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Welcome to the Attack Lacrosse Shaft Reviews Page!

Welcome to the our hub for attack lacrosse shaft reviews.

On this page you will find the full list of attack lacrosse shaft reviews that didn’t make it to our “OneStopLacrosse Top 3” on our main lacrosse shaft review page. It’s not that the shafts listed on this page are mediocre, it’s just our “Top 3” is based completely on our confidence level of whether or not the product is a safe and quality investment for you guys.

We still stand by the same principle. We do not write up products that we would not feel good about you purchasing. 

All these attack lacrosse shafts listed here are of great quality, some are just a little more untested than others. Don’t worry we will be sure to tell you which ones those are.

Let’s get into it!

But wait! Maybe you want a shaft for middies? 

What to Look For In an Attack Lacrosse Shaft:

  • Weight to Strength Ratio – This is crucial for attacking lacrosse players. You want a shaft that will be light enough for you to make quick plays, be they shots or passes, however it needs to be strong enough to take a few checks and not break because of the defensive pressure.
  • Grip – The grip you have on your shaft is hugely dependent on personal preference. This is something to really start paying attention to. Some of these shafts have been designed with a bit more feel to them, whether that’s a concave design or a bit of added texture taking away the need for tape, while other shafts are kept smooth, for those who prefer to use tape. You just need to think about what you are most comfortable with during the game.
  • Flex – The “Flex” is the ability for the shaft to bend a little when you need it (during shots) and quickly get back to it’s original shape. The amount of “flex” a shaft has is as well a matter of personal preference, but having the flex attuned to how you are most comfortable will improve your shot and passing power and accuracy.

Without further ado, let’s get into the reviews!

The OSL List: The Top 10 Best Lacrosse Shafts for Attack

Take a look, and see which handle best suits you!

1. Maverik Lacrosse Union Attack Shaft

  • 7 oz.
  • Gait Scandium C555 alloy – Made to be very lightweight, but stay pretty durable (not the most durable material however)
  • Anodized Finish – (Fancy way of saying there is a decorative, texturized metal finish on this shaft) – Made to give the player some added grip without adding any extra weight
  • Concave Octagon Edges – The concave shaft design is a favorite of many attack lax players. This gives you the option for specific finger placement every time you put two hands on your shaft
  • Cork Butt End – This end does not add any extra weight to the shaft. The look of it seems

Player Level/Type –

  • Competitive level players, high school level players, Players who do not take the greatest beating! This stick is said to dent easy.

Pros –

  • Best Seller – This Gait Ice Attack shaft is one of the best selling attack lacrosse shafts on the market. That point has to be reassuring, although Gait is by no means the ‘top brand’ for lax gear, people keep buying their shaft.
  • Highly Reviewed – Out of all the shafts we have written up here, this Gait attack shaft actually collected the greatest number of positive customer reviews, all of you know how important those are for us here at “OneStopLacrosse.”
  • The Lightweight Build is Legit – One of the most rewarding things is seeing a manufacturer talk up a feature in their gear, and actually see real customers back it up. The Gait shaft was built to be light and lots of users noticed and loved that about it.
    • Interesting Note: Many laxers said this stick was really light, but not the lightest, however, for the amount they had to spend on this one vs. other lightweight sticks, customers said this was well worth their dollar.
  • If you play a certain style, this shaft will LAST AND LAST – Depending on what style of you play you most relate too, many users said this Gait shaft lasted them 3-4 seasons. Keep in mind laxers, this is a lightweight shaft. If you are a player who takes frequent knockings during a game or practice you may not get the same life span out of this shaft.
  • From Player Experience Fits Just About All Heads – Don’t have any concern about your head connecting with this shaft. From the looks of user experience, no one has had a problems fitting any head to this Gait shaft. Users only had a little trouble sometimes, specifically a laxer with a Proton Power 2 head, but they were able to fit the head on by making a hole with a drill.
  • Easily Dented, However Doesn’t Affect Play all too much – A lot of laxers reported this lightweight Gait shaft to be easily dented. This only seemed to bother the majority of people because of the looks of things. If you want your stick to maintain a new, clean look, then this shaft may not be for you. If you don’t mind a few scratches and dents, you could get some good use out of the Gait.

