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What’s going on laxers? Today we are going to be laying down the three best offensive lacrosse head reviews we could possibly find for you.

We spent HOURS doing research, filing through customer reviews, and a whole mess of player experiences to determine exactly what were the 3 BEST OFFENSIVE LACROSSE HEADS for our users in the “OneStopLacrosse” community!

Why couldn’t we just pick one?

We all have different approaches to the game of lacrosse and rightfully so, a single head wont work for every single offensive player.

That’s why we came up with 3 awesome products. These are all products WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND. We think each of the three would be a safe investment for any offensive lacrosse player, YOU just need to decide exactly which one would work best for your offensive game.

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lacrosse pros using their offensive lacrosse head

Determine the Right Head for YOU:

Like we said before, WE HAVE DONE THE RESEARCH. We wanted to make the process of picking a new offensive lacrosse head as painless as possible for you. That’s why we are only talking about 3 GREAT products here.

We didn’t want to waste your time telling you about a head you don’t want, and we didn’t want to waste our time writing about a head that we didn’t like!

In doing our research, we evaluated a number of different things when determining the best offensive lacrosse head. These are the characteristics:

  • Specs – Whatever we could put together for you from manufacturer descriptions, product reviews, etc.
  • Offensive Player Type – One head wont work for every offensive player! Based on your game you will need a different style of head, that is what we will discuss here.
  • Pros – All the qualities we have found customers to be raving about with each lacrosse head. 
  • Cons – The less than stellar qualities customers had noted about each head (with heads like these, the cons were a bit more difficult to uncover, they are more so just attributes that could be less appealing to certain types of offensive players).
  • Value – We will give you a simple number, as well as a link to where you can find the product, and a quick statement of value based on price and quality.

Hopefully, with the information we provide, picking from these three offensive lacrosse head reviews wont be all too difficult.

Here we go!

Here Are Our 3 Top Offensive Lacrosse Head Reviews:

Give them a read and let us know what you think! Find the head that you help you dominate the field!

Nike Lakota Lacrosse Heads

Specs – 

  • Pointed Scoop – Mixed reviews on this aspect of the head, some loved it and felt it helped their ground ball game, some had a tough time adjusting to it.
  • Designed for the Midfielder – As stated by the manufacturer (Nike) this head was designed for the middies.
  • 4.8 Oz (Lightweight)
  • Tons of stringing holes for many different pocket styles – If you are a player who loves to experiment with different stringing patterns, this head may be a good option for you. If that’s not so much your style, maybe not.
  • A Bottom Rail Designed for a Mid-to-High Pocket
  • Compliant with NFHS rules only.

Offensive Player Type – 

  • Comes Highly Recommended For Middies – With a bit more stiffness, this head may be perfect for the middies who launch the offensive attack but also need some greater durability out of their head. In fact, this head specifically “designed” for middies as said by Nike.
  • Face off players, LOOK HERE! – Countless number of previous customers rave over the durability of this head. Many customers who claim to be the “face-off” player for their team love this head and said it stood up well.
  • YOU need to like a stiff head! – Through the pile of reviews and experiences we filed through, tons and tons mentioned the stiffness of the head. Some LOVED IT . Some wish the head was a bit more flexible. If you like a stiff head as an offensive player than this head could be perfect. If not check out one of our other options. Remember to consider ground-balls, face-offs, desired durability, etc.

