A backpack is one of the most important purchases you’ll make as a lacrosse player. We’ll admit that having the best lacrosse backpack won’t affect your play on the field in the same way a good lacrosse stick will improve your ability to dodge and deliver checks.

However, a good lacrosse backpack will make carrying all your gear between your practices and games a significantly more pleasant experience. A solid backpack will also help you carry everything you need to ensure you’re ready to perform at your best on the field.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the top lacrosse backpacks for you.

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Best Lacrosse Backpack - Lacrosse Field

1) STX Lacrosse Sidewinder Lacrosse Backpack

Manufacturer Specs:
*Made by STX
*Cushioned shoulder straps and back panel
*Adjustable side straps hold stick securely
*Two large compartments plus a vented runt pocket
*Heavy-duty base
*Size: 19.25 inch L x 14 inch W x 9 inch D
*Available in multiple color options including: Black, Black/Columbia, and Black/Red

Pros: STX is one of the most reputable brands in lacrosse equipment. You can feel confident that they’re Sidewinder lacrosse backpack will be able to take abuse from your child and still hold up over time. Your child will also like these bag for a couple reasons.

The first is that they’ll be able to easily store all their equipment in this bag. This is because it comes with a number of well constructed pockets for their convenience. Your child will also like this bag because STX has given them different color bags to choose from. Kids love picking gear that is their favorite color.

Potential Drawbacks: This bag is a bit smaller than many of the other lacrosse backpacks for sale. This bag is nice because carrying it requires significantly less weight on your back. Unfortunately, it also comes with the drawback of having less space for your gear than other bags. See player feedback for more information.

Player Feedback: Most players that have purchased the STX Sidewinder lacrosse backpack would recommend it to you. The majority of players appreciate the bag’s excellent durability and lightweight.

A few parents, however, say that this bag is just a bit too small. They say it’s unrealistic to fit all their child’s gear in the bag as well as their helmet. For that reason, parents would recommend you consider purchasing one of the larger duffel bags for your child to carry their gear around.

Overall Value:

If your child carries around LOTS of gear they may need to purchase a larger bag. Most kids will have enough storage space with this bag, however, and will appreciate not having to lug a large duffle bag to all their games. The STX lacrosse Sidewinder backpack is a good value at just $59.99. We’d highly recommend it to you at this price.

2) Brine Lacrosse Jetpack – Best Lacrosse Backpack?

Manufacturer Specs:
*Made by Brine
*Brine leads the industry in our quality, service and on time delivery of all custom products
*Features two main compartments plus stick loops
*Available in several stock colors including: Black, Royal, Forest Green, Navy, and Red

Pros: Brine is one of the better brands in lacrosse equipment. Brine’s Jetpack lacrosse backpack exceeds even their high reputation, however. This backpack does an excellent job of holding all your child’s gear (including their stick, helmet, and water bottle). This bag also comes in a variety of different colors.

This allows your child to pick their favorite color. Alternatively, if you’re a parent you can also benefit from choosing among the colored backpacks for your child. Your child is sure to fit in if you get them a black backpack, but it also makes it difficult for you and your child to find their bag after the game because almost everyone has black bags. Choosing the forest green or red bags, however, will make it significantly easier for your child to find their bag.

Potential Drawbacks: The Jetpack is significantly lighter than traditional lacrosse duffle bags, but this comes with a trade-off. You’ll have to be a bit more minimalistic when using the Jetpack bag because it has more limited storage. Most players find this trade-off to be worth it, but this is an individual decision you or your child will have to make based on personal preferences.

Player Feedback: Those who’ve used the Jetpack say boys like it, but that it’s also an excellent girls lacrosse backpack because of its lighter weight. A few players have had durability issues with the bag within the first month they’ve owned it. However, parents say that Brine has excellent customer service and is willing to work with you to replace defective backpacks.

Overall Value:

The Brine Lacrosse Jetpack backpack is an excellent lacrosse bag. It performs well, and is a great value purchase at just $62.87.

3) Harrow Elite Field Hockey/Lacrosse Backpack

Manufacturer Specs:
*Made by Harrow
*3 large compartments with one stick holder on each side
*Constructed with 600 denier fabric and reinforced straps for added durability
*Cushioned back for comfort, 12” x 11” x 18”
*Backpack is colored black/silver

Pros: Harrow’s Elite bag is made with 600 denier fabric and constructed in a way that makes the backpack incredibly durable. In addition, this lacrosse backpack is capable of holding two of your sticks. This is great for your child if they like to have a backup stick or if they play multiple positions.

Potential Drawbacks: This lacrosse backpack has three pockets for you to hold your gear. Unfortunately, these pockets are relatively small. Harrow may have designed a better bag if they’d instead included just two large pockets. See player feedback below for more information.

Player Feedback: The Elite lacrosse backpack has gotten almost entirely positive reviews. Parents say that the bag is a good value for the money and delivered exactly as advertised. Kids love the bag because it’s comfortable and capable of holding two of their lacrosse sticks.

The only complaint we’ve heard about the bag is that its pockets are somewhat small. Some players say that you really have to jam your shoulder pads or helmet into the bag to make them fit.

Overall Value:

Harrow’s Elite backpack is a good lacrosse backpack for those who appreciate durability and comfort. This backpack is a decent value at its current price of $54.27.

4) deBeer Lacrosse Backpack, Lime

Manufacturer Specs:
*Made by deBeer
*Stylish honeycomb rip-stop base
*Holds one to two sticks
*Removable external pocket for customization
*Colored green

Pros: If style is important to you; deBeer is the brand for you. DeBeer’s lacrosse backpack combines form and function into a single sleek bag. You’re sure to love this backpack from its clean design, to its multiple stick carrying capacity and removable external pocket.

