How do you feel about your protection going into every game?  Pro lacrosse player

Are you pads weighing you down when you need to be covering every piece of the field? 

Are you being restrict on throws and shots? 

Do you want to make sure you have the BEST Shoulder Pads for your position? 

That’s what we are talking about today guys.

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The Best Lacrosse Shoulder Pads for Every Position

Here’s how things are going to look: 

First Section: The Best Shoulder Pads for Attack & Runners-Up
Second Section: The Best Shoulder Pads for Midfielders & Runners-Up
Third Section: The Best Shoulder Pads for Defense & Runners-Up

Are we ready to get into it?

Best Lacrosse Shoulder Pads for Attack:

STX Shadow Lacrosse Shoulder Pads

STX Shadow Lacrosse shoulder pad review Manufacturer Specs:

  • No Bulk, Low Profile Protection – These pads were designed to be as low profile as possible to give you full range of motion, and lots of flexibility during play.
  • Plus Foam Technology Throughout the Padding –

  • Interior Silicone Nubs – 
    The “Silicone Nubs” were an added feature to the pads that is meant to keep them in place, keep them from moving around and distracting you.
  • Full-Length Spandex Sleeve – A bit different from most pads, the spandex sleeve is added for greater natural feel.
  • Adjustable Shoulder Pads – The shoulder pads are made to adjust to give you the fit that you want.
  • Hybrid Between Liner and Traditional Shoulder Pad – These pads are labeled a “hybrid” in between a speed pad, and full set. They are made to be lower profile than the standard full set of pads, but still give you enough protection to feel confident taking slashes, hits, etc.
  • Removable Arm Pads –
  • Stretch Zones within the Side Padding – Added feature to contribute to a more natural, comfortable fit.

Here’s another look at the STX Shadow shoulder pads. Check this product video below…via Lax.comtv

Why the STX Shadow Pads are the BEST Lacrosse Shoulder Pads for Attack –

  • Ultra Lightweight, You Won’t Know You are Wearing Them –

It’s quite rare to see the “hybrid” description for a set of shoulder pads. As far as other players are concerned, it seems as if STX was not lying, they created a very lightweight set of  protective pads. Players have taken notice.

  • The Sizes Run True –

From the player feedback I have gathered, it seems as if there has been little, if any trouble with sizing. Grab the size that normally fits you.

  • Adjustable for a Perfect Fit – STX Shadow Lacrosse shoulder pads

These pads come with plenty of options for adjustment. With enough tinkering, you can find the perfect fit for you.

  • Quick Dry Pads Can Handle the Conditions –

Players say these pads dry out quick! That means in wet, less than ideal conditions, your pads won’t pick up weight. Another added bonus they won’t retain sweat. 

  • Free to Move, Make the Plays You Need to Make –

Don’t expect to be limited towards making any type of motion. Players say these pads are about as non-restrictive as a set of full pads can be.

Overall Value:$134.99 off of 

STX has put some serious effort into the design of these pads, and that’s why they are topping our list for the “Best Lacrosse Shoulder Pads for Attack.” 

They have received some quality player feedback, they are ‘high end’ pads, but certainly not the most expensive pads on our list. If you are a higher level attacking player, these “hybrid” STX Shadow lacrosse pads will give you enough protection to battle hard-nose defenders, and make the plays for your team on the attacking end.

They look pretty killer as well. Pick up your own pair of STX Shadow Shoulder Pads.

Our “Runners-Up” for the Best Shoulder Pads for Attack:

STX Stallion HD Shoulder Pads

STX Stallion HD lacrosse shoulder pad reviewsManufacturer Specs:

  • “High Def Polymer” Material Throughout the Pads – The “High Def Polymer” is a moisture wicking material that will keep your pads dry during wet conditions. This as well keeps your pads free of sweat, and in turn free of odor.
  • Dynamic Fit System – The “Dynamic Fit System” is designed to make the pads as naturally fitting as possible. The protection is anchored around the core, which helps the padding move with you during play.
  • STX Stallion lacrosse shoulder pads Perforated Mesh Liner – A particular liner that is intended to give you the greatest breathability.
  • Removable/Adjustable Bicep Pad – Adjust the bicep pad or remove, the choice is yours.
  • Improved Collarbone Protection –
  • Removable Air Zone – The “Air Zone” in the chest can be removed, based off your preferences of comfort.
  • Protection Extended to the Back and Stomach –  
  • Improved Velcro Technology – Normally velcro will get stuck on pennies, and wear out rather quickly. The velcro on these pads is of an improved material that won’t wear, and won’t snag. Strangely this makes for a very important upgrade.

