Would you take a faster, more powerful, straight up more dangerous shot if you were given the offer?

Of course you would.

Well, sorry, I wish I could “gift” you all that and your lacrosse game would be killer instantly, but sometimes we have to work for things people.

That’s why today I wanted to set you on the right direction for buying the best lacrosse goal or to make that shot of yours more dangerous.

We’ve reviewed all the best lacrosse goals for sale right now so you don’t have to! Make the best buying decision for you or your laxer.

Picking up lacrosse goals for a competitive team, or for use at home, can dramatically improve the development of the team’s, or your shot.

With practice, you will be taking more powerful, more accurate, overall more dangerous shots in no time.

We will be reviewing each of the following lacrosse goals:

Using your lacrosse goal a lot? Maybe you are in need of a new lacrosse net?

Lacrosse Goal & Net Buying Guide

There are several factors that you need to address before buying a lacrosse goal for your team, or yourself for that matter. Check the following sections, laid out in a FAQ format, to learn more.

Why might you buy a lacrosse goal of your own?

You don’t want to limit your practice only to the time you get with your teams! Good lacrosse players are made just from more time spent with the stick in hand, practicing throwing, shooting, catching and passing. Yes, they are the basics, but mastering the basics makes for a great player.

Having a lacrosse goal or net at home to practice with will help you to unlock the next level of your game. You can never spend too much time focusing on the fundamentals. Having the right lacrosse practice net is critical to practicing like a pro! 

What are the sizes and dimensions of Lacrosse Goals?

This is a straightforward question to answer. Regardless of the level of play, lacrosse goal size remains constant. The officially regulated and specified size is 6′ x 6′. This is the same for youth leagues, as well as school and college level lacrosse matches and tournaments.

And these dimensions are the same whether you want an official lacrosse goal for match play or a practice goal for training sessions. The only instance where you might get a lacrosse goal in a different size is if you go for indoor lacrosse. There are mini lacrosse goals available for this version of the sport, involving a standard net size of 4’ x 4’.

In all other instances, the size and dimension of the goals remain unchanged. 

What is the difference between official lacrosse goals and practice goals?

Since their sizes remain the same, the difference between official and practice lacrosse goals are based on their build quality, materials used, and a few other factors. They include:

Weight and Build: official goals are built to last for a long time, and can weigh hundreds of pounds. They are made from quality metals and are very difficult to transport due to the extra weight. Practice goals are relatively light and made from less durable materials.

Corners: the corners of an official lacrosse goal are instantly recognizable, thanks to the square welding they sport very prominently. On the other hand, practice goals have rounded corners.

Steel piping: The heavier official goals have much thicker steel piping, often exceeding 1.75 to 2 inches in diameter. Practice goals have much thinner tubing, under 1.5 inches, to reduce the weight and improve portability.

Color: Another difference is that all official lacrosse goals will have bright orange colored borders. But practice goals can have any color, though some are available with the standard orange lining as well.

What are the different goal net options available?

Typical nets used in lacrosse goals range from 2.5mm to 3, 4, 5, and even 6mm in thickness. If you are looking at official game nets, these will usually sport the thicker and stronger nets. The net is the most fragile part of a lacrosse goal, and more than often the first casualty after extended usage.

The thicker the nets, the more they should last. In lower levels of youth leagues and schools, the thinner nets, between 3mm to 6mm, should prove to be more than adequate. Since practice involves constant shooting, often by multiple players, it might be a safe choice to go for more durable nets.

The 2.5mm nets are not an excellent choice from any perspective, except maybe a budget point of view. These nets may be seen on cheaper goals, as well as portable or pop up lacrosse goal products. If you want a backyard lacrosse goal, aim for anything above 3mm in net size. This is due to all the weather conditions that the goal will have to face. Thicker nets are more suited for outdoor lacrosse goals.

Do I need a portable lacrosse goal?

Looking for a lacrosse goal that is easy to haul around? Sometimes that’s a necessity! Portable lacrosse goals are the easiest way to accomplish this.

