Training on a Budget? Look at our Cheap Lacrosse Rebounders!

What’s going on laxers? As well as know, lacrosse can be an expensive sport. That is why we have compiled a list of the best cheap lacrosse rebounders so that you can take your game to the next level, while keeping your pocketbook happy!

Now we know everyone is not in the market for a $300 bounce back. In fact, if you are shopping for an inexperienced, new laxer, the last thing you want to do is invest in a rebounder that will break the bank, when they may not use it after a year!

That’s why we put together our list here, of the Top 3 Best Cheap Lacrosse Rebounders!

But wait! Maybe you are looking for something else? Maybe our #1 Rated Rebounder, the Champion Sports Pro Bounce Back?

The Top 3 Cheap Lacrosse Rebounders to Buy Now!

Take a look at the list and see what you think!

Note: Keep in mind that One Stop Lacrosse is not in control of the price listings on Amazon. So! If a model’s price jumps far above $100, let us know (unless we catch it first!) so we can make adjustments to our list of cheap lacrosse rebounders.

#1. EZGoal Multi-Sport Folding Rebounder Net, 6 x 6-Feet

According to EZGoal (the manufacturers of EZGoal Multi-Sport Folding Rebounder Net), the 6 by 6 feet net is the ultimate throwback lacrosse practice net for high level laxers. 

The net rockets back high balls, line drives and grounders perfectly. You can also stop rebounds by tilting the net forward. Interesting feature!

The net’s wide area (6×6 feet) makes it hard to throw wild. You can throw high balls as high as you want for outfield catching and rocket line drives or grounders back for ultimate infield practice. The net is perfect for your throwing and catching practice.

The EZGoal Multi-Sport is great for a variety of sports but most ideal for lacrosse (otherwise we wouldn’t write about it!).

The net has a rock-solid folding system for easy storage and a heavy-duty steel frame construction for unmatched durability and stability. The rebounder net is described as a 1st class lacrosse training tool. This net is built for longevity.

Its 1.5 inch thick steel frame features UV-protected netting which doesn’t deteriorate for decades.

Let’s take a closer look at the main features, pros and cons of the EZGoal multi-sport rebounder net in an effort to determine whether the net is as good as advertised.

Main features/specifications: 

Frame: 1.5-inch coated 18-gauge steel frame, with rigid construction

Netting: Heavy duty UV treated plastic/nylon net

Adjustability features: Easily adjustable tilting throwback, rebound tension. 

Weight: 44.9 pounds

Dimensions: Measures 72 by 72 by 72 inches or 6 by 6 by 6 feet.

Folding features: Rock solid folding mechanism that allows flat storage.

The Pros: Why buy the EZGoal multi-sport rebounder net?

You should buy the EZGoal multi-sport rebounder net because;

1. The net will make you a better lacrosse player by improving your accuracy skills. The net has features such as a center square-box target that enhances aiming accuracy.

2. Great rebounds: The net offers amazing rebounding power. Rocket back high balls, line drives and grounders perfectly for ultimate shot practice.

3. Adjustable tension control: Allows you to rocket the ball or slow the ball down with ease.

4. Strong durable construction: The net’s heavy-duty/commercial grade steel frame is capable of withstanding ball speeds of up to 90mph with minimal scuffing. The frame is strong enough to handle any kind of mistreatment. The net is build to last for decades when you consider other frame features such as a powder-coating to resist rust.

5. Easy assembly, disassembly and storage: According to EZGoal, you don’t require any tools to assemble the EZGoal multi-sport rebounder net. The net also features precision-fit connections which make assembly even easier. In regards to disassembly and storage, the entire unit folds perfectly to a height of 4 inches only after pulling just two pins. You don’t need to disassemble the net like other nets. Furthermore, the net can fit perfectly in tight spaces.

6. Superior netting: The net features a professional quality UV-protected netting capable of withstanding ball speeds of up to 90mph without ripping/breaking.

Potential Cons:

There are hardly any online negative reviews about the EZGoal Multi-sport rebounder net. The few negative reviews that are present touch on weight. At 44.9 pounds, there are some people that feel the net is a bit heavy. Also, some people still find the net bulky although it is perfectly foldable for storage. Some previous buyers also find the net hard to assemble compared to other cheap lacrosse rebounders despite the manufacturers best efforts to try to help otherwise!

Final Verdict! See the Product on  

The EZGoal Multi-sport rebounder net appears to be as good as advertised. The rebounder net has great outstanding features ranging for a strong durable and rigid steel construction to great adjustability features and superior netting. Furthermore, the net is multipurpose and reasonably priced. Although the net may be heavy, bulky and somewhat challenging to assemble according to some people, the net still comes highly recommended as a lacrosse training tool.

#2. Champion Sport Double-Sided Lacrosse Rebounder

Designed specifically for lacrosse, the Champion Sport double sided Lacrosse rebounder net by Champion Sports stands out as one of the best lacrosse rebounders for the dollar value in the market today. 

In order to confirm this, let’s take a closer look at the net’s main features!

The net has a strong construction i.e. sturdy steel frame construction, improved attachments and adjustable construction for both multiple angle and double sided use.

