Lacrosse season is just around the corner. Maybe you’ve already purchased a new stick, cleats, or shin guards. You probably feel like you’re just about done shopping for the new season, but wait! Now that you have new equipment they need a bag to carry all of it in. The purpose of this review is so that you can find the best lacrosse stick bag for you!

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1) STX Essential Women’s Stick Bag

Manufacturer Specs:
*Durable nylon stick bag holds up to three sticks so you always have a back-up
*Large top opening for easy access
*External zip-pocket for small items such as mouthguard, keys and wallet
*Strap designed for across the chest or over the shoulder carrying
*Size: 43 inch
*Available in two colors: Pink and Black

Pros: This lacrosse stick bag has been manufactured well and made with quality material. It’s also spacious with a durable and easy to use zipper.

Potential Drawbacks: This bag’s front pocket is too small to be of of much use. You would have benefited if STX made this pocket a bit larger.

Overall Value:

Overall the STX women’s essential lacrosse bag offers good performance at the reasonable price of $22.50.

2) STX Lacrosse Essential Lacrosse Stick Bag

Manufacturer Specs:
*Durable nylon stick bag holds up to three sticks
*Large top opening
*External zipper pocket for personal items
*Size: One Size
*Available in two colors including: Lizard Green and Electric Blue

Pros: This is a spacious 43 inch bag that’ll fit all of your without being too much of a burden for you to carry. Parents say their daughters manage to fit goggles, mouthpieces, and even up to two sticks in this bag.

Potential Drawbacks: This bag was designed with girls in mind. The color choices are neutral so a boy may be able to get away with using it, but there’s bags on the market better suited for males.

Overall Value:

The STX Essential lacrosse stick bag is a great choice for young girls and can be used in a pinch by boys. You’re getting a well made bag and good value as STX currently sells this bag for just $24.99.

3) Debeer Lacrosse FLUSB Bag (42-Length x 4-Width x 8-Height-Inch)

Manufacturer Specs:
*42″L x 4″W x 8″H
*External goggle pocket
*Adjustable shoulder strap
*Printed deBeer logo on the side
Available in several colors including: Navy, Pink, Red, Black, Forest Green, and Royal Blue

Pros: This bag has an adjustable shoulder strap. This strap allows you to quickly and easily change how your body carries the weight of the bag. The Debeer FLUSB bag is also available in several colors — one of which your child is sure to love.

Potential Drawbacks: This bag is a bit less spacious than many of the other bags out there.

Overall Value:

If you want a lightweight and stylish bag the Debeer FLUSB lacrosse stick bag is a good choice for you. This bag is intended more for those who prioritize comfort and visual appeal. It’s not a good choice if you need a bulky bag designed to lug around a bunch of pieces of equipment. At $28.14, the Debeer Lacrosse FLUSB bag is a great choice for budget players who pack light.

4) STX Prime Stick Bag

Manufacturer Specs:
*Tubular shape design to accommodate several sticks, shoes and gear
*Center positioned shoulder strap allows for shoulder or sling carry option
*Side mesh pocket for shoes and water bottle
*Available in a wide variety of colors including: Punch Pink, Electric Blue, Black, Lizard Green, and Grape Purple

Pros: This bag is spacious and capable of holding all your gear and multiple sticks.

Potential Drawbacks: STX occasionally sends customers the wrong colored bag. You may be in for disappointment or a headache setting up a return if you’re set on getting a specific color.

Overall Value:

Provided getting the color you order isn’t important to you, the STX Prime is one of the best lacrosse stick bags at an entry-level price. $25.00, is what this bag currently sells for.

5) Brine Women’s Classic Stick Bag

Manufacturer Specs:
*Inner mesh pocket for goggles
*Durable moisture-resistant liner
*Dimensions 44″ length
*Size: OS
*Color options include: Pink, Black, Lime, Neon Blue

Pros: Girls who use the Brine Women’s Classic bag love it. They say this bag makes them feel good on the field because it’s nicer than their friends’ bags. Another nice thing about this bag it that it’s resistant to moisture.

Potential Drawbacks: We’ll keep our ears open, but so far we’ve almost no complaints about this bag. We’ll update this section if our experience changes, or other players begin having problems with this bag.

Overall Value:

The Brine’s Women Classic lacrosse bag is a good product at a good price. We’d recommend it to you at its current price of $25.00.

6) STX Fusion Equipment Bag [WOMENS]

Manufacturer Specs:
*Designed with the dual-sport athlete in mind.
*Heavy-duty base
*Comfortably fits two lacrosse sticks or up to three field hockey sticks for easy transport.
*Quality shoulder strap
*Inside sleeve for storing protective goggles
*Different color options are: Black/Electric, Black/Lizard, or Black

Pros: This bag is sturdy and will be able to withstand some abuse. The STX Fusion can also be used for both lacrosse and field hockey.

Potential Drawbacks: Players have given this lacrosse stick bag mixed reviews. Some complain that this bag’s pockets are too small. Others say that this bag lacks visual appeal.

Overall Value:

The STX Fusion is a decent bag, but at $28.99, you have better options. You’re better off passing on this bag.

7) Harrow Blitz 4K Backpack

Manufacturer Specs:
*Specialized stick sleeve holds sticks comfortably and securely
*Durable construction
*Weather-resistant material
*Padded shoulder strap
*Three front multi-purpose pockets
*Size: One Size
*Color: Black/Silver

Pros: This lacrosse stick bag has tons of pockets. You’ll easily be able to store and organize all your gear using this bag.

Potential Drawbacks: Unfortunately, the Harrow Blitz suffers from poor stitching. Several players have noticed this bag beginning to fall apart the same year they bought it. As you’ll see, some tough people play lacrosse so you’ll need a bag than can hold up some wear and tear.

Overall Value:

This would’ve been the perfect bag if it was more durable. Unfortunately, weak stitching and a relatively high price tag make the Harrow Blitz 4k a poor value at $45.00.

8) STX Lacrosse Sidewinder Lacrosse Backpack

Manufacturer Specs:
*Cushioned shoulder straps and back panel
*Adjustable side straps hold stick securely
*Two large compartments plus a vented runt pocket
*Heavy-duty base
*19.25 inch L x 14 inch W x 9 inch D
*Size: One Size
*Color offerings are: Black/Red, Black, Black Columbia

Pros: This is a well made medium size lacrosse backpack that’s easy to carry.

Potential Drawbacks: Your child should be able to fit all their gear in this bag, but they’ll likely have to spend some time packing it. This bag isn’t large enough that’ll they be able to “throw and go” with all their gear in a hurry.

Overall Value:

The STX Sidewinder Lacrosse backpack offers excellent quality and performance at $59.99. You’re getting a good value by purchasing it at this price.

9) Brine Women’s Lacrosse Classic Stickbag

Manufacturer Specs:
*Durable moisture-resistant liner
*Zippered storage pocket for mouth guard
*Dimensions: 44-Inch length
*Lots of colors including: Red, Black, Carolina, and Pink

Pros: Brine managed to make a bag that is the perfect size. You can easily fit two sticks in this bag AND easily travel with it on planes. This bag also has a convenient pocket for a mouthguard.

Potential Drawbacks: We haven’t yet had, nor heard from other players about any problems with this bag.

Overall Value:

The Brine Women’s Classic Lacrosse stick bag is one of the the best value lacrosse bags out there. You’re getting an absolute steal for this bag at just $23.58.


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