Nike lakota offensive lacrosse head review

Pros – 

  • HIGHLY REVIEWED – On 95% of the respondents would recommend this lacrosse head to a friend (out of 68 reviews!)
  • Durable – Many previous customers reported this head lasted them “countless seasons”. One customer said they have gotten 4 seasons out of the head with barely any warp.
  • Recommended for Face-Offs – Durable, will go a long time without wear!
  • Great for Increasing Shooting Power – Customers experience an increase in their shooting power
  • Lightweight! – This is critical for an offensive head, offensive players make a ton more passes a game than shots, and you need to get passes off quick!
  • Nike’s Warranty – From customer’s who experienced problems with these heads they seemed to have little trouble replacing, fixing, etc. as Nike’s warranty policy seems to be pretty legit.
  • Easy to String Up – Laxers haven’t had any problems stringing up this lacrosse head. With the help of a few resources online, they say this Nike head is a breeze to string up.
  • Pointed Scoop – Mixed reviews, as said before some players love the pointed scoop, others not so much.
  • Pocket is Primed for Quick Release and Optimum Ball Control – Many players wrote of the quicker release and heightened level of ball control they had after getting this head.
  • Short Round Throat – The throat of this Nike head allows you to get your hand very high on the shaft which adds to your level of ball control as well.

Cons – 

  • A Little Stiff – In comparison to some other offensive heads, laxers said this head was just a little stiff. That being said, the stiffness of a head can really come down to personal preference. Think about how much flexibility/stiffness you like to have with your head.
  • Not Great for Ground Balls – Users reported the head was a little too stiff for ground-balls. Problems with one and two hand pick ups are pretty difficult. If you are a player who lives off the ground-balls you might decide to look elsewhere.

Nike lacrosse offensive lacrosse head in different colors

Value – Check it out on Amazon 

This price may seem a little steep, but I’d consider the 95% referral rate of the 68 reviews on to be hugely important. Plain and simple, if you make this investment, we feel you won’t be disappointed.

STX Lacrosse Super Power Unstrung Head

Specs – 

  • 4.5 Oz – Lightweight
  • 15 String Holes – If you are one who loves to experiment with your stringing patterns, you might have a field day with this head.
  • STX Forward Cant – A design for the head that is made to give you a quicker and earlier release for throwing and shooting. Check out more on the “Cant” here. 
  • Ball Stop That Extends Slightly From the Neck – This extending ball stop leave a small space for the ball to sit behind, low in your pocket.
  • STX Island Ball-Stop – This feature is suppose to reduce the weight at the throat of the head
  • Complies with 3.5mm Width Requirement for the NCAA 

Offensive Player Type – 

  • Players of ANY LEVEL – Many player experiences said that players of any level can wildly enjoy this head. Whether you are an elite player, or just getting started, don’t shy away.
  • Recommend Highly for Middies – Most of the player experiences that we came across were told by the middies on the field. Based purely on numbers, mostly middies use this head, and mostly all those middies love it.
  • Middie/Attack Players, Both are Welcome – We had a number of two offensive position type players speaking out for the quality of this head. They had success up in the front of the attack as well as tucked into the midfield.
  • Stiff Head, for Stiff Play – Due to the stiffness of this head, it qualifies as both an option for offense play and has the durability required for a bit of the defensive end as well (hello midfielders).

stx super power u offensive lacrosse head strung

Pros – 

  • 6 Month Warranty – This is always reassuring to start off with right? STX believes in their product, and if there is anything faulty (which would cause a break before 6 months), they will be there to help you out.
  • 74 REVIEWS ON – 97% would recommend this product to a friend – Pretty good chance you would be happy with it too, no?
  • 15 String Holes –  Stringing artists, take a closer look at this head! The 15 holes allows for a ton of freedom with how you choose to design your pocket. If you have a unique stringing pattern that requires an extra hole, or you want to try out some new designs and see how they affect your play, this head will accommodate.
  • STX Forward Cant – This is not just “hype” talk. Many of the customer experiences with this head said they found an extremely QUICKER AND EARLIER release when shooting and passing. Many laxers will swear by it, THIS HEAD WILL MAKE YOUR PASSES MORE ACCURATE.
  • The “Simple” Scoop – Many laxers raved about how great the scoop was with this head. The ball will literally just “slide into your pocket” as one laxer explained.
  • Wide Head/Easier Catching & Holding – With the wider head, this STX model makes catching and then holding onto the ball much easier. If this is something you need to work on, take this head into consideration.
  • Durable! – A huge number of customer reports claiming they were able to get 3+ years out of this STX and even some, a year or two more than that. On top of that, there are a number of second time users. Many many many customers appear to be hooked on this model.
  • Noticeable Lightweight Feel – This is crucial for an offensive type head. You want it to be durable, but as light as possible. The bulk of users experienced that exact feel
  • Used by a lot of Division 1 Lax Players – This head is used at an elite level of lacrosse. Not sure how important this is to you, but it’s nice to know serious players are using it too.

