Are you the type of player who spends all game with your feet on both ends of the field? 

Well, this article is the best possible article you could be reading right now, because in this post, I am talking about “The Best Midfield Lacrosse Head.” 

Do you want a head that will rifle off quick, accurate passes? Peter baum lacrosse midfielder

Do you want a head that will allow you to blow shots past a keeper?

Do you want a head that can do everything on the offensive end but still hold tough in face offs and checks? 

You need to read through this article… 

In this article you will learn:

1) The “Best Midfield Lacrosse Head”

2) The Midfield Lacrosse Heads that Earned Titles as “Runners-Up”

But wait! Maybe you are interested in our my general offensive lacrosse head reviews?

Here’s How I Wrote Up Every One of The Midfield Heads for Our “Top 5”

Specs – 

Manufacturer information (weight, colors, design, etc.)

The Type of Midfielder Using this Head Right Now –

Here I will give you an idea of what sort of midfielder this was made for (all-around guy, offensive minded, defensive minded).

Why You Should Get This Head –

This is where I will lay out the reasons as to why you want this head, and why this head could be the best midfield lacrosse head out there.

Potential Drawbacks –

While all these heads are great models, some of them do have some areas of concern. I will surely make you aware of these to give you a full (positive and negative) view of the model.

Overall Value –

This is where I will link up to where you can find the head, about how much you can find it for, and how confident I feel about you picking one of them up yourself.

Final Notes:

This is where I may direct you to further resources on the specific head (video, articles, etc.) and give you some logistics type information like the manufacturer warranty.

The Best Midfield Lacrosse Head:

This is what we are calling our best midfield lacrosse head! Take a look and see what you think.

STX Stallion Lacrosse Head

Specs –  STX Stallion Lacrosse Head

  • C-Channel technology provides extra strength and stability
  • Sidewall braces provide extra stability on outside shots and ground balls
  • Bottom rail designed specifically for high pocket placement
  • Multiple stringing holes for a variety of stringing options
  • STX Forward Cant –

The sidewalls on this Proton Power, designed with STX Forward Cant, tilt from the shaft. A design for the head that is made to give you a quicker and earlier release for throwing and shooting. Check out more on the “Cant” here.

  • Comes in Orange, White, Neon Green, Gray, Black, Carolina, Red, Navy Blue, Royal Blue

STX Stallion Lacrosse Heads

The Type of Midfielder Using this Head Right Now –

This head was designed as Kyle Harrison’s baby. If you check out the video we have posted below, you will see he gave constant feedback throughout the design process to make this head perfect for the all-around middie. This head was built to take the stress of both sides of the field; taking shots and making paces, grinding through face offs and standing up to checks.

“Stallion products are designed for the player whose game is defined by endurance. The right move at the right time – every time.” – We grabbed this quote from the write up on the Stallion heads via It’s put out there pretty plainly for you, the Stallion head is made for the endurance middie who is putting up the mileage!

Why You Should Get This Head –

  • Design Heavily Influenced by Kyle Harrison – Kyle Harrison played a big role in the design for the STX Stallion head. As seen in the video below, Kyle wanted this head made for the all-around middie and we think STX followed-up on that vision pretty well. The fact that this head has some true professional lacrosse player insight, is very appealing.
  • A Stronger Head With Open, Dueling Sidewalls – The Stallion head was designed with open sidewalls. This design gives the head a decent amount of flex on the checks and ground ball gathering game. The dueling sidewalls add to the overall stability of the head.
  • Stringers, Do Your Worst – The Stallion comes with a whole mess of stringing holes. This gives you the freedom to get creative with your pocket and make it exactly how you see fit.
  • High Pocket, Thanks to the Bottom Rail Design –  The pocket placement on the Stallion can be a bit higher with how the bottom rail was designed. This will keep the heat coming with your shots on the offensive end.
  • C-Channel Technology Is State of the Art – In the video we posted below, Kyle Harrison and STX Design Engineer Jonathan Bond go into detail as to what sort of benefit you will draw from the C-Channel Technology. In sum, the C-Channel tech makes this head perfect for the all-around middie who needs a tough but offensively dangerous head. Take a look at the video for more.   
  • Forward Cant Gives You Higher Accuracy, Quicker Release – The design of the STX Stallion automatically places the ball in the best possible location for a quick release and accurate throw just about every time. Players have been huge fans of this head design.
  • The Stallion is the Face Off Head – From what you have already read here, the Stallion was given a real durable design. The C-Channel Technology, the open and dueling sidewalls all contribute to the level of superior strength this head carries. As Kyle Harrison wanted, this head was made for the all-around face off middie.
  • A Pile of Good Reviews – We love checking out for reviews because they always give us a pretty percentage as to how many of the respondents would recommend this product to a friend. For the STX Stallion, 95% of users said they would recommend this head to a friend. Pretty percentage right?

