Best Lacrosse Goalie Sticks for Sale (2018) Complete Sticks, Heads, and Shafts!

Played originally by Native Americans, lacrosse may be America’s first sport. It was later adopted by the Canadians and French, making it one of the fastest-growing team sports in the world, combining the tactics and rules of soccer, basketball, and hockey.

Each player carries a lacrosse stick, an essential tool that is also referred to as a crosse. It is the primary weapon of all players on the field no matter which position they play. Therefore, it is extremely important that you pick the best lacrosse stick for your needs. That is why we’ve thoroughly researched and compiled this list of the best lacrosse goalie sticks money can buy…including complete sticks, mini sticks, shafts, and heads. Enjoy!

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Considering your Lacrosse Stick

The crosse or lacrosse stick is actually comprised of two separate parts: the shaft and the head. The head is where the ball is caught and cradled, and it is used to check opponents as well as defend against them.

Lacrosse players must master using their stick, and use it both in practice and during gameplay. Therefore, a good lacrosse stick should be durable and feel comfortable to use. When buying a lacrosse stick, you have two options. You can choose to buy one that is fully assembled, or you can buy the shaft and head separately. Whichever you choose, the quality of the stick and head you go with should be considered carefully.

As with most products, there are some sticks that are far superior to others. Some are durable yet retain their lightness, while others may feel a bit heavier and less easy to handle. In any case, the most common stick materials are:

  • Scandium
  • Titanium
  • Composite
  • Aluminum Alloy

.Choosing the best lacrosse head can be a bit trickier though since there are multiple variables.

A lacrosse head is made up of the following parts:

  • Pocket – This is the part of the head that cradles the ball and can either be factory strung or unstrung upon buying. If you are fairly new to playing lacrosse, it is recommended that you go with a pre-strung pocket as it will be easier to get the hang of using your stick. How wide the pocket is also plays an important role in your gameplay. Wider pockets may be less accurate and slower, but they allow players to block better. For new players, choose a stick with a wide pocket for better catching.
  • Scoop – The scoop is the part of the head used to “scoop” the ball from the ground. It is measured according to how low the drop is and how wide it is. For better accuracy, a deeper drop is recommended. Alternatively, a shallow drop makes it easier to fire the ball from the ground.
  • Sidewalls – The sidewalls are what determines how stiff and sturdy your head is, which in turn will affect how effective your checks are. While sidewalls are made to be either stiff or flexible, heavier and stiffer heads are best for defensive players.
  • Offset – The offset is the angle at which the front of the head is curved if viewing it from the side. Non-offset or mid-offset heads are recommended for beginners for learning how to throw properly, while a full-offset head maximizes control.

Men’s vs. Women’s Lacrosse Sticks

While the rules for both are based on the same fundamentals, equipment used in lacrosse differs from men to women.

Women’s lacrosse heads are not as deep as men’s, the length of the stick is often shortened, and since women’s hand sizes tend to be smaller, its width is thinner.

Important tips for using your stick

If you are a serious lax player, it is important you learn how to string your own lacrosse head. You don’t want to find yourself depending on your coach or another player to string a stick for you.

Learning how to string your own head will allow you to customize a stick of your own suited to your needs for the most effective gameplay.

Seeing as you’ve invested effort, time, and money to get your stick exactly the way you want it, don’t let that go to waste. Remember that your stick is the most fragile of your lax equipment, so treat it with respect.

Never let your other gear lay on top of your stick as the weight could damage the plastic or mesh. When you’re not using it, keep it leaned against a wall and make sure the mesh is pushed out.

Also, make sure that your goalie stick is kept at room temperature instead of leaving it out in the cold. Low temperatures make some materials brittle, and you don’t want a broken stick in your next game.

It is also advised to get a backup stick just in case. Commonly, a backup stick is a more affordable version of what you’re currently using. In between practices, you can switch between both of them to reduce the amount of wear and tear your main stick receives.

On rainy days, your backup stick will also come in handy, with your main stick resting on a lacrosse stick bag. Other players even buy a third stick, which they only use during rainy seasons, but a primary and one backup stick are enough.

Lacrosse Sticks According to Positions

Keep in mind that the stick you choose depends greatly on your position on the field. For example, positions midfielder or attacker require more agile movements, so a lighter and shorter shaft is commonly used.

On the other hand, goalies use longer shafts to make sure they effectively guard the goal, at around 40 inches. Furthermore, the shaft needs to be lighter for them to move quickly. Meanwhile, lacrosse shafts for the attack position are also shorter, at around 30 inches, and middies should have durable and longer shafts for them to block shots effectively, reach wherever they need to be, and throw harder checks.

When it comes to heads, they are much more flexible. It is safe to say that you could switch heads with another player in another position and expect the game to be unaffected, at least negatively. However, a player holding an attack position should use lighter heads with the maximum offset, and thinner pockets. This will ensure that the retention of the ball is more enhanced and the shots more accurate. Pockets for attackers should also be strung a bit differently than defensive pockets.

