Like the Warrior Brand? See Our Top 4 Warrior Shafts!

We are a huge fan of the Warrior brand, and because of that, we felt we should dedicated an entire page to some of of our favorite Warrior lacrosse handles on the market! Have a look, and enjoy!

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1) Warrior Kryptolye Neon Attack Lacrosse Shaft

Manufacturer Specs:

*Made by Warrior

*Bright dipped-Neon powder coated colors.

*Made from our most popular Kryptolyte grade alloy material for the best all-around shaft in our line.

*”Circle Warrior” graphic package that offsets the bright color with some simple style.

*Color: Pink

Pros: The Warrior Kryptolye may be the most attractive lacrosse shaft we’ve seen. It’s colored a bright pink that’s so bright it almost glows in the dark! The other great thing about this shaft is that it’s very smooth and easy to slide your hands back and forth while using it.

Potential Drawbacks: Some boys like the pink color, but others say they feel too “girly” while using this shaft. If you’re purchasing this lacrosse shaft for your son, we’d recommend asking them if they like the color first.
Overall Value:

The Warrior Kryptolye offers solid performance at a good price. For $90.00, we’d say this is one of the best lacrosse shafts for attack players at an intermediate level, though any player that appreciates a great looking shaft will love it.

2) Warrior Burn Attack Handle

 Manufacturer Specs:

*Made by Warrior

*Legendary Warrior Burn speed, now in handles

*Powered by Kryptolyte, Warrior’s best selling performance alloy

*Perfect for offense or defense and available in a wide range of colors for teams

*Available in a large variety of colors including: Black, Chrome, Gunmetal, Orange, Red, Royal, and Forest Green


Pros: This is one of the best attack lacrosse shafts for players that need a specific color shaft to match their team. This is because the Warrior Burn shaft is available in many different colors.


Potential Drawbacks: This lacrosse shaft offers only average performance. It may be sufficient for a beginner or even intermediate player’s needs, but it’s not the best lacrosse shaft for attack players at an advanced level.


Overall Value:

The Warrior Burn Attack handle is visually appealing and offered in many colors. It’s a good choice for teams as they sell for just $75.65 each.

3) Warrior Burn Pro Diamond Attack Lacrosse Handle

Manufacturer Specs:

*Made by Warrior

*Warrior’s first shaft built for pure speed

*Built with Krypto Pro, Warrior lightest – and legendary – alloy

*Premium Diamond Grip texture coating gives you the perfect touch in any field conditions

*Can be purchased in several colors including: Orange, Chrome, Royal, Black, and Forest Green


Pros: This may be the best lacrosse shaft for attack players at an advanced level. This shaft is incredibly lightweight, allowing you to strike with lightning speed. It’s also made with a diamond grip texture that gives you a good touch regardless of the conditions on the field.


Potential Drawbacks: The price. See below.


Overall Value:

If you’re an advanced player ready to invest in their success the Warrior Burn Pro is the lacrosse attack shaft for you. It’s not the cheapest shaft at $137.64, but it’s well worth the price if you or your child is truly dedicated to the game.

4) Warrior Dolo Diamond Rabil Attacker Lacrosse Shaft

 Manufacturer Specs:

*Made by Warrior

*Developed by Paul Rabil with his signature repeating logo design and color ways

*Diamond Grip provides the perfect amount of friction on your shaft

*Made from ultra-high end Altium alloy, exclusive to Warrior, the Dolo series has the best strength-to-weight ratio of nay handle in the Warrior line

*Allows you to freely change hand positions while shooting, dodging and throwing checks

*Size: 30 inches

*Color: Black


Pros: The Warrior Dolo is a premium attacker lacrosse shaft that allows you to easily change the positioning of your hands while using it. The general opinion of reviewers is that this shaft is lightweight, strong, and feels great in your hands.


Potential Drawbacks: This shaft isn’t intended for the beginner lacrosse player just beginning to dip his feet in the sport. To get the best value, you should only purchase this shaft once you’re sure you or your child are going to continue playing lacrosse for a while.


Overall Value:

The Warrior Dolo is the most expensive attack shaft we’ve seen at $159.00. You can’t go wrong purchasing this shaft, but we feel the Warrior Burn Pro (reviewed above) is a better value because it offers similar performance at a slightly lower price.



We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the some of our favorite warrior lacrosse shafts  players. If you have any questions about the best warrior lacrosse shaft for you feel free to leave them in the comments below. We love to hear from you, and will do our best to answer your questions as quickly as possible.