Grab yourself an look at the STX Stallion HD Shoulder Pads via some video below…

Why Players Say You Should Get the STX Stallion HD Pads:

  • Low Profile Pads, Giving You the Necessary Protection –

Player feedback seems really supportive of these pads being the perfect amount of protective for the attack player, in-game and in-training.

  • The Pads Move With Your Body –

Players are saying there is a sense of “natural feel” to these pads. The “Dynamic Fit System,” intended to have the pads move how you move, is not all hype.

  • Strap them Up How You Want, Get the Fit You Need –STX Stallion Hd lacrosse shoulder pad review

The player reports I have seen said there are a number of different ways to choose strapping up these pads before play. This gives you lots of freedom to get the exact fit you like.

  • Protection Covers All the Way to the Abdomen –

The protection on these pads goes a lot lower than others, as players have noticed. This gives you extra protection from slashes you may not see coming.

The STX Assault pads have been a really well-received, well-sold series of STX pads, and it is rumored that the Stallion pads are very similar, but a “step-up.”

Overall Value: $169.99 off of 

The STX Stallion HD shoulder pads are extremely ‘high-end’ pads and it was difficult to decide between this set and the STX Shadow set, for the #1 spot.

There was a bit more feedback on the Shadow, and I happened to like that price a bit more.

These pads may be a step ahead of the Shadow, but I was not entirely sure a large enough step to meet the price increase.

If you disagree, hey, this is an awesome set of pads, and I cannot recommend picking them up for yourself enough.

Go ahead and get yourself a set of theSTX Stallion HD pads, you surely will not be disappointed.

Maverik M3 Speed Shoulder Pad

maverik m3 lacrosse shoulder pad reviewManufacturer Specs:

  • 37.5 Technology Mesh Liner – The 37.5 Mesh Liner is designed to evaporate moisture quicker, keeping your pads dry in wet conditions and keeping sweat out!
  • Anaform Technology – The anaform technology adds protection to the padding, but does not add extra weight or decrease mobility.
  • ComfortFIT Adjustable Arch – The ComfortFIT arch allows from some personalization to your pads, giving you the option to adjust the protection or level of comfort.
  • Wide Straps that Will Go Around the Body – These straps will add some extra security to the placement of the pads. This keeps the padding from slipping or moving around when you don’t want it to.
  • Adjustable Arch/Shoulder/Collar Bone Protection – Another feature that adds to the customization of the fit these pads can give you.
  • Inner Padding Lining is Raised – This makes for less instances of direct contact between your skin and the pads, lessening the chance for irritation.
  • DuraStretch Technology – The DuraStretch technology gives the pads a very natural feel and keeps them moving with your body.

If you want another look at the Maverik M3 Speed Pad, check the video below…

Why Players think You Should Get the[easyazonmaverik m3 speed lacrosse shoulder pad review_link identifier=”B00NVMM1GU” locale=”US” tag=”maneuveringme-20″ popups=”n”]Maverik M3 Speed Pad[/easyazon_link] –

  •  Not too Much Available Feedback! – 

Overall Value:$84.99 off of 

These pads have a ton of awesome features that will support a good fit, quality protection, and high mobility.

However, the reason I couldn’t recommend this speed pad higher on the list, was because of the lacking feedback. Although, from what I could gather out of the specs, these pads could really upgrade your game if you are playing at the attacking end, just be careful they are a little “untested.”

I do feel like that will change.

