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1. What Goes into Our Reviews:

Alright, before you dig into our lacrosse shaft reviews we have laid out for you all, we want you to know everything we consider in writing up a review, and recommending a product here on “”:

  • Customer Reviews (Quality AND Quantity) – We feel that customer reviews, laxers with FIRST-HAND EXPERIENCE using these shafts are the most effective possible way to get a feel for what it would be like to buy and own the shaft yourself. If a product has little or no reviews at all, we steer clear! We might skip over some quality products, however we only want to recommend products that we TRUST nearly 100% that you will enjoy and be happy you bought.
  • Top Sellers? – This is not the most important aspect of our product research, however it still holds some weight for us. If people are buying something, and continuing to do so, there’s something reassuring to say about that shaft. If people aren’t buying a handle, that’s not to say the shaft is “bad,” rather it might just be untested. If you are the person who likes to take chances on unproven gear, then our reviews may not be extremely helpful. Like we said before, we want to be as close to %100 sure, you are making the best possible decision on your gear purchase.
  • Eliminate Your Options – Honestly, we feel too many sites throw tons and tons of options at you, with little substance attached to each one. Many sites will throw not only good gear up on a review page, but crappy gear too. We don’t want to waste our own time putting together write ups for products we feel our community shouldn’t buy anyways and most importantly we don’t want to waste your time!  We want this decision to be as SIMPLE AS POSSIBLE. Too many options makes things complicated. That’s why on this main lacrosse shaft review page, we only give you our Top 3 for attack, defense and goalie shafts. If you want more quality options check out our full pages for the respective position, with more choices, but still a short list.
  • Would we buy the shaft ourselves? – This sort of jumps off of the last point. WE ARE NOT GOING TO RECOMMEND ANYTHING ON OUR SITE THAT WE WOULDN’T BUY OURSELVES.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY...Will our “OneStopLacrosse” community be happy with this shaft? – This is of course what all our research gets down to, in writing up a product, in researching the product, we are constantly asking ourselves if we think you guys would be happy and satisfied with buying a product we recommend. If not, we don’t even consider putting that product on the final published page.

2. A Question to the Pros on Lacrosse Shafts:

“What’s Your Favorite Type of Lax Shaft to Use?

– Ken Clausen – Defenseman – Denver Outlaws Ken Clausen Professional Lacrosse Player

“I have been using the Warrior Diamond Shaft since I graduated from UVA. I love the grip that the handle the Warrior provides.  Not too little, not too much.  Just right.”

Ryan Flanagan – Defenseman – Charlotte Hounds 

“The old [easyazon_Ryan Flanagan using Warrior Diamond Lacrosse Shaftlink asin=”B009R120LK” locale=”US” new_window=”default” nofollow=”default” tag=”maneuveringme-20″ add_to_cart=”default” cloaking=”default” localization=”default” popups=”default”]STX Sc-Ti Pro[/easyazon_link] andWarrior Diamond handles were my favorite. I think Warrior still offers a Diamond handle and STX is now making the Surgeon and Stallion handles which have been great. This past year I used the Surgeon and loved it. Strong, stiff and it lasted most of the season without bending or breaking. “

Brad Self – Defenseman – Rochester Knighthawks 

“I like a shaft that isn’t too heavy but is also durable. I can’t use a lightweight offensive shaft that breaks on every check but I also don’t like the big heavy shafts which limit my ability to make plays quickly.”

Kyle Sorensen – Defenseman – Vancouver Stealth 

”Something on the lighter side as a defender, so I can get on hands faster. Right now, I have a Reebok.”

Craig Bunker – Middie – Boston Cannons 

“I prefer a heavier sCraig Bunker Professional Lacrosse Player haft, with a smooth grip. The MLL players are allowed to cut their palms, so I appreciate the added feel I get as a result. Also, I’ve been using the same type of shaft since high school and don’t intend to change that yet.”

Logan Schuss Professional Lacrosse – Logan Schuss – Attacker – Ohio Machine  

“I like to use a shaft that has some grip to it. STX has a great grip shaft that I used during college and now for the Machine.”

Chris Bocklet – Attack – Denver Outlaws 

Chris Bocklet professional lacrosse player“I am not to particular with the shafts. I could play with any Maverik shaft. My favorite of all time would be the Wonderboy.”

