Do you want greater throwing power?  

midfield lacrosse player

Do you want to feel confident going into face-offs, checks and scooping ground balls? 

Are you getting the ‘stick feel’ you need to play comfortably and confidently?  

My goal with this post is to get you to find the pair of lacrosse gloves that make you say “yes” to all those questions without hesitation.

Specifically, you and I will be talking about The Best Lacrosse Gloves on the market now.

Having the right gloves is critically important for changing how you play!  

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Here’s how things are going to look:

  1. I am going to reveal to you what we at “OneStopLacrosse” think is THE BEST Lacrosse Glove on the market now.
  2. Next, comes our list of “Runners-Up” – Solid gloves that did not quite feel right at #1.

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Here’s our list of the Best Lacrosse Gloves on the Market!

Brine King IV Lacrosse Gloves

Specs –  

  • Skylight Protection Technology – ABS Caps on each finger for extra protection
  • “Floating Arch Tech” Backhand
  • Dual Density Foam Throughout the Glove
  • 5 Brick Thumb Protection Shape
  • Single Layer Palm 
  • 7 0z.
  • Leather Mesh Palm Material
  • Available in these Colors:
    • Black
    • Forest Green
    • Navy
    • Red
    • Royal
    • White

Take another look at the Brine King IV Lacrosse gloves via video courtesy of

Player Type –

The Brine King IV Gloves will surely stand up to elite play (that’s why they are the king!). There is a reason we put these gloves in our #1 spot as “The Best Lacrosse Gloves,” and that is because we feel they are made for the elite lacrosse player.

These gloves are by no means “heavy,” but they will certainly give you the protection you need. It’s hard to recommend these gloves for just one player, as I honestly feel they could serve any position player well.


Why You Should Get These Lacrosse Gloves –

  • Perfect Fit, Nothing to Fret About –  From the looks of things, these Brine King gloves have one of the best “fits” of any gloves on the market. They run true to size and players using them have spoken up to say they feel comfortable and snug every time they slip them on.
  • Serious Protection, Seriously – This pair of Brine gloves was made to withstand some serious impact! The design on these gloves speaks for themselves. You have the Skylight Protection Technology with the ABS caps on each finger, you have the dual foam throughout the whole glove, and the improve Floating Arch Tech backhand design. Need I say more? Oh, yeah and the 5 Brick Protection, guess I forgot to add that in.
  • Do You Want More Heat on Your Throw? – More than one player who has played extended time with these gloves said they noticed a considerable change in their throwing power immediately upon making the switch. Be the King of the Heat!
  • Good Level of Flexibility, High Range of Motion – The Arch Backhand design seems to give players an extended amount of flexibility and motion that you won’t find with a lot of other gloves.
  • Feel Your Stick, as If You Weren’t Wearing a Glove At All – Lacrosse players love to have a good feel on their stick at all times (duh right?). With the reports I have gotten back from players, these gloves, more so than any other pair, give you the best stick feel possible. Brine’s choice to give a single layer palm, with leather mesh material seems to have paid off.
  • The HIGHEST REVIEWED GLOVES ON THE MARKET – You won’t find another pair of gloves as consistently highly reviewed as the Brine King IV lacrosse gloves. That’s why I had to go and put these gloves at number one!

Things to Be Cautious Of – Brine King 4 the best lacrosse gloves

  • Not much…Seriously! – It’s really difficult to find a hang up with these Brine King lacrosse gloves, and that’s of course why I put them at the #1 spot on our list of “The Best Lacrosse Gloves.” There was one instance where a customer had some trouble with a little rip on their glove, but customer service over at Brine was great, and they took care of everything, no question.

Overall Value – Check them out on 

Bottom line, these gloves would be PERFECT for any new player.

We could not exactly determine from the collection of reviews, which set would be better between the Easton pair at $20 and this Brine pair at $40, but when it comes to gear we tend to feel Brine is always a safe bet.

(We would love more buyer input!)


That’s our current list of “The Best Lacrosse Gloves” available!

If you feel a different glove should be added, or you have some further questions about the gloves I have written up here, please reach out and send us an email, hit us up on twitter or leave a comment!