Wear the Crown! Check out the Crown Sporting Goods Lacrosse Rebounder

Designed specifically for Lacrosse, the Multi-Position Extra-Wide Lacrosse Rebounder by Crown Sporting Goods is ideal for the team and individual training. Constructed of sturdy stainless steel, the rebounder can stand firm during any practice session. The steel frame is also fully adjustable to allow you to choose the perfect angles you prefer. The rebound section measures 4 feet by 3.5 feet, and it is wide enough to enable you to take shots even from a distance. The extra-wide shooting area makes it a perfect training tool for many lacrosse skills including passing, shooting and catching. 

The rebounder has multiple adjustable angles, but its maximum height is 8 feet. It is built from heavy duty and weather resistant materials to ensure its longevity throughout your career. Its netting is made from tough nylon that sends the ball right back, whether you fling a hard shot or toss a soft pass. The Lacrosse Rebounder weighs only 20.5 pounds so that your kids can carry it from one place to another without the risk of being injured. The steel frame is sturdy but light enough to be carried with ease. The entire rebounding machine is easy to set up, so you can save on the preparation time and maximize the practicing time 

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· 4 feet by 3.5 feet throwing surface

· 8-foot tall steel frame with adjustable angles

· Tough nylon netting

· Weighs 20.5 pounds

Pros of the Rebounder

· Great high tension rebound section: The tough nylon netting ensures the ball is returned to you at or near the speed, you throw it at. The netting is highly durable so you will have plenty of time perfecting your passing, catching and shooting skills.

· Easily portable: The lacrosse rebounder weighs just 20.5 pounds, so it can be carried by any teenager without straining. The mobility of this rebounding equipment is a big draw for it!

· Light steel frame: Although the steel frame is light, it is sturdy enough to last for long.

· Affordable Price: In comparison to other lacrosse rebounders in the market, the Multi-Position Extra-Wide Lacrosse Rebounder by Crown Sporting Goods is certainly less expensive, yet still gets the job done.

Cons of the Rebounder

· Limited customer feedback: Although there are limited player feedback for this rebounder, customers who left reviews were happy with the product.

The Final Verdict: Check out the Crown Sports Rebounder on Amazon.com 

The Multi-Position Extra-Wide Lacrosse Rebounder by Crown Sporting Goods is a good choice for both lower level and higher level lacrosse practices. You can use it for specific drills, or simply for developing your skills. Regardless of the limited customer feedback, the rebounder is an excellent training device for all skill levels. Give it a further look and see what you think!