Welcome to our complete lacrosse stick reviews hub!

Welcome to the complete lacrosse stick reviews page for beginners. Here you will be able to find the perfect complete lacrosse stick to get you, or a laxer you are buying for, started.

Maybe you are more interested in picking up a new defensive lacrosse stick? See the full page!

Let’s walk you through how this page on complete lacrosse stick reviews is set up:

 How this Page is set up:

  • First, we tell you something important things you should know about complete lacrosse sticks in general.
  • Second, we outline for you how things change, when you are looking for a position specific (in this case, first we talk offensive complete lacrosse sticks).
  • Thirdly, we tell you about our offensive stick recommendations, with the opportunity to READ MORE on them (link out to their page).
  • Fourthly, we take you to the defensive side of things, detail briefly how things change, and again, give you are best recommendation!

What you need to know about our complete lacrosse stick reviews:

  • Beginners! (Typically) Complete lacrosse sticks, more likely than not, are going to be for the novice crowd. Although there are higher level complete sticks, we strongly suggest that higher level players start to build their lacrosse sticks piece by piece, to make everything more attune to their personal game.
  • Lower quality (or at least lower durability) – Most of the time  you are purchasing a complete stick (head, shaft, mesh all together), for the price of one part on a more advanced stick.
  • Cost Effective – On the tail end of that previous point, complete lacrosse sticks are typically (almost always) more cost effective than assembling a stick piece by piece. Makes sense though right? It’s sort of like buying in bulk. As well, complete sticks are usually made out of different material.
  • Less Customer Feedback – An odd sort of feature to the complete lacrosse stick is that there is typically less feedback given on them. Why is this? Well, this is mostly speculation, but beginners are players less committed to their gear, less passionate about their gear (most often), that being said, it would probably take more effort out of them to write something up on the stick.

Offensive Lacrosse Stick Reviews:

How do things change when you get position specific?

  • Honestly, at a lower level, things should not change a whole lot. Wholeheartedly, we believe a player just starting out could get along pretty well with only an offensive stick. However, with the cheap prices of these complete beginning sticks, experimenting with some “specialization” couldn’t hurt.
  • With a complete offensive stick for a beginner, it might help to look for a wider head. Although defensive players need to be fully prepared to make solid passes and have a good ability to catch the ball, offensive players need to be prepared to make a lot of quick passes and catches, and take some quick shots. A wider head will give them a greater opportunity of making that quick catch and pass.
  • As well, a wider head with a narrow throat will increase ball retention, helping an offensive player hold onto the ball in crowds.

On our full page (link) for complete offensive lacrosse stick reviews we have full write ups on these two sticks that we highly recommend:STX Stinger Jr. Lacrosse Complete Stick

STX Stinger Jr. Lacrosse Complete Stick

This STX Stinger complete lacrosse stick is an awesome product. We feel it’s a fantastic deal ($36 off of Amazon.com), taking some stress off the wallet, as lacrosse is a very expensive sport starting out. It will definitely hold up for a beginning player (DO NOT USE AT A HIGHER LEVEL!). And finally, this STX stick has been very highly reviewed by customers who more often then not, loved this stick and highly recommended it themselves.

Interested in the STX Stinger?

Brine Recruit X Complete Lacrosse Attack Stick Brine Recruit X Complete Lacrosse Attack Stick

Time after time, Brine stands out as one of the top lacrosse gear brands out there. It seems like from beginner level gear to advanced level, this holds true. This Brine Recruit X complete lacrosse stick is another example of this. Another stick of fantastic value ($30.00 off of Amazon.com), definitely a price you will not find at retail stores (customers have searched and searched). This Brine stick meets the requirements to be played at higher levels like high school and even NCAA, that doesn’t mean that it will stand up to that sort of play though! We feel this Brine stick is perfect for a newbie starting out, it has an awesome look, and great price. We strongly encourage you read our full write up HERE, because our little “hype up” bit here doesn’t give you all the information you need.

 Interested in the Brine Recruit?

Defensive Lacrosse Stick Reviews:

How do things change for a complete defensive lacrosse stick?

  • Again, at a lower level, we do not feel like much should change between offensive and defensive lacrosse sticks. We do feel that a youth player could get along just fine with one stick! If you were to choose just one, we highly encourage you choose one of the offensive sticks we recommended above, as those are typically more versatile.
  • However! The one thing that should change between the offense and defense sticks is the extent of durability. The defensive side of things always puts up with more of a beating, although physical play will be limited at a younger level. All in all however, with durability in mind, the product we recommend does have a focus on a sturdy shaft and head.

On our full page for complete defensive lacrosse sticks reviews, we have a full write up for the following stick. (link).

Brine Alias X Complete Lacrosse Defense StickBrine Alias X Complete Lacrosse Defense Stick

The Brine Alias X has been written up to be a great product. If you do decide to specialize early on, or try out playing with a defensive stick to see how you might like it, we wouldn’t recommend any other stick than this one. The Brine Alias has a reasonable price at $49.99 off of Amazon.com. Many users reported getting a solid 2-3 years out of this stick, which should be really encouraging for the extent of this stick’s durability.

Interested in the Brine Alias X?

To Close:

We always like to reach out for good insight/information from our community. That being said, if you have any solid recommendations or insights about these products exactly, feel free to leave us a comment or shoot us an email!