The Best Lacrosse Sticks for Sale [2018]: The Complete Guide!

Lacrosse is all about speed and skill. In such a fast-paced game, you need the right lacrosse stick in your hands to make a difference in the field.

There is such a thing as the best lacrosse stick ever for you, but it depends on a lot of different factors. Your age group, gender, position on the field, personal preferences all matter here. We’ve created a comprehensive list of the best lacrosse complete sticks, heads, and shafts for every position, age and gender.

Since we’ve seen a lot of interest in separate articles, we’ve created independent guides for:

In this post, we will be talking mostly complete sticks, and attack and midfield heads and handles. If you want a dedicated post to any of those individual topics, let us know!

If you’ve ever wondered…”what is the best lacrosse stick?” this is the post for you!


In this article, we will be reviewing the following sticks, heads and handles. With some hard thinking, a little further research, we came up with what would be the best lacrosse stick ever for each the attack player and middie. First we dive into the complete sticks: 

Complete Lacrosse Sticks:

Shafts for Middies and Attack Players:

Best Heads for Attack and Midfield:

The Ultimate Lacrosse Stick, Head and Shaft Buying Guide:

The Basic Anatomy of Lacrosse Sticks

There are two main parts on a lacrosse stick. Depending on your on-field position, gender, age, and competition level, these two parts may have different dimensions, designs, and characteristics. They are:

Shafts: This is where you hold the stick with your hands during play. Its main characteristics are length, the material used, and shape/texture.

Heads: This is the part of the stick used to catch, hold, and throw the lacrosse ball during an attack. In a defensive play, it can be used to check or block your opponent’s attacks. Heads can have different shapes and types of weaves.

The best lacrosse stick for you will have the ideal shaft and head design for your position, gender, and competition level. We will explore these factors in detail in the coming sections.

The Complete Sticks Vs. “Building Your Own Lacrosse Stick”

There are two options when it comes to buying lacrosse sticks. One popular option, especially for beginners, is to buy the complete stick. As the name suggests, this is a fully functioning lacrosse stick, made up of two main parts: the shaft and the head.

Another advanced option is to buy the shafts and heads separately and build your own stick. This allows you to create a lacrosse stick entirely according to your personal preferences. You can mix and match different types of shafts and heads for the perfect fit for your game.

Building your own stick is a better option for intermediate or advanced players. Each league has its own rules regarding the legality of stick parameters. If you are not well versed in these rules, you may end up with a stick that is not suitable for your level of the competition.

Lacrosse Shafts – Factors To Consider

How Long Should a Lacrosse Stick Be?

The length of a shaft determines how appropriate it is for different on-field positions. There are three different lengths. The longest is preferred by defenders for better reach. In men’s lacrosse, this is around 60 inches. The medium length shafts are used by goalies (40 inches for men), and the shortest shafts (30 inches) are used by attackers and midfielders for better control and agility.

Materials Used

This determines the weight and durability of a lacrosse stick. Obviously lighter and durable materials are preferred, but they also tend to get progressively more expensive. Some popular choices include Aluminum, Metal Alloy (usually a combination of vanadium and cobalt), Titanium, Scandium, Carbon Fiber Composites, and Blended materials. Materials like scandium and titanium are used by elite players.


The common options include smooth or traditional, sandblasted, and tactile grips. The perfect choice for you is determined largely by your personal preferences and positional play.

Lacrosse Heads – Factors To Consider


Heads are available in different shapes that suit different positions on the field. Attackers might prefer pinched throat and rounded scoop for improved control during shots. Defenders like their heads stiffer with flatter scoops.


Lacrosse heads may have three different ratings based on the NCAA specifications:

Universal: legal at every level, youth, NFHS High School, and NCAA College)

NCAA Legal: allowed only at College level

NFHS: legal for youth and High SChool levels only


This is mainly down to personal preference. Flexible heads offer more control for shots and passes during attacks, while stiffer heads are better for defensive checking.


If you are a beginner, you might find life easier with a wider head. Narrower heads are harder to master but offer superior control which is preferred at advanced levels. There are width restrictions laid down by the NCAA and NFHS.

Mesh vs. Lacing

Mesh heads are preferred by goalies as they have far less rebound effect. Nylon lacing is usually used by the outfield players, especially attackers. Lacrosse heads can be bought with the mesh/lacing, or unstrung.

Lacrosse Sticks: Attack Vs. Defense

Attack Sticks: Usually has the shortest length shafts, made from lightest yet durable materials. Heads are generally narrow, with narrow pockets, and maximum offset and scoop. Nylon lacing is preferred.

Defense Sticks: These combine longer and heavier, more durable shafts, with wider and stiffer heads. The main factor that distinguishes lacrosse sticks is their length. Heads are largely interchangeable.

