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Welcome to the our page for Goalie shaft reviews.

This page will always consist of a growing list of top level goalie shaft reviews.

Yes, some of these handles didn’t make it on to our “OneStopLacrosse Top 3” on our main lacrosse shaft review page, but believe us when we say, these are still handles that we feel good about you all taking a chance on. The “Top 3” is based entirely on our utmost confidence level  in each product, and a few of these handles are a bit untested.

We still continue to stand by the same principle!

We do not write up products that we would not want you purchasing! 

We don’t want to waste our time, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, YOURS!

Jordan Burke Lacrosse goalie All these goalie lacrosse shafts listed here are of quality. Some are a bit pricey, some have little feedback, but all in all, we feel confident about you making a decision as to which shaft will suit you best.

Let’s get into it!

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Things to Consider When Picking A Goalie Shaft: 

  • Lightweight, Keep up with the Need for Saves – It’s important for a goalie to have a lightweight handle. They need to be prepared to make quicker moves than anyone else on the field. Attackers are coming in with faster and faster shots, and the keeper needs a shaft that lets their reaction time keep up with the speed of the shots coming at them.
  • Reliable Grip – Considering what sort of grip your shaft has is just as important as the weight. The goalie needs a shaft that they can trust to keep a handle on.

Our Lacrosse Goalie Shaft Reviews:

Without further ado, how about we get into the reviews!

Warrior Platinum 14 Goalie Lacrosse Shaft

Manufacturer Specs:
*Made by Warrior
*The perfect shaft for mid-level players moving up to a performance alloy
*Platinum Grade construction; 2x stronger than standard aluminum alloy
*Tailored for youth and high school players of any position
*Size 40-inch
*Available in black and chrome

Pros: Despite it being named the Platinum 14 goalie shaft, Warrior says that players of any position can use this shaft. In reality, you’ll benefit most from using this shaft if taking or giving big checks is an important part of your game.

Potential Drawbacks: This shaft is relatively short at just 40-inches. For that reason it’s probably a better fit for offensive players than defensive players.

Player Feedback: Parents compliment this shaft on its extreme durability. Many parents say that their child has used this shaft for several games without any bends or dents. They recommend it to other hockey parents who want the best lax shaft as far as durability is concerned.

Overall Value:

We really believe the Warrior Kryptolyte 14 Goalie Shaft to carry a reasonable price tag with it.

This shaft was one of the highest reviewed goalie shafts on the market right now. It seems to be a “go-to” for players starting their transition to the keeper position. Perfect for first time keepers, but also well-equipped for keepers who have been doing their thing for a while now, the Kryptolyte Goalie Shaft might get our highest recommendation out of the bunch.

Gait ICE Goalie Lacrosse ShaftB002OHCO8S

Specs – Gait Ice Lacrosse goalie shaft review

  • 40’’ Goalie Shaft
  • Available in Black and Silver Colors
  • Gait Warranty: 6 Months for Goalie Shafts AND “Dings, dents, chips (composite), and scratches may occur during normal use and are not covered under warranty.”
  • C555 Alloy
  • Anodized Finish – This finish has a similar texture to the mild sandblast finished shafts, like a lot of STX shafts.

Player level/type-

This Gait ICE handle is still a moderate investment at $100. It comes highly recommended from a few beginning level keepers, and some higher-level players as well. The ICE seems to be a pretty dynamic handle in that arena.

Pros –

  • Very Lightweight Shaft – From the few reviews we could find, all of the laxers with experience using this shaft mentioned this Gait ICE to be super light. One laxer said that he felt he had been making more saves since picking up this new shaft.
  • Could get multiple seasons out of the ICE – Some laxers using this shaft say they are on their third season with it! If you could get two seasons out of it, your PPS (price per season), could be $50, for 3 seasons, that would cut the price down to about $33 per seasons. Always an interesting number to consider.
  • Good Gait Warranty – 6 months is a pretty solid amount of time for you to test out this handle. If by some freak chance, something breaks early, you’ll be covered. Be aware though, Gait does not cover simple dings and dents that happen during play.

Cons –

  • Lacking Variety in Colors – Although it’s more frequent for shafts to be of basic color for the goalie sized handles, it’s still a little bit of a downside. If you are cool with black or silver however, then this shaft could be just fine for you.
  • Gait’s Customer Service Reputation – This was not reported specifically to the goalie handle here, but from previous reviews down upon Gait shafts, some laxers have experienced some poor (or non-existent) customer service when they encountered issues. I don’t know about you, but this can steer me away from becoming a customer to a certain brand.

