Searching for a Lacrosse bag to carry around all your gear? Look no further! Here is a list of some great Lacrosse bags to help carry you through your next season and more!

Some Lacrosse bags are large enough to carry your equipment, a couple lacrosse sticks, cleats, and other extra accessories. Other bags are designed to be worn as backpacks. These bags may not offer as much space, but lacrosse backpacks usually still have enough room for your equipment, one or two lacrosse sticks, and your cleats.

Feature offerings also vary among lacrosse bags. Some bags are designed for visual appeal. Other bags are designed with lots of straps so that you’re able to easily carry them. Most bags feature extreme breathability to allow your equipment to dry more quickly.

The most important thing to remember is that your lacrosse bag is going to be with you wherever you go. A lacrosse bag is considered a basic of the game! A good bag will last for years and help ensure you are always comfortable and relaxed when you take the field. A poor lacrosse bag will quickly fall apart and be a constant annoyance to any player. Making a smart choice can be a wise investment for years to come!

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That’s why purchasing a high-quality lacrosse bag is so important. We’ve listed some of the best lacrosse bags below. Here are our best lacrosse bags of 2017…

Best-Lacrosse Bag

1) STX Lacrosse Challenger Lacrosse Equipment Bag

Manufacturer Specs:
*Made by STX
*Outside sleeve holds multiple sticks
*Large main compartment designed to fit all gear
*Small accessories pocket
*Colored black
*Available sizes include: 36-inch and 42-inch

Pros: The STX Lacrosse Challenger is a great lacrosse gear bag for a number of reasons. The biggest is that it is very spacious. You’re almost guaranteed to have enough room for all your equipment with plenty of space to spare. The STX Lacrosse Challenger bag also has zippered pockets on the side for extra storage. It’s unclear if the STX Lacrosse Challenger is the best lacrosse equipment bag out there, but it’s certainly one of the most spacious.

Potential Drawbacks: The STX Challenger may be excessively large for some players, especially the 42-inch bag. The 36-inch bag will likely provide you with more than enough space. Another downside is the durability of the STX Challenger has been criticized. See player feedback below.

Player Feedback: The STX Challenger has been given mostly positive feedback. Those that have purchased the bag have said it does an excellent job of storing their equipment. Many would warn you, however, that the bag may be larger than you expect. Most players that have purchased the STX Challenger recommend the 36-inch bag over the 42-inch bag.

Players also have mixed feedback on this bag’s durability. Some players have said they’ve used the STX Challenger for two years and that it’s still holding up great. Others have said the bag was nearing the end of its life after six months.

Overall, we’d estimate almost 90% of players would recommend this lacrosse bag to a friend.

Overall Value:

The STX Challenger is a good lacrosse bag. It’s spacious and reasonably priced starting at $69.99. We feel great recommending it to you. It’s a solid value at this price.

2) Champion Sports Lacrosse Equipment Bag

Manufacturer Specs:
*Made by Champion Sports
*Small waterproof PU lined 600D polyester.
*Double zippered main compartment.
*Adjustable shoulder strap.
*Detachable side pocket for easy embroidery or screen-printing.
*Mesh and ventilated end pockets for wet items.
*Size 20” x 12” x 12”
*Color offerings include: black, blue, navy, red, green

Pros: The Champion Sports lacrosse bag has a number of pockets. This makes storing all your gear incredibly convenient. This bag is also sturdy and made with quality material. You can feel confident in this lacrosse bag’s ability to hold up over time.

Potential Drawbacks: Some players found it difficult storing their stick in this bag. They say that the bag isn’t long enough and that their stick hangs out. Another issue is that the three-piece board in the bottom of the bag isn’t properly fitted to the bag. This results in the edge of the boards bending slightly.

Player Feedback: The Champion Sports bag has received mixed positive reviews. Most players have said the bag was a good purchase. They praise the bag and recommend it to you because it’s sturdy, has lots of pockets, and even has a padded shoulder strap for you to comfortably carry it.

Yet, the Champion Sports bag has also received a few complaints. Players note that the three-piece board at the bottom of the bag doesn’t properly fit the bag. A few other players have also said that their sticks didn’t fit properly in the bag.

Overall Value:

The Champion Sports lacrosse bag is a decent bag at an inexpensive price. There are better options out there, but this bag is one of the best for those on a tight budget. The Champion bag will only cost you $41.79.

3) Warrior Custom Stock Black Hole T1 Regular Equipment Bag

Manufacturer Specs:
*Made by Warrior
*Our all-time best selling head lacrosse bag
*42″ L x 13″W x 12″ H
*Product good for aftermarket customization
*Color offerings include: black, forest green, gray

Pros: This bag can be used as both a boys and girls lacrosse bag. It’s available in several colors which allows your child to choose a bag they find visually appealing. The bag also has a nice build and features a separate dry compartment for storing a towel and dry shirt.

Potential Drawbacks: This bag is on the larger side. It’ll work well for most players, but some players prefer a smaller 36-inch bag over a 42-inch bag.

Player Feedback: The Warrior T1 regular equipment lacrosse bag has received overwhelmingly positive reviews. Those that have purchased the bag have praised it for three main reasons. Players love this bag because you can choose the color you’d like, the bag easily and effectively stores all your equipment, and the bag is well-made and will hold up over time.

Overall Value:

This lacrosse gear bag is an excellent choice for $79.00. Children will be happy to pick their favorite color and its durability surpasses many lacrosse bags on the market.

