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1) Maverik Lacrosse Rome NXT Arm Guard

Manufacturer Specs:
*Durastretch technology
*Stay protected with SharkGel from in game impacts
*Moisture wicking liner keeps you dry while you make your opponent sweat
*Available in multiple colors including: Black, White, and Red

Pros: Players say these are the arm pads lacrosse players need if they want a lightweight design that still offers a respectable amount of protection. These arm pads are also nice because they’re available in multiple colors.

Potential Drawbacks: Reviewers say these guards run a bit small with their sizing. If you’re trying to decide between two sizes, you may be better off getting the larger size.

Overall Value:

The Maverik Rome NXT arm guards are a solid value at $64.99.

2) Maverik Lacrosse M3 Arm Pad

Manufacturer Specs:
*The unique sleeve attachment to the protective padding allows for maximum comfort and optimized fit
*The FREE FLEX SEAM attachment also allows players to open the pad without removing to disburse heat at a greater rate while resting
*The 37.5 Technology liner allows for faster evaporation of heat and sweat from within
*Available in several different colors including: All Black, White, Black, Navy, Red, and Royal

Pros: Players say these are some of the best lacrosse arm pads as far as style and comfort are concerned. Having a large variety of colors to choose from also allows you to pick pads that’ll match the rest of your child’s uniform well.

Potential Drawbacks: These arm pads only have a 30 day warranty. Unfortunately, the stitching is done very close to the edges. Many parents have said that this unfortunately results in the stitching coming undone after a few months.

Overall Value:

The Maverik Lacrosse M3 arm pads are great in the short-term, but likely won’t last long enough for them to be a good value purchase for you. We’d recommend you pass on these guards at $49.97.

3) STX Lacrosse Clash Arm Pad

Manufacturer Specs:
*Adjustable, wide elastic straps provide customized fit
*Textured ballistic fabric for increased durability
*Lightweight foam padding for enhanced protection
*Available in multiple colors including: Black, Red, Navy, and Royal

Pros: These lacrosse arm pads are highly breathable and offer solid protection.

Potential Drawbacks: These pads aren’t flashy. They’re best for the child who likes to work hard and have his play call attention to him. They’re not as good of a fit for a player who wants fancy gear that’ll call all eyes to him.

Overall Value:

The STX Lacrosse Clash arm pads will be great at getting the job done for you. These pads are light, breathable, and offer good protection for just $36.99.

4) STX Cell Lacrosse Arm Pad

Manufacturer Specs:
*Offers good protection while still being flexible
*Allows for your arm to have complete range-of-motion
*Microbe shield for protection against odors
*Vented chassis for excellent breathability
*No-slip sleeve
*Adjustable upper arm strap for customized fit

Pros: These are the arm pads lacrosse midfielders have been waiting for. These are some of the best lacrosse arm pads because they’re breathable, adjustable for a comfortable custom fit, and are highly flexible. These pads are unrestrictive and allow your arm to move exactly how you want it to.

Potential Drawbacks: These arm pads offer only mediocre protection. They’re not for the player who relies on his strength and ability to get beat up all game. They’re a much better fit for players who use their agility to avoid checks and rough contact.

Overall Value:

The STX Cell arm pads for lacrosse offer great performance and are an excellent value at $44.80.

5) STX Lacrosse Cell 100 Arm Pad

Manufacturer Specs:
*Made by STX
*Design inspired by the new Cell III line, built to empower the rec level player
*Internal high-impact, hard plastic elbow cap
*Secure upper strap provides adjustability and stability

Pros: These are great entry-level arm pads for lacrosse. They offer good protection, and stability.

Potential Drawbacks: Advanced players may be advised to invest in more premium gear to maximize their performance.

Overall Value:

The STX Lacrosse Cell 100 pads are a great value purchase for beginner players at $24.99.

6) Brine Youth Uprising II Lacrosse Arm Pad

Manufacturer Specs:
*Dual-density foams with internal cap system provides added impact absorption and comfort
*Adjustable dual arm straps
*Full-length sleeves
*Comfortable fit for any new player
*Color: Black

Pros: The Brine Youth Uprising II lacrosse pads offer good protection. These pads do a good job dispersing impacts across your entire arm to prevent you from getting injured.

Potential Drawbacks: Parents have said these pads are a bit stiff. One reviewer even complained that their child had difficulty bending their arms while wearing the Youth Uprising II pads.

Overall Value:

These aren’t the best lacrosse arm pads, even at $30.00. If possible, we’d recommend you go with another option.

7) STX Lacrosse Cell 3 Arm Pad

Manufacturer Specs:
*New STX-exclusive Geo-Flex technology (patent pending) provides flexible, lightweight impact resistance
*Innovative strap system offers full-range adjustability and eliminates snag
*360 Degree interior silicone nubs improve slip-resistance
*Available in several colors including: Black/Black, White/White, Red/White, Royal/White, Navy/White

Pros: The STX Lacrosse Cell 3 may be the best lacrosse arm pads on the market. These pads offer excellent protection while still being lightweight and flexible. These pads are also adjustable and slip-resistant.

Potential Drawbacks: We haven’t seen any complaints about these arm pads. The only drawback to these pads is the price, but there’s more on that below.

Overall Value:

If you’re a beginner you’ll be fine with entry-level arm pads. However, intermediate and advanced players have the potential to benefit greatly from using the best equipment. That’s why we highly recommend the STX Lacrosse Cell 3 pads to you. They’re not the cheapest arm pads, but they offer excellent performance and are well worth the $69.99.

8) STX Lacrosse Stinger Youth Arm Pad

Manufacturer Specs:
*Durable shell construction for multi-season play
*Flexible, lightweight protection
*No-slip spandex sleeve with adjustable straps at top and bottom for custom fit
*Super soft liner feels comfortable and wicks away moisture

Pros: These are great arm pads lacrosse parents on a budget can purchase. They are adjustable, comfortable, and lightweight.

Potential Drawbacks: These arm pads offer only light protection.

Overall Value:

The STX Lacrosse Stinger youth arm pads offer only light protection, but they’re extremely affordable. This makes them a decent value at $24.99, if you’re on a tight budget.

9) STX Lacrosse Cell 2 Arm Pads

Manufacturer Specs:
*STX isoBLOX technology delivers extensive protection and and a complete range of motion throughout the arm and elbow
*Full length no-slip sleeve provides incredible comfort
*Adjustable upper arm strap for customized fit
*Combines unique textures and materials for a high performance look
*Available in a variety of colors including: Maroon, Black, Red, Forest, Royal Blue, and Gold

Pros: The STX Lacrosse Cell 2 lacrosse arm pads offer a comfortable fit. They’re also flexible and provide you with a full range-of-motion.

Potential Drawbacks: Unfortunately, these pads leave your child’s joint a bit more exposed than many of the heavier arm pads.

Overall Value:

If you want comfortable arm pads that perform well and offer decent protection, the STX Lacrosse Cell pads are a good choice. These pads are a good value at $43.71.

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