Good Product, a Bit Lacking Overall Feedback

We scoured the web here for all the feedback we could find here. Not a ton available. The feedback that was available was good though! See more below.

Predator Sports Lacrosse Rebounder – Lax Wall

Brief write up from –

“Designed specifically for lacrosse, this rebounder is great for team and individual training. Generous 3’x4′ rebounding target. Fully adjustable to provide multiple rebounding positions. Folds flat for storage. Easy assembly. This rebounder has a true rebounding surface. the ball will not be deadened when it hits the rebounder. The ball will return at or near the speed you throw it at for a true wall ball experience.” 


  • 7′ tall with adjustable angles
  • 4′ x 3′ throwing surface
  • 70 Pounds
  • Folds flat for storage
  • Ball should return near or at the speed that you throw it.

Skill Level

This rebounder is versatile, the materials are high quality, and it’s ease in assembly and its ability to fold up for easy storage are reflective in its price. Remember, a rebounder is a serious investment for a lacrosse player. They are going to be spending a lot of time with these guys. Judging the versatility, quality of equipment, and its price, it is safe to say that this is an investment worth making for a more experienced lacrosse player.

Looking for something a bit more casual? STX has a great lower level model. 


  • Great high tension rebound area – With the Predator Sports model, the ball will continue to be returned to you at or near the speed you throw it at. The high tension is gonna last so you’ll have plenty of time perfecting your passing and catching at high speed!
  • Folds flat for storage – Having your rebounder fold up is huge for taking advantage of storing it in convenient places. Although the mobility of this model comes into question, as it weighs in around 70 pounds.
  • High quality – The Predator Sports model has been put on par with many of the other top of the line models. Its steel frame accounts for its weight, but tied into that weight is a guarantee that this rebounder is going to last for a while. Its angle is adjustable so you can practice catching in any scenario that might pop up in the game!

Potential Concerns –

  • Limited customer feedback – As you search through more rebounders the collected feedback totals smaller and smaller numbers. As noted previously, this only affects the review hungry buyer (like myself).

Price/Value – Check it out on Amazon! Top Tier Pricing  

Although limited, the customers who did provide the feedback on this product compared the quality of this Predator Sports model with that of many other top brands. Based on price comparisons to big name brands like Brine and Maverik this rebounder is well valued. It’s versatile, it folds, it’s sturdy, it’ll help you to be a better player. All at a reasonable price!