Looking for a Lacrosse Goal to Use in the Backyard?

No question about it, having a lacrosse goal on hand in the backyard could be a blast! Not only can you practice at a whim, but you can get some good pickup games going at home too.

Don’t limit your practice only to the time you get with your teams! Good lacrosse players are made just from more time spent with the stick in hand, practicing throwing, shooting, catching and passing. Yes, they are the basics, but mastering the basics makes for a great player!

Below we have our top 5, yes our top 5 of the best lacrosse nets that you can buy for your backyard! Take a look and see what you think!

The 5 Best Backyard Lacrosse Goals on Sale Now

But wait! Maybe you are looking for a mini lacrosse goal to play around with?

#1. Franklin Sports Backyard Lacrosse Goal

Manufacturer Specs:
*Made by Franklin
*Available in two sizes: 48 inch by 48 inch, or 72 inch by 72 inch
*1.25″ diameter steel frame
*Easy snap-lock frame assembly
*2.5mm all-weather polyester net
*Reinforced net edging and rugged tarpaulin net back pocket; rope ties included

Pros: This goal is sturdy and easy to assemble. It also does a good job of holding up to the elements, especially considering Franklin’s lacrosse goals cheap.

Potential Drawbacks: Attaching the net to this lacrosse goal can be a bit of a pain. It would also be inconvenient to transport this goal.

Overall Value – Check it out on Amazon!

Franklin has managed to produce a cheap lacrosse goal that’s of respectable quality. Considering it’s for sale at $49.24, this lacrosse goal is an excellent value.

#2. Champion Sports Backyard Lacrosse Goal

Manufacturer Specs:
*Made by Champion Sports
*Goals come in 4′ x 4′ or 6′ x 6′ with heavy duty orange steel tubing
*2.3mm braided polyethylene netting.
*Net attaches in seconds with Velcro straps.

Pros: This lacrosse goal is easy to assemble. This goal also comes with a decent frame.

Potential Drawbacks: The velcro straps used to fasten this goal’s netting are almost useless. They may hold up for young children, but they’ll break on the first shot from your college or high school player. For that reason, it’s recommended you use a strong replacement such as bungee ties for fastening the net.

Overall Value: Check it out on Amazon.com!

The Champion Sports Goal is fairly priced! Find this model for around $100!

#3. STX Folding Backyard Lacrosse Goal

Specs –

  • Hinge in lower corners allows for goal to fold flat for easy storage and transport
  • Orange powder coated finish
  • Includes 3mm mid-weight net
  • 16 pounds

Why You Should Get This Net –  

  • Lightweight, Easy to Move –

    This net comes in at only 16 pounds. That is really lightweight for the lacrosse goals we have been taking a look at, and should make this STX goal very easy to transport.

  • Folds for Storage –

    Certainly a cool feature like that of the Bownet, the STX goal folds up quickly making storing it and taking it down a breeze.

Potential Drawbacks –

  • Not Much Information –

    There was not a ton of information on the STX goal. It made it a bit challenging to give you the information you need, our apologies.

Overall Value – Check it out on Amazon.com!

It’s hard to give you good information on this lacrosse goal with such little feedback to dig through. If I were you, I’d definitely consider one of the other products I recommended first before taking a chance on this one. Wait till there is more feedback.

#4. Brine Backyard Lacrosse Goal

Specs –

  • Official size, 6′ x 6′ x 7′
  • 1.5″ powder-coated steel frame
  • Includes a 2.5 mm extension poly net and lacking cord
  • Includes four quick net fasteners
  • Around 35 lbs.
  • Angled base bar construction

Why You Should Get This Net –  

  • Small Collection of Reviews, but Good Reviews –

    Although the Brine Backyard Lacrosse Goal did not put up the list of reviews that the SSG did, it still had a few good reviews to speak of.

  • Fast Set Up on the Net –

    With the four net fasteners that they provide you, the net should be fairly easy to set up, especially in consideration to other models I have on the page here.

  • Fairly Lightweight –

    The Brine Backyard Goal should be easily to move around, only coming in at about 35 pounds.

Potential Drawbacks –

  • Little Feedback –

    With the little feedback that we could uncover, it was hard to draw up any drawbacks for you guys. That being said, if someone gets to use this net, speak up!

Overall Value – Check it out on Amazon.com! (Around $100)

From what I can tell, and from the little customer feedback I could find, the Brine Backyard Goal seems like a safe bet for anybody’s at home goal.

#5. Predator Sports Backyard Lacrosse Goal

The Predator Sports Backyard Lacrosse Goal was designed and made by Lacrosse players for practice, home play and tailgating. It was designed to match the dimensions of a high school game goal which is sturdy and can handle a real game play.

Specs –

1. Square Corners-Unlike other practice goals that have rounded corners, this goal has square corners like the real high school or college goals.

2. Weight and Size

The Predator Sports Backyard Lacrosse Goal and net combined weigh around 32 pounds. Its tubular make also keeps it light and easy to manage in your backyard.

3. Size- The size of this goal is small enough to fit anywhere you want it to and yet big enough to give you adequate service.

4. Material

The 3mm net has a lacing cord that enables it to fit tightly on the steel poles and it can easily come on and off. It comes with heavy gauge galvanized steel tube frame that sits heavily on the ground and has an orange powder coat so it’s hard to miss.


1. This goal is similar to officially built goals. You have the square corners, the correct dimensions, really a value proposition.

2. It is easy to set up and no tools are required to do it.

3.The goal is light and easy to move around! Don’t worry about having to keep it in one spot!


The only downside to this goal is that it’s only coated at the top and the rest of the steel is exposed to elements and hence rust. Other than that it’s as good as they come. It should be set up on brick in the off season or dissembled all together.

If you play lacrosse and would like some opportunity to practice more in the comfort of your backyard, the Predator Sports Backyard Lacrosse Goal is the goal for you. It is fairly affordable and will last a long time with proper care!

Overall Value – Check it out on Amazon.com! Great Value!