Shopping for the Real Deal? Find the Best Regulation Lacrosse Goals Here!

If you are looking for the top of the line, real regulation lacrosse goals, look no further! Our page of reviews should provide you with all you need to make the best purchasing decision possible.

Interested in our review of the Rage Cage Lacrosse Goal?

#1. STX Official Lacrosse Goal

Why You Should Get this Net – 

  • Can Be Used For a Variety of Ages –

From reading through customer reviews, I have seen that this net has not only been used by high school teams, but as well teams all the way down to age 7.

  • Highly Reviewed –

  • There were more reviews with the STX High School Goal than there were with the NCAA level goal. A good amount of quality, positive customer feedback is always helpful/reassuring.
  • Easy Enough to Transport –

  • This STX High School Goal only weighs about 20 pounds. With that in mind, setting it up for practice, or setting it up in your backyard every time you want to use it should not be much of a problem.
  • “Official Lacrosse Goal” –

  • This STX Goal meets the official high school requirements for size and shape, and that can be a great asset to have in practice for making anything a bit more “game-like.” Regulation lacrosse goals can be hard to find, but we did it!
  • Simple Enough Setup –

  • Setup did not seem to be too much trouble. Expect a 2 hour or so process, with most of the time dedicated just to stringing up the net.
  • Durable Net for High School Age Players and Below –

  • Based off of former laxer experience, this net holds up to countless hours of use with high school aged players and below. As a rule of thumb, consider carefully getting a lacrosse net below the 2.5mm mark, these nets will rip a bit easier.

Potential Drawbacks –

  • Difficult to Transport –

  • This STX Goal comes in at 114 pounds. This goal will be difficult to move unless you have a team setting it up and taking it down everyday.
  • Storage –

  • If you have a good storage facility (preferably near your practice field of play), then you should not have a problem with storing these STX regulation lacrosse goals. Storage is just something to think about, especially when this next is quite heavy and a bit awkward.
  • Not a Widely Reviewed Goal –  

  • From the research that I was able to do, I was only able to dig up a couple of real reviews (they were 5/5 star reviews though!).
  • Large Investment –

  • These are very high quality regulation lacrosse goals. That being said, you need to expect a larger price tag.

Overall Value – Check it out on!

As previously mentioned, we all had to expect the price of the STX NCAA Game Goal would be a bit steep. There is no question this is a high quality product and you will get tons of time and good use out it whether you are purchasing one for a competitive team or at home use. If using regulation lacrosse goals is important to your practicing philosophy, then you cannot get more official than the STX Goal here.

#2. Review Coming Soon! Kwik Goal Official Lacrosse Goal

#3. Review Coming Soon! Trigon Sports Official Lacrosse Goal