Pat Smith – Attack – Minnesota Swarm 

“Recently I have been using carbon shafts because of their strength. I use an East Coast Dyes Carbon and an Epoch Dragonfly X30.”

Best Lacrosse Shafts for Attack (Read our Reviews!)

What do I look for in an Attack Lacrosse Shaft? Paul Rabil Lacrosse shot

  • Strength, Something to Hold Up to Hard Checks – As an attacking lacrosse player, you are always in the sights of defensive players looking to lay their next hard check. With that in mind, it’s crucial to have a shaft that will hold up to potential checks and be able to take a beating. Lacrosse shafts should be strong and durable.
  • Lightweight, Able to Move as Quick as You –  You don’t want your shaft slowing you down! As you all know, attacking players are constantly making quick plays. Whether that is getting a shot off in traffic, or making the pass you need to, while a defender is in your face your shaft needs to be light enough to keep up with the play of the game. So while still maintaining strength and durability, your shaft needs to be made out of light material. This is where the strength to weight ratio becomes very important for you to pay attention to. Basically, that is how strong is your shaft in relation to the weight. Lacrosse shafts should not weight you down!
  • Grip, Having a Handle on Your Shaft for ACCURACY – An attacking player needs to have confidence in the grip on their shaft. Whether you are most comfortable taping up your shaft, or getting a shaft with some added texture, those are things you need to pay attention to. During the speed of play, you don’t have time to worry about your grip on the shaft, you want to make sure you trust your gear. Lacrosse shafts should have grip and hold comfortably in your hand.
  • Flex, Bend but Don’t Break – The “Flex” is the ability for the shaft to bend a little when you need it (during shots) and quickly return back to it’s original shape. How much “flex” your shaft has is usually a matter of personal preference, some players like their shafts to be more stiff, others like a little more bend when needed. It’s important to be comfortable with the amount of “flex” your shaft has, as utilizing this trait in shaft properly gives you greater shot power and accuracy. Lacrosse shafts should be flexible, catapulting your shots into the net.

Review: “OneStopLacrosse Top 3” Attack Lacrosse Shafts:

Remember: Our “Top 3” is based off our confidence in you purchasing one of these shafts and getting good use out of your money. On our complete page for attack lacrosse shaft reviews we have more options, all high quality shafts, just a bit more “untested.” 

s1. The Gait Lacrosse ICE

Gait Ice Attack Lacrosse ShaftsSpecs

  • 7 oz.
  • Gait Scandium C555 alloy
  • Anodized Finish
  • Concave Octagon Edges 
  • Cork Butt End

Why The Gait ICE is Our #1: 

  • Best Seller – This Gait Ice Attack shaft is consistently one of the top selling attack lacrosse shafts on the market. Gait must be doing something right if people keep coming back for the ICE.
  • Lots of (Good) Customer Feedback – Out of all the attack lacrosse shafts we reviewed, there was the most laxer feedback for this shaft right here. VERY IMPORTANT.
  • Light Feel  – Customers backed up the “lightweight construction” of this shaft saying it’s definitely one of the lightest out there.
  • Laxers Get a Long Life Span with the ICE – A lot of laxers who have used this shaft said they were able to get 3, sometimes 4 seasons out of this shaft!
  • Easily Dented, However Shouldn’t Affect Performance – Lacrosse shafts take a beating and this product is no different. That being said, it should not be of concern as this is normal wear and tear for any player.

Gait Ice Lacrosse shaft review

Get another look at the Gait ICE via video from Total Lacrosse

Overall Value – $99 off of 

The Gait ICE is a very quality, popular shaft and we don’t see why you wouldn’t be making a smart investment deciding on this shaft here. If you consider your potential PPS (price per season), with laxers getting 3 seasons out of this handle, the Gait ICE may only cost you about $33 a season. Great deal compared to many other lacrosse shafts.

2. Warrior Krypto Pro Attack Lacrosse Shaft

Specs  Warrior Krypto Pro Lacrosse Shaft

  • 30’’ Attack Lacrosse Shaft
  • Higher Strength to Weight ratio than the Kryptolyte 
  • The Krypto pro has been made 8% lighter and 24% stronger than the standard Kryptolyte series shafts.
  • Comes in Black and Chrome Colors Warrior’s Warranty: Right from “So here’s how we dominate: buy it from our site and you can return it within thirty (30) days for any reason. Even the return shipping is free.” 

