See Our Review: STX Double Sided Training Rebounder

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“Ideal for coaches who want to put their lacrosse players through passing or shooting drills, the STX double-sided training rebounder is versatile and long lasting. The rebounder is equipped with a sturdy A-frame that adjusts to several angles, making it appropriate for single or double-sided use. Just set up the net at the preferred angle and fire away, or put a player on either side of the net to maximize efficiency. The rebounder’s nylon surface area–which measures 5 by 3 feet–can also be used for such sports as softball or baseball. The rebounder is an excellent training device for all skill levels.” 


  • 5′ x 3′ nylon rebound area
  • Adjustable Y-Frame Construction (Double-sided Use/Multiple Angle Use)
  • Steel Frame
  • 10 Pounds

Skill Level 

When you see this rebounder in comparison to a Brine model, it is easy to see that the Brine rebounder is on an entirely different level.

This STX model is meant for beginners and younger lacrosse players. So if you’re just getting introduced to the sport and you are looking for a good way to hone your skills, this STX rebounder is just what you need.

You will see, if you dig into some user reviews, with standard assembly you get a bit of a weaker feel from this model.

Maybe looking for something that’s for higher level players? Check out the Predator Sports Rebounder.


  • This rebounder is light! At 10 pounds this thing is easy to move around. The mobility of this rebounder is a big draw for it!
  • Replacement materials are cheap. The bungees that connect the net to the poles have potential to wear after some serious use. That being said, replacement bungees that will work, are about 20 bucks off of Amazon. Not bad.
  • It will do the job, no more, but no less. There are a few other models that I cover in here that have a greater amount of tension with their net/mat that will allow for the ball to come back with greater spring. However if you are looking for a rebounder to just replace another body to pass to, this one will be all you need.
  • The price point – Inexpensive, but this does not take away from it’s quality. One of the highest quality (for the dollar spent) rebounders I could find.

Potential Concerns

  • Wear and Tear – What comes with the low price is a product that you will need to do some repair work for. As noted above the bungees have the potential to lose some spring and need to be replaced. If that does not bother you, then great. Just follow that link I provided earlier and pick up some replacement bungees to keep on hand.
  • Storage – Many of the other models will collapse and fold for easier storage. To have the same effect with this rebounder, I believe you would have to disassemble. Although, I felt this ‘storage’ piece could be put as well under a “pro” as this model is so lightweight. It depends rather on the space you have available.
  • Airspace between net and poles – Sometimes the gaps that are found between the net and the poles allows for balls to go flying through. Take that as motivation to work on your accuracy!
  • Difficulty to Assemble  Many customers complained of having a very difficult time assembling the STX model (the directions are not included in the box). No worries though, I took the liberty of chasing down instructions for assembly on the STX website.

Also, I grabbed this video via for further insight to the assembly process.

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