Lacrosse may be lots of fun, but it isn’t the safest sport. Playing lacrosse leaves you and/or your child susceptible to lots of injuries. While there’s lots of equipment you can purchase to reduce your risk of injury, one of the most important pieces of protective gear is a helmet.

With concussions and other head injuries on the rise; there’s no reason not to purchase the best lacrosse helmet. That’s why we’ve put together a list reviewing the top lacrosse helmets for you.

Maybe you are looking for a mouthguard?

The Best Lacrosse Helmet Review

1) Bangerz HS-8000 Men’s Lacrosse Helmet Eyeshield

Manufacturer Specs:
*Eyeshield is Lexan® high-impact polycarbonate
*Outside is anti-scratch coated
*Inside is anti-fog coated
*Can be easily installed on most Cascade® and GAIT® lacrosse helmets
*Helmet not included

Pros: It’s difficult to answer “What is the best lacrosse helmet?” We’re not sure we could give you a definite response on that. We do feel comfortable, however, saying that wearing the Bangerz HS-8000 eyeshield could help make any helmet a little bit better. This eye shield is not only scratch resistant, but it also helps protect your eyes against glare and the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Potential Drawbacks: The durability on this eyeshield is mediocre. In addition, this mask isn’t as breathable as a serious lacrosse player would like it to be.

Player Feedback: Those that have purchased this eye-shield have given it mixed reviews. Parents state that the mask gets the job done for their children, and that the eyeshield offers good value for the money they paid.

Some complain about the eyeshield’s durability, however. In addition, some say that the mask fogs up a bit and can be difficult to breathe in.

Overall Value:

We think the Bangerz HS-8000 men’s lacrosse helmet eyeshield has potential but comes up a bit short in too many regards. For that reason, we wouldn’t recommend this eyeshield to most people. It may be worth it to you, however, if you or your child have sensitive eyes that need extra protection. If that’s the case, $23.09, for the eye-shield is a fair price and may be a good purchase for you.

2) Cascade CLH2 Lacrosse Helmet (White)

Manufacturer Specs:
*Made by Cascade
*The Lock Down Fit System and the fitted liner of the CLH2 are designed to lacrosse’s highest safety standards.
*The FreeFlow Cooling System with 13 vent holes provides maximum ventilation.
*The CLH2 has a customizable color system with individual injection molded visor and chin pieces available in a wide range of colors.
*Because the Cascade is a fitted helmet, measure the circumference of your head for sizing:
20 to 21 1/4 = XS 21 1/2 to 22 3/8 = S 22 3/4 to 23 5/8 = M 23 3/4 to 24 1/4 = L 24 1/4 and up = XL
*Orders shipping outside the US are subject to customs fees.

Pros:This helmet is great for lacrosse players for a number of reasons. The first is that it’s designed to meet the most strict safety standards of lacrosse. The Cascade CLH2 helmet doesn’t just offer protection though; it also offers performance. The CLH2 lacrosse helmet reviews well because it offers excellent ventilation. You won’t have to worry about your head overheating and getting headaches with this helmet.

Potential Drawbacks: This helmet can be a bit tricky to purchase as a surprise gift. This is because you need to measure the circumference of the recipient’s head. If you’d like to keep your gift selection a surprise, you could perhaps tell the recipient you’re measuring their head for a hat you saw at the store. Otherwise, you can just take your best guess at the circumference of the recipient’s head and they can return and exchange the helmet if you purchase the wrong size.

Player Feedback: Those that have purchased the CLH2 say it’s a cheap lacrosse helmet that gets the job done. They say that it works exactly as advertised and they’d recommend the helmet to their friends.

Overall Value:

We don’t normally recommend you purchase cheap lacrosse helmets. It’s not a smart choice for you to skimp on protecting the most important part of your body to save a few dollars. However, the CLH2 strikes a good balance between being a cheap lacrosse helmet while still offering you decent protection.

The Cascade CLH2’s price is constantly changing, but it’s currently for sale at $75.00. It’s a very good purchase and one we’d highly recommend to you at this price.