Cons –

  • Brand Name – Now we have no problem with products from companies that aren’t usually on top, like the Brines, Warriors, STX, etc. However, with this Gait shaft, when customers did seem to have a problem with it (which was not often at all mind you), Gait’s customer service response did not seem to be too helpful.
  • Comes with Little Grip – This definitely is not a huge concern with this Gait attack shaft, however it could be a little bit of a drawback. The shaft does come with a little bit of grip, but many users found it necessary to add a bit of grip tape on their own and found the stick to be perfect from there.
  • Are you a player who takes a beating?? – Listen up guys! You need to be aware that the durability of this shaft is in question. Many laxers reported that this shaft is subject to denting and even sometimes some cracking. It WAS NOT recommended for players who take a good number of checks during the game. Think about what type of attack player you are! Someone on the outside, like a wing, might be perfect for this shaft.
  • Comes With a Butt End – A lot of laxers were surprised by the Gait coming with a butt end. Although it’s “not supposed” to come off, previous users were able to get the end off with a hammer, just for your information.
  • Typically Needs another screw hole – The shaft only comes with one screw hole, to fit another head you might need to add an additional hole.

Overall Value – $90 off of 

Overall, we feel this stick to be of high value. Although it’s not one of the top brands we are all accustomed too, people continue buying the Gait Ice shaft and keep it as one of the top sellers for lacrosse attack shafts. Very highly reviewed, had even more reviews then the Nike Vandal and STX surgeon we have written up below, the Gait is a pretty popular shaft, and for good reason we believe. We feel at $90, you would end up happy with your investment.

5. Warrior Dolomite 13 Attacker Lacrosse Shaft

  • Thinner wall, for lighter weight
  • 9 Oz.
  • 30’’ Attack/Midfield Length shaft
  • 60 Day warranty through STX
  • Mild Sandblast finish – Similar to the Nike Vandal up above, the STX Surgeon was finished with the mild sandblast, giving it an awesome grip right out of the purchase. Adding some tape will only be a personal preference.
  • Concave octagon profile – The concave octagon shape to the lax shafts is a favorite of many. This gives a really good feel to the shaft versus a lot of other flat shafts that make a player’s grip slide much more easily.

Player Level –

We recommend this shaft for serious, elite level lacrosse players. First of all, this shaft is a bit more of a serious investment than the last two shafts we recommended for you. Secondly, this shaft WILL stand up to the beatings at the higher levels where the other two shafts have seemed a bit questionable. You just need to be a player who is committed to the sport, and willing to make an investment in their gear. Hey, we believe firmly (most of the time), that you pay for quality.

This shaft is made for the “finesse player,” hence the name “surgeon. That’s why STX went ahead and thinned up this shaft for the players looking to make the quickest plays on the field, whether that’s a pass or shot in a tight space. If you are looking for something a bit thicker, definitely go for the Stallion Sc-Ti, that’s another great shaft, made more so for the all-around middie.

Pros –

  • High Strength to Weight Ratio – The Surgeon Sc-Ti has an amazing strength to weight ratio. The shaft is made out of material much stronger than the Scandium (like the last two shafts), but much lighter than a titanium shaft. The theme of this STX Surgeon shaft seems to be, you pay for quality.
  • Durable Shaft – If you are playing an ATTACKING position (let’s exclude all-around middies here), you will be able to get some time out of this shaft. Lots of laxers said they were getting 2+ or 3+ years out of this STX shaft.
  • Lightweight – This shaft was designed for players who need to make quick plays. That’s why of the two Sc-Ti models, this one (the Surgeon) and the other, the Stallion, the Surgeon is much lighter. It makes getting shots and quick passes off much easier.
  • Elite Level Shaft – This is definitely an elite level shaft. That means it is for sure, of high quality. The only drawback in that aspect is that an elite level shaft (one that has been used at the college level), will also bring an elite level price tag with it. We can see that at $140. However, if you ARE an elite player (high school varsity, entering college), it might be wise of you to make an investment in a shaft like this.