Nike Vapor Shoulder Pads 

Manufacturer Hype: Nike Vapor Lacrosse shoulder pads review

  • Ultra-Lightweight Shoulder Protection –
  • Low-Profile Shoulder Caps, Sitting Level with the Body –
  • Hard Plastic on Chest Plate –
  • Stretch Zones Placed Throughout the Pads for Highest Level of Comfort –
  • Removable Central Air Chamber on Chest Area
  • Adjustable Velcro Sizing Straps

Player Type: Advanced – Attack

These are pads, not “liners” so they offer a little more protection. However, these are by no means “heavy on protection” pads, so they are more so fit for you if you play on the offensive end.

Available Sizes: Large, Medium

What Players Say About These Pads:

Sorry, No Current Player Feedback Available –

Overall Value: $129.99 off of

These pads are at a ‘high end’ price, but it’s difficult to give you complete confidence in making a purchase here as there is no existing player feedback on them.

Although Nike will usually put out high quality gear, these pads are a little “untested.”

Nike Vapor LT Shoulder Pads

Manufacturer Hype: Nike Vapor LT Shoulder pad reviews

  • Built-In Central Air Chamber for Chest Area –
  • Adjustable Upper Torso Straps –
  • Lightweight Shoulder Protection –
  • Internal, Hard Plastic Shoulder Caps – Intended to give greater protection to the shoulder.

Player Type: Youth/ Mid Level – All Positions

With the price on these pads, Nike created this line for the more advanced youth players/mid level players. 

For a youth level pad, typically they can be used for any and all positions, and that is the case with the Nike Vapor LT set.

Available Sizes: Extra-Small, Small, Medium, Large 

What Players Say About These Pads:

Sorry, No Current Player Feedback Available –

Overall Value: $64.99 off of

These Nike Vapor LT pads are definitely priced at the low end of the spectrum. That being said, they may be a good pickup for youth players not looking to put down a huge investment on gear yet.

There is not much that has been reported back on these pads from players before, so that’s something to be a little cautious about. Personally, I think there are some more “for sure” options for youth level players, pads with some collected feedback, and I will product an article about that subject in the future.

These pads did make it on’s Top Shoulder Pads for 2014…give them a look here: 

Under Armour Player SS SP Liner

Manufacturer Hype: Under Armour Player SS Liner review

  • “Molded Skin” Technology – This feature is intended to reduce the weight of the pads and improve flexibility.
  • “Heat Gear” Liner Technology – This will keep moisture away from the skin, keeping you and the pads dry.
  • High Impact Triple Density Foam – This foam adds protection while reducing weight.
  • Low Profile, Ultra-Thin Design –
  • Fully Adjustable Straps – These straps will improve your fit, and give you extra flexibility.
  • Pivot Points at the Collar Bone and Base of Ribs –
  • Player Type: Mid-Level/Advanced – Midfielders

    This speed pad is meant to be for advanced level players, but it carries a super low price right now.

    Midfielders interesting in a lighter set of pads, with added mobility, take a look here.

    Available Sizes: Small, Medium, Large

    What Players Say About These Pads:

    • Sorry, No Current Player Feedback Available – 

    Overall Value: $24.99 off of

    With no current player feedback, and the extremely low price, it’s hard not to think the value of these pads could be questionable. 

    However, if you decide to take a risk on them and prove me wrong, go for it! And please let me know how you like them!

Brine Clutch Mid Shoulder Pad

Manufacturer Hype: Brine Clutch Mid Shoulder Pad

  • Compression Molded Foam – Intended to absorbs high impact, while remaining extremely light.
  • Grid-Flex Pattern with Adjusted Silhouette – Intended to increase your level of comfort as well as protection.
  • Ventilator Liner – Designed to keep you and your pads dry.
  • Modeled After the LoPro Line –

Player Type: Mid Level/Advanced – Attack

These Brine shoulder pads were designed for speed players. They give you suitable protection, a bit more protection than a liner, but are not intended in the slightest to restrict your level of mobility. 

They carry a mid-range price as well, so the investment is not to massive. Brine Clutch mid shoulder pads

Available Sizes: Small, Medium, Large

What Players Say About These Pads:

  • Sorry, No Current Player Feedback –

Overall Value: $80.00 off of 

 These pads seem like a really good set from Brine, but that always becomes tough to tell when there is not a huge collection of good reviews to look from. 