Cons – 

  • Wears with Face-Offs – If you are the face-off player for your team, perhaps go back to the first model we have written up for you. Many users said the only time they experienced wear with this STX head was after getting into a number of face-offs.
  • Not Pinched – If you are a player who likes a pinched head, this may not be for you. However, players who like a wider head, look nowhere else. This is not necessarily a “con,” just rather something you should pay attention too.stx super power lacrosse head
  • A little stiff at first –  A number of users said that the head was a bit stiff at first, however upon working it in, gaining a little flexibility, they quickly fell in love with head. If you invest, just be sure to know you might be investing a bit of “breaking in” time as well.

Value – $90 on 

We feel this offensive lacrosse head is a great investment. It was highly reviewed by a large number of people. That’s VERY IMPORTANT. Who are you going to trust more than another fellow laxer?

Warrior Cobra X Unstrung Lacrosse Head

Specs – 

  • Moulded Throat Design 
  • Ultra-Lightweight Sidewall Design – With the “ultra-lightweight” sidewall, the durability rests in the bottom section of the head.
  • Complies with both NCAA and NFHS rules & regulations 
  • Less Stringing Holes – There are less stringing holes on the Cobra as opposed to the STX and the Nike model we have listed above. If you are an experimental stringer, you might want to look back at the previous two.
  • Reverse Flared Sidewalls –  What does that mean? That means this head is built for speedy and accurate shots. Goal scorers?
  • Long Narrow Face – Again, similar to the flared sidewalls, a long narrow face will assure a consistent channel down the center of the pocket, thus increasing the likelihood of making an accurate pass/shot.
  • Easy Fit on Most Shafts – Have a different brand shaft? No worries here.

Offensive Player Type – 

  • Attackers. Attackers. Attackers. – This offensive lacrosse head was built for the raw attacker. Everything from player experience reports to the basic design of this head was made for shooting purposes primarily. There is the coop, the sidewall flare, the flex and the lightweight structure for example that all promote a better shot.

warrior cobra offensive lacrosse head in different colors

Pros – 

  • Accuracy – Many laxers were blown away by how much more accurate their shots and passes became with this head. This is where the narrow channel across the face comes in handy.
  • Powerful Shot – Tons of customers have promised that this head WILL GIVE YOU A FASTER AND MORE POWERFUL SHOT.
  • Great Pinch – For players who like the more narrow heads, the Cobra would be exactly what you are looking for. Players who said they were looking for a pinched head said they found it with the Cobra.
  • Durable – For such a narrow head, the Cobra has been reported to be very durable. Just be wary of face-offs.
  • Extremely Lightweight – EXACTLY what you would want in an offensive lacrosse head.
  • Comparable to the Brine Clutch…But BETTER – This was reported by a surprising number of users. If you are a loyal Brine Clutch user, maybe it’s time for a switch?

Cons – Warrior cobra x offensive lacrosse head reviews

  • Not Made for Face-Off Players – This was really the only instance where users reported damage to their heads. If you are a face-off player, consider other models.
  • Be Aware of Your Position! – This head is made for the raw attacking player. You are making quick passes all game, and taking quick, powerful shots. Sound like you?

Value – $80 on

It was difficult for us to find any other raw attack head that was as highly reviewed and as seemingly safe an investment as the Cobra. If you are a goal scorer, it’s hard to believe you will be disappointed with this offensive lacrosse head.

To Close:

Well, there you have it laxers. The most up-to-date offensive lacrosse head reviews you can find! We hope that we made the decision for picking up a new head much easier for you. If not, please let us know what we can do to make your lacrosse gear decisions, like this one, easier.

Any other questions, comments, concerns, always feel free to reach out!

Keep Laxin’