You shoot, you score. You shoot, you score. You shoot, you miss. Time to walk several hundred feet down the street to chase down the ball. Lacrosse backstop nets make this annoyance no more!

One of the most frustrating things you can experience when playing lacrosse is repeatedly having to chase down your missed shots. Fortunately, there’s a simple and easy solution. They’re called lacrosse backstop nets. The best lacrosse backstop net will provide an extended area around your goal to catch any missed shots.

Clearly, You Need One of Our Top 10 Best Lacrosse Backstop Nets

Not every lacrosse net’s backstop out there is made equally, however. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best ones for you. Our list ranges from backstop net replacements, to nets under $100, to nets priced at the high end of the spectrum. We’re confident you’ll find the net for you and we never want you to have to fear shooting for the corners of your goal again.

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Professional Lacrosse Game in action

1) Brine Lacrosse Backstop 1.25-Inch Frame, 2.5-mm Hi-Extension Net

Manufacturer Specs:
*Made by Brine
*125-Inch heavy-duty steel upright poles
*Includes tie-down ropes and stakes
*Goal not included
*Size: 10’ by 30’
*Colored white

Pros: This lacrosse backstop net does an excellent job of catching errant shots. No longer do you need to stress over accidentally hitting the house and you will love the convenience of not having to chase down their missed shots.

Potential Drawbacks: Brine’s backstop net for lacrosse players can be a bit complex to set up. If you’re patient, however, it can still be a very manageable process. Think of it like Ikea furniture. Even though it comes with instructions and a step-by-step guide, it can still take time and biting your tongue until you get to enjoy the full fruits of your net buy. Definitely worth it for this product and pricing.

Overall Value:

This is a solid lacrosse backstop net for the reasonable price of $184.80. You’re getting a good deal here.

2) Brine Lax Backstop 10`X30` ( LBS1030 )

Manufacturer Specs:
*Free standing Lacrosse Backstop heavy-duty polyethylene net is ideal for catching stray balls. No need for tie down.
*Goal not included
*2.5 mm High extension net with 1.25″ heavy-duty steel upright poles.
*The backstop stands on its own with sturdy construction T-bar.
*Can be used as a barrier for other sports.
*10’ by 30’
*Colored white

Pros: This lax backstop net is sturdy, and should hold up for you in tough weather. It’s also possible to set up the net in an L shape if you’d like to.

Potential Drawbacks: This lacrosse net backstop is pretty easy to set up. With that being said, it’s still a bit of a pain to do so. You may be able to transport this backstop net for the occasional special event, but you definitely won’t want to be it on a regular basis.

Overall Value:

This is a great quality lacrosse backstop net that’s currently on sale for $245.02. It is a fair value at this price. You should snag it up before the sale price is gone, if this net fits all the criteria you’re looking for.

3) Brine Backstop Lacrosse Replacement Net

Manufacturer Specs:
*Made by Brine
*2.5 mm high extension polyester replacement net for 10 x 30’ backstop
*Backstop not included
*Available color options are white or black

Pros: This is a very durable net. It’s capable of withstanding thousands of shots; even in cold weather. Brine is a very popular brand in the sports equipment industry and their quality is appreciated and respected by players around the world.

Potential Drawbacks: Please realize that this is a backstop replacement net. It doesn’t include the backstop itself. This piece of equipment is intended as a replacement net for those that have purchased the 10×30’ Brine backstop only to have their net break. If you haven’t yet purchased the Brine backstop, you’ll want to skip this net and look at the other backstops on our list.

Overall Value:

This net is inexpensive and a great value at $74.00. It’s definitely a solid 3 on our list of the best lacrosse backstop net for you.

4) The LaxStop

Manufacturer Specs:
*Built to last. Constructed from 18-gauge steel and 3 mm net.
*Solid and stable. Stands up to the hardest shots. Practical. No tools required for assembly
*Unique. Unlike other backstops, The LaxStop engulfs the goal at the goal face and therefore covers and much wider range of missed shots.
*Lacrosse goal not included
*14’W x 10’D x 8.5’D

Pros: Lacrosse backstop nets can be difficult to assemble, but not in this case! It also has durable thick netting that’s sure to withstand thousands upon thousands of your hardest shots.

Potential Drawbacks: The velcro ties that come with this backstop are fairly weak. They won’t hold up for nearly as long as the net itself. We’d recommend you use other material to wrap through the net holes. Lacrosse backstop nets need to be durable!

Overall Value:

This backstop and lacrosse net is fairly priced at $290.00. You’re getting a decent deal at this price.

5) EZGoal Monster Lacrosse Backstop Rebounder, 11′ x 8′, Orange

Manufacturer Specs:
*Made by EZ Goal
*Throw more balls in less time.
*Don’t have to worry about chasing the ball hundreds of feet down the street
*Perfect for practicing corner shots
*The backstop connects to all goals with bungees and is removable in minutes
*Backstop (L x H): 11 ft. X 8 ft. (335 cm x 243 cm) fits all 6′ x 6′ goals and Goal Pro 4′ x 8′ spring rebounders pro heavy-duty net removes in seconds for game play

Pros: While most lacrosse backstop nets can run you a couple hundred do, this model is cheap!. It’s also a relatively sturdy product. Even sturdier than some nets priced three times as much.

Potential Drawbacks: This backstop isn’t as big as many of your other options. It can also be a bit of a pain to assemble.

Overall Value:

This is a great lacrosse net backstop for parents on a budget. It gets the job done without you having to spend several hundred dollars. In fact, the EZGoal lacrosse backstop rebounder is currently on sale for only $52.34. It’s an outstanding value at that price!

