with two or three balls. It’s easy for the kids to lose a single ball in the backyard or under the couch.

Player Feedback: Parents that have purchased the STX FiddleSTX have had an overwhelmingly positive experience with the product. They say that their children have had a great time with them and that the FiddleSTX are great for children ages 4-8 that aren’t quite ready for a full length lacrosse stick.

The only passing criticism the FiddleSTX have received is that having a deeper pocket would make it easier for children to catch the ball. This isn’t a huge issue, however, and you should be able to adjust the pocket’s depth if necessary.

Overall Value:

The STX FiddleSTX are cheap lacrosse sticks at just $27.14 (for a set of two). Despite being cheap lax sticks, they’re of reasonably high quality. For that reason, we feel great about recommending them to you.

2) Warrior Cobra Headstrong Mini Stick (Neon Green/Royal)

Manufacturer Specs:
*Made by Warrior
*Includes one mini ball
*33¾” long
*Colored green and blue

Pros: The Warrior Cobra Headstrong mini stick is another great option for young children wanting to get started with Lacrosse. This is one of the best lax sticks for smaller children wanting to play around the house because it’s extremely lightweight and durable. This lacrosse stick set also includes a mini ball that fits the mini stick’s pocket.

Potential Drawbacks: This lacrosse stick doesn’t meet most regulation standards. It’s not intended for your child to use during league play. Another potential issue is that the mini stick’s pocket is smaller than a normal lacrosse stick’s pocket. This becomes a big problem if your child loses the mini ball because the mini stick cannot be used with a regular size lacrosse ball.

Player Feedback: Parents say that their children love this fiddle stick. They especially compliment the stick on its durability and ability to endure rough play. Parents say the only thing that could make this product better was if it came with a second stick for their child’s friends or siblings to play with.

Overall Value:

The Warrior Cobra Headstrong mini stick set is a great option to get your child started with lacrosse. It’d be nice if this lacrosse stick set came with a second stick, but for just $20.00, it’s difficult to complain. You’re getting good value for your money here.

3) Toysmith Lacrosse Set – Not the Best Lacrosse Sticks For Regulation Play

Manufacturer Specs:
*Made by Toysmith
*This fiddle stick and ball set is perfect for the beginner lacrosse player with shorter arms.
*Great as an on-the-go set for people of all ages.
*Includes two 31-inch long plastic lacrosse sticks with nylon webbed catch baskets and a 2.25-inch diameter rubber ball for real-life gameplay.
*The lacrosse ball is brightly colored, ensuring easy recovery in tall grass or bushes.
*Have fun outdoors while getting hours of exercise with this great set
*Made using safe and high quality materials
*These fiddle sticks are designed to deliver loads of fun.
*Recommended for ages 3 and up.
*Toysmith is committed to providing the most imaginative toys along with the highest safety standards

Pros: The Toysmith lacrosse set is an inexpensive product that can help you determine if your young children have any interest in lacrosse. This set also includes two sticks and a ball which is enough for your child and a friend or sibling to have hours of fun in the backyard.

Potential Drawbacks: These lacrosse sticks do not meet most regulation standards. Their smaller size is a good thing for small children, but you shouldn’t purchase these expecting your child to be able to use them in league play. The net pockets of these sticks are also a bit small which can make catching the ball difficult for your child when first getting started.

Player Feedback: Parents have given overwhelmingly positive reviews of these cheap lacrosse sticks for sale. Parents say that they are fun for their children and that the sticks themselves are fairly durable. Most of all, parents say that they are satisfied with the value they received for such a cheap price.

Overall Value:

The Toysmith lacrosse set is perhaps the cheapest lacrosse stick set for sale at just $16.99. Yet, Toysmith has done a good job of giving you a reasonably high quality product at such a low price point. These are awesome lacrosse sticks for those on a tight budget.

4) Brine Mini-E3 Lacrosse Stick with 25-Inch Aluminum Handle and 1 Mini-Ball (White)

Manufacturer Specs:
*Made by Brine
*Has a 25-inch aluminum handle
*Includes one mini ball

Pros: The Brine Mini-E3 lacrosse stick has a durable 25-inch aluminum handle. Although it’s common to find lacrosse sticks for sale cheap; it’s not common to find a cheap lacrosse stick with an aluminum handle. Most of the lacrosse sticks at this price have more fragile plastic handles.

Another thing that makes this one of the top lacrosse sticks for kids is the stick’s length. Most regulation sticks are simply too large to be easily used by children. Brine addresses this fact by making a smaller stick. The thing that’s unique about Brine’s Mini-E3 lacrosse stick is that it still looks like a normal lacrosse stick. This allows your small child to still feel like he or she is a big kid.

Potential Drawbacks: Unfortunately, the aluminum handle does cause this stick to feel slightly heavier than sticks with plastic handles. This is a minor difference, however, and one that isn’t easily noticed unless you’re actively looking for it.

Player Feedback: Parents that have purchased this cheap lacrosse stick set have said that it comes exactly as pictured. Users of this lacrosse stick set say it’s a great purchase for children or adults who have elbow pain but would still enjoy playing with their children.

Overall Value:

This lacrosse stick is on sale for just $18.00. It’s a good value at that price point, and a purchase you’re unlikely to regret. The best lacrosse sticks don’t always have to break the bank.