Take another look at the Gait Ice Handles…(not goalie handle specific) via a video from the guys at Players Bench

Overall Value- $100.00 off of 

We really do like this Gait ICE model.

The only point of caution could the brand itself, Gait. The warranty seems pretty solid, but with some customer service problems in the past all we can say is to be careful. Quality product, we are confident in that, we just don’t have huge confidence in Gait.

Warrior Krypto Pro Diamond Goalie Lacrosse Shaft

Specs – Warrior Krypto Pro Diamond Lacrosse Goalie shaft reviews

  • 8.0 Ounces
  • Rubber End Cap
  • 40’’ Goalie Shaft
  • Made from K-Pro Superlight Alloy
  • Warrior’s Warranty: Straight from “So here’s how we dominate: buy it from our site and you can return it within thirty (30) days for any reason. Even the return shipping is free.” Although it’s a cool “no questions asked sort of policy,” sometimes 30 days is not enough to get the greatest idea for what sort of shaft you have bought.
  • Diamond Coat Grip – Similar to that “light sandpaper” feel you get with the mild sandblast finished shifts. Good grip, keeps you from needing to add some more tape.
  • Available in Black and Chrome

Player level/type-

Based off the investment you have to make in this handle (around $150), it should only be considered by higher-level laxers. The Diamond is certainly an elite level handle and is built for serious players.


  • Diamond Grip Means Ditch the Tape (if you want) – The Warrior “Diamond Grip” is similar to the various shafts with the sandblast finish. If you have had any experience with those types of shafts, then you’ll have a good idea of what sort of grip you will get with the Warrior Diamond. Leave tape off, add some tape on, it really becomes a matter of personal preference. Your grip should be solid with this Diamond texture. Like we have mentioned before, having confidence in your grip as a keeper is huge!
  • Decent Durability – The Warrior Diamond is a really durable shaft. More durable we would say than the Kryptolyte, the Diamond should stand up to some high level play and have a good life span and a goalie handle.
  • Lightweight Shaft – The Diamond model is made out of a superlight alloy that will help any keeper to make the quick movements to make the saves for their team. Having a lightweight shaft as a goalie is very important, and the Warrior Diamond fits that build.

Warrior Krypto Pro Diamond Lacrosse Goalie Shaft Review


  • Superficial Scratches & Dents – One of the only negatives about the Warrior Diamond Goalie shaft was that it scratched pretty easily. None of the minor scratches or dents seemed to be significant enough to affect the performance, so if you can get past the hash on the looks, you should have no problem.

A little more on the Warrior Krypto Pro Diamond handles in general…via

Overall Value- $154.00 off of 

The Warrior Krypto Pro Diamond Goalie Lacrosse Shaft is definitely a handle of high value. Certainly a step ahead of the Warrior Kryptolyte model that we also have reviewed here, the Diamond has some pretty highly reviewed grip to it and a greater level of durability.

The investment in the Diamond is obviously higher, and for the beginner goalie, we would have to recommend the Kryptolyte first because of the very reasonable price for the still high-level handle. However, if you are a high level lax goalie, and you are willing to invest a bit more in your gear, the Diamond is a solid step up.

Warrior Krypto Pro Goalie Lacrosse Shaft


  • 40’’ Goalie Shaft
  • Available in Black and Chrome
  • The Krypto Pro series of shafts are 8% lighter and 24% stronger than the Kryptolyte shafts
  • Made from superlight K-Pro Alloy
  • Warrior’s Warranty: Straight from “So here’s how we dominate: buy it from our site and you can return it within thirty (30) days for any reason. Even the return shipping is free.” Although it’s a cool “no questions asked sort of policy,” sometimes 30 days is not enough to get the greatest idea for what sort of shaft you have bought. 

Player level/type-

The Warrior Krypto Pro is a high performance handle for goalies of all levels. With a great price right now off of Amazon, at $75, it’s a really accessible purchase for a keeper starting out, or a keeper with a few years experience.


  • Very Lightweight – The Warrior Krypto Pro was made for strength and lightness. Lax goalie’s who have used the Pro found that the lightness to the Krypto Pro has helped them make a lot of quick saves. You can’t have a heavy shaft slowing you down.
  • Noticeably stronger than the Kryptolyte– The “24%” strength increase from the standard Kryptolyte shafts is not just a hype stat. Laxers who have transitioned, and made the step up from the Kryptolyte series to Krypto Pro have noticed the considerable difference in the feel of durability from these Pro handles.
  • Used at High Levels of Play – The Krypto Pro shafts are used at high levels of lacrosse. You’ll definitely see some collegiate keepers and professional keepers using the Krypto Pro handles this upcoming season. That’s always nice to hear, the pros are using what you could use. 