3) Cascade CPVR Lacrosse Helmet with Matte Black Mask (2015)

Manufacturer Specs:
*Made by Cascade
*R-Series shell
*FreeFlow venting
*EPP liner and dovetail liner system
*SPRFit fit for one-handed size adjustments
*Chevron mask allows for more downward vision
*Meets NOCSAE Standards

Pros: What is the best lacrosse helmet for vision? No doubt it’s the Cascade CPVR. The Cascade CPVR is designed with a slight “V” shape that provides you with excellent downward vision. This gives you an advantage over other players when chasing after ground balls. The CPVR helmet also has good ventilation. This keeps you cool during even the hottest moments of the game.

Potential Drawbacks: Cascade offers very few color options for their CPVR helmet. Your only two choices are black and white. This can make it difficult to purchase a Cascade CPVR lacrosse helmet that’ll match your team’s colors.

Player Feedback: The Cascade CPVR lacrosse helmet reviews are generally positive. Players say that Cascade is the gold standard in lacrosse helmets and that the CPVR provides excellent protection. They also say that the CPVR is versatile in its sizing, and that it’s easy to find a mouth-guard to wear with this helmet.

Overall Value:

The Cascade CPVR isn’t the cheapest, but it is one of the best value lacrosse helmets. You get a well designed helmet and excellent protection for a reasonable $139.99. This may be the best lacrosse helmet for you if you’re on a medium sized budget.

4) Cascade Cs Junior Lacrosse Helmet

Manufacturer Specs:
*Made by Cascade
*Specifically designed for players under 12
*Super-light single piece shell, chin and visor
*Mask is engineered for improved vision
*CS Fit System allows the helmet to grow with the player
*The rear third of the liner pivots to grasp the head, ensuring a secure, adjustable fit

Pros: The Cascade Cs junior lacrosse helmet is a great choice for your lacrosse playing child under 12 years old. This helmet provides both good protection and excellent vision. In addition, this helmet can be put on by your child without any assistance from you.

The helmet can also be quickly and easily adjusted by your child so that they’re able to have the most comfortable and secure fit possible.

Potential Drawbacks: This helmet runs a bit small. We’d recommend you consider purchasing your child a size larger than they’d normally wear.

Player Feedback: Aside from running a bit small, most parents have excellent things to say about the Cascade Cs. They compliment the helmet on being easy to use and a great value for the money.

Overall Value:

The Cascade Cs is a relatively cheap lacrosse helmet at $109.99. There’s cheaper helmets out there, but most of them simply can’t offer the same level of protection. That’s why the Cascade Cs is a great value.

5) Cascade CS-R Helmet [YOUTH]

Manufacturer Specs:
*Made by Cascade
*Combined Gen3 EPP and PoronXRD foam liner system
*Offers maximum comfort
*Full-Pivot System
*One-piece shell and visor

Pros: The Cascade CS-R is a lacrosse helmet for kids 12 and under. Not only is it a kid’s size helmet, but it’s also a helmet designed to fit the anatomy of a child’s head and protect against the collisions most frequent at the U-12 level. This special design puts the CS-R in a class of its own in regards to the protection it can offer your child.

Potential Drawbacks: This helmet is too small to be used by most teenagers. If your child is in high school or late middle school their head will probably be too large to fit this helmet.

Player Feedback: Parents have said they’ve experienced increased peace of mind since their children started wearing this helmet. One mom we recently talked to said,
“Lacrosse is a dangerous sport. As a mom I worry a lot about my kid’s safety. But, I worry a little less after purchasing this helmet for my kid because now I know we did everything we could to make sure he’s safe.”

Overall Value:

The Cascade CS-R is possibly the best lacrosse helmet for kids. We highly recommend it to you. It’s available in four different colors and priced reasonably at $139.99.

6) Cascade CPV-R Helmet

Manufacturer Specs:
*Made by Cascade
*R-Series shell
*FreeFlow venting
*EPP liner and dovetail liner system
*SPRFit fit for one-handed size adjustments
*Chevron mask allows for more downward vision
*Meets NOCSAE Standards

Pros: This lacrosse helmet offers excellent vision and is also well ventilated.

Potential Drawbacks: The Cascade CPV-R is available both with and without a matte black mask. Some users prefer it with the matte black mask (listed above on our list at #3), while others prefer it without as it’s available here.

Player Feedback: Parents for the most part say this is exactly the helmet they wanted to get their child. They’re happy because the helmet is well made, it’s a good fit on their child’s head, and it comes exactly as advertised.