STX stallion the best midfield lacrosse head carolina blue

Potential Drawbacks –

  • Questions to the Face Off Durability – Although these reviews came in extremely rarely, a couple previous users had their heads snap on them after some serious face off play. Again, these reviews were RARE! It’s just something we would like you to be aware of (95% of 60 customers said they’d recommend this head to a friend).

Overall Value – Around $100 off of 

 We love the STX Stallion head. It was made for the endurance player, it was given critical design feedback from the prolific professional, Kyle Harrison, and it was part of our best lacrosse stick ever for the midfield position.

We think this head is well worth the price, and that’s why it’s currently sitting at our #1 spot.

Plus, look at that Stallion to your right. That could be you. 

Final Notes:

Here is that video from Kyle Harrison and STX Engineer Jonathan Bond as promised:

For more videos like that one, check out STX’s page dedicated to the STX Stallion. 

“Limited Warranty”: STX will replace unusable or broken products (or provide a replacement with equal value) that break or become unusable under normal playing conditions due to poor workmanship and/or material failure within:

  • 60 days from the date of purchase of lacrosse heads (excluding chrome), handles (excluding AL6000 series) and goggles

Conditions For Warranty Approval:

  • Delivery to the following address and the allowance of 5-7 weeks for processing

The Runners-Up: 

The next best lacrosse heads for middies!

Nike Lakota Lacrosse Head

Specs – Nike lakota the best midfield lacrosse head

  • Pointed Scoop – Why you might want a pointed scoop, courtesy of

“First, the pointed scoop lends itself to a tighter channel. Second, the channeling created by the shape of the head helps direct the ball into the players pocket more efficiently which will ultimately help with ball control.”

  • 4.8 Oz
  • Lots of Stringing Holes
  • A Bottom Rail Designed for a Mid-to-High Pocket
  • Maximum Pinch With Compact Design

This will help with ball control. Having a compact head makes for less opportunity for the ball to fall out.

  • Compliant with NFHS rules only.
  • Comes in White, Black, Bolt, Navy and Red Colors

Nike Lakota Lacrosse head colors

The Type of Midfielder Using this Head Right Now –

This Nike Lakota Lacrosse head was made for the high school level middie. First, it’s only compliant with NFHS rules, so it would not cut it at the higher NCAA level. But secondly, this head was designed for the all-around middie. The head has some pinch for a player who needs strong control of the ball on the attack, but was made with decent stiffness as well to help out on the defensive side. 

Of all the reviews I happened to read for the Nike Lakota, it’s safe to say the heavy majority was from middies who played both ends of the field, making offensive plays, taking face offs and helping out their team on defense.

Why You Should Get This Head –

  • Nike: “Designed for Elite Midfielders” – This is coming straight from Nike. This head was built for the elite level midfielder, and there’s not much debate on that fact.
  • Highly Recommended by Previous Buyers/Users – You can go check it out yourself, over at 95% of those who bought the Nike Lakota head would recommend it to a friend. There were 68 reviews!
  • Great for Taking Face Offs – This head was built pretty stiff, but from what previous players have said, there is a good amount of flex to this head so you should be able to manage the face offs really quite well.
  • Light as a Feather – The Nike Lakota head is not only said to be durable, but it’s lightweight too, coming in at 4.8 oz.! This will help you make quick passes in crowded areas.
  • Pointed Scoop, Pocket Design and Throat Design Make for Great Ball Control – There are a lot of contributing factors to why you will have amazing handle and control on the ball when you pick up a Nike Lakota head. The pointed scoop makes for a tighter channel, and quicker direction of the ball into the pocket. The throat of the LakoNike lakota lacrosse head black ta is short and round, allowing you to get a hand high on the shaft for best control.