If you really like Brine, if you liked the LoPro series, then you may be more ready than most to give these a try.

Best Lacrosse Shoulder Pads for Midfielders:

Brine LoPro Superlight Shoulder Padsbest lacrosse shoulder pad for midfielders

Manufacturer Specs:

  • Compression Molded Pads – These Brine pads are compression molded all the way throughout, which means they will give you high quality protection.
  • ABS Shoulder Caps – These “ABS Caps” are a really advanced technology in lightweight protection.
  • Arm Straps that can be Removed – These pads come with attached arm straps, but luckily if that’s not your style, they can be removed quite easily.
  • Shoulder Straps are Adjustable – The shoulder straps can be adjusted, which is crucial for you being able to personalize your fit.

Go ahead and grab another look at the Brine LoPro Superlight Pads via video below:

 Why Players Say You Should Get the Brine LoPro Superlight Shoulder Pads: 

  • Light as a Feather!  –

These are full blown pads guys! From traditional knowledge, you could expect fully loaded pads to weigh you down a bit. However, players are being impressed time and time again with how noticeably light these Brine pads are.
Brine LoPro Superlight Shoulder Pads

  • Remember! Arm Straps Can be Removed – 

Some player have found the arm straps to be rather bothersome. Don’t worry though, they can be removed. Lots of players said this change dramatically upgraded how the pads felt.

  • Long Life Span –

Players are saying these pads shape up tremendously well to the elements, to shots on shots, slashes on slashes, and the still continue to perform. These pads will last!

  • The Pads Move with You –

If you want a natural feeling set of full pads, then it will be hard to come by another set better than these. Players love the feel of these pads, and say their motion is not restricted in the slightest.

  • Rib Padding? Yes, Please! –

I read through one specific report of a player saying the rib padding has saved his ribs a countless number of times from harsh slashes.

  • Players are Talking, Always Good! –  

Players have not stopped talking about these Brine pads. As well, the majority of what they are saying is extremely positive. Otherwise these pads would not have made my list, right? Right!

Overall Value: $90.00  on  

Here you go guys, “The Best Lacrosse Shoulder Pads for Midfielders.”  These pads are legit, and I feel %100 percent recommending these to anyone playing the midfield position.

They are full blown protection pads, but still lightweight and not restrictive in the slightest.

Go ahead and pick yourself up a set of the Brine LoPro Shoulder pads, and enjoy a huge upgrade in your protection middies.

The price tag on these babies isn’t bad either!!!

“Runners-Up” for the Best Shoulder Pads for Midfielders 

Brine King V Mid Shoulder Pad

Manufacturer Hype:

  • NEW NEW NEW, The Brine King V is New for 2015 –
  • Multi-Pieced Build –
  • Aeroshield foam – In combination with the multi-pieced build, the aeroshield foam provides a perfect balance in fit and protection. This keeps the flexibility level high as well.
  • New Arch Tech Shoulder – Maximum impact absorption in the shoulder area.
  • Skylight Sternum and Spine – Impact absorption on the chest and back area.
  • Ventilator Fresh Liner – Intended to keep you cool in-game and keep your pads odor free.
  • Will be Worn by MLL Players in 2015 –
  • Weighs 16 Oz. –

Take another look at the Brine King V Mid Pads, via some video via Lax.comTv:

Player Type: Advanced Level – Midfielder –

These pads have been made perfectly for the dynamic midfield player. They are intended to be super light weight and give you tons of mobility.

This Brine King V shoulder pad set is intended to give you the feel of wearing nothing, while still providing suitable level of protection. 

They are priced at the higher end, so if you are a player ready to invest in their gear, you might be in the market for the Brine King V pads.

Available Sizes: Medium, Large

What Players Say About These Pads:

These Pads are too New! No Current Feedback Available –

Overall Value: $119.99 off of

These Brine King V shoulder pads seem to be the real deal. Although the lacking feedback makes them feel untested, I expected not to be able to dig anything up since they are new for 2015. 