Defensive players should have sturdier and tougher heads to throw hard checks effectively. Wider pocket areas ensure better blocking, and flat scoops work best in playing off the ground.

You’ll quickly notice a huge difference in goalie heads, since these should be wider, at around 12 inches. This ensures that the lacrosse goalie will be able to block shots and retain the ball once those shots are blocked.

All things considered, the perfect lacrosse stick depends greatly on the player, from one’s weight and size, gender, and position, to the experience of the player.

Best Complete sticks

STX Lacrosse Shield 100 Goalie Complete Stick

Product specs

  • Perfect for rec-level goalies
  • Strung with 12-diamond semi-hard mesh
  • STX 6000 30 inch shaft

The STX Shield 100 has been the go-to goalie stick for college players, as well as beginner lacrosse players for years. It features a Tru Offset design for ultimate performance and control. The head is an STX Monster mesh and has an open sidewall design to make the stick lighter, and the multiple holes in its sidewall allow for a custom pocket. The shaft meanwhile is a 6000 series design, which is perfect for heavy use.


  • Durable
  • Patented 6000 series shaft design
  • Includes STX monster mesh
  • Strung head design
  • budget-friendly


  • Most suitable for beginners

STX Lacrosse Stallion 50 Youth Lacrosse Complete Stick

Product specs:

  • Inspired by the elite Stallion 550 head
  • Head is molded with softer material
  • shorter and thinner handle
  • Easy catching and ball control
  • Soft mesh stringing

Inspired by the best selling elite Stallion 550, the STX Stallion 50 complete stick is one of the best beginner youth sticks on the market. It features a soft molded head to provide forgiving response, while a short and thinner handle allows for easy handling to help players develop proper fundamentals. In addition to that, the semi-hard pocket holds its shape well, and the shaft is lightweight enough without being flimsy. It also provides easy catching and ball control, making it perfect for any entry-level position.

The stallion 50 is a budget-friendly option with no sacrifice in quality that any budding lax player will love.


  • Durable
  • Thoughtful design
  • Affordable price tag
  • Suitable for all entry level youth players


  • Only for beginner youth players

Best Goalie Heads

STX Eclipse Goalie Head

Product Specs:

  • Open sidewall
  • Streamlined scoop
  • Light, agile design
  • Optimal blend of stiffness and flexibility


The STX Eclipse is one of the most preferred lacrosse heads available and is often recommended for goalies in the youth, high school, and NCAA level. With the largest surface area of any goalie head on the market, you may think this head would make your stick hard to handle, but lightweight design is actually one of the easiest heads to use and allows for superior passing accuracy. The STX Eclipse was also the first goalie head to incorporate the open sidewall design, which allows for fast and easy stickwork and control.


  • Handles like a short stick
  • Extremely flexible
  • Lightweight
  • Large surface area


  • The large head­ size can sometimes cause issues with wind resistance when throwing


Brine Eraser 2 Lacrosse Goalie Unstrung Head

Product Specs:


  • Strategic Core-Tech sidewall-
  • Offset sidewall
  • Available in 2 colorways


The Eraser 2 has been redesigned and re-engineered to be one of the most advanced of its kind. It features a strategic Core-Tech sidewall that provides additional stiffness and strength while also reducing weight to be 17 percent lighter than the original. This brand new sidewall offers stiffer shot stopping power, and its offset design helps players gain control and improve the accuracy of outlet passes. This goalie head also comes in two different colors.


  • Multiple sidewall holes
  • Throws well with hard mesh
  • Equipped with contoured throat
  • Easy grip



  • Bottom string holes may crack when used long-term
  • Slightly more expensive compared to other options


Warrior Nemesis Goalie Unstrung Lacrosse Head

Product Specs:


  • Warrior’s best selling goalie head
  • Flared face design
  • Ultra-rugged sidewall


The Warrior Nemesis unstrung head is one of the most commonly bought lacrosse goalie heads, especially for beginners. It includes an offset design and flared face that enables maximum control and helps to push shots into the center of the pocket. Those learning to play lacrosse for the first time will find it easier to perform outlet passing and rake scooping with this head. Meanwhile, the ultra sturdy sidewall provides superior strength against fast shots.

On the downside, even with its claims of durability, some complain that this head does not hold up as well over time as some of its competitors.


  • Sturdy sidewalls with multiple holes
  • Great control
  • Easy grip
  • Ideal for beginners


  • may not be built to last, despite claims


Warrior Nemesis 2 Strung Goalie Head

Product Specs:


  • Stiff, durable, and reactive
  • New Sym-Rail Twist technology
  • Max string holes


The Warrior Nemesis 2 is an upgrade from the Warrior Nemesis and is definitely an improvement over the Warrior Lyte. It’s the third goalie head the brand has produced and has so far acquired the approval of many lacrosse players. The sidewalls of the Nemesis 2 have a flared design which helps corral shots into the net of the stick, while the new Sym-Rail Twist technology reduces weight in the sidewall without losing stiffness. In addition to that, max string holes allow for a completely custom pocket. The Nemesis 2 has been called an extremely durable and balanced goalie head, providing just the right amount stiffness to prevent a shot from deforming the plastic and going into the net.