Potential Drawbacks –

  • A little too Stiff? – The Nike Lakota might come in a little stiff than other lacrosse heads for midfield players. The stiffness of this head should lighten up with a little work and play put into it, but considering how much flexibility or stiffness you like to have with your head is important.

Overall Value – Check it out on 

The Nike Lakota lacrosse head comes with extremely high reviews. The head was made perfect for the middie who needs to make quick offensive plays but also get down for some face offs when the time comes.

I feel very confident recommended this head, and I know if you pick the Lakota up, it will take your midfield game up to another level.

Final Notes:

For a little product spotlight on the Nike Lakota Head, take a look at some video via 

STX Lacrosse Super Power

Specs – STX Super Power the best midfield Lacrosse Head

  • 4.5 Oz
  • Comes in Black, Carolina Blue, Forest Green, Kelly Green, Navy, Orange, Red, Royal, White and Neon Green
  • 15 Stringing Holes Available
  • STX Forward Cant – The “Cant” is a part of all the STX models we have listed here, so here will be the repeat definition:

The sidewalls on this Proton Power, designed with STX Forward Cant, tilt from the shaft. The Cant is a design for the head that is made to give you a quicker and earlier release for throwing and shooting. Check out more on the “Cant” here, courtesy of

  • Ball Stop –

The Ball stop to the STX Super Power extends slightly from the neck. The ball can sit deep in the pocket.

  • STX Island Ball-Stop

super man The “Island” ball-stop, is intended to reduce the weight at the throat of the head.

  • Meets Requirements for NCAA and NFHS

The Type of Midfielder Using this Head Right Now – 

Might as well be Superman using the STX Super Power lacrosse head…

The STX Super Power gives a midfielder the capability to play at both sides of the field. The STX Forward Cant design makes for better release with throwing and shooting, but this head stays tough and stiff for some durability at the defensive end. With all these heads we are looking for the “all-around” middie player type, and this STX head seems to fit the mold.

Why You Should Get This Head –

  • Highly Reviewed from Lacrosse Players – We always love throwing this fact in about a piece of gear (if it’s true). 97% of previous STX Super Power users said they would recommend it to a friend. That was out of 78 reviews! (That is about 76 out of 78 saying they would recommend a friend using this head) See for yourself at ol’ reliable!
  • Tons of Stringing Holes Gives You All the Options You’d Want – With 15 stringing holes, you can get as creative or simple as you would like to be with your lacrosse head. What sort of pocket makes you the most dangerous midfielder on the field? With the Super Power, you have the freedom to figure that out.
  • The Forward Cant Design is Not “All Talk” – The Forward Cant design has really shown improvement on release timing and accuracy. This STX technology has been said to be changing the future of lacrosse heads
  • You Will Catch More Balls With this Head – This STX Super Power head was given a wider design. This will help you catch more balls and hold onto them with little issue.
  • Lightweight, for the Middie Rackin’ Up Mileage – The last thing you want as a middie who is playing end to end, is to have a head or handle that weigh you down when fatigue sets in late into the game. The STX Super Power is very light at 4.5 oz., and should see to it that you won’t be feeling any extra weight from it at the end of the game.
  • Long LifeSpan – There should be little question that you would not be able to get a sold 3 or so seasons out of the STX Super Power. Many players who have used it before have said they were able to get more than 3 seasons out of this head.

Potential Drawbacks –

  • Wears a Bit With Face Offs – Although just about all heads will pick up some wear with face offs, this was something players who used the Super Power before, made sure to make a note about.
  • Not Pinched Enough – Remember, we said this head had a bit wider of a design. If you like a more pinched head, this may not the be the best midfield lacrosse head for you. Pick up one of the more pinched models,like the Nike Lakota heads.

STX Super Power Lacrosse head colors

Overall Value – Around $100 off of 

The STX  Super Power definitely has earned a spot as one of the best midfield lacrosse heads, and should be perfect for a wide range of middies out there. It comes extremely highly reviewed (always a point of confidence), will give you a few good seasons, and should really up your midfield play. Not much reason not to get this head.

