Are you looking to buy lacrosse balls in bulk? Are you trying to buy a whole bucket of lacrosse balls? Do you want to know where to buy lacrosse balls?

Well, if you answered “yes” to any of those questions, this post is for you!

Purchasing cheap unofficial lacrosse balls will decrease the quality of your practice. After practicing with an unofficial ball you’re likely to be surprised on game day when the official ball bounces or rebounds in a way you’re not accustomed to.

For this reason, purchasing an official lacrosse ball is very important. To make your search easy; we’ve put together a list of the best lacrosse balls below.

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Lacrosse Ball in field

1) Champion Sports NCAA NFHS Certified Lacrosse Ball

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Manufacturer Specs: *Made by Champion Sports
*You will receive (1) white lacrosse ball
*NFHS Certified and meets NCAA specifications – Stamped on the ball
*100% Rubber
*First Quality Balls
*Image displays one ball, front and back for color and stamp verification
*Color options include: white, yellow, blue, orange, red, green, multi color, pink, purple

Pros: This is an official sized lacrosse ball that’s made by Champion Sports. This ball isn’t fancy, but it is durable and certified by both the NCAA and NFHS. This ball also is available in a number of different colors.

Potential Drawbacks:

Player Feedback: Almost all the players that have purchased this ball agree on a few things. They say that the ball is great because it’s certified by the NCAA and NFHS for official play. Players also say you’ll like the ball because it’s available in many colors that are easy to see (they especially recommend the yellow ball). Reviewers also state that this is a great ball for massaging your back after a tough match or lifting weights.
However, this ball doesn’t measure up in every regard. Players say that the ball has a slight chemical smell that’s is hard to ignore. They also say that the smell doesn’t fade over time and that it’s seemingly impossible for you to wash the odor out.

Overall Value:

This isn’t a bad ball at $5.78. In fact, this ball has lots of great features and is a good purchase on almost every level. Yet, we’d recommend you consider skipping on this ball because of it’s putrid smell. This isn’t a bad lacrosse ball, but you can easily do better.

2) Lacrosse Balls (2-Pack) – Choose Your Colors

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Manufacturer Specs:
*Made by Champion Sports
*Includes two (2) official size and weight lacrosse practice balls
*Great for trigger point massage
*Also great for lacrosse practice
*Can choose the two balls from a number of different colors including: blue, green, yellow, orange, red, multi colored, pink

Pros: Champion Sports offers an unmatched selection of colors with these lacrosse balls. These balls are well made and come exactly as advertised. They will perform well for you whether you’re using them for your lacrosse matches or massage.

Potential Drawbacks: These balls have a somewhat bad smell.

Player Feedback: Players say that you’re getting exactly what you’d expect with an order of these balls. The balls are very well made, and should hold up well for whatever you use them for. One reviewer of these lacrosse balls even said this was the only ball their dog couldn’t destroy when playing catch.

Overall Value:

Their price depends on the color configuration you choose, but you should expect to spend about $11.99. You can save a couple dollars by purchasing certain color combinations, however. Regardless, these balls are a good value at their current price. We feel great recommending them to you.

3) Champion Sports Official Lacrosse Balls-Pack of 12

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Manufacturer Specs:
*Made by Champion Sports
*Balls come in packs of 6 or 12
*Lacrosse balls approved by NCAA
*Certain colors are NCAA/NFHS approved and meet NOCSAE standards
*Lacrosse ball NCAA approved

Pros: Because these balls are made by Champion Sports; you can have confidence that they’re well made. You’re also able to save some money by purchasing these large packs of balls rather than purchasing one or two lacrosse balls at a time.

Potential Drawbacks: These balls have an unpleasant smell. Fortunately, this smell does seem to dissipate over time. Another problem is that some of the ball color configurations are not NCAA/NFHS approved.

Player Feedback: These balls work great for practice and massage. Players do caution you, however, to check that the color configuration you choose is NCAA/NHFS approved before purchasing. Although they compliment them on their performance on the field, players also say that they recommend keeping these balls outside as they have a very unpleasant smell.

Overall Value:

If your family is crazy about lacrosse, these packs of balls are a great deal for you. You’ll be able to save a fair amount of money by purchasing these over smaller packs of balls. If you’re able to endure the smell; you won’t be disappointed by the price tags of $18.61 (for 6 balls) and $27.93 (for 12 balls)

4) LBS-2 Pack Lacrosse Massage Balls -Blue Green

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Manufacturer Specs:
*Practice Lacrosse Balls 2 Pack
*Colored Blue & Green
*Lacrosse Balls work great for pets toy balls
*Works great for massaging trigger points and muscle knots
*Lacrosse Balls for back pain and works great for back massage

Pros: These lacrosse balls are excellent for massaging tight and sore muscles. Whether your tightness is caused by playing lacrosse, lifting weights, or simply sitting at your office desk for too long; these balls will help alleviate your discomfort.

Potential Drawbacks: While these balls are great for massage, they don’t appear to be NCAA/NHFS approved. For that reason, we’d stay away from these balls if you intend to use these for official game play. You should be fine using them for practice purposes, however.

