Make Your Training a Challenge: Get a Lacrosse Goal Target!

Lacrosse goal targets are a great way to challenge yourself as a player to produce more accurate shots, and hit the zones where the goalies won’t be in games! Top cheddar anyone?

Take a look at our list below and see which lacrosse goal targets and rejectors will best serve you and your training.

Looking for a cheap lacrosse goal under $100? 

The Best Lacrosse Goal Targets: Our Top 3!

Expect this list to grow! Our team at One Stop Lacrosse is always reviewing the latest products for you to ensure you are getting the latest and greatest information available!

#1. Rukket 6×6 Lacrosse Rejector 


  • Universal for all regulation lacrosse goals; 5″ openings in 8 key scoring areas along pipes; Improves shot placement
  • Designed with Penn State and Chestnut Hill College men’s lacrosse coaching staff
  • Weigh-down lower for easy ball retrieval or bungee tie down for more rigidity; Ultra durable, double-stitched, all weather construction;
  • Easy Velcro attachment; Back-up attaching grommets; No goalie necessary!
  • Includes drawstring mesh bag; Easy to follow instructions; Goal and weights not included

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This Rukket Lacrosse Rejector is an awesome substitute for someone who wants to get some shots in with the “presence” of a goalie. It was constructed with insight from a few college lacrosse coaches and should definitely improve any player’s accuracy and goal scoring ability with some time spent with it.

It also comes with some good reviews off of Amazon, there’s little reason for us to not recommend this rejector.

#2. STX Advanced Goal Target with Advanced Hole Design 


  • Improves shooting accuracy
  • Made of durable polypropylene with reinforced edges
  • Includes easy-to-attach bungee fasteners

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This STX Goal Target is an awesome practice tool, no question. With the “advanced hole design,” your shooter is forced to focus on very specific locations when they are practicing their shot. You’ll be amazed to see, with such directed practice, how quickly their shot will improve, and how much more threatening they will be for opposing defenses.

The STX target comes with some high reviews, decent price, it could be a perfect pick up for your player approaching their next season.

#3. Champion Sports Lacrosse Goal Target 

The Champion Sports Lacrosse Goal Target stands out as one of the most popular rejectors or goal targets on our list here for helping young laxers work on their shooting and passing accuracy.

A truck load of online customer reviews would agree, with using the Champion Sports Target, they’ve found improvements in their shooting accuracy.

First and foremost, the goal target comes with a huge target area (6 by 6 feet) featuring 9 target zones which cover every possible shooting angle. The LGT also has quick goal fasteners which make it easy to attach. Furthermore, the target is made of a durable mesh that is intended to withstand all kinds of weather. According to the manufacturer (Champion Sports) and many customer reviews online, the LGT is long-lasting even when exposed to harsh weather.

Main Specs – 

  • 6 x 6 feet wide target area with 9 target zones
  • Quick goal fasteners
  • Made using all-weather mesh

Pros – 

  • Effective: The LGT is very effective in helping laxers to improve their shooting accuracy according to numerous reviews.
  • Easy to attach: The Champion Lacrosse goal target also features quick goal fasteners which make it very easy to attach to a Lacrosse goal.
  • Durable: The LGT is also made of highly durable all-weather mesh capable of withstanding the harshest weather conditions.
  • Made by a renowned manufacturer: The Champion LGT is made by Champion Sports; one of the leading manufacturers of lacrosse sporting equipment globally.

Potential Drawbacks / Concerns

Although most people who have bought the Champion LGT don’t have anything bad to say about the goal target, there are some that wish the target could be available in more than one size. Some customers have also expressed durability concerns especially in cold weather.

Overall Value: Check it out on!

The Champion LGT is definitely one of the best lacrosse goal targets of its kind in the market today judging from customer reviews. Most, if not all customers agree that the goal target servers its main purpose perfectly i.e. perfects shooting accuracy. Although there may be some durability and variety concerns, they can be overlooked or dealt with easily by taking measures such as storing the LGT properly in a cool and dry place after use. In a nutshell, the Champion LGT is definitely a strong buy for any lacrosse player looking to improve their shooting accuracy.

#4. Predator Sports Lax R.A.T Goal Target Return 


  • Lacrosse Training Target
  • Perfect for corner and bounce shots
  • Automatic Ball Return at base
  • Weighted base with stakes for outdoor use
  • includes bungees to attach to goal and carry bag-* Goal Not Included

Overall Value: Check it out on!

I like this Predator target along with the previous two lacrosse goal targets I showed you. The only hang up is that it came with a fewer stack of reviews that I could dig from versus the others. However, I feel if you are willing to take a chance on this model from Predator, you most likely be very pleased.

Reviews to Come! See List Below:

  • The Champion Sports Lacrosse Goal Target