Why The Warrior Krypto Pro is #2:

  • Stronger, and Lighter than the Kryptolyte Series – The Warrior Kryptolyte shafts have been popular for a few years now, and for good reason! However, the Warrior Krypto Pro has been made BETTER. That’s not just hype either, customers who make the step up to the Pro quickly notice the difference in weight and durability from the Kryptolyte shafts.
  • Cool Graphics – Of course, this is a matter of personal preference, but we really like the look of these graphics on the Krypto Pros.
  • Used at High Levels of Play – The Krypto Pro shafts are not only used by elite high school players, but as well by D1 laxers and many professionals. These lacrosse shafts are legit, elite, and serious players use them.
  • 2-3 Season Lifespan – Besides some freak accident, the Warrior Krypto Pro consistently has gotten 2-3 seasons of physical play in for a lot of laxers who have used it before.

For another quick look at the Warrior Krypto Pro check out this video via Sport Stop 

Warrior Krypto Pro Lacrosse shafts

Overall value – $125 off of 

The Warrior Krypto Pro is a high level shaft. It’s a bit “step up” in quality from the Gait ICE, but it’s used by pros and elite collegiate athletes so it adds up.

The only reason we didn’t feel great putting the Krypto Pro at #1 was due to customer feedback. Not that there wasn’t any, it was just a lot easier to find reviews for the Gait ICE.

3. STX Surgeon SC TI Attack 30

STX Surgeon Lacrosse Shaft


  • Thinner wall (Means Lighter Weight) 
  • 9 Oz.
  • 30’’ Attack/Midfield Length shaft
  • 60 Day Warranty through STX
  • Mild Sandblast finish
  • Concave Octagon Profile 

STX Surgeon Sc-Ti lacrosse shafts

Why the STX Surgeon Sc-Ti is #3:

  • High Strength to Weight Ratio – The shaft is made out of material that is more durable than Scandium, but lighter than a titanium shaft.
  • Durable Shaft – At very high levels of play, laxers said they were able to get 2-3 seasons of physical play out of the STX Surgeon.
  • Elite Level Shaft – The STX Surgeon is a very high quality shaft, and is used at the top levels. Just to be aware, it comes with an “elite level” price tag as well.

Overall Value – $140.00 off of

With this STX Surgeon Sc-Ti, you are paying for quality. This shaft is an elite level shaft, and is used at high levels of play, but we put it at #3, because the investment for this shaft is a little costly.

If you are a serious player and you are prepared to invest in some high quality gear, we can’t recommend this STX shaft enough.

Find the Best Defense Shaft

What do I look for in an Defense Lacrosse Shaft? Gonzaga Lacrosse Defense

  • DURABILITY – This should be top priority for a a serious defender looking for their next shaft. You need a shaft that is going to stand up to tough checks (throwing checks I mean), and give you a real presence on the defensive end of the field.
  • Strong…but Lightweight – Everybody on the field needs to have somewhat of a light shaft. Defenders are responsible for making quick stick movements all game. As you saw on our main lax shaft page, Kyle Sorensen of the Vancouver Stealth, says he prefers “something on the lighter side as a defender, so I can get to hands faster.” 
  • Reliable Grip – As a defender you are always tested the grip of your shaft. Throwing checks and looking to block shots and passes is going to put the strength of your hands to the test. A reliable grip definitely changes meaning from player to player, but it is something to pay attention to.

“OneStopLacrosse Top 3” Defense Lacrosse Shaft Reviews:

Remember: Our “Top 3” is based off our confidence in you purchasing one of these shafts and getting good use out of your money. On our complete page for defense lacrosse shaft reviews we have more options, all high quality shafts, just a bit more “untested.” 