While this goalie head is indeed a staple among many NCAA goalies and MLL goalies, some complain that it is not lightweight enough and the price tag is rather hefty, so you may find more value in going with another option.


  • Superior durability
  • Excellent with outlet passes
  • Stringing options can be easily customized
  • Extremely well-balanced designed


  • Might be a little too heavy
  • Surface area is small
  • Expensive compared to other options

Best Lacrosse Goalie Mesh

East Coast Dyes Lacrosse Mesh

Product Specs:


  • 12 Diamond Goalie Mesh-provides great hold, absorbs impact to eliminate rebounds, pinpoint throw accuracy and great for all level of goalies
  • Waterproof, breaks in fast, and provides superior hold and maximum consistency
  • Made in the USA


The East Coast Dyes Lacrosse Mesh is some of the most durable, high quality mesh you can buy. The large diamond wax coated mesh provides excellent hold and when strung properly, absorbs impact to eliminate rebounds while providing maximum accuracy. Furthermore, this mesh manages to be supremely sturdy while remaining very flexible, making it easy to form your perfect pocket.


While this is definitely the top choice for many lax players, some say that it can take a few tries to get the hang of stringing it correctly, and the mesh can bag out a bit over time.



  • Sturdy yet flexible design
  • Absorbs impact
  • Repels dirt and moisture
  • Great for all lacrosse level types


  • Can be difficult to string
  • Bags out over time

Best Lacrosse Goalie Shafts

East Coast Dyes Lacrosse Shaft

Product Specs:


  • Carbon Shaft features FLEX 5 Technology
  • Sandpaper grip and octagon shaped handle
  • 6 month factory warranty
  • Made in the USA


East Coast Dyes is a company known for producing some amazing lacrosse meshes, but this lacrosse shaft is their first shaft launch ever. Though fairly new, ECD made a good choice in opting for carbon fiber composite materials, which is a favorite among lacrosse players. Because of these materials, the shaft is lightweight and the Flex 5 technology allows the shaft to flex during shooting and passing, increasing shot speed and snap.

The carbon fiber also makes it a very durable tool for guaranteed longevity. Lastly, weighing at only 6.2 ounces, it offers the perfect grip and flex to make scooping an easy task, while the sandpaper grip and uniquely shaped handle does more to enhance grip and feel during all weather conditions.

All in all, a very solid, reliable shaft and a top-notch first outing for East Coast Dyes.


  • Made of carbon fiber composite materials
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Easy to grip and hold
  • Thoughtful, Long-lasting design


  • Expensive compared to other options


Brine 6000-Lacrosse Goalie Shaft

Product Specs:


  • Affordable aluminum handle- perfect for new players
  • 6065 akyninum with repeating King head graphic


Brine has been a lacrosse sticks leader for years and their shafts are considered some of the best money can buy. The 6000-lacrosse shaft is constructed with the highest quality commercial grade aluminum alloy for a reliable and durable design perfect for beginners. This is a lightweight, easy to maneuver, solid shaft that can be used for both boy and girl beginner players. It is also affordable without sacrificing quality, and can double as a very effective beginner defense shaft as well.


  • Durable yet lightweight
  • Great for both boys and girls
  • Budget friendly
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Can be used by defense and goalies


  • not suitable for professional lacrosse


Best Lacrosse Goalie Mini Sticks

Warrior Mini Nemesis Goalie Stick

Product Specs:


  • Mini version of the best-selling nemesis goalie stick
  • Comes with mini ball


As the miniature version of the Nemesis goalie stick, this is one of the best quality mini stick available. While not regulation equipment, this stick is perfect for introduing young players to the game. It only weighs 12.8 ounces, making it easy to grip and handle for small hands.Just like the original Nemesis, it is durable, stiff, and reactive.

Many have been surprised at how this mini stick holds up game after game without damage or needing to be replaced. In addition to he stick, you get a mini warrior ball to match that is also high quality.


  • Has all the elements of the Warrior Nemesis
  • Light and durable
  • Perfect for practice
  • Comes with a mini ball


  • For obvious reasons, this stick is not suitable for professional gameplay


In a lacrosse match, each member plays a significant role, but it is the goalie that can make or break the game. As most of us know, the goalie is the one responsible for blocking the scores from the opposing team, so it is vital for the goalie to have a lax stick that can ensure the job is done right. Whether you choose a complete stick or prefer to buy the parts separately, we hope this list makes it as easy as possible for you to find your perfect fit. And for all you budding lax players or those just looking for a bit of lacrosse fun, we hope the warrior nemesis mini stick meets your expectations!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below! We love hearing from you and always respond as quickly as possible.