Check out the Highest Reviewed Rebounder on the Market!

This Champion Sports model is littered with raving reviews…(just take a look on the web!). That’s a huge indicator if all the manufacturer hype lives up! Check out the rest of our review below, but this may be what we deem the best lacrosse rebounder on the market!

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Product Review: Champion Sports Lacrosse Pro Bounce Back Target


  • Dampened rebound surface for smaller areas to absorb the shock of hard throws
  • Sturdy adjustable steel frame for various bounce back angles
  • 4’x3′ rebound surface area
  • 63.8 Pounds
  • Too big for a small backyard! (as stated by current buyers)

Skill Level

This lacrosse rebounder is great! It is made from quality materials, it’s sturdy, and it’s price is reflective of that. As it is more of an investment,I would consider purchasing it for more of the advanced/committed lacrosse player. In comparison to the big name brands like Brine, this bad boy holds its own. Definitely consider this rebounder!


  • Comparable in quality to the Brine model – This Champion bounce back was compared in quality to the Brine model that I discussed above. That should be reassuring as the Brine is the model used by many college LAX teams across the country.
  • Durable – The steel frame that supports this bounce back is high quality stuff. It’ll take all sorts of impacts and can hold up in inclement weather. Rusting and any weather wear is not an issue with this rebounder.
  • Convenience – Easy to put together, easy to move around, this rebounder does it all. Many customers had the Champion model up in minutes plus it held together well!
  • Will stand the weather! Many owners of this model say they leave this out in the weather. Easy enough?
  • Folds Up! – This model will fold up to be about 4 feet wide, and 8 feet tall.
  • Well Built, Will Stand Elite Players! This product can handle throws from elite players. All players alike! This model is used by
  • Reasonable price – A lot of the highest quality rebounders are priced around $200 or so. Some even higher! This model splits $100 and $200 right in the middle.

Potential Concerns

  • Not seeing too many concerns…too good to be true?? I don’t think so on this one folks…this gets our highest recommendation!
  • Heavy, maybe difficult to move – Perhaps one thing to concern yourself with is the heavy frame. Not the easiest to move around, however as you saw above, this model can withstand the weather so you should be able to plant it, no problem.

Price/Value – Great Value! High Quality, Reasonable Price (See on Amazon!) 

The price for this model is rather appealing. Perhaps take the lacking customer feedback with a grain of salt and consider the comparison made between this Champion model and the college-level Brine model (especially since the Champion model is about $80 less).