Ever wonder what the best goalie lacrosse stick for sale is? We have to. After asking ourselves this question for a long time we decided to spend several hours researching and experimenting to find the best goalie lacrosse stick for sale. Below you’ll find a list that’ll help you find the best goalie lacrosse stick for your needs.

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 Best Goalie Lacrosse Stick

1) Brine Lacrosse Mini-Money Goalie Stick with 25-Inch Aluminum Handle and 1 Mini-Ball (White)

Manufacturer Specs:

*Made by Brine

*Includes one mini ball

*Color: White


Pros: Brine is one of the more reputable lacrosse equipment brands. They’re known for making solid equipment and their Mini-Money lacrosse goalie lacrosse stick is no exception to this. This stick is well-designed for young children.


Potential Drawbacks: This goalie lacrosse stick may not be as tough as you’d like. It also offers only mediocre durability. It isn’t designed to withstand significant rough play and abuse from your child.


Overall Value:

The Brine Lacrosse Mini-Money goalie stick is a decent value at $19.99. It’s a well-designed stick and it includes a mini ball, but if your child plays aggressively this may not be one of the best lacrosse goalie sticks for them.

 2) STX Mini Eclipse Lacrosse Goalie Stick

Manufacturer Specs:

*Made by STX

*Perfect for backyard fun or helping young players work on their skill set.

*Follows the design of the best selling Eclipse head

*Features a 39″ overall length for easier handle.

*Soft mesh pocket and durable chrome metal handle.

*Available in several visually appealing colors including: Neon Green, Orange, Red, Navy, and White


Pros: This goalie stick is offered in lots of different colors. This allows you to pick your child’s favorite color. In addition, parents say this stick is surprisingly durable. One mom said that this stick has had no difficulties standing up to a year of abuse from pre-teen and teenage players. This stick also comes with a strung head. This means you don’t have to spend additional time and money purchasing a string kit and stringing the head of the stick.


Potential Drawbacks: You’ll want to note that this isn’t a regulation goalie stick. It’s a fiddle stick. This stick is great for playing in the backyard, but your child won’t be able to use it during official lacrosse games.


Overall Value:

Of all the lacrosse goalie sticks for sale, the STX Mini Eclipse stick is one of our most highly recommended sticks for casual use. For the entry-level price of $22.99, this is one of the best lacrosse goalie sticks for sale.

 3) Franklin Sports Lacrosse Goalie Stick and Ball Set

 Manufacturer Specs:

*Made by Franklin

*Outfit the youth lacrosse goalie in your life with the Franklin Sports Lacrosse Goalie Stick & Ball Set, and help them make game-saving goals as they continue to improve their skills during practice

*Featuring a deep pocket, this stick allows optimal game play, and its lightweight ABS construction provides durability and comfort on the field

*Lightweight ABS construction

*Set includes 1 goalie stick and 1 lacrosse ball

*For ages 6 and up


Pros: This stick offers a deep pocket that makes it easier for your child to practice and improve their skills. It also helps reduce frustration that new players sometimes encounter when learning to play lacrosse.


Potential Drawbacks: This lacrosse goalie sticks may be fragile. Although we haven’t had this problem, other parents have complained about the head of this stick breaking shortly after purchase.


Overall Value:

Of all the lacrosse goalie sticks for sale, this isn’t one that should be high on your list due to its reportedly poor durability. This stick is cheap at $19.99, but we’d recommend you pass on it and find another stick.


Manufacturer Specs:

*Made by Warrior

*Mini Nemesis Goalie head strung with mesh

*Mini length aluminum handle

*Foam mini ball

*Perfect for backyard or basement laxing

*Color: White


Pros: This stick is pretty light. Players also say that it’s one of the best mini lacrosse goalie sticks for sale today.


Potential Drawbacks: This stick is made of pretty poor mesh. It’s head is also a bit less rounded and more triangle shaped which could be a plus or drawback depending on your personal preferences.


Overall Value:

The mini Nemesis lacrosse stick for goalies is currently on sale for $21.99. We’re not sure it’s the number one stick on the market, but it’s a good value for the price you’re paying in any case.

 5) STX Lacrosse Shield 100 Goalie Complete Stick & 6000 Handle, White

Manufacturer Specs:

*Made by STX

*Solid, dependable design for the entry-level player

*Closed sidewall design for superior rigidity

*The perfect head for Rec level players

*Strung with Dura Monster Mesh


Pros: This stick is designed with a rigid sidewall built for durability and the ability to withstand harsh contact. The head is also designed to meet your needs as a recreational player and maximize your performance. You’ll also find clearing the ball with this stick almost effortless.


Potential Drawbacks: Advanced players have different needs than recreational players. If you’re an advanced player you’ll want to look at goalie sticks that were designed with your level of play in mind.


Overall Value:

The STX Lacrosse Shield 100 complete goalie stick and 6000 handle is a good value for beginner or recreational players at $73.16.


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