Don’t want to lose teeth??

The good news is that dental injuries can be almost entirely prevented with the use of a good lacrosse mouth guard. That’s why we’ve built you a list of the best mouthguards for lacrosse.

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best lacrosse mouthguard list

1) Shock Doctor Gel Max Convertible Mouth Guard

Manufacturer Specs:
*Leading sports Protection Manufacturer^Performance and Protection in mind^Worn by professional and college athletes worldwide
*Exoskeletal Shock Frame is a heavy duty rubber frame that provides impact protection
*Gel-Fit Liner custom molds to teeth for a tight, comfortable fit
*Multi-Layer Construction with an internal shock-absorption
*Convertible Tether
*High Impact Shock Absorption with a custom fit gel liner
*Available in several different colors

Pros: This lacrosse mouth guard is a boil and bite guard. This means you can largely customize the shape of this mouthguard to fit your mouth.

Potential Drawbacks: The mouthguard looks deceivingly small. Many customers have returned this mouthguard before even attempting to wear it because it looks so small. It’s important to realize its a boil guard and will expand and fit to your mouth once heated.

Overall Value:

The Shock Doctor Gel Max convertible mouthguard is a good value at $11.25.

2) Shock Doctor Youth Pro Strapless Mouthguard (Smoke)

Manufacturer Specs:
*Made by Shock Doctor
*Leading sports protection manufacturer
*Performance and protection in mind
*Worn by professional and college athletes worldwide
*EVA, Krayton, Mid-density polyethylene/polypropylene
*Braces compatible

Pros: This may be the best lacrosse mouthguard for kids. This mouthguard is comfortable for your child and it will also allow them to easily breathe.

Potential Drawbacks: This is not a mouthguard for lacrosse players with big mouths. We’d recommend this guard only for young children.

Overall Value:

The Shock Doctor Pro youth strapless guard is fairly priced and a decent value at $7.99.

3) 3 Pack! Youth Form Fit Mouthguard without Strap – Available in 8 Colors!

Manufacturer Specs:
*Includes 3 mouthguards
*Custom fits in 7 seconds
*FDA approved colorant and latex free
*$8000 dental warranty
*Available in six different colors

Pros: This is a very cheap mouthguard for lacrosse. You also receive three of these mouthguards with one purchase.

Potential Drawbacks: This mouthguard offers light protection.

Overall Value:

This mouthguard is only sufficient for young children or to protect against tooth grinding. We wouldn’t recommend this mouthguard for teenagers or adults because it doesn’t offer enough protection against violent hits. These mouthguards are extremely affordable, however, at just $7.99 for a 3-pack of mouthguards.

4) Shock Doctor GelMax Flavor Fusion Mouth Guard

Manufacturer Specs:
*Gel Max Performance Fit with Exclusive Flavor Fusion Technology
*High Impact Shock Absorption
*Ultimate Custom Fit
*Triple Layer Design
*Exoskeleton Shock Frame
*Available in several delicious flavors including: Blue Raspberry, Bubble Gum, Fruit Punch, Lemon Lime, Mint, and Orange

Pros: Kids say they love the taste of this mouthguard. Parents also say that their kids report the flavor lasts a long time.

Potential Drawbacks: This mouth guard runs slightly small. If your child is over the age of 9 they’ll want to purchase the adult size. Young children also love the taste of this mouthguard so much that they occasionally damage the guard from excessive gnawing.

Overall Value:

You’re getting excellent value and flavor from this mouthguard for just $12.99.

5) Battle Fang-Edition Mouth Guard (2-Pack)

Manufacturer Specs:
*2 mouth guards, 2 straps per package
*Works for athletes with or without braces
*Backed by an industry-leading $30,000 dental warranty
*Can be remolded up to 11 times to ensure proper fit
*Available in several color options

Pros: This lacrosse mouthguard will ensure your child looks cool and feels comfortable with their appearance on the field. This guard is also as durable as even the popular brand names.

Potential Drawbacks: This mouthguard become unusable if heated for too long. It’s important you pay attention and carefully follow the included instructions when heating and molding the guard to your child’s teeth.

Overall Value:

This mouthguard is a solid value at $16.99. One purchase includes two mouthguards.

