The Best Lacrosse Goals for Sale

This page on the “best lacrosse goals and nets” is ALWAYS UPDATED. I want to make sure you are getting the most quality and up-to-date information possible. 
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Would you take a faster, more powerful, straight up more dangerous shot if you were giving the offer? 

Of course you would. 

Well, sorry, I wish I could “gift” you all that and your lacrosse game would be killer instantly, but sometimes we have to work for things people.

That’s why today I wanted to set you on the right direction for buying the best lacrosse goal or net to make that lacrosse shot of yours more dangerous.

Maybe you are in need of a new lacrosse net?

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Picking up lacrosse goals for a competitive team, or for use at home, can dramatically improve development of the team’s, or your shot.

You will be taking more powerful, more accurate, overall more dangerous shots for the opposing team in no time. 

Dimensions of Lacrosse GoalsOutline of Our Page on Lacrosse Goals

  • Things to Consider – I will outline for you all the questions you should be asking yourself when you are in the process of buying of buying your own lacrosse goal.
  • Our List of the Best Lacrosse Goals and Nets – Next, I give you the full list! This list goes in order progressively from the goals that are used at the college level, down to the goals you’ll use in the backyard. Keep that in mind.
  • Replacement Materials – It sucks, but sometimes things happen to your lacrosse goal. Here you will find some replacement materials (nets, fasteners, etc.) that I recommend you pick up, just in case.
  • Lacrosse Goal Add Ons – If you want more than just the lacrosse goal, in this section you’ll find some cool add-ons, like lacrosse goal targets that will make your new goal even more of an elite practice tool.
  • Lacrosse Goal Alternatives – Finally, if you feel that a full sized goal is not exactly what you are looking for right now, I will lay out some possible alternatives for you. Those alternatives being some mini-goal sets for recreation, or lacrosse rebounders, another awesome practice tool.

Things to Consider When Buying a Lacrosse Goal/Net –

  • Who are You Buying For? 
    You need to think about who will be using this lacrosse goal. If it’s going to be used by competitive, elite players, then you need to buy accordingly and get a heavy duty goal and net. If it’s intended for some youngsters, a cheaper but still quality goal that I recommended would be more ideal.
  • How Will the Goal/Net be Used? Is your goal going to be used in practices? Will you have it planted in your backyard? What you choose to buy for at-home use versus something for a competitive team’s practice tool may be different.
  • Do You Need Something Transportable?   How much are you going to have to move around your lacrosse goals? If you need to move it around quite a bit, you may want to consider one of the lighter, easier to break down and set-up type models I recommend.
  • Do You Want Something “Official?”  Is it important to you that you or the laxer you are buying for play with something that will be as “game-like” as possible? This can really change the way a player practices, and in turn change how they play in the game.
  • How Much Will You Invest? 

This is always important to think about. You want to make sure the money you are investing will be well worth it. That’s why at the end of each lacrosse goal write up, we throw an “overall value” section in there to give you an idea of what sort of purchase you would be making.

Without further ado, let’s get to our list!

Our Top 10! The Best 10 Lacrosse Goals for Sale Now!

Take a look at what One Stop Lacrosse is calling the best 10 lacrosse goals available on the market right now!

#1. The Rage Cage Lacrosse Goal

The Rage Cage Lacrosse Goal is shaping up to be an amazing model. The price is reasonable. It’s suitable for serious high school and club lacrosse players, and the quality is there!

This goal will fold up for easy transport, right around 50 pounds, and it’s pre-strung! Save yourself some time!

Not sold on why this is the best lacrosse goal on sale now? No problem! Click below to go to our full page review of the Rage Cage Goal!

Click HERE to go to our full page review of the Rage Cage Lacrosse Goal >>>>

#2. Gladiator Official Lacrosse Goal Net

This Gladiator Lacrosse Goal is the real deal! An all-new addition to our list here at One Stop Lacrosse. The assembly seems to be tremendously easy. You can have this baby setup and strung in about a half hour.

The poles will snap together for you, so you don’t have to mess with screws. Although the build is still extremely sturdy, this goal remains rather light.

Laxers are rating this goal extremely high, and so are we! For the price (around $100) laxers are calling this the best goal on the market! Not convinced? Check out our full page review below! 

