Attackers Look Here: Find the BEST Head Right Now

What’s going on laxers? This article here is for all those on the offensive side of things. Today we are talking what is the best lacrosse head for attack.

To begin with, we are sorry to tell you, that we don’t just have one head for you here, we have cut it down to two.

Why did we have to do that? Paul Rabil Lacrosse shot

No, it was not because we wanted to make things more complicated for you, and no it’s not because we are indecisive. It’s because THERE IS NOT JUST ONE TYPE OF ATTACK PLAYER

We broke our research down into pursuing two different heads.

One head is for the Crease man, the other is for the Dodger/QB type of attack player.

Each of these types of offensive players have very different playing styles, and in turn, they have very different needs in their “best lacrosse head for attack.”

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How this Article will Look:

This article is broken down into two parts, one part for the Crease man, the other for the Dodger/QB. 

In turn, there is a different “best lacrosse head for attack” one to coordinate for each position. We are going to describe the needs for the certain style of attacking player, and from there we will drop what is the best lacrosse head for attack based on that style of player.

Feel free NOT to read the entire article and just jump to whatever section applies most to you.

Alright, let’s get on with it.

The Best Lacrosse Head for Attack: ‘The Crease Man’

The Position:

The crease man is the player who plays best off the other attacking players on the field. The primary jobs for the creaser, CATCH AND SHOOT. 

The best crease men are absolute vaccums near their opponents goal. The crease man must be a ‘right-place, right-time’ sort of player. They have a knack for putting themselves in the most threatening place to score. Logan Schuss Professional Lacrosse

With all this being said, what does a crease man need out of their lacrosse head? 

A crease man must focus on catching and shooting.

Logan Schuss , a member of the Ohio Machine and Minnesota Swarm, puts it quite simply…

“If you are a catch and finish player [the crease man], you should have a wider head so you can catch anything that is thrown to you and finish it.” 

Craig Bunker, a member oCraig Bunker Boston Cannonsf the Boston Cannons adds very similar input saying…

“A crease attack man may want a wider head in order to better handle feeds.” 

So plain and simple, what a crease man should take from this is…get a WIDE ATTACKING HEAD! 

A little extra added bonus: Are you a crease player who wants a little more insight on how to play the position WELL? Check out this video below from Ryan Boyle of the Boston Cannons

The Head:

Brine Edge X Unstrung Lacrosse Head

For the catch and finish crease attack man, our research and deep digging has us believing the Brine Edge X would be the best possible choice of lacrosse head.

Why would all you crease men love the Brine Edge X?

  • YOU WILL CATCH MORE BALLS WITH THIS HEAD – If you look at the picture on the left, you will see the flared side walls. This design for sidewalls is specifically made for improving a head’s ability to catch and hold onto more passes. 
  • Highly RevieBrine Edge X Attack Lacrosse head wed – If you have read some of our other material here at “OneStopLacrosse” you know by now that we love products with good customers reviews. Why? We think the absolute BEST recommendations for products come from previous users, NOT the manufacturers. That being said, this head has come VERY WELL recommended from a large number of laxers who play the crease. (Take that into strong consideration)
  • Tough Head – Of all the laxer reviews when went through on the Brine Edge X, tons of them said that this head was durable, would not easily warp, and lasted them multiple seasons. THIS HEAD SHOULD LAST YOU A WHILE. 
  • Lightweight, Throws Great – Out of all the laxer reviews we gathered, we saw a lot of pattern in how lightweight laxers believed this head to be. That being said, with the wide head and sidewall design, we can see this head is made for catching, but the lightness to the material helps you then get shots off quick.

Get the Brine Edge X off for $70.00

Plain and simple, from our research and gathering of previous laxer experiences, we feel the Brine Edge X is the best lacrosse head for attack if you are playing the crease. It’s wide, it’s light, and it’s durable, which makes it perfect for catching and shooting, the primary focuses of the crease man’s game.

Along with all that, this Brine model is just a high quality product (WE WOULD NOT RECOMMEND IT OTHERWISE), and from what laxers who have used this head before are saying, you will not be disappointed with this head. 

Brine Edge X Attack Lacrosse Head

The Best Lacrosse Head for Attack: ‘The Dodger/QB’

The Position:

The attacking player who is more of a “dodger/QB” lives off their quickness, agility, and fast actions. If you are a dodging type player for your team, you know exactly what we are talking about.

That being said, your head should perfectly align with lightening fast play. 

A QB type play makes tons of passes, makes tons of moves with the ball, and looks to open up opportunities to score for their team.

That style of play needs a head that can provide  QUICK RELEASE and can guarantee BALL CONTROL. 

Logan Schuss, the pro who provided us a bit of insight earlier says about the dodging type attacking player…

Dan Burns Professional Lacrosse“If you are an attack/middie dodger, you should have a stick that has a narrower throat and a bit of pinch to the head. When you are carrying the ball, you have more control.”

Dan Burns, a member of the Chesapeake Bay Hawks, adds his input…

“Offensive players make a lot more passes a game than shots. The potential for quick release, and the ability to make accurate passes are very important.”

With all this talk about the dodging attacking player, it looks like we are looking for a head with a narrower throat and a pinched head, so you can get off your shots and passes quick and accurately.

A little extra added bonus: If you want to pick up some new dodging moves, check out this super easy to follow step-by-step video from Paul Rabil…

The Head:

 Warrior Cobra X Unstrung Lacrosse Head

For the Dodger/QB player, we feel that the absolute best lacrosse head for attack with that playing style is the Warrior Cobra X. Based off our research, this Warrior model is adored by attacking players who need the narrow and pinched throat.

Why are you Dodgers going to love the Warrior Cobra X?Warrior Cobra X Attack Lacrosse head

  •  This head was built for QUICK RELEASE – The reverse flared sidewalls and the long narrow face make for a consistent channel through the head. The play will more likely than not stay in the center of the pocket, and YOU will make a lot more ACCURATE PASSES AND SHOTS.
  • You will be MORE ACCURATE – Nearly 100% of the laxer reviews we went through mentioned something about their improved accuracy since using the Cobra X. With the good number of reviews we went through, we don’t know why your experience would be any different.
  • You will NOT BE WEIGHED DOWN – This Warrior model is extremely lightweight and previous users noticed this as well. If you are making a living off your ability to seem ‘light’ on the field, the Cobra is perfect for that style of play.
  • Like we discussed before, this head has a NARROW THROAT, and PINCHED HEAD – The laxer reviews who said they wanted a pinched head said there have not been any other pinched heads better than this Warrior. One former user even went as far to compare it to the Brine Clutch (another very competitive model on the market for the offensive player) but they said the Warrior was BETTER.

Get the Warrior Cobra X off for $80.00

The Warrior Cobra X is a very highly reviewed attacking lacrosse head. As we always say, we wouldn’t recommend it if we didn’t feel there was a 99.99 percent chance you would be happy with your purchase (if it was suitable for your style of play of course).

With that in mind, if you are a dodger/QB, there are a number of different lacrosse heads on the market for that style of play, but if you are struggling to decide on one we feel you would be really pleased with the Warrior Cobra X and what it could do for your game.

Warrior Attack Lacrosse Head strung

For an extra view of the Warrior Cobra X, check out this video via 


There you have it laxers, those are the two models we would consider the best lacrosse head for attack for each of those two varying attacking player style.

If you have come across a head you feel is better for either of these playing styles, please speak up and leave a comment below! Any questions or concerns, feel free to do the same!

Keep Laxin’