1. Maverik H2 Defense Lacrosse Shaft

Maverik H2 defense shaftsSpecs

  • Maverik “Tactile Grip” Maverik H2 defense shafts
  • H2 Titanium Scandium 
  • Concave Shape 
  • 4 oz.
  • Available in Carolina Blue, Black, Green, Gunmetal and Silver Colors

Why the Maverik H2 is #1:

  • Long Lifespan – Lots of laxers who gave some feedback said they were able to get 2-3 seasons out of the Maverik H2 before it quit on them. That’s a really good lifespan, especially for the price.
  • Scratched up Paint…yes, Dents…Not so much – Although there were some reports of the paint scratching off early on, denting did not seem to be an issue. Dents seem to bother people a bit more than scratches anyways.
  • AWESOME PRICE – This shaft is highly reviewed, has a long claimed lifespan, and on top of all that, it has a price tag significantly lower than a lot of the shafts you’ll find on the market today.
  • Tough as Nails – More than one previous user of the Maverik H2 said they broke an opponent’s shat with a check using this Maverik handle. Does that sound like something you would be interested in? 
  • Good Amount of Added Grip – Lots of laxers like the Maverik “Tactile Grip” which we touch on a bit more on our complete defense shaft review page. Laxers are saying “no tape needed” with the Maverik H2.
  • Second-Time Buyers – People keep coming back to the Maverik H2, buying it for a second or third time. Yes, that’s a great pointer to the quality of this shaft.
  • Versatile for all levels of play  – This Maverik was designed with all levels of play in mind!

See what we are talking about with this video via Sport Stop

 Overall value – $89.95 off of Amazon

This is the highest value of the defensive lacrosse shafts on the market right now. We have to give the highest recommendation for the Maverik H2. It has some proven durability, good grip, and a great price. If you are a newer lax player or more of a veteran looking for a decently price shaft, the Maverik H2 is an awesome choice.

2. Warrior Krypto Pro Diamond Defense Lacrosse Shaft

Warrior Krypto Pro Diamond Defense Shaft Silver lacrosse shaft


  • 60’’ Defense ShaftWarrior Krypto Pro Diamond Defense lacrosse shafts in multiple colors
  • Diamond Coat Grip
  • Made from K-Pro Super-light Alloy 
  • Comes in Black, Orange, Royal, Chrome and Red
  • Warrior’s Warranty: Right from “So here’s how we dominate: buy it from our site and you can return it within thirty (30) days for any reason. Even the return shipping is free.” 


Why the Krypto Pro Diamond is #2:

  • Lighter.Ryan Flanagan With Warrior Krypto Pro Shaft..But Stronger than Kryptolyte Shaft Series  – As we mentioned earlier with the Krypto Pro models, they were made to be not only stronger but lighter than the standard Kryptolyte series shafts! Taking a high quality handle and making it even better? Yeah, you have to seriously consider the Krypto Pro Diamond.
  • Light Enough to Make Quick Plays – The lightness of the Krypto Pro’s lacrosse shafts will make the quick plays defenders have to make even quicker.
  • A Professional Level Shaft –   Ken Clausen a defenseman for the Denver Outlaws , responded to our lax shaft question saying he has been using the Diamond since he played at the University of Virginia. Ryan Flanagan, a defenseman playing with the Charlotte Hounds said when he used the Diamond, his favorite part was the added grip. It’s a little reassuring to know your shaft is being used at the highest levels.
  • No Tape, No Problem! The Warrior “Diamond Grip” seems to be just enough for a lot of laxers who have used it before. No taping is necessary.
  • Durable Shaft – With it’s use at the high levels, you know the Warrior Krypto Pro Diamond is a heavy duty, physical play type of shaft.

Get another look at the Warrior Krypto Pro Diamond Shaft via Total Lacrosse 

Overall value – $106 off of 

We really like the Warrior Krypto Pro Diamond shaft. It’s a step ahead of the standard Kryptolyte series, and the Diamond is used by some pros at the highest level. We don’t think you could go wrong investing in this handle for your game.

3. Stallion SC-TI OCS Shaft by STX

Stallion Sc-Ti OCS Defense Lacrosse shaft


  • OCS (Optimized Cross Section) – 
  • 5% Lighter than the standard Stallion Sc-Ti
  • 5.8 oz. Stallion Sc-Ti OCS Defense Lacrosse Shafts in Black, Glinmetal, and Platinum colors
  • Shaft Lock Technology 
  • Mild Sandblast Finish 
  • Octagon Profile 
  • Highest Strength to Weight Ratio on the Market 
  • Comes in Black, Gunmetal and Platinum Colors
  • STX “Limited WARRANTY” – Info taken from the… STX will replace unusable or broken products (or provide a replacement with equal value) that break or become unusable under normal playing conditions due to poor workmanship and/or material failure within:
    • 60 Days from the date of purchase of lacrosse heads (excluding chrome), handles (excluding AL6000 series) and goggles 