Final Notes:  

A little further look at theSTX Super Power via some video from

“Limited Warranty”: STX will replace unusable or broken products (or provide a replacement with equal value) that break or become unusable under normal playing conditions due to poor workmanship and/or material failure within:

  • 60 days from the date of purchase of lacrosse heads (excluding chrome), handles (excluding AL6000 series) and goggles

Conditions For Warranty Approval:

  • Delivery to the following address and the allowance of 5-7 weeks for processing:

STX Proton Power Lacrosse Head

Specs – stx proton power the best midfield lacrosse head neon

  • 4.79 oz.
  • STX C-Channel Technology –

The C-Channel Technology gives the head more strength and stability at the lower portion of the head, all without adding any extra weight.

Want to learn a little more about it? Go ahead and check out  further resources from

  • STX’s Scalloped Scoop Design

Allows for extra flex when shooting, providing max power and snap.

  • STX’s Island Ball-Stop Reduces Weight at Throat
  • Increase in the number of stringing holes for a variety of stringing options
  • Stringing: Power V
  • STX Forward Cant –

The sidewalls on this Proton Power, designed with STX Forward Cant, tilt from the shaft. A design for the head that is made to give you a quicker and earlier release for throwing and shooting. Check out more on the “Cant” here.

  • NFHS Head – Not legal for NCAA
  • Colors Available: White, Black, Carolina, Forest Green, Kelly Green, Neon Green, Navy, Orange, Red and Royal

STX proton power lacrosse head colors

The Type of Midfielder Using this Head Right Now –

The Proton Power has a very durable build and would be best fit in the hands off middies who make hard checks and take some face-offs for their team.

I dug through a good number of reviews for this head and most of the players who submitted feedback were middies who were the face off guy for their team.

Why You Should Get This Head –

  • Strength on the Bottom Rail, Good for Ground Balls and Checks!  – Thanks to the C-Channel Technology, the Proton Power head carries some added strength on the bottom rail.
  • The Forward Cant Design, Makes for Quicker Release – We are going to let the guys over at ( take this one as they put it so nicely as to exactly what the Forward Cant does for you:

“The initial backward tilt of the STX Forward Cant is designed to increase the trajectory of your passes. This means you don’t have to take your stick back as far when passing. Less wind up means you pass the ball sooner, thus a quicker release.

But where the technology gets its name is half way up the sidewalls where the lacrosse head tilts forward. The forward cant keeps the ball in the head a bit longer when passing or shooting. Instead of the ball following the offset, it’s redirected to the front of the head, giving a slight whip and a little extra speed.”

  • Easy to String, for a Defined Pocket, and Great Channel –  STX added a whole mess of stringing holes to the new Proton Power heads. String it up exactly how you want it, and get the pocket that best suits your style of play.
  • Strength and Durability Increased from Previous Proton Power Heads – STX stepped up their game on the new Proton Power Heads with the addition of the C-Channel Technology. The C-Channel evenly distributes stress throughout the bottom rail, which adds on strength to the head overall.
  • The C-Channel Tech Will Make Your Head Last Longer – I am really excited about what the C-Channel Tech does for this Proton Power head. Some would say the “C-Channel is the best tech out there for a mens’ head, longer lasting, and the strongest with a better hold.”
  • A Bit More Pinch for A Lot More Feel – These Proton Power heads come just the slightest bit more pinched than previous years, and customers have given some positive feedback because of this. Previous buyers explained the extra pinch is noticeable, and gave them a lot more control and feel during play.
  • Stiff With the Right Amount of Flex for Face offs –  Of all the feedback I collected on this head, about 95%-99% of it was from face off middies. The feedback was extremely positive as well. Most of those players said the head was stiff enough with the C-Channel Tech, but still had a good amount of flex to it because of the STX Scalloped scoop design. These are makings for a perfect face off head.
  • Highly Reviewed: This is always important. We saw good reviews across the board for the Proton Power. You can see the head is recommended by 100% of the players who submitted a review on, it pulls in a 4.5 star rating on, and a 9/10 or 10/10 in all aspects courtesy of an informative review from Greg with the lacrosse network.

Potential Drawbacks – stx proton power lacrosse head white

  • Possible Wear – With the feedback I saw, the only drawback or “con” players listed for the Proton Power that you might find the head a bit scratched up (after serious use).

Overall Value – $89.00 off of 

I really like the STX Proton Power head.
It has come with high reviews (from customers and retailers alike), new technologies, and a classic cool look. Honestly, there was not much for me to dislike about this head, and I hold a lot of confidence in any of your midfielders out there picking up this head right now (otherwise I wouldn’t have put it in the “Top 5” right?).

