The STX Bounce Back: See What Laxers Have to Say! 

A bit more of a sturdy bounce back, this STX model is a wise choice for anyone looking to make a bit more of a purchase.  


  • 4’ x 3’ rebound area with orange outline
  • Sturdy, Adjustable Frame
  • Steel Frame
  • Can be used for multiple sports, like baseball and softball, as well as lacrosse.

Skill Level

This lacrosse rebounder is comparable to the Brine model that everyone loves! With that in mind (and the price that comes along with this guy) it is fair to say that this investment is worth making for the committed lacrosse player.

Looking for something more for beginners? Check out STX’s Double Sided model instead.


  • A step up from the mesh STX rebounder! This rebounder looks a bit different than its mesh counterpart. It’s steel frame makes it sturdy. It’s adjustable. It carries that STX name that everyone loves.
  • Stout! If anything, this rebounder is well built. The sturdy steel frame grounds the wall and it has this large tubing and strong springs that are not going to wear out any time soon.
  • Easy Assembly.  Many customers have been pleased with the ease in putting this rebounder together. At a first glance, it appears to have a lot of parts that could be hard to put together. HOWEVER, if you trust the many reviews by your fellow laxers (like I do) then you should have no trouble putting this rebounder together.
  • Light! While you’ll see below that this model is a bit tough to fold, it is really quite light. Especially for it’s durability. Don’t expect to put it in a normal SUV, you’ll definitely need a truck to move this around if you are taking it to practices.
  • Large Rebound Surface – One of the drawbacks in it’s foldability is also one of it’s benefits. Plenty of laxer report this rebounder to be huge! Good for having lots of places to throw that ball.
  • “Just as Advertised” – You’ll get what you see!

Addition:STX Lacrosse Rebounder Cover – Can’t Pack it Inside? No Problem!  

As you’ll see, the STX team is always a step ahead. This model is not the most portable. However, have no fear, you can plant this rebounder and use the cover that they’ve provided.

Seems rather high quality, and has received some exceptional reviews! Not a large price tag either.

Potential Concerns

Nothing? From my research, I’ve been unsuccessful in finding reviews where people were extremely dissatisfied with some aspect of this rebounder. The only thing I could see being a problem is the price, however it is definitely worth it for the value of the equipment.

  • Not entirely collapsable – If you are looking for a bounce back that will %100 fold up and be ready to tuck away, this may not be the one for you! Previous buyers suggest they have had trouble folding up and storing in SUVs, so this thing can’t get all too compact.

Price/Value – Check it out on  

I like this rebounder. Well, I can say that about all of these on my list. But this one I really like. We all know STX from the heads they make. We’ve seen their other rebounder and it’s OK but it’s not great. This one, on the other hand, is great. It’s on par with the Brine rebounder and the price is going to be reflective of that. Definitely, definitely check out this rebounder. You won’t be disappointed!