These are elite level pads, they are super lightweight, and they should be perfect for you midfielders out there. If you are willing to put down an investment for some gear, and you don’t mind testing out these pads for yourself, I think you could be deeply satisfied with your purchase.

These pads just look awesome too.

Warrior Evo Hitlyte Shoulder Pads

Manufacturer Hype:

  • New for 2015
  • Intended for All-Around Performance – These pads were designed for the perfect balance of comfort, weight and protection.
  • New D30 Aero Impact Foam in the Shoulder and Sternum – This foam is intended to give you maximum protection with a lower profile.
  • New Cage FLX Bib System – This will give you comfort through flex and form fit.
  • VPS Foam Integration – Added in for optimum airflow.
  • Segmented Padding Up the Shoulder –
  • Two-Timer Strap System on Shoulder – Available to personalize your fit.
  • Velcro Fasteners –
  • Bone Protection in Shoulders – 

Grab another look at the Warrior Evo Hitlyte Pads via some video from

Player Type: Advanced Only! – Midfielders

These pads are designed for the all-around player. They will give you the right amount of protection, but still be comfortable enough and minimally distracting, not to distract you from play. 

They come with a heavy price tag, so these pads are just about at the highest end of the spectrum. You can expect quality, but you need to be serious about your gear to consider dropping the dollars for these Warrior Evo Hitlyte pads.

Available Sizes: Medium, Large 

What Players Say About These Pads:

No Current Feedback Available – (Too New!) 

Overall Value: $159.99 off of

To seriously consider these pads, you need to be very confident that you are a fan of Warrior’s protection. These are coming in a bit untested, with no player feedback yet, and that’s always something that you should be aware of.

Do I think these pads are of an elite level? Absolutely. However, the huge investment in these and lacking customer feedback would make me a bit cautious in your position. If you are confident in Warrior however, go after these, I doubt you would be disappointed with such a high-end shoulder pad.

Brine King IV Mid Lacrosse Shoulder Pads

Manufacturer Specs:  

  • Designed with Grid Flex Technology – The “Grid Flex” Technology will give you the range of motion you need, and tons of flexibility.
  • Compression Molded Pads – These compression molded pads give you quality protection you can rely on.
  • Ventilator to Keep Moisture Out – This pads are designed with the intent of keeping you dry and your pads odor free.
  • Added Sternum Protection – For the Brine King IV, the sternum protection was beefed up a bit.
  • Lighter, Improved Shoulder Pad Design – 
  • Upper Arm Pads that Remove for Preference –

For a look at the Brine King IV Pads in “real-time,” watch the video I gave you below:

Why Players Say You Should Get the Brine King IV Pads:

  • So Low Profile, You’ll Forget You are Wearing Pads! –

Players are saying these pads are extremely lightweight. Not even kidding, they are saying these pads fit so well to your body and weigh so little, you barely notice you have them all when you are in the flow of play.

  • Reliable Protection – Brine king iv baby blue shoulder pads

Although these pads seem as light as a feather, players are also saying they are getting the protection they need from them. Lightweight and ultra protective? Sounds like these are perfect for middies who need to keep up and down the field fast.

  • Comes with High Recommendations – 

Players who are using these pads are loving them! There have been a number of recommendations tossed out from players who have used them in the past. That is a ALWAYS a good sign. You want players to like the gear you are buying.

  • Killer Look – 

Brine always has some fresh looking gear, and this set of pads is no exception. My personal favorite is the baby blue set, but they as well come in a black/white.

Overall Value: $120.00 off of 

This is a sweet set of shoulder pads. Brine has given them a super cool look and they have received quality feedback from the players.

The only reason I had to classify them as a “Runner-Up” was because of Brine’s other model, the LoPro Superlight pads, having a way thicker stack of positive feedback.

I don’t feel you can grow wrong with this set of Brine King IV pads, go ahead and pick up a set yourself.