Final Notes:

Get a basic rundown of the STX Proton Power head with some video via 

Not enough for you? Take a look from a good product video via

  • On Amazon, You Can Find Free Shipping: Unless you want expedited shipping options

“Limited Warranty”: STX will replace unusable or broken products (or provide a replacement with equal value) that break or become unusable under normal playing conditions due to poor workmanship and/or material failure within:

  • 60 days from the date of purchase of lacrosse heads (excluding chrome), handles (excluding AL6000 series) and goggles

Conditions For Warranty Approval:

  • Delivery to the following address and the allowance of 5-7 weeks for processing:

Warrior Blade Pro Lacrosse Head

Specs –  Warrior blade pro the best midfield lacrosse head

  • The sidewall designed with high flex point
  • Minimal offset
  • Sharp bottom edge
  • Maximum throat stiffness 
  • The scoop angle and transition are favorable for ground balls
  • Available in both High School Certified and NCAA Certified Models
  • 7 oz. 
  • Available in White

The Type of Midfielder Using this Head Right Now –

This head was designed for the face off midfield player. With development carried by two professional lacrosse players (two face off midfielders), Alex Smith and Geoff Snider, you can get an idea for what sort of style of play they were making this Warrior head for.

Alex Smith talking face offs with 

Alex talking more face offs but touches on the rivalry with Geoff Snider

Why You Should Get This Head –

  • Stiff Enough, but Carries Enough Flex for Face Offs – The Warrior Blade Pro has been made a bit stiffer than traditional Warrior Blade heads, but will still give you a good amount of flex when approaching face offs. The head will flex, stay tough, and get back to it’s original position fairly quick.
  • Easy to String, Get Creative With Your Pocket – Players who have used the Warrior Blade Pro rarely fail to make a comment towards the perfect positioning of the string holes and amount of them on the head. Stringing is made easy, and you can string it how you want for your ideal pocket.
  • Built for the Offensive & Defensive Middies – The sidewall of the Blade Pro was designed to have a high flex point. This high flex point gives a player greater accuracy on passes and shots, but extended durability on defense.
  • Seriously, Built for the Face Off Middie – This head was designed through the vision of two face off middie greats, Alex Smith and Geoff Snider (as you saw above). Having the creation of this head come from the vision of two professional players like them, you know this head was made for the hard nosed, face off style of play middie. If that sounds like you, this may be your next head.Warrior Blade Pro Lacrosse Head
  • Scoop up the Ground Balls – The Blade Pro has a stronger lip than the original Blade making it a more ideal head for getting under ground balls and collecting them.

Potential Drawbacks –

  • A Few Concerning Reviews – Although the Warrior Blade Pro grabbed a good amount of high praise reviews, there were still a couple from previous buyers who did not seem to satisfied with the head. Their concerns were mostly to one thing:
    • Long-Lasting Durability – A couple users had this head snap on them only after a single season. 

Overall Value – About $90 off of

Although there were the few concerning reviews, you can see for yourself that over 90% of the respondents on, would go ahead and recommend this head to a friend. We have a good level of confidence in this Warrior head, but to be honest, maybe not as much confidence in one of the heads we have mentioned higher up on the list.

Pick this head, and chances are you will be pleased, it’s just more of a risk than the others we have written up here.

Final Notes:

For an extra view of the Warrior Blade Pro, check out some video via

  • Warrior Warranty:

Warrior stands behind its heads and handles under stress of normal use for six months from the original date of purchase.

  • Warrior will replace all heads unstrung unless the head was purchased strung within the 1st 30 days. Please remove any stringing on the head before sending back the product.
  • Proof of purchase is required for each return. Proof of purchase can be a receipt, cancelled check, credit card or bank statement, or anything else that clearly indicates the date of purchase. In addition, the purchase must be made through an authorized Warrior dealer.
  • Warrior Sports will replace the product with the exact product that is defective. If the product is no longer available, we will replace with a different color or upgrade you free of charge if we no longer carry that item.

Last Things to Say:

Alright, so you’ve decided to pick up one of these midfield lacrosse heads right? Once you have, and you want to learn a thing or two more on how to play the position, check out a great article via, “Three Keys to Becoming the Best Lacrosse Midfielder.” 

That’s all we have for you guys on the topic of the best midfield lacrosse head, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to hit us up on twitter, leave a comment, or send us an email!