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Best Lacross Rib Pad The

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1) Brine Youth Uprising II Lacrosse Rib Pad

Manufacturer Specs:
*Made by Brine
*Added protection provides comfort without restrictions
*Multiple breaks provide increased mobility and an incredible fit
*Color: Black
*Item Code (sizes): LRPUPR2 (YM, YS)

Pros: The Brine Youth Uprising II lacrosse rib pads are inexpensive and lightweight. These rib pads also offer a relatively comfortable fit.

Potential Drawbacks: These are not rib pads lacrosse players should wear if they want heavy protection. We’d say these pads are enough to greatly reduce the sting from getting hit, but they may not prevent serious injuries.

Overall Value:

The Youth Uprising II rib pads are a great value as they’re currently on sale for just $19.00. We’d recommend them to beginner players, or advanced players who are willing to sacrifice some protection for mobility.

2) Maverik Lacrosse Rome NXT Rib Pad

Manufacturer Specs:
*Made by Maverik
*Ultimate flexibility that comes only with ComfortFit
*High protection
*Low Profile
*Size: Large
*Color: White

Pros: The Maverik Lacrosse Romen NXT rib pads are strong. They also offer great protection. You’ll feel confident wearing them because you’ll know you’re well protected and ready to take a hit if necessary.

Potential Drawbacks: These rib pads are average weight. They’re also available in only one size and one color.

Overall Value:

The Maverik NXT rib pads for lacrosse offer excellent protection and are a solid value at $49.99.

3) Brine Uprising Lacrosse Rib Pad

Manufacturer Specs:
*Made by Brine
*Dual-density protection offers a higher level of comfort and protection
*Unrestricted movement because of multiple flex points
*Color: White

Pros: The Brine Uprising lacrosse rib pads have multiple flex points. This gives you almost complete freedom of movement. These pads also offer enough protection for most new lacrosse players.

Potential Drawbacks: The Brine Uprising pads lack the extra protection and premium features advanced players often desire. For this reason, it’s recommended you invest extra money to purchase premium rib pads if you or your child is an advanced player.

Overall Value:

The Brine Uprising rib pads are a great value purchase for beginners. They’re currently on sale for just $27.71.

4) Maverik Lacrosse Charger Rib Pad

Manufacturer Specs:
*Made by Maverik
*Additional Protection to protect the lower back
*Comfort straps for proper fit
*Designed to fit properly with Charger Shoulder pads
*Color: Black

Pros: The Maverik Charger rib pads feature comfort straps for a great fit. The Charger lacrosse rib pads also offer extra protection for your lower back. This makes these pads an excellent choice for players with a sensitive backs or a history of back injuries.

Potential Drawbacks: These pads are only available in black. The Chargers also lack flexibility in their sizing options. You can only choose from a X-Small/Small size or a Medium/Large size.

Overall Value:

The Maverik lacrosse rib pads are a great choice for intermediate players. They offer good protection without being overly expensive. In fact, these pads are on sale for the reasonable price of $29.99.

5) Warrior Burn Rib Pad

Manufacturer Specs:
*Made by Warrior
*VPS Venting throughout the pad for increased breathability and weight reduction.
*New segmented pad design allows the pad to naturally bend to your body.
*Dual density foam in key impact zones.
*Color: Black
*Size: Large

Pros: The Warrior Burn pads are both lightweight and breathable. They’re also designed to provide you with extra protection in the areas you most need it.

Potential Drawbacks: Although the Burn lacrosse rib pads do a good job of protecting you in key areas, they provide only light protection as a whole. These pads are also available in only one size (large) and one color (black).

Overall Value:

The Warrior Burn rib pads are lightweight, breathable, and offer good freedom of movement. This makes them a good value for players of any level at $39.99.

6) STX Agent Lacrosse Rib Pad

Manufacturer Specs:
*Made by STX
*Wrap-around, anatomically contoured coverage for hips, ribs, and spine
*Reinforced shield for dispersion of high impact hacks
*Breathable mesh vest design and wide elastic straps provide customized fit
*Multi-layer foam construction for impact protection
*Super soft liner feels comfortable and wicks away moisture
*Color: White
*Size: Small

Pros: Users of the STX Agents say these are the rib pads lacrosse players need if they appreciate the ability to be shifty with their movements.

Potential Drawbacks: We’ve heard few complaints about these rib pads. In fact, the one thing preventing the STX Agents from being the best lacrosse rib pads for intermediate players is that the the Agents are currently only offered in size small. Check a sizing chart and ensure you fit your pads before you buy.

Overall Value:

The STX Agent rib pads offer great performance and are an excellent value at $29.99.

7) Under Armour Spectre Kidney Protector (2013)

Manufacturer Specs:
*Made by Under Armour
*Under Armour is the official sponsor of the NLL
*Thermal Molded technology allows for a ridiculously thin and ultra tuft outer shell
*Ultra thin design for extra pad flexibility and to eliminate bulkiness
*Adjustable straps so you always have a perfect fit

Pros: Under Armour is one of the most reputable brands in sports. When you purchase an Under Armour product you expect it to last. This expectation is met by the 2013 Spectre Kidney Protector. In addition to being durable, these rib pads are also lightweight, flexible, and fashionable.

Potential Drawbacks: These rib pads offer average protection. The other downside is that they’re currently only available in size small.

Overall Value:

The Spectre Kidney Protector is a stylish set of rib pads that gives you good value for your money at $39.99.


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