Cons –

  • Larger Investment – This shaft is a bit more of an investment from the last two products we showed you. At about $140, you really must be a high-level, committed player to consider this shaft seriously. All in all though, we all have to keep in mind, most times you do pay for quality. That seems to be the case with this STX shaft, as It appears to be an high quality shaft.
  • Durable, but not the most durable – Pay attention laxers! If you are making an investment in a shaft like this, you need to think about your style of play. This stick is made for players who take a few checks here or there, but aren’t the ones making the bulk of the checks for their team. This is a VERY DURABLE SHAFT, however if you are specifically looking for durability, and not the strength to weight ratio, we would have to recommend another product. A shaft that would fit in more so with our defense lacrosse shaft recommendations.

Overall Value – $140.00 off of

It’s hard not to believe that sometimes you really do pay for quality. Although that is not %100 true, we feel that to hold pretty true with the Sc Ti Surgeon. This is a stick that can hold up to elite levels of lacrosse (as reported by elite level players – high school, college), and has been made with eltie players in mind. The shaft is made more durable, but lighter at the same time.

It really comes down to what sort of investment you are prepared to make into your lacrosse gear. Specifically, you need to consider what level you are at in your lacrosse career. If you are a higher level player, it may be time for you to make a serious investment in some gear. Buying a really quality addition to your lax stick always pays off in big ways. If you are ready to make that investment, we feel the Sc-Ti Surgeon is a great choice.

BONUS: Not an amazingly informative video about the Surgeon (and Staliion), but just another look for you on this one. Give you a chance to see the shaft in real time.

9. Warrior Krypto Pro Attack Lacrosse Shaft


  • 30’’ Attack Lacrosse Shaft
  • Higher Strength to Weight ratio than the Kryptolyte 
  • (Released from Warrior) – The Krypto pro has been made 8% lighter and 24% stronger than the standard Kryptolyte series shafts. Now we aren’t necessarily sure what 24% stronger means, but 8% lighter can be measured.
  • Comes in Black and Chrome Colors 

Player level/type –

This shaft jumps into the upper bracket of pricing, pushing over $100. With that in mind, we first off have to say that this shaft is going to be for seriously committed players. For example, as you’ll see written below, not only D1 athletes, but also professional lacrosse players are using these Warrior shafts as well.

The Warrior Krypto Pro seems durable enough to be used by anyone on the attack side. There seems to be little report of excessive denting, really just scratches that tamper the appearance, not the performance.

Pros –

  • Really Lightweight – This Warrior shaft was made for the lightweight game. This shaft was built even lighter than the Standard series, and laxers who picked this one up, seemed to really notice that. In fact, the Krypto Pro has been made as the lightest shaft on the Warrior product line right now.
  • Noticeably stronger than the “Standard” Shafts – Lots of laxers were estatic to pick up this Warrior Pro shaft and notice that first off, this shaft was way lighter than the “Standard” series of shafts, but as well play a few games with their new pro shaft and notice that the Pro is noticeably stronger as well.
  • Cool Graphics – Lots of laxers have raved about the graphics of this shaft. And yeah, we feel it has an exceptionally cool look too. Although as you’ll read in our “cons” section, the graphics have not seemed to be lasting all too long (due to scratching), they’ll stand out for the first few weeks of new purchase.
  • Has the backing of some Pros! – This really depends on how important a pro’s backing is in any gear you use. Hey, we agree, it’s reassuring to know that a pro is using the same shaft you are. If you are the type of player who likes to know your shaft is being used at the highest level, the Warrior Krypto Pro may be right for you.
    • Used at the college level as well… This shaft seems to have that elite level backing! A good number of D1 players will be using this shaft come spring season. It’s nice to know, a shaft you are thinking about buying is being used at high levels of play.


  • Will pick up some dents – The Warrior Krypto Pro is made to be a lightweight lacrosse shaft. That being said, you need to be prepared for this shaft to pick up some dents.
  • Paint/Logo Scratches off quickly – This is no way has been reported to affect the performance of the shift, this is rather just something you should be aware of as an informed potential buyer of this product. The Krypto will probably lose its paint and logo pretty quickly, especially in some physical play.
  • Too light? – Tons of laxers love the weight and feel to the Krypto Pro. However, we feel we should let you know that while holding the Krypto Pro in hand, some players didn’t get a good sense of quality from the Krypto. One former user even described the shaft to feel like a “toy” in compared to other more durable shafts, like the STX Sc-Ti Surgeon, above.
  • Not an exceptionally “Grippy” shaft – The Warrior Krypto Pro seems to be a shaft light on the grip. Many users said they found the shaft to be pretty smooth, but not slippery. The grip is not completely non-existent, however there seems to be little to be found. Tape up a little, and you should have no problem at all.