Why the STX Stallion is #3:

  • Has the Advertised “Highest Strength to Weight Ratio on the Market” – This was attributed a bullet point in the “specs” section but we feel you should take this into consideration for a few moments more. This is the strongest shaft for it’s weigh on the market!
  • Used by Collegiate and Professional Players – Going off of the last point, it’s no surprise that this shaft is used at the highest levels of play right?
  • Durability – Continuing off of those last two points…sorry to keep connecting these, but this shaft is going to hold up to very physical play. The STX Stallion was clearly constructed with quality being the top concern.
  • Perfect for the Quick Defender – With the strength to weight ratio being a clear focus for this STX shaft, this handle is made perfect for defenders who play their game at a high speed. Out of the available lacrosse shafts, the STX stallion reigns supreme. Furthermore, its lightweight feel gives defenders an upper hand.

Stallion Sc-Ti OCS Defense Shaft SilverFor an ‘on-video’ look at the STX Stallion check out the video below courtesy of

Overall value – $229.99 off of 

The STX Stallion is an extremely high quality defensive handle. That being said, it comes with quite the price attached! We must say, only seriously committed laxers should consider this STX shaft as an option. It’s of an extremely high quality, but we did not feel it to be as accessible as the Maverik H2 and the Warrior Diamond because of the price. However, if you are a serious player, and you are prepared to make a serious investment in some serious gear. You won’t be upset with having the STX Stallion in your hands come game time.

Intro to Lacrosse Goalie Shaft Reviews:

What do I look for in an Lacrosse Goalie Shaft? Syracuse Lacrosse goalie save

  • A Shaft that Will Keep up With Your Reaction Time – A goalie with a heavier shaft is a goalie with a disadvantage. It’s important of course for the keeper’s shaft to be durable, but if your shaft is not able to keep up with the speed of your reaction time, it will cost you some saves.
  • Trust In Your Grip – Your grip cannot slip during a game. If that happens, that might very well mean a goal for the other side. You need a shaft with a grip that you can trust at a moment’s notice, in all weather conditions.

1. Warrior Kryptolyte 14 Goalie Lacrosse Shaft

Specs – Warrior Kryptolyte Goalie Lacrosse Shafts

  • 7001 Aluminum Alloy
  • 40’’ Goalie Shaft
  • Rounded Edge Design
  • Warrior’s Warranty: Straight from “So here’s how we dominate: buy it from our site and you can return it within thirty (30) days for any reason. Even the return shipping is free.” Although it’s a cool “no questions asked sort of policy,” sometimes 30 days is not enough to get the greatest idea for what sort of shaft you have bought.
  • Available in Black, Gunmetal, Navy and Chrome

Why the Warrior Kryptolyte is #1:

  • Warrior’s Most Popular Handle – The Warrior Kryptolyte is Warrior’s most popular shaft, and for good reason. Although you don’t want to be on the side of the majority, it has to say something if laxers keep coming back for the Kryptolyte.
  • Comfortable Feel – Players who have used the Kryptolyte in the past have really enjoyed the rounded-edge shape to the handle. Players who gave feedback said they had confidence and felt comfortable with the Kryptolyte in their hands. Remember..That’s hugely important!
  • Highly Recommended for Beginning Keepers –  This Warrior Kryptolyte is very accessible to keepers of all skill levels. Laxers who are transitioning to the keeper spot get this shaft recommended by coaches all the time. Players who have used this shaft themselves come back to recommended it as well, whether you are a beginner or veteran keeper.
  • Most Reviewed Goalie Shaft on the Market (Highest Reviewed too!) – Reviews are hard to come by for the goalie specific handles, so this is really saying something! This point is very important for us in our reviews here at “OneStopLacrosse.” There’s no better resource than laxers with first-hand experience using the gear in question.

To get another look at the Warrior Kryptolyte (not specific to the keeper model), watch this video from the people at Total Lacrosse

Overall Value- $84.00 off of 

The Warrior Kryptolyte gets our highest recommendation in the discussion of lacrosse shafts for goalies. It’s a very high selling model, and comes highly reviewed. On top of everything, the price is awesome for the quality we could expect you to get out of it.