These kinds of lax goals are great if your practice schedule involves driving out to different fields or grounds. A collapsible lacrosse goal can be easily stored away in a car or pickup and transported easily from one point to another. But such foldable lacrosse goal does have a few drawbacks, with durability being a prime concern.

Why not just create a DIY lacrosse goal?

Unless you are an expert at metal work and welding, all the DIY lacrosse projects you can do will involve weak PVC piping. We don’t have to highlight the disadvantage these goals will have when compared to high-quality goals made from steel.

And further, creating a folding lacrosse goal as part of a DIY project is a complicated task to say the very least. Why waste your time when you can buy an affordable lightweight lacrosse goal online. They will get the job done while lasting a great deal longer as well.

How to get the most out of your practice lacrosse goal

Having a lacrosse goal on hand in the backyard could be a blast. Not only can you practice at a whim, but you can get good pickup games going at home too.

Goals that are easy to set up and take down are really important for getting to and from practices. Teams with goals they can use every practice have a huge advantage over their competition.

Without further ado, let’s get into the reviews!

The 10 Best Lacrosse Goals and Nets for Sale in 2018:

#1. Casey Powell Signature Edition Gladiator Official Lacrosse Goal Net

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If you are a fan of the Lacrosse superstar Casey Powell, this might be the perfect goal option for you. It is a sleek lax goal, designed by Casey himself. This official signature edition looks extremely stylish with an all-black look. The net, the poles, everything has a black color finish.

The steel frame is par for the course, with a 1.5-inch thickness that is often found on good quality practice nets. The corners are rounded, which is also a very standard feature. It doesn’t take too long to set up this goal, thanks to its snap lock assembly. This process removes the need for any special tools.

The star of the package has to be that black polyester net. It is 6mm in thickness, which is the best you can get for a lacrosse goal. This net is truly all weather and can be expected to last a long time. As a bonus, you also get a training guide created by Powell along with this goal. The guide is designed to improve practice and take your game to the next level.


  • Extremely stylish looking net
  • Durable steel frame
  • Outstanding quality on the net
  • Very easy to assemble


  • No major cons, except maybe the lack of official orange color

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#2. BSN Practice Lacrosse Goal and Net 

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If you want a solid lacrosse goal and can live without additional portability features, this might be the product for you. It is a full official size practice goal, with bright orange borders. That orange is powder coated onto sturdy 13-gauge steel tubing.

You get lancing rods on uprights, and the rear ground supports and inside fronts for extra stability. This deluxe practice goal looks the part. It doesn’t look flimsy at all. But on a slight downside, it weighs a total of 70lbs. Unlike most practice goals, the corners on this one are squared and not rounded, which is a very nice touch indeed.

This one can be used in a home backyard, or a practice ground at a club or school. The powder coating is smooth and even, which is a sign of excellent fit and finish. The net is 3mm thick and has a knotless design. It can stand the rigors of regular practice as well as the outside weather.


  • Extremely rugged and sturdy design and build
  • Durable 3mm net
  • Has the features of expensive goals, minus the pricing
  • Assembly is easy and not too time-consuming


  • Stringing the net can take quite a while
  • The goal is often delivered minus the net
  • Not collapsible of very portable

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#3. Ruckett Rip It! Portable Lacrosse Goal 

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*Made by RUKKET

*4’x4′ indoor regulation size or 6’x6′ regulation lacrosse goal. The flexibility also means the goal absorbs the impact of the ball, making it exceptionally durable.

*Incredibly lightweight yet stands up to the hardest shots. Made from solid fiberglass poles and rotating steel corners that allow it to set up and fold down.

*Folds down in 3 motions into a flat triangle that fits into a carrying case.

*Corner pockets allow for storage of personal items and water bottles or weights if the ground is not suitable for stakes.

*Perfect for coaches and players, novices to pros! Use indoor or outdoors.

Pros: This may be one of the most portable lacrosse goals on the market. Lightweight and easy to move! It’s possible to assemble the Rukket portable goal in just 5 to 10 minutes.

