New Lacrosse Rebounder on the Market! The Tekk Trainer

This handy piece of equipment is perfect for helping you train and improve your ball skills. Work on your passes, air balls and strikes and improve your ball control by using the Tekk Trainer Rebounder Goal. The best thing is the convenience! 

You do not even need to have a partner. Just set it up and you are ready to go. Wanting to take a look at our comprehensive lacrosse rebounder reviews page? 

Product Details: 

The Tekk Trainer Rebounder goal is 40 square feet in size, making it one of the largest in the market. It comes in a patented one-piece design and can be adjusted to seven different angles as per the type of training demands. Its frame is made of 2 inches of aircraft-grade aluminum supported by 3mm-thick steel brackets.

This makes it sturdy but also lightweight and easy to set up. It unfolds from 60 by 10 by 4-inch dimensions to a massive 5 by 8 by 4-feet dimensions and weighs a maximum of 35 pounds. 


The Tekk trainer is ideal for all kinds of lacrosse players. We personally would recommend for any skill levl.

It is perfect for increasing the power of your throws and as well as your accuracy. For goalkeepers, it is perfect for practicing dives, making it easier to work on your hand positions and body shape while catching the ball. 

It also increases agility and trains you to react quicker. The ball rebound speed is realistic and will match your throws, ensuring that your new skills can be executed within the actual game. Moreover, the adjustment of its angle to seven different positions allows you to practice controlling the ball at different heights and enhance your coordination.

The Pros of the Tekk Trainer

· Easy to set up, takes around five minutes to assemble.

· Perfect for practicing alone but can also accommodate more than one player at a time due to its size. 

· It has a large surface area, giving you a bigger space to work with.

· Its sturdy build means that it does not get knocked over easily. With this design, you do not have to hold back on your strikes.

· Aluminum frames make it lighter than you would expect a piece of equipment that size to weigh.

The Potential Cons of the Tekk Trainer

· Although it is easy to assemble, the instructions are hard to follow. It is also hard to decipher which side is the top and which is the bottom. Many customers have suggested that the job would be easier if it was done by two people instead of one.

· Ground passes are disappointing because they hit the metal frame and lose speed.

· Quite costly! May be an investment.

Verdict: Check it out on

Despite the price tag, the quality and the buyer feedback seems to speak for itself her laxers! My vote: it is definitely worth every penny.