Overall Value:

Lacrosse helmets cheap, but also of quality are difficult to find. The Cascade CPV-R helmet is one of the few helmets that manages to hit the mark. We’d give it the thumbs up to you at $139.99.

7) Cascade R Lacrosse Helmet w/ Chrome Mask

Manufacturer Specs:
*Made by Cascade
*High Energy Impacts: On impact the Seven Technology liner system will compress laterally to displace energy across the pods in the liner while having the stability to reset and get ready for the next impact.
*Low Energy Impacts: New to Cascade line of helmets Poron XRD foam is extremely comfortable to help provide players with maximum comfort while also dissipating linear form from low energy impacts.
*Fit on the Fly: By combining the HardTail SPRfit system complimented by customizable jaw pads any player will get a full 360 degree contour fit that can be adjusted between shifts if needed.
*The SuperMono R series shell is a one piece shell and visor that helps balance the helmet and provide increased ventilation and impact management.
*New sight lines allow for better vision, less material for reduced weight and better rigidity along the jaw by the ear.

Pros: The Cascade R is a pro level mask with all the features you could want as an advanced lacrosse player.

Potential Drawbacks: The price. See overall value.

Player Feedback: Most users of this helmet say that it’s the #1 lacrosse helmet they’ve ever had. They recommend it for middle school aged kids and older. Lacrosse players say this helmet is a great fit and exceeds their expectations for a helmet.

Overall Value:

We think the Cascade R with Chrome mask may be the best lacrosse helmet you could buy. It’s certainly not the cheapest lacrosse helmet though; you’re paying for quality. $299.99, is a pretty steep price to pay for a helmet, but if you or your child is extremely competitive and passionate about lacrosse it could be worth it.

We definitely wouldn’t recommend this helmet to new players just getting started, however. Beginner players playing in low level leagues without much physical contact will be fine with a cheaper helmet.
8) STX Lacrosse Stallion 500 Helmet, Gray, Large

Manufacturer Specs:
*Made by STX
*Revolutionary d3o material that remains soft and flexible in its natural state but locks together upon impact for superior impact dispersion
*Includes an ABS shell with impact modifiers for added strength
*Includes surfeit Air liner that includes an Air pump for Adjustability which allows the helmet to form better to your head
*Employs adjustable EVA jaw pads with TPU cushioning for impact Absorption

Pros: This Stallion 500 provides excellent protection due to its ABS shell, its ability to form to your head, and d30 material that locks together upon impact to help disperse shock to your head.

Potential Drawbacks: This STX Stallion 500 is an elite helmet. It’s priced accordingly. Beginners, however, won’t benefit significantly from buying this over a cheaper lacrosse helmet.

Player Feedback: Users of the Stallion 500 say it’s a great helmet for competitive athletes and that it’s good to finally have a legitimate competitor to Cascade’s helmets.

Overall Value: The STX lacrosse Stallion 500 is fairly priced at $269.87 and a good choice for elite athletes.

9) Cascade CPV Helmet

Manufacturer Specs:
*Made by Cascade
*Features the SPRfit (Swiss Precision Ratchet) which pioneered a fit revolution
*Bombproof components are housed by a HDPE case
*Chevron V Mask
*Gen3EPP Liner is one of the most calculated helmet liners in the game
*Made in the USA and comes with a no hassle 1 year unconditional warranty

Pros: Cascade managed to pack a lot into a small package with the CPV lacrosse helmet. The CPV is intended for players with smaller frames. It’s a high quality helmet that’s sure to fit your child well and provide them with solid protection.

Potential Drawbacks: This helmet isn’t intended for older kids or those with large heads. If either is the case for your child you’ll want to look at one of Cascade’s other helmets.

Player Feedback: Parents say this is one of the few helmets that’ll fit their child. They say it’s great to have a helmet for their kid that’s not developing as quickly as his peers.

Overall Value:

While the Cascade CPV isn’t for everyone, it’s a great purchase for children with smaller heads. It’s also quite a cheap lacrosse helmet at $99.99.

We hope you’ve found out list of the top lacrosse helmets useful. If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below. We’ll happily read your comment and get you a response as quickly as we can.