Maverik Rome NXT Speed PadMaverik Rome NXT speed pad review

Manufacturer Specs:

  • Built with DuraStretch Material – The DuraStretch Material is going to give you tons of flexibility during play, and on top of that, the airflow you need to stay cool!
  • SharkGel Padding – The “SharkGel” padding is legit. Maverik placed the SharkGel in critical parts of the padding to give you better protection where you need it.
  • Design with Tapered Gussets – The “Tapered Gussets” will keep the design extremely natural to the bend of the arms.
  • Proprietary Technology – This technology causes the padding to soften on impact for ultimate protection, but it soon after regains it’s shape. This really improves the overall flexibility of the pad.
  • X-Foam Ventilation – The X-Foam is going to give you the airflow you want, keeping you cool all game.
  • Anaform Technology – The Anaform technology makes the padding seamless. This always improves flexibility and range of motion.
  • Side Straps are Adjustable to Personal Preference – 

Hey y’all, get yourself another look at the Maverik Rome NXT Speed Pad and check the video below:

Why Players Say You Should Get the Maverik Rome NXT Speed Pad:

  • Built for the Dynamic Middie –

Middies are loving this speed pad right now. It’s super light and built for keeping your range of motion and flexibility high. This pad won’t weigh you down if you are responsible for covering what seems like every inch of the field like most players who have been leaving feedback.

  • The Clips are Preferred to Velcro? – maverik rome NXT speed pad

Maverik decided to go with some clipping straps, instead of velcro. Players have responded well and say they actually prefer the clips to the velcro because the velcro often times will snag, and wear quickly.

  • Did I Say they were LIGHT? –

Middies looking for light weight protection, it’s hard for me not to suggest anything else but this speed pad here. Players leaving feedback are saying the same thing.

Overall Value: $109.99 off of  

The Maverik Rome NXT Speed Pad comes with high recommendation.

I know it didn’t make my #1 spot, but this pad is absolutely loaded with special features, and players using it right now are loving it.

This is an extremely high quality speed pad, and if you decide to pick one up, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Warrior Rabil Hitlyte 13

Manufacturer Hype: Warrior Rabil 13 Lacrosse shoulder pad reviews

  • CAGE System Construction with VPS Foam – Intended to give you maximum air flow, as well as increased flexibility throughout the whole pad, without giving up any protection.
  • Clear Shoulder Caps – Extremely low profile, the caps break and move the way your shoulder moves.
  • Increased Flexibility – You will get full rotation on your shots, giving you more power behind every throw.
  • Improved Sternum Protection – Increased chest protection.
  • Designed with the help of Paul Rabil, Made for a Pro –
  • Moves With the Body During Passing, Shooting, Typical Play –
  • Detachable Deltoid Pads –

Watch this video with Paul Rabil talking about his pads here:

Player Type: Advanced Players – Midfielders/Defenseman 

These pads are high-end, and they come with a high-end price tag as well. That being said, advanced players, players who are making larger investments in their gear are the only ones who should be considering this Rabil liner.

These are full mobility pads, making them perfect for the middie or defenseman willing to sacrifice a little protection for greater range of motion. 

Available Sizes: Medium, Large

What Players Say About These Pads:

  • Most Expensive Liner – The Rabil liner is high quality, but also highly expensive.
  • Extremely Lightweight –

This pad is extremely lightweight, most players who have used it say they barely even notice it during the course of play.

  • Awesome Look –

Players are always talking about the awesome look to these pads and I definitely have to agree.

  • Super Flexible – Warrior Rabil 13

This liner will give you a huge range of motion. You will surely notice if you have been playing with some bulkier gear in the past.

  • Breathable –

This liner gives players the airflow that they need to stay cool and dry during games.

  • “Weak” Sternum Pad –

One user reported that after 1.5 seasons, they had their sternum pad break during U13 play. This is only one instance, but if that alarms you enough, maybe consider another set. 

Overall Value: $115.00 at 

This liner from Warrior and Paul Rabil is most certainly on the high-end of the pricing spectrum, and from the majority of the reviews I gathered, it seems to be of high quality as well.

 Although there are certainly other speed pads that have greater recommendations, and lower prices, if you are a Paul Rabil fan, you trust Warrior, you might give these pads another consideration.

