Considered buying the lightest lacrosse shaft possible? Well this post is for you. We are going to tell you why the lightest lacrosse shaft could benefit your game, as well as, who a light lacrosse shaft is most appropriate for, and finally 3 of the lightest lacrosse shafts we approve of (with budget considered).

Why Would I Want the Lightest Lacrosse Shaft Possible?

Finding the lightest lacrosse shaft that works for you can escalate your game tremendously.

The lighter the lacrosse shaft you have, the less weight you are running around with all game.

Although the difference in weight may not seem all that important to you, having even a few less ounces to worry about during critical moments late in the game can make a world of difference for your stamina and energy.


You are lifting a bit more for every pass, lifting a bit more for every shot, and carrying a bit more for every single minute of that game or practice.

With the lightest lacrosse shaft, your stick movement accelerates immensely.

You will be able to make plays faster, get off shots and passes in tight spaces, and be a step ahead your defender who lugs around a heavier stick.

What Type of Player Should Have The Lightest Lacrosse Shaft?

You must note however, while having the lightest lacrosse shaft possible can boost your game in a number of ways, it can also change the way you need to play.

It may seem obvious, but it must be said, it is hard to match the durability of heavier shafts with the shafts that are meant to be as light as possible.

Depending on your position and style of play, you may be better off with sticking to a shaft that can promise a bit more strength.

If you are an aggressive player who enjoys their fair share of checking, using the stick to their advantage with little reserve, then maybe a heavier shaft may be more appropriate for you.

On the other hand, a flighty, crafty attacking player who makes their living on quickness, agility and electric movement would be perfect to wield a lightweight stick.

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Taking A Look At Some Models:

Picking good gear for you comes down to if you can truly get your moneys worth. Of course if we all could, I am sure we would go for the highest end model (usually the highest priced).

Sadly but surely, that is not realistic for most of us.

For that reason, we wanted to give you 3 suggestions for the lightest lacrosse shafts on the market, based on your budgetary needs.

We scoured the web, and we searched through a number of lacrosse shafts on the web and found a few great products here.

We do not like to waste your time (or our time) reviewing anything less than great products. That being said, we have confidence in all three of these products, it all comes down to what works best for you.

We filed through site reviews, customer reviews and product specs to give you a review of each of these three sticks. Let’s take a look shall we?

The Lightest Lacrosse Shaft: (<$50)

Here we have what we deem the lightest model for under $50…

Maverick Wonderboy 30’’ Shaft

• 30’’ Length
• Maverick’s Aluminum/Titanium Alloy
• 6.4 Ounces
• Smooth grip shaft
• Octagonal shaped shaft

Low Down:

First and foremost, the aluminum/titanium alloy Maverick used to make this shaft is specifically designed for making a lightweight shaft.

Plain and simple, we have filed through a number of customer reports claiming that they have loved this Maverick model.

However, one thing to keep in mind (with most lightweight shafts as well), that a good number of customers as well have come up with chips and scratches on the shaft pretty early in it’s use.

As well, be careful with taping over the logo, because that as well will begin to come off with the tape. Maverik Wonderbody lightest lacrosse shaft

Like we said we before, a lightweight shaft may not be ideal for more aggressive players.

A positive note though, many of the chips, scratches and dents have been said to only affect the appearance of the shaft. Many people have reported a long lifespan out of their Maverick Wonderboy Shaft even with a few bumps and bruises.

If you are interested in experimenting, or if you are not sure you want to commit to a more expensive shaft, we feel the Wonderboy is perfect for you then.

With the level of quality reports we have gone through, the Wonderboy should be well worth the price.

Follow this link to check out the Wonderboy model through Amazon!

For an extra look at theMaverik Wonderboy shaft, check this video via Maverik Lacrosse:

Lightest Lacrosse Shaft: ($50-$100)

Jumping up a price range, the lightest lacrosse shaft at $50-$100.

Warrior Kryptolyte 30″ Attack Lacrosse Shaft

• Made from High-Grade Aluminum Alloy
• 5.7 Ounces
• 30’’ Length
• Rounded edges to the shaft
• No exterior grip

51YB9qjR9rL._SL1500_Low Down:

We have heard nothing but good things about the Warrior Kryptolyte shaft. At .7 ounces lighter than the Maverick model we just touched on, this Warrior model has a bit more durability to back it up.

For a bit more of investment, we feel that you might be able to get a lot of time out of your Warrior lightweight lacrosse shaft.

There is not an exterior grip to this shaft, so we have heard of a lot of players opting to tape it up and to consider that extremely useful. warrior kryptolyte lightest lacrosse shaft

Of course, being such a lightweight shaft, expect that your Warrior may encounter some surface level dents and scratches. From what we have gathered however, none of that should be bothersome.

Take note as well, Warrior backs this stick with a 6 month warranty, so you should consider their trust in their own product.

From many former users, we have heard countless reports of multiple season use out of this model with only a few surface level dents and scratches to show for.

If you are searching for the lightest lacrosse shaft and have a little budget room, we feel the Warrior is a great investment.

Click here to get the Warrior model for a ridiculous $44 at Amazon!

For another look at the Warrior Kryptolyte, check the product video via

Lightest Lacrosse Shaft: ($100-$150)

For our final tiered pricing, check out the lightest shaft over $100.

Brine Swizzle Scandium 30″ Attack Lacrosse Shaft


• 30’’ in Length
• Lightweight scandium alloy construction
• “Elite Grip” technology, placed in the most important shaft zones for play

Low Down:

Here we feel we have the highest end stick in our collection of the lightest lacrosse shafts.

Of course, that means that the stick we have here is a bit more of an investment. But do not let that shy you away from considering making that larger investment in your lacrosse shaft.

This Brine model, differing from the other models we have mentioned, does have some exterior grip the surfaces the shaft.

Brine’s “Elite Grip” technology is said to have texture placed in the perfect zones of the shaft to increase hand speed, and your grip on passes, shots and dodges.

Brine swizzle lightest lacrosse shaftOf all the lightest lacrosse shafts we have come across, this one surely is the toughest.

Many users of the shaft recommend not taping the shaft as that may affect the grip that is already on their for you.

There has not been anything more to report in the arena of damages besides the wear and tear that happens with all sticks, but with this Brine model in particular, their seems to be an extra promise of durability with the shaft.

Many players who have tried out this Brine modelhave after the fact claimed that other lightweight sticks they have used were far too weak.

This Brine model seems to be legit. It’s lightweight, but durable as well. With the elite grip technology to match? What else can you ask for?

Follow this link to check out the Brine model through Amazon! 

For another look at the Brine Swizzle, check the product video below: 


Well lightweight laxers out there, we hope that one of these models suits you best. If you happen to invest in one of them and want to report back with your experience, it would help the rest of the OneStopLacrosse community out tremendously!

Always feel free to ask questions, make comments, or add thoughtful input!