Click HERE to go to a full page review of the Gladiator Official Lacrosse Goal >>>

#3. Franklin Sports Backyard Lacrosse Goal

This Franklin Sports Backyard Lacrosse Goal comes in at a great price, and from laxer reviews it seems great quality! It comes in two different sizes, has an easy assembly with a snap-frame build, and has reinforced netting for increased durability.

Wanting a top of the line backyard goal? This Franklin model may be what you are looking for!

Not enough information? Find the full review of the Franklin Sports Goal on the Best Backyard Lacrosse Goals page! 

Click HERE to see the full page review of the Franklin Sports Backyard Lacrosse Goal >>> 

#4. Champion Sports Backyard Lacrosse Goal

This Champion Sports Backyard Lacrosse Goal seems to be a tremendous option for kids! This goal is not meant for the higher level varsity or college level players. The goal wont be able to take your heat!

But! For parents looking for a good lacrosse goal for their kids, look no further! This frame is a quick snap together (some parents say they’ve had this thing setup in 10 minutes!). If you are looking for a good recreational model, a model for kids, this net and frame should be what you are looking for.

Plenty of  reviews will tell you, this isn’t for elite players, but for younger players this net does the job! Not convinced? Read more about this goal below! 

Click HERE to be taken to our full page write up on the Champion Sports Backyard Lacrosse Goal >>>

#5. EZ Goal Official Regulation Lacrosse Goal


Ez Goal is quickly making a name for themselves as one of the top quality manufacturers for lacrosse goals, rebounders and nets right now.

This model is fantastic in that it can double as a goal and a rebounder! Get the best of both worlds here. Setup is a breeze with the EZ Goal, it also folds flat for quick and easy storage, and the steel frame is top quality. It’s no joke! The netting and laces are UV protected to help protect the net from the weather. Not sold on this net just yet? No worries! Take a look at our full page review below. 

Click HERE to go to the full page review for the EZ Goal Official Regulation Lacrosse Goal >>>

#6. SSG Practice Lacrosse Goal

Shopping for a perfect backyard lacrosse goal? Although not an official goal the SSG Practice Lacrosse Goal is getting some awesome reviews. Laxers and parents alike seem to love it!

The net has been called “heavy duty” and the totally assembly time has been quoted at just under and hour! Sounds like this goal will last, and satisfy exactly you backyard lacrosse needs.

Not convinced? No worries! See below to go to our full-page review of the SSG Practice Lacrosse Goal. 

Click HERE to go to our full page review of the SSG Practice Lacrosse Goal >>> 

#7. Crown Sporting Goods Lacrosse Goal

A great goal that we are putting on our “Under $100 List” the Crown Sporting Goods Lacrosse Goal is a quality model for which anyone could make a quick investment on to pick up.

Customer reviews are coming back really rather positive for this goal, setup seems easy enough, and transport seems fine as well! Breaking down the goal and packing it in in the car is a real breeze. As mentioned above, this lacrosse goal is a deal! Under $100…

Looking for a goal that won’t be a massive investment? The Crown Sporting Goods Lacrosse goal could be your choice!

Click HERE to see the full page review of the Crown Sporting Goods Lacrosse Goal >>>

#8. EZ Goal Lacrosse Folding Goal


The EZ Goal brand gets another mention here on our top 10, with a wonderful folding lacrosse goal for beginners. This goal is regulation size, has a heavy duty frame and seems to setup like a breeze!

As well, it’s a steal! For under $100. Laxers are giving this goal great reviews as it’s easy to setup, and easy to take down and fold away. Not convinced? No problem, take a look below to go to the page where we have written up a full review.

Click HERE to go to the full page review of the EZ Goal Lacrosse Folding Goal >>> 

#9. Predator Sports Backyard Lacrosse Goal

Really a great goal for the backyard! The corners on this goal are official, they match the style of the high school and college goals. Why would you practice otherwise?? Practice like you should play!

Parents and players say this goal is easy to setup, and they’ve been really rather pleased with the quality! Not sure just yet if this net is right for you? No problem! Go to our full page of reviews to check it out for yourself! 

Click HERE to see the full page review of the Predator Sports Lacrosse Goal >>>

#10. STX Official Lacrosse Goal

Maybe you are shopping for the real deal? Then take a look here, at the STX Lacrosse Goal. This is the type of goal that is used on the field in college lacrosse games!

It seems to snap and screw together rather well, and previous buyers have said it’s nothing but the highest quality. It takes about 1-2 hours to assemble, and it will definitely last! Interested in learning more? Look below for our full page reviews!

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