STX K18 Shoulder Pads

Manufacturer Hype: STX K18 lacrosse shoulder pad reviews

  • Redesigned Chest and Back Padding for Max Protection of Upper Torso –
  • Adjustable Torso Straps –
  • Adjustable/Removable Hard Plastic Shoulder Caps –
  • Additional Elevated Chest Plate –
  • Removable Air Zone –
  • Strategic Reinforcement of Chest Area – Intended to provide extra sternum protection.
  • Designed Inspired by Kyle Harrison –

Listen to Kyle Harrison talk a little bit about his line of STX pads, via video below:

Player Type: Entry Level / Mid Level – All Positions

From the looks of things, these pads could work for any position. Although, being inspired by Kyle Harrison, maybe the middies out there would find these pads best suited to their style of play.

Available Sizes: Small, Medium, Large

What Players Say About These Pads:

  • Taken a Step Back –

One review I filed through said that the K18 line has “taken a step down” from previous models.

  • Great for Entry Level Players –

Some higher level players who have used the K18s before said they are made more for the entry level player.

  • Not Much Information –

Overall Value:$80.00 off of 

These pads are advertised to be for the “competitive” player, but from the reviews that I saw, they seemed to be more appropriate for beginners.

That being said, if you are a beginner looking for some pads, there have been some higher rated models that I think you should check out before considering the STX K18s. For instance, take a look at the Warrior Adrenaline pads.

Best Lacrosse Shoulder Pads for Defense:

STX Cell 3 Shoulder Padbest lacrosse shoulder pad for defense

Manufacturer Specs:

  • Geo-Flex Technology – The Geo-Flex tech is used for lightweight, but still durable protection.
  • Cardiac Silhouette Coverage – There is a focus placed on these pads with the extent of sternum protection.
  • Chest Plate is Raised – The Chest Plate is raised on these pads which again, provides extra sternum protection.
  • Pre-Formed Shoulder Caps – The “Pre-Formed” shoulder caps give you the most natural feel possible with these pads.
  • 7-Point Stretch Zone System – The 7-Point stretch zone system is designed to give you a high level of flexibility.
  • Arm Pieces that Can Be Removed – The STX Cell 3 Pads come with extra arm pieces, but those can be removed.
  • Rib Straps with Added Padding – The straps along the ribs give you a little extra padding, which could come in handy when taking slashes.
  • Lower Profile Sternum Protection – Although the chest protection was turned up on the STX Cell 3 series, STX still managed to make it lower profile than previous models.
  • Flex Points Throughout the Shoulder – With these pads you will be able to find some flex points throughout the shoulder to give you a full range of motion.

Want to get a full look at the STX Cell 3 Padding Line? Watch the video below via

Why Players Say You Should Get the STX Cell 3 Series Pads:

  • Not a Ton of Player Feedback Available –

The STX Cell 3 Series is very new. That being said, players have yet to dish out their full feedback, but from what I could gather, feedback was good!

  • Awesome Protection in the Sternum – 

As you could tell from the “Specs” section, the sternum protection was really a point of focus with the new Cell 3 Series. Players really noticed and are enjoying it.

  • You Forget You are Wearing Them –

Of the reviews I did gather, most of them made sure to comment on the lightweight feel and how the pads seem very natural to your body shape.

Overall Value: $119.99 off of 

STX made sure to step things up with their Cell 3 Series. Although there are not a ton of reviews on these pads, I have a lot of faith in the upgrades from the Cell 2 models to give them the #1 spot as the “Best Lacrosse Shoulder Pads for Defense.” 

These pads have had tons of upgrades made in the arena of protection while still maintaining a low profile. I’d say if you are playing in the back, go ahead and get yourself a set of the STX Cell 3 shoulder pads.

“Runners-Up” for the Best Shoulder Pads for Defense

Warrior Regulator Ultralyte

Manufacturer Hype: Warrior Regulator Ultralyte Liner

  • IMPAX Molded Foam Technology – This padding technology is suppose to be the “best-in-class” for impact absorption in key areas of shoulder and chest.
  • Bone Protection in Shoulder Area –
  • SlimBib Fit – This feature is intended to make for better playability, more movement and overall lacking distraction from the protection. These pads are simply thrown over head and fastened with two side velcro straps, very easy to get on and off.
  • WARTECH Liner – Made to keep you dry.
  • Weighs 14.1 Oz. –

Get another look at the Warrior Regulator line via some video below:

Player Type: Advanced, Elite Level Players / Defenseman –

The Warrior “Ultralyte” will give the protection necessary in key areas, but you are definitely sacrificing your protection for total mobility. If you are interested in some of the lightWarrior Regulator Speed pad review est protection you can find, this might be where you need to look.