Potential Drawbacks:

Parents say the 6×6 goal is significantly easier to transport than the 4×4 goal. You’ll want to consider how often you’ll be packing this goal up before deciding which size you’ll purchase.

Overall Value –

The Rukket portable lacrosse goal offers solid performance and easy transportation. Rukket has also become a great brand that’s come on the scene.

See more reviews for this product on Amazon.com

#4. Gladiator Official Lacrosse Goal Net

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The Gladiator 6’x6′ Lacrosse Goal Net is an awesome practice goal that you could toss in the backyard. The Gladiator Official Lacrosse Goal is a strong, high-quality goal that is built with a 100 percent steel frame…that’s nearly  20 percent higher steel content that it’s closest competitors. The goal net has a 3mm braided polyester net with a reinforced lacing cord.

The braided polyester net and lacing cord snap pieces facilitate easy assembly. There is an angled base bar construction with reinforced seams that prevent ripping. The net comes in handy with easy, step-by-step instructions for a quick, stress-free setup. The lacrosse goal is highly recommended as backyard lacrosse goals go for training your shot accuracy. Shred the top ched!


The packaging includes the full 72′ by 72′ goal with 3mm braided polyester net and lacing cord.

– The shipping weight is 30.2 pounds.

– There is 1.5″ diameter all-steel orange frame.

– Easy step-by-step guide to facilitate easy construction with snap pieces

– Rust proof – Fully coated with orange over zinc coated steel.

– Made of 2-inch steel with welded corners.

Pros of the Gladiator Official Lacrosse Goal Net

Reviews are raving for the Gladiator Lacrosse Goal!

The gladiator official lacrosse practice goal is an easily collapsible, portable and lightweight goal. Other reasons that make this goal a good buy include;

– The goal is made to fold easily and transport around your backyard or the practice area.

– It is designed for backyard and training

– The official 6×6 lacrosse goal is made up of 2-inch steel with welded corners.

– The goal is fully coated with orange over zinc coated steel making it rust proof.

– There is an included lacrosse goal shooting backup net.

Cons of the Gladiator Official Lacrosse Goal Net

Reasons that would make one not to buy the Gladiator Official Lacrosse Goal Net is still a matter of debate. The negative reviews were really hard to come by…not a bad problem to have!

Nearly 100 percent of the buyers who bought the goal were contented.

Overall Value –

When looking to buy a lacrosse practice goal, then the Gladiator Official Lacrosse Goal Net is by far one of the best buys you can make!

It is an excellent outdoor lacrosse goal that matches the official dimensions. The poles easily snap together with no screws. If you want a lacrosse goal cheap and easy, then you should make a point of looking up for this goal at Amazon!

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#5. Champion Sports Pop Up Portable Lacrosse Goal 

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If you are looking for something simple, and fun, there is no doubt you will love this portable pop-up lacrosse goal. The product measures 6 feet by six feet and it is made of a strong and durable flat steel frame which is attached with a heavy duty inch mesh netting as well as nylon binding. The goal has four corner targets, four mesh pockets, two steel support poles and four 10-inch ground spikes.

It is the ideal goal for elementary school, recreational play and tailgating! As well, this goal dissembles easily for compact storage and normally comes with a nylon bag for easier portability.


  • strong and durable – steel frame with mesh netting and a nylon binding
  • Four Corner targets
  • Four mesh pockets with two steel support poles
  • Four 10-inch long ground spikes
  • The goal measures 6 feet by 6 feet
  • The package normally comes with a nylon carry bag

Pros –

Some of the greatest pros of this pop-up goal include:

  • It is a lightweight goal which can be folded into a compact unit for easier storage and portability
  • The product normally comes with a carry bag for easier transportation
  • It has a strong steel frame, which guarantees you optimum durability
  • It is also very easy to set up and dismantle
  • It is a convenient product that can be used indoors as well as outdoors

Cons –

On the downside:

  • The mesh netting and the nylon binding can easily be torn off, hence may require replacement compared to other portable lacrosse goals.