6) Venum “Challenger” Mouthguard

Manufacturer Specs:
*Next fit gel frame for a better adjustment and comfort
*Advanced design for an optimal breathing during the fight
*High density rubber frame for a better shock management and top protection
*Delivered with its protective case for a better hygiene
*CE Certification/norm: satra M33:2011
*Available in several different colors

Pros: The Challenger mouthguard is comfortable and extremely easy to take in and out of your mouth. It’s also easy to breathe while wearing this mouthguard.

Potential Drawbacks: The Challenger seems to be about 20-30% smaller than similar lacrosse mouthguards for sale. For that reason, it’s only a good fit for those with relatively small mouths.

Overall Value:

The Venum Challenger mouthguard is a good choice for female or children lacrosse players. Most adult males will find this guard too small, however. Overall, the Venum Challenger offers excellent comfort and decent protection at the affordable price of $14.99.

7) Shock Doctor Gel Max Flavor Fusion Convertible Mouth Guard

Manufacturer Specs:
*Exoskeletal Shock Frame
*Triple Layer Design with Integrated Breathing Channels
*Exclusive Flavor Fusion technology
*Gel-Fit Liner
*Convertible Tether
*Available in six different colors

Pros: This lacrosse mouth guard has a very pleasant flavor.

Potential Drawbacks: One of the problems with wearing a flavored mouthguard for lacrosse it that it leads to additional chewing and saliva production from your child. The result, is that this mouthguard has fairly poor durability.

Overall Value:

The Shock Doctor Gel Max is one of the most well designed flavored lacrosse mouthguards for sale. You’re getting great value for the Gel Max guard as it’s currently just $12.26.

8) Under Armour Mouthwear ArmourFit Mouthguard (Strapless)

Manufacturer Specs:
*Fitted and strapless: Sits close to the skin for a streamlined fit without the squeeze of compression
*Designed for all contact sports
*New ArmourFit technology provides a dentist-like fit, chew-resistance and allows you to talk and breathe easily
*32,000 dental warranty
*Meets NFHS rules
*Available in 10 different colors

Pros: This is one of the best mouthguards for lacrosse players that care about injury prevention. This mouthguard offers serious protection, and is easily molded to your mouth.

Potential Drawbacks: Some traditional players have been disappointed with this mouthguard because it is a strapless mouthguard. Those players wish this mouthguard would have come with a way to attach it to their helmet.

Overall Value:

You’re getting the Underarmour brand, and excellent protection for just $12.99. This makes this mouthguard an excellent value. Players should always wear a mouthguard regardless of preference.

9) Shock Doctor Double Braces Strapped Mouthguard

Manufacturer Specs:
*Ortho-Channel provides structure that improves breathing.
*Two colors to choose from
*Quick-release helmet tether
*Content of Product: Medical Grade Silicone, Polyurethane
*Available in two colors: Blue and Pink

Pros: This is one of the only mouthguards for lacrosse that can be effectively worn by players with braces. This mouthguard also requires no boiling.

Potential Drawbacks: This mouthguard has suspect durability. Some players have reported going through 1-4 of these mouthguards per season.

Overall Value:

The Shock Doctor double braces mouthguard is a little more expensive than most mouthguards at $17.99. This pricing is still reasonable, however, considering this is likely the best option you or your child with braces has. All of the Duke players wear mouthguards and they’re one of the best teams in college lacrosse.

10) Single Mouth Guard – Tiger Claw Single Mouth Guard

Manufacturer Specs:
*Made by Tiger Claw
*Durable shock-absorbing design
*Come in 4 colors – Clear, Black, Red & Yellow

Pros: This lacrosse mouth guard is comfortable, easily molded, and ships quickly.

Potential Drawbacks: This isn’t the most protective guard as it wasn’t designed specifically as a mouthguard for lacrosse. You’re getting relatively light protection from this mouthguard.

Overall Value:

This lacrosse mouthguard is a good option for recreational players. It provides enough protection against light hits while also being extremely cheap at just $5.05. We would recommend advanced players purchase a more protective guard, however.


We hope you’ve found our list of the best lacrosse mouthguards useful.  If so, we’d appreciate if you shared it with one of your lacrosse friends. Regardless, we’ve love to hear from you below if you have any questions or comments. We read EVERY comment, and do our best to respond to you as quickly as possible.