6) #24-Heavy Duty 100% Twisted Knotted Nylon Lacrosse Backstop/Divider 10’H-12’H (Select Custom Width) Made in USA & Finished with 5/16″ rope border

Manufacturer Specs:
*Nets of America
*#24 Twisted Knotted Nylon Lacrosse Backstop Net
*U.V. Protected & weather treated
*1-1/2″ Square mesh
*Finished with a 5/16″ rope border around the perimeter of the net
*Custom Made in the USA

Pros: These are extremely high quality lacrosse backstop nets. Nets of America also allows you to choose a custom size net.

Potential Drawbacks: Nets of America doesn’t grant returns on their products. This is a somewhat uncommon policy for a manufacturer to take. Any product that’s manufactured by almost any company may either have defects or be something that the customer did not intend to order. If you decide that you would like to order this Nets of America product, beware that you need to be completely sure of your purchase and prepare yourself to enjoy your product however you want. Lacrosse backstop nets take a beating and if there is a malfunction with the equipment, they can break. Another alternative would be to sell it on craigslist or use it as an extra net if you purchase one on the lower end of their pricing scale.

Overall Value:

Nets of America has backstop nets for lacrosse for sale from $55.00-$660.00. The price varies dramatically based on the size you choose. From our experience, however, Nets of America has fairly reasonable prices. We recommend them not for getting the cheapest price, but for getting a net that’s the exact custom size you desire.

7) Predator Lacrosse Backstop Barrier Freestanding Netting 3mm Black [Misc.]

Manufacturer Specs:
*Made by Predator
*Predator® Sports Free Standing Barrier Backstop
*3 mm Polyethylene net
*10 feet high by 30 feet white
*fits most yards

Pros: This net will fit most standard lacrosse goals.

Potential Drawbacks: Predator has had poor customer service reports with this product. One customer even said that Predator shipped him a used product that didn’t even include all the pieces of equipment. If a company is shipping products like this, there is a chance they will do it again. However, note that this could happen with any company that has physical goods and has to keep track of inventory. Also, packages get lost in shipping. So expect that this could happen to your package as well. It’s not always the manufacturer’s fault.

Overall Value:

This lacrosse nets backstop is priced similar to other premium lacrosse nets at $299.00. Unreliable service with this product simply makes that too high of a price to pay, however.

8) Brine Deluxe Lacrosse Backstop, No Stakes Needed-Can Go on Turf Fields (10 x 30-Feet)

Manufacturer Specs:
*Made by Brine
*Extra heavy-duty free standing upright poles
*Totally free standing
*Easy Assembly-instructions included
*Goal not included

Pros: This backstop and lacrosse net is easy to assemble. It should take you no more than half an hour to do so. The net is also very durable.

Potential Drawbacks: You’ll need to be careful about leaving this equipment up in rough weather. Lacrosse backstop nets can typically be left outside but the posts aren’t as strong as you’d hope, and may bend or break under stressful conditions.

Overall Value:

The Brine Deluxe lacrosse backstop is a good value at $280.00.

9) Bownet Lacrosse Goal Halo Backstop ( BOW-HALO )

Manufacturer Specs:
*Made by Bownet
*3′ surround with no clips or brackets
*Sets up quickly, no screws, no snaps, no snags, no tools required! Set Up Time: – 85 sec (2 people)
*Weighs only 30 pounds
*Rigid steel and fiberglass pole construction.
*Includes carry bag for easy transport
*12 x 9 feet
*Colored orange

Pros: A lacrosse nets backstop can come in many sizes. Fortunately, Bownet makes their lacrosse net backstops the perfect size. They’re just big enough to catch all your shots, but not so big that they’re a huge eyesore.

Potential Drawbacks: The product lacks instructions on how to set it up. Fortunately, you can watch a video on the manufacturer’s website to learn how you can quickly put it together.

Overall Value:

Most premium lacrosse backstop nets are around $300. Bownet’s backstop is no exception, and is currently on sale for $305.90. We like Bownet’s backstop better than a lot of the other high-end backstops, however, and that’s why we give you a big thumbs up here. It’s got the quality you need and it’s just the right size to fit your needs. Give it a go if you’ve got the budget for this backstop.

10) Lacrosse Goal Backstop in White & Yellow

Manufacturer Specs:
*Includes ground anchors, bases, and net attachments
*Comes with nylon carry bag for instant set up and take down
*Portable and lightweight
*Made of bright yellow, high impact, 2 in. PVC tubing, with 2.5 mm. knot-less nylon netting
*Assembly required

Pros: This lacrosse goal backstop has durable nylon netting and visually appealing yellow PVC tubing posts. It’s also lightweight and relatively portable. You may be able to carry this to your next match on your bike or in the back of your car, with easy transport to and from.

Potential Drawbacks: This backstop isn’t too fragile, but it still shouldn’t be left out in harsh weather. Take it in the house or put it back into the equipment shed and use it when you need to.

Overall Value:

This lacrosse backstop net is fairly priced at $262.62. On the higher side of pricing, but reasonable for this price-range.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list. It’s quite common for lacrosse balls to fly way past the goal and in some cases they can travel 50+ yards behind the goal after a missed shot. If a car is driving or somebody is walking behind the net than there is a very high chance of damage or injury. It’s important to find a quality lacrosse backstop net that will work the best for you and the level of play that you are at. The faster and better the players, the more durable the backstop net will have to be. There are lots of lacrosse backstop nets for sale out there, but we hope we’ve helped you find the best one for you. If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them in the comments below. We’ll read your thoughts and get back to you as soon as we can.