Cons- Warrior Krypto Pro lacrosse goalie shaft

  • Will pick up some dents – The Warrior Krypto Pro is made to be a lightweight lacrosse shaft. That being said, you need to be prepared for this shaft to pick up some dents.
  • Paint/Logo Scratches off quickly – This is no way has been reported to affect the performance of the shift, this is rather just something you should be aware of as an informed potential buyer of this product. The Krypto will probably lose its paint and logo pretty quickly, especially in some physical play.

For a little better taste for these Warrior handles check out this short video via

Overall Value- $75.00 off of 

For this price, we feel that the Warrior Krypto Pro is an awesome deal.

Currently less expensive than the Kryptolyte which even weighs a little more, and was constructed to be a little less durable, we feel you would have to pick up the Krypto Pro.

Epoch Generation 5 Dragonfly C40 iQ5 40″ Shaft


  • 40’’ Goalie Shaft
  • 2015 Generation 5 Model
  • Concave Design
  • Composite/Carbon Fiber Shaft
  • NEW Epoch Flex iQ system –The new 5th generation Epoch Dragonfly can be personalized to your preferred level of flex, and preferred grip design. We go into this a bit further on our attack shaft page, if you want to check out a bit more.
  • Warranty: 1-Year
  • Available in Carbon Grey
  • Three-Zone Grip

Player level/type-

The Epoch Dragonfly is for elite level keepers.It is a high priced investment, but surely a high performance handle. If you are not a veteran laxer then we encourage you to check out one of our more “tested” models we have listed, like one of the 3 Warrior products we have on this page.

The Epoch 5th Generation is looking to be one of the top shafts for 2015, but should only be considered by the higher level players.


  • Personalize Your Shaft – Epoch has become extremely innovative with their flex personalization system. Although the C40 is set at a certain amount, we are speaking to the 5th Epoch Dragonfly shafts as a whole. This adds some anticipation to what shaft personalization will be like in the future.
  • Used at High Levels – The Epoch Dragonfly shafts have been used widely at the higher levels and we only feel like this will continue to grow. There have been professionals who have spoken out to have used the Dragonfly (earlier generations) before, and we imagine, with the level of personalization you can go after with these Epoch shafts, the number of pros using these will only go up.
  • Really Lightweight –The Dragonfly has lost weight from the previous generation but has been built to be more durable. A goalie needs their lightweight shaft to make quick movements for making the saves their team needs.
  • Durable Shaft – The Dragonfly is not going to pick up a lot of dings or dents. This shaft was made tough. We expect you to be able to get a few good seasons out of this shaft. It would hard to see any other scenario.

Check out this Gen. 5 launch video via Epoch Lacrosse.


  • 5th Dragonfly…Untested? – It has to be said, these shafts are extremely new (I mean they are for 2015). With that in mind, there is not a lot of feedback out on these shafts, so in considering these handles, that point should be considered.

Overall Value- $144.99 off of 

Sure, the Epoch Dragonfly 5th Generation shaft is a bit untested as it enters the market in 2015, however we feel confident it is going to live up to the hype. If you are an elite player, and you are looking for something “top of the top,” it’s hard not to strongly consider picking up a Dragonfly. These shafts are only getting better and better, and we are really excited to see how they are received.

Maverik Lacrosse A1 Goalie Shaft

Manufacturer Specs:

*Made by Maverik

*Speed Shape

*7000 Series Alloy

*GRITGRIP Technology

*New adjustable butt end

*Bead-blasted texture for a nonslip surface and excellent stick control

*Available in two choices of color: White or Black

*Size: One Size

Pros: The Maverik Lacrosse A1 shaft is easy to grip. It also has a nonslip surface that gives you excellent stick control. Add an adjustable butt end and you’ve got the perfect stick for highly technical players. If your game relies on skill rather than sheer athleticism, this is one of the best lacrosse goalie shafts for you.

Potential Drawbacks: The A1 shaft isn’t ideal for those on a strict budget. This shaft isn’t overpriced, but it’s also not one of the super inexpensive entry-level goalie shafts. In regards to this shaft’s performance on the field, however, we’ve heard few complaints. Just be aware that this shaft is only available in one size and two colors.