Overall Value –

Whether you are playing lacrosse for recreational purposes, in competition, during practice or at school during physical education lessons, you need a strong and stable goal which will not collapse in the course of the game. It should be made of top quality materials which guarantee you optimum durability. It should also be easily portable and easy to set up as well as dismantle. If you need a goal with these qualities and more, the Champion Sports portable pop up lacrosse goal may be the best product for you.

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#6. EZ Goal Lacrosse Folding Goal

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Specs –

Powder-coated 1.5 in. steel frame
Reinforced, UV-resistant netting
Assembles easily in minutes
Folds flat for easy storage
Dimensions: 72W x 72H inches
33 pounds

Why You Should Get This Net –  

Foldable, Easy to Transport –

Unlike most of these lacrosse goals I have on this page here, the EZ Goal Lacrosse Goal actually folds up for you, making it very easy to store.
Strong Frame –

For the price of this lacrosse goal, a lot of previous buyers said they were surprised with the level of durability the frame seemed to carry.

Great for Beginners –

This net WILL NOT hold up to use from older players who can shoot the ball a lot harder. Previous buyers said it has ripped on command with older players but has been perfect for the beginner crowd.
Potential Drawbacks –

Weak Net – Although the frame seemed to be of decent quality, many people found trouble with the net, even just after a few days of use.

Overall Value –  

If you are looking for a BEGINNER net then this net may be perfect for you.

Interested in adding on a rebounder? This same EZ Goal Lacrosse Goal can come in a package with a shock material net that attaches to the front of the goal for use as a rebounder. Attach it when you want to use the rebounder, take it off when you want a regular goal!

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#7. Bownet 6′ x 6′ Official Full-Size Lacrosse Goal 

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This goal is made from a rigid steel frame, BOW poles, and a tear resistant netting. The net has a Raschel knotless design, and a proprietary Energy Absorption System to increase its ability to withstand the shock of impact from shots.

It can be set up in under two minutes, and require no special tools or heavy systems. There is no risk of any injury during the installation either. The takedown time is also similarly brief, and the whole process is straightforward to master.

The steel frame is shod with rubber feet. This helps prevent any damage to the floors or grass surface, and this goal can be easily set up indoors or outdoors. Please do note that the door has the standard 6’ x 6’ outdoor lacrosse dimensions.

For improved portability and storage, the goal and all its moving parts are sold with a carry bag. This bag can house the ground frame, poles, and the goal netting. The bag has rollers for improved mobility as well.


  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Easy and fast setup and dismantling process
  • Can be transported anywhere in carrying bag
  • Made from good quality materials


  • Lacks a top bar
  • Not the sturdiest lax goal available

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#8. Franklin Sports Backyard Lacrosse Goal 

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Manufacturer Specs:

*Made by Franklin

*Available in two sizes: 48 inch by 48 inch, or 72 inch by 72 inch

*1.25″ diameter steel frame

*Easy snap-lock frame assembly

*2.5mm all-weather polyester net

*Reinforced net edging and rugged tarpaulin net back pocket; rope ties included

Pros: This goal is sturdy and easy to assemble. It also does a good job of holding up to the elements, especially considering Franklin’s lacrosse goals cheap.

Potential Drawbacks: Attaching the net to this lacrosse goal can be a bit of a pain. It would also be inconvenient to transport this goal.

Overall Value –

Franklin has managed to produce a cheap lacrosse goal that’s of respectable quality. Considering it’s for sale at $49.24, this lacrosse goal is an excellent value.

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#9. EZ Goal Official Regulation Lacrosse Goal 

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Key specifications of this lacrosse goal include:

  • It has a telescoping frame, which adjusts the throwback angle for line dives, grounders and high pops.
  • It features a 2-inch powder-coated 17-gauge steel frame with a rigid construction.
  • It comes with a heavy-duty polypropylene UV-treated rebounder net that has bungee connections.
  • The product is quite easy to set up.
  • The goal folds flat for easier portability and storage.
  • It is 72 inches high and 72 inches wide.