Player Feedback: A few players have complained about the odor these balls have. Yet, these balls don’t seem to smell as bad as some of the Champion Sports ball. Overall, players have said that these balls are great for massage purposes. They recommend you use these lacrosse balls for massaging yourself over tennis balls. They say that the extra firmness contributes to a deeper and more thorough massage.

However, reviewers do note that the balls are not NCAA/approved. This means that you or your child cannot use them in official lacrosse leagues.

Overall Value:

The LBS-2 pack of massage lacrosse balls is a good value at $12.99. You’re sure to get an excellent massage with these lacrosse balls. We highly recommend them to you. They’re not perfect (they have a somewhat offputting odor and aren’t NCAA/NHFS approved). Yet, if you just need lacrosse balls for massage or practice purposes these are a great match for you.

5) Champion Sports Official Lacrosse Balls Nocsae-pack of 12-white

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Manufacturer Specs:
*Made by Champion Sports
*Lacrosse ball is NCAA approved
*Comes in a pack of 12

Pros: These balls are an excellent value at their current price. You’ll save a lot of money by purchasing these balls in a pack of 12 rather than purchasing balls individually as you need them. In addition, these balls are well made.

Potential Drawbacks: There have been very few complaints about these balls. These lacrosse balls by Champion Sports don’t have any glaring weaknesses.

Player Feedback: Reviews of the Champion Sports lacrosse balls have been overwhelmingly positive. Players say that you won’t find a better value on lacrosse balls anywhere else. An occasional complaint about these balls, however, is that only about half of the balls in the packages seem to be NOCSAE approved. This means that there’s a chance some of the balls you purchase won’t be allowed for use in official game play. Even so, these “unapproved balls” can still be used for practice and recreational use.

Overall Value:

These are an excellent value at their current price of $27.12. It’s unfortunate that some of the included balls may not be NOCSAE approved, but you’re still getting a great deal. We highly recommend these balls to you.

6)Joe’s USA Lacrosse Balls – All Colors (also used for Back Massage Ball Therapy) (Orange, 1)

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Manufacturer Specs:
*Lacrosse Ball used for Mobility and Massage Therapy
*Made of Rubber
*Orange Lacrosse Ball

Pros:This product is great for massaging your feet and back. You’re guaranteed to get hours of relaxation. You can also use this ball to work out the tight knots in your body.

Potential Drawbacks: This ball doesn’t appear to be approved for official game play so these aren’t the best lacrosse balls for more serious players.

Player Feedback: Those that have purchased this ball have given it positive reviews. For the most part, people say that this ball does an excellent job exercising trigger points in your back. They also say that this ball works greats as a foot roller. There have been a few complaints about the odor of the ball, however. For that reason, we recommend using this ball outside if possible.

Overall Value:

Although we wouldn’t recommend this ball to you if you’re looking to play lacrosse, it does work well as a massage ball. A single ball costs just $6.49 and it’s hard to complain about it at that price.

7) Assorted Color NCAA NFHS Lacrosse Balls

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Manufacturer Specs:
*3 Red Balls, 3 Blue Balls, 2 yellow Balls, 2 White Balls, 2 Orange balls
*Meets NCAA & NFHS Specifications
*Regulation weight 5.5 ozs per ball
*Individually wrapped 1/2 dozen packages
*Boxed for easy gift wrapping

Pros: These balls come in a variety pack of colors. This ensures that everyone in your family gets a ball with their favorite color. These balls are also all approved by the NCAA and NFHS.

Potential Drawbacks: There have been few complaints about these balls.

Player Feedback: Players think extremely highly of this product. The reviews are almost universally positive. Players say they love these balls because they are offered at a good price while also being usable for actual game play (because they meet NCAA and NHFS specifications).

Overall Value:

This package is probably our number one recommendation to you for lacrosse balls. It’s affordable at $34.99, while also having good quality lacrosse balls that are NCAA/NHFS approved.

8) Champro Lacrosse Ball Pack of 12

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Manufacturer Specs:
*Official size and weight
*Made with molded rubber
*Colors include: orange, royal, gold, white, red

Pros: These balls are of good quality and come in a number of different colors. They’re also available at a good price.

Potential Drawbacks: While the balls themselves are of good quality, the order fulfillment process isn’t. See player feedback below.

Player Feedback: Players have given this product mixed positive reviews. The majority of customers recommend these balls to you because they are fairly priced and of good quality. Unfortunately, a number of players have claimed to have had problems with their orders. Some players have received the wrong color balls, the wrong amount, or even been charged more than $20.00 for a single ball.

Overall Value:

The product itself is a good value at $28.88. We are hesitant in recommending it, however, because of the many problems customers have had with order fulfillment. We recommend buying these lacrosse balls with caution.

If you purchase them pay careful attention when ordering, and be ready to contact customer service if you have any problems. It may be better just to skip the potential headaches, however, and purchase a different package of lacrosse balls.

We hope you found our list of the best lacrosse balls useful. Whether you’re using it for massage, or official gameplay; a quality lacrosse ball is important. If you have any questions or comments about the lacrosse ball reviews above, feel free to leave them below. We enjoy hearing from you!