4) Maverik Lacrosse Monster Bag

Manufacturer Specs:
*Made by Maverik
*Lacrosse team bag
*Heavy duty construction with reinforced handles
*Marine grade zippers
*Available in a number of colors including: camo black, navy, black, camo royal, camo red, green, camo navy, camo green, red, orange, royal, camo maroon, camo orange

Pros: The Maverik lacrosse bag doesn’t feature lots of fancy bells and whistles. The only thing fancy about this bag is that it’s available in over a dozen colors. This is a simple single compartment bag that does a good job of holding all your lacrosse equipment.

Potential Drawbacks: This bag lacks a separate dry compartment. This makes storing a towel or a clean set of clothes for after the game difficult.

Player Feedback: Those that have purchased the bag have given it positive feedback. Users of the bag say that it’s big enough to hold three of your child’s lacrosse sticks as well as the rest of their gear. Aside from agreeing that the bag is spacious; lacrosse players also say that this bag seems to be durable.

Overall Value:

This isn’t a fancy lacrosse bag, but you can’t expect too many bells and whistles for just $42.99. The Maverik lacrosse bag is a simple and inexpensive bag that performs well. The Maverik lacrosse gear bag is a great value at its current price.

5) Maverik Lacrosse 365 Gear Bag

Manufacturer Specs:
*Made by Maverik
*Vented stink lockers
*Wet/dry/completely muddy storage pockets
*Built in stick holder
*Available in several colors including: black, royal, navy, red, white

Pros: This bag should be able to store all of your gear. It offers enough room for most players without being overly bulky. This bag is also offered in a number of different colors. Personalization of lacrosse bags is great to fit team colors or a player’s personal preference!

Potential Drawbacks: This bag is not built to last. It has serious durability issues, particularly the shoulder strap.

Player Feedback: The Maverik Lacrosse 365 gear bag has received mixed reviews. Most players say that they loved the bag the first few times they used it. Unfortunately, it seems almost half of those who purchased the bag have had issues with the shoulder straps ripping.

Overall Value:

The Maverick Lacrosse 365 bag is inexpensive at $54.99. Yet, you still probably shouldn’t purchase it. This piece of lacrosse equipment is just too poorly made to make it a decent purchase. Compared to other similar Lacrosse bags (such as the Maverik Lacrosse Monster bag we reviewed above), the 365 bag does not offer as much value.

6) Maverik Lacrosse Kastle Team Bag

Manufacturer Specs:
*Made by Maverik
*New top zip venting – top compartment opens for airing out your gear
*Superior design keeps equipment in and lets the odor out
*Multiple compartments to keep your gear organized for easy access to your arsenal
*Available in a number of colors including: red, black, navy, royal

Pros: The Maverik Lacrosse Kastle team bag is designed to reduce bad odors. This anti-odor technology makes the bag a favorite with moms! The Maverik Kastle bag also has multiple compartments that allow you to organize your gear however you’d like. Rounding off the list of pros is a number of different color offerings to suit any personal taste.

Potential Drawbacks: This bag has several different color options, but none of the designs are specially made for girls. This bag could be an ever better girls’ lacrosse bag if it had one or two designs intended for girls. Another potential downside to this lacrosse bag is that it’s a bit bulky.

Player Feedback: Users of the bag have given it mostly positive feedback. Players say that the bag comfortably fits all their equipment and parents love that the venting helps reduce odors compared to other Lacrosse bags. The only criticism of this lacrosse bag is that it’s a little bulky and some players have had difficulty fitting the bag into their school locker.

Overall Value:

This bag is a bit bulky, but it’s still a good value at $69.99. You’re unlikely to regret purchasing this bag.

7) Debeer Lacrosse FIETB Bag (43-Length x 8-Width x 10-Height-Inch) Best Lacrosse Bag for Girls?

Manufacturer Specs:
*Made by Debeer
*43″L x 8″W x 10″H
*Polyester construction
*Clear window number changing system
*Adjustable padded shoulder strap
*Removable toiletry bag with inside valuables pocket
*Color options include: black, navy, red, forest green

Pros: The Debeer Lacrosse FIETB bag is a great girls lacrosse bag. It’s available in a number of different colors and has an adjustable padded shoulder strap so players get extreme comfort while carrying it. The bag is also made with polyester and features an inside pocket for personal items. Because of this; you don’t need to worry about keys to the house or other important items getting lost.

Potential Drawbacks: Some of the color offerings appear more feminine than others. The navy, black, or forest green appear gender neutral. The red design, however, looks much more like a girls lacrosse bag.

Player Feedback: Users of the Debeer FIETB bag compliment it on its sturdiness. They also say that the bag is a good value for the money.

Overall Value:

The Debeer Lacrosse FIETB equipment bag is a great lacrosse bag for girls. It’s reasonably priced at $56.99

8) Maverik Lacrosse Mini Monster Team Bag – Best Lacrosse Bag For Children?

Manufacturer Specs:
*Made by Maverik
*Lacrosse team bag
*Heavy duty construction
*Reinforced handles
*Available in several colors including: orange, black, red, navy, royal, forest green, maroon

Pros: This is the perfect bag for young children. The Maverik bag is colorful enough to attract a child’s attention, yet durable enough to hold up over time.

Potential Drawbacks: You may struggle to fit adult size gear in this bag. This lacrosse gear bag is meant to hold a small child’s equipment. It’s not intended as a bag for older players!

Player Feedback: Parents say their child loved that they got to pick a bag that was their favorite color. They also say the bag is the perfect size for young children playing lacrosse.

Overall Value:

The Maverik Lacrosse Mini Monster team bag is a great choice for small children. It’s affordable and a great value at $40.00.

Conclusion: The Best Lacrosse Bag Reviews!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the best lacrosse bags. If you have any questions or comments about the lacrosse bags feel free to leave them below.

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