The net’s size also stands out. The rebound area measures 5 by 3 feet which is wide enough to allow shots from a distance during training.

The net’s rebounder area makes it a perfect training tool for most lacrosse skills including shooting and passing. The rebounder’s Y-frame construction makes it possible to adjust angles accordingly without compromising stability. The steel frame construction makes the rebounder extremely durable. The tough nylon netting is equally durable. According to the manufacturer, the rebounder is built to outlive your career.

The rebounder net is also sturdy but portable. Anyone can carry the rebounder with ease. The rebounder is also easy to setup which translates to more training time.

Main Specifications

Dimensions: 5 by 3 feet in height and width respectively

Frame: Adjustable sturdy steel Y-frame frame

Construction: Multiple angle and double sided use

Improved bungee attachments

The Pros: Why You Should Get this Rebounder! 

The Champion Sport double sided rebounder net has many benefits according to online customer reviews. The most notable include;

1. Strong/sturdy frame: The steel frame is strong and sturdy enough to last a lifetime.

2. Strong/high tension netting: The rebounder’s netting is made from tough nylon which enhances durability. The high tension feature gives the netting great rebounding power. This feature ensures the ball rebounds from the net at or near the throwing speed.

3. Multipurpose capabilities: Although the Champion Sport Double Sided Lacrosse Rebounder Net is specifically meant for Lacrosse, the net can also be used for many other sports.

4. Made by a renowned manufacturer of sports equipment. The rebounder net is made by Champion Sports, one of the best manufacturers of sports, fitness and physical education equipment. Champion Sports has been around for over 50 years. Sometimes you have to trust the brand!

5. Adjustable construction: The rebounder net can be adjusted easily to match a wide range of height preferences.

6. Reasonably priced: When compared to other rebounder nets in the market today, the Champion Sport double sided net offers more value for money. The net is cheaper but has more superior features than most if not all similar nets in the market today.

7. Easy set up: In comparison to other cheap lacrosse rebounders, it is easy to set up the net at any preferred angle!

The Potential Cons

Although most buyers who have reviewed the Champion Sport rebounder net are happy with the net, some customers feel the net should have been a bit taller. Some customers have also found the assembly instructions unclear.

The Verdict: Check it out on!

The Champion Sport Double Sided Lacrosse Rebounder Net is a good choice for both low-level and high-level lacrosse training. The net has many incredible features missing in most rebounder nets on sale today. As well, the net is cheaper and made by one of the best sports equipment manufacturers. Although the net has some cons, they can be overlooked. The net is adjustable and easy to assemble with or without a manual. In summary, the net comes highly recommended for Lacrosse players interested in perfecting their passing and shooting skills.

#3. Champion Sports Multi-Sport Net Lacrosse Pitch Back Screen

The Champion Sports Multi-Sport Net Lacrosse Pitch Back Screen is a perfect dependable training aid for multi-sport use. The pitch back features a newer and better design than the earlier incarnations with a sturdy steel frame. It comes with a surface location to hold on to the lacrosse ball.  The rebound section is wide enough to allow you to take shots from any distance. It is slightly damped to absorb shocks of hard throws. The sturdy steel frame is fully adjustable to provide various bounce back angles for different lacrosse skills, which is not the case with many cheap lacrosse rebounders.

The lacrosse training aid is versatile and made of high-quality materials. Its steel frame is powder coated to enhance its sturdiness and durability. The double heavyweight nylon netting allows you to throw hard shots, without worrying about breaking or damaging the unit. All components fit snugly and securely into place to ensure the rebounder stands strong during practice sessions. The unit comes with a square target to help you fling your shots accurately. The Champion Sports Multi-Sport Net Lacrosse Pitch Back Screen weighs less than 18.6 pounds, making it easy to carry around.

Product Specifications

· Multiple adjustable angles

· Square target to enhance accuracy while shooting

· Weighs less than 18.6 pounds

· 1 ¼ inches powder coated steel

Pros of the Product

· Heavyweight nylon netting: The netting is sturdy and tough, and can withstand both hard and soft shots. The constant high tension of the rebound section ensures you have plenty of time perfecting your catching and passing at high speed.

· Fully rotational: The Champion Sports Multi-Sport Net Pitch Back rotates to different angles to help you perfect various lacrosse skills including passing, shooting and catching.

· Long lasting: The steel frame is powder coated to give it impact resistance, as well as to enhance its toughness and durability. The heavy-duty netting and the 11/4 powder coated steel frame, make this training aid highly durable.

· Convenience: The rebounder is lightweight and easy to put together.

Cons of the Product

· Not well coated for outdoor use: Some customers complain that the rubber bands, which attach the net to the frame fray and break due to friction. Additionally, all of the hooks rust because they are not coated for outdoor use.

The Final Verdict: Check it out on!  

The Champion Sports Multi-Sport Net Lacrosse Pitch Back Screen is a perfect training aid for both new and intermediate lacrosse players. It is sturdy, durable and quite affordable. Improve your passing, shooting and catching skills with this unique training aid.

Cheap Lacrosse rebounders can be hard to come by. I hope you found our list insightful!