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Hey all y’all out there protecting the net for your teams, you need to make sure you are getting the best gear for your game! As this page gets built out, we will collect more and more lacrosse goalie gear reviews so you can keep racking up those clean sheets!

But wait, are you in the market for a new pair of lacrosse cleats?Army against Syracuse Lacrosse game showcasing Goalie Throat Protector

For the moment, you’ll find the following full page reviews:

The Best Lacrosse Goalie Gloves

A good pair of lacrosse goalie gloves will help goalies make more saves. Period!

With a high quality pair lacrosse gloves you’ll fee the natural fit, the flexibility to move your hand without restriction, and get enough protection for fearless play protecting the net.

Yet that perfect pair of gloves can often times seem like a unicorn. There are far more gloves out there that y’all should try to avoid…That’s why we put together our lists! Find the best goalie lacrosse gloves for you.

The Best Goalie Shin Guards

Another important piece of equipment for goalies…the shin guards. Paying the goalie position certainly isn’t glorious! That’s why our goalies need to be protected.

Shin injuries are some of the most painful, annoying and slow to recover injuries one can get. With a good pair of shinguards however, you shouldn’t have to worry about that. That’s why we put together the list that we have!

The Best Goalie Throat Protector

We all know goalies are a little crazy right? It’s that good crazy though. You want to have the most gutsy player in net. The one who is willing to take a shot for the team belongs at the goalie position.

However, goalies have to be suited up from head to toe! That includes the throat, folks. Getting the most comfortable, durable throat protector will be important to playing in front of the net fearlessly.

That’s why we put together our list of the best goalie throat protectors! Take a look and see which one is right for you.


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