Overall Value:

The Maverik Lacrosse A1 model may be the best goalie for advanced players. It’s not the cheapest shaft at $104.99, but it’s reasonably priced and offers excellent performance.

Warrior Platinum 14 Goalie Lacrosse Shaft

Manufacturer Specs:

*Made by Warrior

*The perfect shaft for mid-level players moving up to a performance alloy

*Platinum Grade construction; 2x stronger than standard aluminum alloy

*Tailored for youth and high school players of any position

*Can deliver and take checks as good as any other shaft

*Available in two colors: Black and Chrome

*Size: 40 inch

Pros: The Warrior Platinum 14 goalie lacrosse shaft is made with performance alloy. This makes it stronger and more durable than the standard aluminum alloy most entry-level shafts are made from. This makes the Platinum 14 a great shaft for both delivering and enduring tough checks. In addition, the Platinum 14 is tailored to be a good match for youth and high school players of any position.

Potential Drawbacks: Unfortunately, this shaft is only available in one size. While useable by players of any position, this is a relatively short shaft that’s mostly suited for goalies or offensive players. If you or your child is a defensive player you’ll likely prefer a longer shaft.

Overall Value:

The Warrior Platinum 14 offers good performance at a good price. It’s not the best lacrosse shaft, but you’re getting solid value with the Platinum 14 as it’s currently on sale for just $75.00.

Brine F15-Lacrosse Goalie Shaft (Black)

Manufacturer Specs:

*Made by Brine

*7001 series alloy with updated graphics

*Perfect upgrade from a 6000 series handle

*All around handle

*Unbelievable strength to weight ratio

*Durable and lightweight

*Perfect for players of all positions

Pros: The Brine F-15 is an overall solid shaft for intermediate players. It’s made with 7001 series alloy which should meet any beginner or intermediate player’s needs. You’ll love this shaft because despite being lightweight, it’s also relatively strong. Another upside to the Brine F-15 is that it ships quickly.

Potential Drawbacks: This shaft is only available in black. You’re also likely to be a bit underwhelmed with this shaft’s performance if you’re an advanced player used to using more expensive premium equipment. We’d recommend you increase your budget and look elsewhere if your game mandates the absolute best performance.

Overall Value:

The Brine F-15 isn’t the best lacrosse goalie shaft for advanced players, but it’s an excellent option for beginner or intermediate players. This is because the Brine F-15 has the perfect balance between price and performance. In fact, we’d even say the Brine F-15 is the best lacrosse shaft on the market as far as value is concerned. You just won’t find a better deal than the Brine F-15 that’s currently on sale for just $44.48

East Coast Dyes Lacrosse 2015 Carbon Lacrosse Shafts

Manufacturer Specs:

*Price includes one 2015 Carbon 30 inch Lacrosse Attacker Shaft Black CARB-SHFT-30-Blk-1P (UPC: 812537022307)

*The East Coast Carbon Shaft features the FLEX 5 Technology. The stick will FLEX during shooting and passing to increase shot speed, snap and feel

*The sandpaper grip on the octagon shaped handle provides further grip and feel during all weather conditions

*Each East Coast Dyes Carbon shaft comes with a 6 month factory warranty

*Made in the USA

*Available in several colors including: White, Black, Grey, Neon Yellow, Red, Royal Blue

Pros: This is one of the best lacrosse shafts for your child if you know their favorite color. With 8 options to choose from, you’ll be able to get a shaft that allows them to feel good about how they look on the field. Your child will also love this shaft because of its lightweight.

Potential Drawbacks: Unfortunately, some parents have had difficulty finding a head that’ll fit this shaft.

Overall Value:

The East Coast Dyes 2015 Carbon shaft is one of the best lacrosse shafts for quick movements because of its lightweight. That, along with a reasonable price tag of $109.99 makes this a good lacrosse shaft for those that take their game seriously.

Brine F22-Lacrosse Goalie Shaft (Silver)

Manufacturer Specs:

*Made by Brine

*Updated graphics on the best selling handle in the F-series family

*Multiple color options

*New high end 7001 series alloy is 25-Percent stronger than 7075

Pros: This is the best lacrosse shaft we’ve seen as far as looks. The Brine F-22 comes with a clean and classy silver design. The F-22 is also surprisingly strong considering its lightweight.

Potential Drawbacks: If you don’t like silver you’re out of luck. If you prefer black you do have the option of getting a similar shaft in the Brine F-15, however.

Overall Value:

The Brine F-22 is a decent value at $90.00.