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In this post we provide you with information on defensive lacrosse sticks as follows:

You will learn:

  • What features you need out of a defensive lacrosse stick
  • Two of our very best recommendations for defensive lacrosse sticks to make your choice easy
  • That’s all we have! Keeping it simple.

What might you want in a Defensive Lacrosse Stick?

 If you are looking for a new defensive lacrosse stick, here are a few things that you may want to consider:

  • Players looking for complete sticks are most commonly new players, starting out at a beginner’s level. If you are a more advanced player; we strongly suggest that you begin looking to customize your stick. This means piecing together your heads, shafts (link to both) and mesh separately. By doing so, you will better be able to build a stick perfectly aligned with your playing style.
  •  With all that in mind, a complete defensive stick should facilitate the learning process of the user. You want a stick that will produce good technique from it’s use, early on (This is CRTICAL). A new player needs to primarily focus on their stick skills (throwing and catching). This is UNIVERSAL. Whether you are playing at the front, playing as a middie, or playing defensively, having better stick skills makes anyone a MORE VALUABLE PLAYER. With that being said, having a wider head with your beginning stick may be exactly what you need, this makes it easier to catch and hold onto the lacrosse ball).
  • For a defender, the stick needs to withstand a beating. Granted, at the beginning level, the physicality of the lacrosse is very limited, however, having a sturdy shaft and head are still preferred.
  • PRICE is always very important. With us here at “One Stop Lacrosse,” we always want to make sure you are getting the most out of what you are spending on your gear.

What Should I Need From Lacrosse Defense Sticks?

In thinking about getting the right lacrosse defensive stick, there are a few things that need to be considered.

Size and Dimensions:


First and foremost, defensive lacrosse sticks are much longer than attack sticks. Basic knowledge I know, but we have to start with the fundamentals.

Defenders and as well long stick middies use the “long stick” on the field.

With the longer stick, it is much easier to poke check and keep the defender at a further distance.

Keep in mind however, the long sticks are not made for natural offensive skill sets. It’s much more difficult to take quick shots (with a slower windup) and as well hold on to the ball as the pocket is much more exposed at a greater distance from your body.

For a defenseman, the stick (shaft and head included) can be no longer than 72’’. The stick can be a bit shorter, this depends more so on personal preference.

Weight Ratio:

A lacrosse defensive stick needs to be durable! But equally important, a defensive lax stick needs to be lightweight.

The attackers are most likely getting a hold of the lightest weight shafts possible, with that in mind, a defender cannot be lagging behind with a dramatically heavier shaft/stick.

A defender’s shaft must be very strong and durable while as well light. The defender has to be able to knock opposing attackers while as well keeping up with their speed.

Do not underestimate the need for stick skills!

Defenders must be just as good or perhaps even better than some attackers with their stick.

When defenders are in control of the ball, they are on their team’s most valuable piece of the field, their defensive half.

A miscue, being a dropped ball, or a botched pass can give the attacking side a clean opportunity at your goal. You need to have a stick that you can use both as a defender, but as well as one of your teams “first” attackers.

As a defender you must be prepared to poke check on one end, and then on the other end be able to maintain calm control with the ball, or perhaps send the attack the other way with a direct pass or confident move.


The head of a defensemen’s stick needs to be a scooping machine. Defender’s often times live off their ability to scoop up the loose ground balls during a game.

If you have the wrong head for a defender’s position, you may miss some crucial ground balls giving the opposing team another offensive opportunity.

Your number one job as a defender is to limit the number of offensive opportunities. PERIOD.

Alright, now that we know what a lacrosse defense stick should be made for, let’s take a look at exactly what sticks meet that criteria.

 Our Recommendations:

Our following recommendations will be given, with information pertaining to the following categories:

 Specs – All the hardware and manufacturer information we could provide for you.

Player Type (Age/Skill Level) – We want to make sure these sticks are purchased for the appropriate type of player.

Pros – Everything good we could find about the sticks (predominately from customer reviews, we are firm believers customer reviews are the BEST resources for determining the BEST products)

Cons – With products we recommend, there never are many “cons,” because we do not like to waste our time, and more importantly your time, reading about a product that you would not want to buy anyways. This cons sections is mostly for things to look out for, or be aware of with each product.

Overall Value – We give a number, and with that in mind, we give our final two cents on how good of an investment we feel the certain stick could be.

 Brine Alias X Complete Lacrosse Defense Stick 

 Specs –

  • TruOffset Lacrosse Head – Alright, for those of you who do not know what a “TruOffset” lacrosse head is, here is a little term definition for you…The offset lacrosse head drops down at the throat (where the head meets the handle). This shape to the lacrosse head makes for the ball to be held at a lower position and a deeper pocket on the head. The Offset lacrosse head is designed with the purpose of giving a laxer the most feel and control when cradling the ball. In summary, the Offset head is made for greater ball retention and accuracy with passing and shooting.
  • Brine’s Ultra Mesh – Brine’s “Ultra Mesh” starts out as “semi-hard,” somewhere in between hard mesh, and soft, so this means there might be some time needed to work it in. However, once worked in, the Ultra Mesh can have nearly an identical feel to soft mesh.
  • Full Length 60 In. Defense Stick – From shaft to the head, this Brine model reaches 60 in.
  • Brine Alloy Shaft – This is a Brine aluminum shaft that is of good quality. The Brine Alloy has a reputation of being very durable, especially in youth play.
  • Modified Pinch to the Head – The head of this stick is a bit narrower. Having a “pinched” head allows for a little less space for the ball to fall out when cradling, this will help a new player hold onto the lacrosse ball better when getting checked, making contact, on the run, etc.
  • Meets NFHS and NCAA Regulations – Has the “potential” to be used at the higher levels beyond youth play, this is a good sign, even though we don’t suggest making this your main stick at those higher levels.