Pros of the EZ Folding Metal Lacrosse Goal

Some of the benefits of this goal include:

  • It is easy to set up without any tools.
  • Its foldable design allows for easier portability and storage.
  • Its parts are made of heavy-duty material and has a rigid construction which offers stability and long-term durability.
  • The goal can easily be adjusted to suit your needs.
  • All its parts can easily be replaced if they are worn out or damaged.
  • The rebounder comes off quite easily for game play.
  • The whole unit is available at a budget friendly price.

Cons of the EZ Folding Metal Lacrosse Goal

On the downside:

Wear and tear – the net can wear out easily and hence needs frequent replacement.

Overall Value –

If you want to sharpen your Lacrosse playing skills, this EZ Goal Official Regulation Folding Metal Lacrosse Goal with Throwback Kit will no doubt be the best training aid for you. It is a high quality easy-folding units that is made of high quality materials which guarantee you optimum performance and durability. Furthermore, it features a center box, which helps you to sharpen your shooting skills as you aim and shoot. All these features combined make it one of the best lacrosse goals on the market.

See more reviews of this product on Amazon.com

#10.  STX Official Lacrosse Goal

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Why You Should Get this Net –

Can Be Used For a Variety of Ages –

From reading through customer reviews, I have seen that this net has not only been used by high school teams, but as well teams all the way down to age 7.

Highly Reviewed –

  • There were more reviews with the STX High School Goal than there were with the NCAA level goal. A good amount of quality, positive customer feedback is always helpful/reassuring.

Easy Enough to Transport –

  • This STX High School Goal only weighs about 20 pounds. With that in mind, setting it up for practice, or setting it up in your backyard every time you want to use it should not be much of a problem.

“Official Lacrosse Goal” –

  • This STX Goal meets the official high school requirements for size and shape, and that can be a great asset to have in practice for making anything a bit more “game-like.” Regulation lacrosse goals can be hard to find, but we did it!

Simple Enough Setup –

  • Setup did not seem to be too much trouble. Expect a 2 hour or so process, with most of the time dedicated just to stringing up the net.

Durable Net for High School Age Players and Below –

  • Based off of former laxer experience, this net holds up to countless hours of use with high school aged players and below. As a rule of thumb, consider carefully getting a lacrosse net below the 2.5mm mark, these nets will rip a bit easier.

Potential Drawbacks –

  • Difficult to Transport –
  • This STX Goal comes in at 114 pounds. This goal will be difficult to move unless you have a team setting it up and taking it down everyday.
  • Storage –
  • If you have a good storage facility (preferably near your practice field of play), then you should not have a problem with storing these STX regulation lacrosse goals. Storage is just something to think about, especially when this next is quite heavy and a bit awkward.
  • Large Investment –
  • These are very high quality regulation lacrosse goals. That being said, you need to expect a larger price tag.

Overall Value –

As previously mentioned, we all had to expect the price of the STX NCAA Game Goal would be a bit steep. There is no question this is a high quality product and you will get tons of time and good use out it whether you are purchasing one for a competitive team or at home use. If using regulation lacrosse goals is important to your practicing philosophy, then you cannot get more official than the STX Goal here.

See more reviews of this product on Amazon.com


Based on our testing and review results, the Casey Powell Signature Edition Gladiator Official Lacrosse Goal is the clear winner in this roundup. It has all the hallmarks of a great lacrosse goal and no major drawbacks that we could spot. A great lacrosse player designed it, and that shows in the overall quality and features.

It has excellent steel frames, and the best net you could have in a lacrosse goal. And the unusual color only adds to its allure. Though not the lightest goal, it is still quite portable and easy to install and dismantle. This is a great lacrosse goal for practice, be it at home or on your team ground. It may not be suitable for official match play, but that is not its main purpose anyway. This goal comes very highly recommended by us.