What the Big Boys Use!

The Brine Lax Wall is used at the highest levels of lacrosse. You’ll see this model in college training sessions and at some levels of professional play. See what we have to say about it!

Is this model a little too much for you? Maybe tone is down with the STX Bounce Back.

Product Review: Brine Lacrosse Lax Rebound Self Standing Wall Ball System

Perhaps the most elite model we’ve reviewed on this post, the Brine Lacrosse Pitch Back, is only for those willing to put down the dollar! Put it down though, and you’ll be getting top quality. 


  • Fully adjustable
  • 15 inch aluminized steel frame
  • 3’x4’ rebound area
  • 68 Pounds

Skill Level

This is the Brine model that everybody raves about. This is what college lacrosse players are using. For the committed player, this is a serious investment! So if you’re looking into seriously stepping up your game and becoming a competitor this is the rebounder for you.


  • This is what the big boys use.  We’ve seen them play on ESPN. We’ve seen how crisp their passes and catches are. Now you can see why they can do all  that stuff! This rebounder sets the standard for what college teams use.
  • Durable. This rebounder can take some serious impact as well as abuse from the weather. The materials that make up this rebounder are amazing and will keep this rebounder in excellent condition.
  • MMMMMMM Reviews! Let me tell you, there are a lot of reviews out there about this rebounder. It’s great! And they’re all positive! Lacrosse coaches love this thing, and with good reason!

Potential Drawbacks

  • 1 Review. I was surprised when I saw this review. After an overwhelming majority of people saying how much they loved this rebounder there is one review that absolutely attacks it. For them, the rebounder simply broke quickly. Take this review as a lesson! Should your rebounder break or if it is defective, make sure you send it back! Retailers are always willing to exchange broken/defective equipment.
  • Picture a bit different than the product – Some buyers have said that the pictures there aren’t the truest to what the product actually looks like. Not that this affected the actual performance of the product…just something to be aware of!

Price/Value – Top Tier Pricing! Check it out on Amazon.com

The brand name, the critical-acclaim, the wonderful materials, the sturdiness…I could go on and on. When it comes down to it, this rebounder is the bee’s knees. It’s price is reflective of that. This is a SERIOUS investment and I highly recommend it on this list.