Player Type (Age/Skill Level)

Of course, our highest recommendation for this stick goes out to the younger players. However, it should be reassuring that this stick meets the dimension regulations for not only high school level play, but as well NCAA play. THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOU SHOULD USE THIS STICK AT THOSE LEVELS. It’s just to suggest that this stick will FOR SURE last at the youth level of play, and we have had a number of customers speak to that as well.

Pros –

  • Claimed Durability – We had a number of customer reports saying they got a solid couple seasons out of this stick at the YOUTH LEVEL.
  • Lightweight makes it easy to handle – This is a perfect feature to have for a younger, beginner player. The last thing you want is a heavy stick that is hard to handle for someone just starting out trying to learning basic technique. A lighter stick will allow them to have great control over the stick, and people to focus on the process of improving as a new player.
  • High Quality Head – Sort of an interesting point we have for you here, a number of users reported that the head outlasted the shaft and they were able to use it as a backup head later on, up to a few years after using this complete stick previously.
  • Built for the Learning Process – This Brine model has the offset head, making it prime for easy catching and control, as well as the modified pinched head, for a greater stress on controlling the ball. This stick covers the basic needs for a “basic” stick.

Cons –

  • Dents Easily – This stick is not mean for very high contact, high physicality type play. Like we have said before, this stick should be well suited for youth play maybe JV play. Keep in mind; whenever a player brought it up to a higher level, they reported some damage being done to the stick.
  • Mesh a bit hard upon purchase – Some users reported the mesh being a bit hard upon purchase, but this is pretty standard with the Brine “Ultra mesh,” with a little breaking in, maybe with a “pocket pounder,” this problem should be alleviated.

Overall Value

$49.99 off of

Just about always, when we recommend a “Brine” product, we feel that it is well worth the price. Brine has been the top standard in lacrosse gear for years and years, and we generally feel confident on our users making an investment in their products. Plus, $49.99 is a great deal for any lacrosse gear starting out, especially when there is so much gear to buy. With many users reporting that you could very well get 2-3 years out of this stick, the price per season drops somewhere between $16-$25. We feel this quality stick has a pretty inexpensive price attached, as far as we are concerned.

For the Beginners: The Best of the Complete Lacrosse Defense Sticks 

STX Lacrosse Men’s Complete Defense Length Lacrosse Stick

Here we have a fantastic (and cheap) option for a complete lacrosse defense stick for any defender just starting out. 

Certainly not a stick for the more advanced player, or the player looking to get a couple seasons out of a stick, this model should do the job for anyone feeling out the game of lacrSTX Complete Best Lacrosse Defense Sticks osse or the defensive side of the field.

This STX complete stickhas come with decently high customer reviews, raving about the quality for the dollar they got out of this stick.

This stick is designed for players to work on proper technique, and learn the fundamental moves/skill of the game.

The STX model comes with soft mesh stringing, allowing for easy catching and increased ball control for all beginner level players.

No worries either, as this stick complies with all NCAA/NFHS rules and regulations.

New to laxin’ and starting out on the defensive side? Give this stick a try! It isn’t too large of an investment at under $50.

Check out the STX Men’s Complete Defense Stick on… 

For the Experienced: Making Lacrosse Defense Sticks from The Parts…

The Shaft: The Warrior Relentless 27 Kryptolye

Digging through some of the best defensive shafts we could find, we decided to settle on this awesome model.

The Warrior Relentless 27 is made from high grade 7001 aluminum which makes it lightweight, but still a very durable shaft. That is PERFECT for what a defender needs on the field.

The Warrior model has rounded edges giving it a great feel, many have reported not needing to tape it, others have, and found that useful as well.

60’’ long that will meet the qualifications for 72’’ with the head attached.

Warrior Krypto relentless lacrosse shaft - the best defense stick

To top it off, not only is this shaft a great product, but it’s attached to a great cause! A portion of every purchase of the Relentless 27 goes to the HEADstrong foundation which is dedicated to finding a cure for blood cancers!

Warrior shafts have been matching all other elite brands and we feel this shaft would be great for a defender trying to elevate their game.

Check out the Warrior Relentless 27 on of… 

 The Head:STX Lacrosse Hammer HeadSTX Hammer Head Review

The STX Hammer has been labeled as the perfect head for the serious defender.

A model that is tested for utmost strength and stability, it provides exactly what a defender needs.

The STX head is made ideal for the defensive style of play. The head is firm, perfect for poke checks, but shaped with STX’s “C-Channel” technology, which helps a player vacuum up all ground balls.

The STX Hammerhas come highly reviewed from a number of different sites and customers as well.

A seriously durable head, we think the STX Hammer would be perfect for any defenders who are looking to construct the perfect lacrosse defense stick.

For a little more on the STX Hammer via some video from watch below…

Check out the STX Hammer Head on…


Well, there you have it LAXer’s a breakdown of what it takes to get the best lacrosse defense sticks to suit your play.

Get your stick game on point today, be ready to protect your team’s net by tomorrow! 

That’s all laxers!

We hope that we provided you with a really good choice for picking up your next defensive lacrosse stick.

If you happen to purchase either, have a good (or hopefully not bad) experience, please let us know! Any feedback we get is always critical to improving the information we provide to you guys.

This page is ALWAYS UPDATED! Any information we can get from our community the better the resource this page becomes!