Players aware to the risks in playing with less protection should be the only ones considering the Warrior Regulator Ultralyte protection.

Available Sizes: Medium, Large

What Players Say About These Pads:

Sorry, No Current Player Feedback Available –

Overall Value: $70.00 off of 

The Warrior Regulator Ultralyte pads seem to be great, lightweight protection. However, the player feedback on these pads is really lacking, and because of that, you may be taking a risk on picking these up.

If you have been a fan of Warrior pads in the past, you are in the market for lightweight protection, and you don’t mind trying out a piece of gear that is a little “untested,” the Ultralyte set may be the choice for you.

Brine LoPro Superlight MID PadsBrine LoPro Superlight Lacrosse Pad review

Manufacturer Specs:

  • Just like the Full LoPro Pads, but Built FASTER – These Brine pads are built for speed and full range of motion.
  • Designed to be Low Profile – These are the type of pads you want if you really want to feel like you are not playing with anything.
  • One of the Lightest Liners Available – These pads are not only light weight, the one of the lightest on the market!
  • Grid Flex Technology – The “Grid Flex” tech will give you plenty of mobility and range of motion with these pads.

Let’s go ahead and watch the video via for another look at theBrine LoPro Superlight Mid Pads:

Why Players Say You Should Get the Brine LoPro Superlight Mid Pads:

  • Will Battle the Conditions – Brine LoPro Mid Superlight pads grey

These pads are made be resistant to moisture, so they will not pick up any water weight. This keeps these pads lightweight, all game.

  • Very Natural Feel, Good Range of Motion –

You can thank the Grid Flex technology, because these pads have an incredibly natural feel as players are saying.

  • Super Light, Easy to Notice –

If I haven’t talked about the weight of these pads enough, I guess here’s once more. Players are quickly taking note of how insanely light these pads are. Players can stay fast all game wearing these, you won’t get weighed down in the slightest by this protection.

Overall Value:  $75.00 off of 

These Brine LoPro Mid Pads are an awesome set of pads, and that’s why they made it onto this list.

If you are a player who wants a bit less protection, extremely low profile, and %100 range of motion, these pads will be perfect for you.

STX Cell 3 Shoulder Pad LinerSTX Cell 3 Shoulder Pad liner review

Manufacturer Specs:

  • Geo-Flex Technology – This tech is designed to give extremely lightweight protection, with a low profile.
  • Cardiac Silhouette Coverage – Like the full set of Cell 3 pads, the liner as well has a special focus placed on the extent of sternum coverage.
  • Chest Plate is Raised – There’s a raised chest plate for an extra piece of chest protection.
  • 7-Point Stretch Zone System – With the stretch system, you will be able to get a huge range of motion, if not a full %100.

Why Players Say You Should Get the STX Cell 3  Liner:

  • Used by College Level Players –

It’s always nice to hear that pads you are considering buying are being used by players are high levels. A couple of the reviews for these pads came from collegiate level players, proving them to be of elite caliber.

  • Comfortable Fit on the Shoulder –

If you have been playing with bulky pads, this liner may be the answer to all your prayers. Players are loving how comfortable this liner is, especially at the shoulder, where a lot of protection falls short in comfort.

Overall Value: $99.99 off of 

If you are a defender looking for some seriously lightweight protection, go ahead and pick yourself up a STX Cell 3 liner.

Elite level players are using these liners, and they seem to be extremely comfortable. Get the range of motion you want, play with speed on the field, get the STX Cell 3 Liner and you won’t be disappointed.


There you have it guys!

There were my three lists, and now we have listed out “The Best Lacrosse Shoulder Pads for Every Position.” 

If there were any pads that you thought should be up here, any questions you might have about my write ups, feel free to reach out and leave a comment!