2. Gait ICE Goalie Lacrosse ShaftB002OHCO8S

Specs – Gait ICE Goalie Lacrosse Shafts

  • 40’’ Goalie Shaft
  • C555 Alloy
  • Anodized Finish
  • Available in Black and Silver Colors
  • Gait Warranty: 6 Months for Goalie Shafts AND “Dings, dents, chips (composite), and scratches may occur during normal use and are not covered under warranty.” –

Why the Gait ICE is #2:

  • Light Enough to Keep Up With the Need for Saves – Just like we mentioned, as a goalie, you need a shaft light enough to keep up with your reaction time to the shots coming at you. The Gait ICE seems to fulfill this need based off of former laxer feedback.
  • Could Last 3-4 Seasons – This shaft seems to not quit. Some laxers who have bought the shaft in the past said it’s been 3 seasons and they are still using their Gait ICE. If you take into consideration the potentialPPS (price per season), you could be looking at $50 for 2 seasons, for $33 per season for 3 or even $25 a season if you got your Gait to last a full 4.
  • Gait Warranty Gives You Some Time – The 6 months Gait gives you should be a decent amount of time to put this ICE handle to the test. Although Gait won’t cover the minor scratches and dents, it’s nice to know if the shaft snaps on you early, it will be covered.

Get another look at the Gait Ice…(not goalie handle specific) with the video below from the guys at Players Bench. Find them at Players Bench

Overall Value- $100.00 off of 

The Gait ICE is another great option for a goalie handle. The price is not too much of a step beyond the Warrior Kryptolyte, the first handle we have recommended. The reviews for the Gait ICE goalie handle were not as plentiful as the Kryptolyte, but nonetheless there was still some quality feedback to be found.

We feel confident recommended the Gait ICE in our #2 spot for lacrosse goalie shafts.

3. Warrior Krypto Pro Diamond Goalie Lacrosse Shaft

Specs – Warrior Krypto Pro Diamond Lacrosse shafts in multiple colors

  • 8.0 Ounces
  • Rubber End Cap
  • 40’’ Goalie Shaft
  • Made from K-Pro Super-light Alloy
  • Diamond Coat Grip
  • Warrior’s Warranty: Straight from “So here’s how we dominate: buy it from our site and you can return it within thirty (30) days for any reason. Even the return shipping is free.” Although it’s a cool “no questions asked sort of policy,” sometimes 30 days is not enough to get the greatest idea for what sort of shaft you have bought.
  • Available in Black and Chrome

Why the Warrior Krypto Pro Diamond is #3:

  • Diamond Grip No Tape Necessary! –  Laxers who have used the Warrior Krypto Pro Diamond in the past have really taken a liking to the grip. The Warrior “Diamond” grip provides just enough added texture to take away the need for taping up (unless you want to of course, personal preference).
  • More Durable than the Kryptolyte – The Warrior Diamond was constructed to be more durable than the standard Kryptolyte series shafts. It’s a greater price investment, but it seems the extra dollars should be worth it.
  • Lighter than the Kryptolyte – Again, Warrior made the Krypto Pro models lighter than the “Lyte” model lacrosse shafts as well. I mean, if they are releasing a “pro” version, they sort of have to right? Anyways, another point for why the price is such a big step up, but a lighter, and stronger shaft is undoubtedly better.

Warrior Krypto Pro Diamond Lacrosse Goalie Shaft

An extra look at the Warrior Krypto Pro Diamond handles …via Sport Stop

Overall Value- $154.00 off of 

The Warrior Krypto Pro Diamond is higher level when it comes to lacrosse shafts. Overall, we think it is of higher quality than the Kryptolyte (it’s easy to make that direct comparison), but the price is a little less accessible, which is why we had to recommend the Kryptolyte ahead of the Krypto Pro Diamond.

However, if you have been using the Kryptolyte in the past, and you like it, but you are looking for a reasonable “step up,” we can’t recommend the Krypto Pro Diamond enough. You will be pleased.

That is it for our review on everything lacrosse shafts. No matter your position or skill we are certain that you will find all of the information you will need on this site. Follow one of the links shown above if you need to get into more specifics and happy laxing!