Overall value – $125 off of 

There is no question, the Warrior Krypto Pro, is a high level shaft. Of course, that means it’s a bit of an investment as well at $125. This shaft is endorse with the use of a huge number of D1 lax players and as well, the professional lax players we mentioned above.

The Krypto Pro is a great lightweight shaft, and seems to carry a good level of durability with it too. If you so decide to invest in the Krypto, we could see it lasting 2-3 if not more seasons with you.

10. Epoch Dragonfly Attack Shafts (Gen. 5) New for 2015


  • Reload Technology – Improves recovery of shaft after it flexes, improving shot and pass technology. This “Reload Technology” allows the shaft to regain it’s normal shape much quicker than a lot of other products out there.
  • Pick Your Design – The 5th Generation shafts from Epoch allow you to pick your own grip and see which one works best for you. Like a lot of concave? Check out the x30, like something simpler? Check out the R30. Personalize your shaft.
  • Designed for great flex – The Epoch Dragonfly’s design was manipulated to give great flex to an attacking player. The designers changed the orientation of the carbon fiber, the material used on this shaft, to give more flex to the shaft. As well, with the Flex iQ technology that Epoch had developed for these models you can pick your flex on a scale of soft to stiff. Check out the graphic below that aligns with each model.
  • 1-Year Warranty from EpochLacrosse
  • Sandpaper Grip – This is a favorite grip of many attack players. The Epoch Dragonfly has that light sandpaper-like finish, to give you just enough grip if you prefer to go tapeless. If not, add a little tape on, and get the exact feel you would want.
  • Simple Design…We Like It  – Nothing too flashy with the Gen. 5 Dragonfly. We really like the look, just a couple lime green pinstripes and a simple Epoch logo up top. We feel it has a great simple look to it.
  • Available in Carbon Grey
  • 8 oz.

Player level/type –

The Epoch Dragonfly shafts are made for elite players. With the Flex iQ system that Epoch developed for the 5th generation shafts, these attack shafts are extremely personalized, and you have to understand what sort of flex, grip and bend you would like as a player.Flex-shape

Pros – 

  • Personalize Your Shaft – Epoch is doing some game-changing things with their move towards allowing you to personalize your grip, and personalize the amount of flex you like in your shaft. If you are a competitive laxer and understand what sort of stiffness you like in your shaft, and what sort of grip keeps the stick ready to fire in your hands, the Epoch Dragonfly gives you options.
  • Used at High Levels – The Epoch Dragonfly shafts have been used widely at the higher levels and we only feel like this will continue to grow. A pro we interviewed in our Lax Stick Q&A, Pat Smith an attack player for the Minnestoa Swarm in the NLL, says he loves the Epoch Dragonfly x30.
  • Really Lightweight – The Dragonfly attack shafts come in around 5.8 oz. That’s a really lightweight for a durable shaft. The Dragonfly has lost weight from the previous generation but has been built to be more durable.
  • Durable Shaft – The Dragonfly was made to withhold physical higher levels of play. Looking at the designs, looking at the make-up of these shafts, we feel they will not pick up as many dents and scratches as other shafts we have reviewed on this page.
  • Innovative – We have to touch back again to the Epoch integration of the Flex iQ, we truly feel that is one of the most innovative moves in the field of lax shafts we have seen in a while. This will make a lot of other manufacturers step up there game, making lax shafts in the future better and better for all of you.


  • Cons are hard to come by – In all honesty; we are not finding a lot of cons to report back to you all at the moment. These shafts are VERY NEW (2015) and that being the case, they are a bit untested. This can make you uneasy, but it might be hard not to trust the hype on these shafts. They are looking beautiful.

Overall value – $149.99 off of 

The Epoch Dragonfly is a bit of a hefty investment. Rightfully so, we are very confident this is one of the best of the best out there when it comes to attack lacrosse shafts. The personalization and stress on durability and quality should make this shaft last a long time for any of you who choose to make the investment. Before you buy an Epoch Dragonfly, we recommend you really understand what sort of stick feel you like best so you can best take advantage of their Flex iQ system.

Want another Look at the Epoch Dragonfly? Take a look at this video review from Mark at