A Practice Lacrosse Goal that is as Good as it Gets!

Looking for the perfect goal to settle down in the backyard? Well, you may have found one for yourself here. The SSG Practice Lacrosse Goal is tremendously reviewed, it’s easy to setup and made from high quality steel parts. It’s hard to recommend anything different!

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Product Review: SSG Practice Lacrosse Goal

Get a look at the review below!

Specs – 

  • Dimensions 6’H x 6’W x 7’D
  • 1.5″ in across, 5’’ in around polls Orange powder coated steel tubing
  • Lacing rods on inside front, uprights, and on rear ground supports
  • 3mm braided nylon net that has back pocket for a snug fit
  • Made for Practice (Not an “official game goal”)
  • Product Comes in 2 Boxes
  • Please Note! – A good number of customers recommend picking up your own zip ties or goal fasteners (LINK) B0002AVQW4 versus the net ties you are provided with in the box. This will TREMENDOUSLY speed up the set-up process.

Why You Should Get This Net –  

  • TONS of Good Reviews on Amazon –

  • This SSG Practice Lacrosse Goal has earned a high number of the 5 star reviews on Amazon.com, perhaps the largest count of 5 star reviews amongst the nets I have on the page here. This is always a good sign. Nice to know a lot of people have bought this net, and they have loved it.
  • Very Durable –

  • One customer mentioned that their son neglected to install some of the screws (to break down and transport the net better), and STILL this net held up without a problem. The frame is made of a very sturdy heavy gauge steel.
  • Not “Official,” But Darn Near Close –

  • Now this SSG is not necessarily an “official” lacrosse game goal, but it is made just as well as any of the higher priced official goals you will see on the fields during games.
  • Great for the Backyard –

  • Lots of previous buyers have planted this net in their backyard, and left it with no concern. Perfect for the player who wants to get extra time in working on their shot.

Potential Drawbacks –

  • Means for Storage –

  • Keep in mind, although this is not an “official” goal, it is still of regular game size. That being said, it may be difficult to find some room for it to store.
  • Difficulty Setting Up the Net –

  • Some users have had some difficulty stringing up the net, HOWEVER, one of the best tips from any of the previous users was that you buy yourself some zip ties at the hardware store or some goal fasteners, instead of using the net ties provided in the box.
    • Another user recommended this video, as the stringing technique here should line up with what you have to do with this goal.


Overall Value: Between $100-$200 on Amazon.com

The SSG Lacrosse Goal comes with a huge list of awesome reviews. Customer after customer wrote in to say this is the “only goal you should buy” when it comes to a high school, club practice, or for at home practice. I can’t help but agree, the SSG is an awesome goal and would be a practical choice on your part.