Potential Drawbacks: We have few complaints about deBeer’s lime lacrosse backpack. If we’re going to nitpick, however, we’d say although this bag is the perfect size for field players; goalies may find fitting all their gear in this bag to be a tight fit.

Player Feedback: This bag has gotten overwhelmingly positive feedback. Players say that the bag is surprisingly lightweight for how large it is. Parents also feel the bag is an exceptionally good value.

Overall Value:

The deBeer lime backpack is a STEAL. The lacrosse backpack is currently on sale for $34.87. You’re getting an incredible value for your money at this price. We’d recommend purchasing the bag as quickly as possible before deBeer realizes they can sell the bag for much more.

5) Champion Sports Deluxe All Purpose Backpack

Manufacturer Specs:
*Made by Champion Sports
*Oversized zippers on all pockets
*Size: 13″L x 20″W x 10″H
*Available in a number of different colors including: Black, Navy, Blue, Green, and Red

Pros: Champion Sports has done a good job making a durable lacrosse backpack for you. This backpack should last you or your child a long time. Another nice thing about this bag is that its zippers are designed to be intentionally big for ease of use.

Potential Drawbacks: This bag lacks a convenient water bottle pocket. You’ll either have to carry your water bottle or risk the bottle condensing inside your bag and getting your other gear wet. This bag is also colored black. Black is the most popular color for lacrosse backpack so it could make finding your child’s backpack after the game a bit more difficult.

Player Feedback: Players give the Champion backpack thumbs up for the most part. It’s an excellent girls lacrosse bag according to some parents (but we’d say boys would look great wearing it too). The only negative feedback we’ve heard on the bag is that the cleats pocket may have difficulty closing if you have a large cleat size (Men’s 12+). Most players feet are smaller than that, however, and won’t need to worry about that.

Overall Value:

The Champion Sports lacrosse backpack is a good purchase at $51.46. You’re getting a surprisingly well made bag for such a reasonable price.

6) Brine Blueprint Lax Backpack (BGBLP2)

Manufacturer Specs:
*Made by Brine
*Has a water bottle pocket
*Many small compartments for storage
*Colored black

Pros: This bag has lots of small compartments for you to organize your gear. It also has a convenient water bottle pocket. This bag is also comfortable to carry on your shoulders. A really nice touch this lacrosse backpack features is storing your cleats outside the backpack. This provides easy access to your cleats and also prevents them from stinking up your bag.

Potential Drawbacks: This bag may have been made just a little too compact. You may have difficulty fitting all your gear inside this bag, especially if you’re a goalie. For that reason, we wouldn’t recommend purchasing this bag for big teenage boys with large equipment.

Player Feedback: Parents say this is a great children’s and girls lacrosse backpack because it’s compact and lightweight. However, there have been mixed reports on this bag’s durability. Some parents have reported this bag has only held up for a season or two while other parents say they expect their child to be able to use this bag for several years.

Overall Value:

This is more than a school backpack. We can’t recommend this backpack for teenage boys or adults. It’s just too small to carry their gear. However, Brine’s Blueprint lacrosse backpack is an excellent choice for girls or young children. Under those circumstances, this bag is a decent value at $67.99.

7) Under Armour Lacrosse Backpack UASB-LBP

Manufacturer Specs:
*Large enough to carry helmet, shoulder pads, arm guards, gloves, and cleats
*External lacrosse stick lashes
*Mesh water bottle holder
*Heat Gear® vented adjustable shoulder straps for comfort and breath-ability
*Heat Gear® padded back panel
*PTH® Valuables storage compartment for cell phone, wallet, keys, etc…
*Bag ID window for name or player number
*UA Hardware
*Water resistant STORM® treatment

Pros: This is a stylish lacrosse backpack that features the Under Armour logo. It’ll easily carry all your gear in addition to safely storing your valuables. This bag also has a nice ID window to help you easily find your backpack after the game.

Potential Drawbacks: See player feedback.

Player Feedback: The majority of players like this lacrosse backpack. Unfortunately, it seems that players are occasionally shipped the wrong color bag. In addition, some players say that the clip intended to hold your lacrosse stick doesn’t work well.

Overall Value:

This is a decent backpack that’s reasonably priced at $69.95. You can’t go wrong purchasing this bag, but we also think you’d get better value purchasing one of the other backpacks on our list.

8) Maverik Lacrosse Prez Backpack, Grey

Manufacturer Specs:
*Made by Maverik
*2 large straps with buckles on the front panel
*Heavy duty double padded backpack straps
*Laptop compartment

Pros: This lacrosse backpack is intended for the student athlete. It includes a laptop compartment (which can alternatively be used to carry books). It also has strong double padded backpack straps to make carrying all your heavy school materials and lacrosse gear more comfortable for your shoulders.

Potential Drawbacks: The bag’s laptop compartment is unnecessary if you’re not a student athlete using this bag for multiples purposes. The compartment can also get in the way when trying to store your larger pieces of equipment (shoulder pads, helmet, etc).

Player Feedback: Players say the bag is both comfortable and durable. They also say it works well as a general purpose backpack. Lots of players recommend against using it as a lacrosse backpack, however, because it’s just too difficult to pack all your gear inside of it.

Overall Value:

We can’t recommend this backpack for lacrosse. It’s storage capacity is just too limited for that. It’s a decent lacrosse style backpack your child could use as a school bag, however, for $58.95.

Thanks for reading our list of the best lacrosse backpacks. We hope you found it useful. If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below.