The Best Complete Lacrosse Sticks for Sale [2018]

Best Beginners Stick: STX Lacrosse Stallion 200 U Complete

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This youth level stick has a specially designed head that is heavily inspired by their elite level stick, the Elite Stallion U 500. But it features a wider head and softer mesh pocket, which is a great feature that inspires confidence in beginners to the game of lacrosse.

The shaft is made using a 6000-alloy aluminum, which makes it very lightweight and easy to hold. If you want to learn the fundamentals of the game at youth level, this is a great lacrosse stick. And the fact that it is rated legal for both NCAA and NFHS competitions is a great feature.

The stick is not without its flaws, however, but most of it is expected at this level and budget. It can dent easily since it is made from cheaper aluminum alloy. The deep pockets are good for beginners, but you may have to adjust the strings for tournament play. And due to that flexible aluminum shaft, there is far too much whip which can be a problem for some players.

But on the whole, this is one of the best lacrosse sticks for beginners. Want more on beginner lacrosse sticks? Check out our FULL GUIDE.


  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Very affordable
  • Confidence inspiring head design
  • NCAA and NFHS compliant


  • Dents easily
  • Too much flex for some

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Best Intermediate Stick: STX Lacrosse Stallion 50 Youth Lacrosse Complete

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The Stallion 50 takes inspiration from yet another senior-level lacrosse stick from the STX stable: the Elite Stallion 550. This is a complete lax stick from STX for youth players, available in Platinum/White finish.

The shaft is made from lightweight aluminum alloy and has a thinner grip. This makes it easier for young players to hold this stick in their hands. The head is the most special part of this stick. It has a soft molded finish, which is more forgiving for youngsters playing the game.

The soft mesh stringing is a bit of a problem in this STX stick though. With prolonged use, the pockets can get deeper, which affects the shooting performance of the stick adversely. Also, this lacrosse stick is not legal for High School and NCAA events.

But on the whole, this is a decent stick from STX. in our books, it counts among the good lacrosse sticks for beginners and more intermediate players at youth level.


  • Very inexpensive
  • Thin handle for better grip
  • Soft head is more forgiving


  • The mesh stringing is too soft
  • Not legal for NFHS or NCAA events

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Best Advanced Complete Stick: Brine Blueprint X Complete

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Available in neon green or a soberer white paint job, the Brine Blueprint X is a more advanced youth level stick. The metal alloy shaft is well balanced and very sturdy. But the main special bits are all in the head.

This stick is a great choice for all positions at a progressing level. But it performs especially well in the hands of midfielders and attackers. The offset of the head has been optimized with a Brine patented TruOffset design. This is a great feature that enhances the control and velocity of your shots.

The face is kept narrow on purpose. It further enhances accuracy and control on passes as well as shots during attacks. But this is one of the main disadvantages of this stick as well. It might be too advanced for some young players.

The Brine is one of the most expensive lacrosse stick options out there at the level. But for advanced performance, it is well worth the asking price.


  • Well balanced
  • Excellent control and velocity
  • Ideal for attackers and middies
  • Cool design


  • Expensive (compared to other complete models)
  • Not forgiving enough for beginners

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Build the Best Lacrosse Stick for Middies and Attackmen [2018]:

Let’s begin with taking a look at the best heads for an attack or midfield player. Are you ONLY a middie? If so, then it may be best you check out our comprehensive post:

Best Heads For Attack/Midfield:


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“Stallion products are designed for the player whose game is defined by endurance. The right move at the right time – every time.” To quote the write up for the Stallion heads on, this head is made for the middie who is working end to end, all game.

  • Open Sidewall Flexes to Stay Durable – The Stallion’s open sidewall has some flex on checks and ground balls, this will keep this head stronger, longer!
  • Stringers Welcome – The Stallion has multiple stringing holes for a variety of stringing possibilities. Go wild middies.
  • Bottom Rail Design Keeps the Pocket High – With this high pocket placement, you will still be able to rip some fire on the offensive end when you get your looks.
  • Dueling Sidewalls? – The duel sidewalls on the STX Stallion keep this head stable for shots and scooping ground balls.
  • C-Channel Technology – The Future? – The C-Channel technology from STX gives the head extra strength for checking and ground balls. Stress is distributed a bit more evenly and softly along the bottom rail, ultimately increasing strength. For a little more on the C-Channel Tech, check out the STX page dedicated to it.
  • Forward Cant? More like Forward Can! – Okay, that was stupid, but seriously, with the STX Forward Cant, the ball sinks to the sweet spot of your pocket, making you say, “Yes I can!!!” to making lightening quick passes and handling the ball like a Stallion middie can.
  • Other Laxers Love It, Why Wouldn’t We? – If you take a look at this page on, 95% of users said they would recommend this head to a friend. Pretty good percentage right?
  • The Stallion Faces Up to the Face Offs – You’ve already heard us talk about the durability of the Stallion, so with that already being said, you can already expect this horse will stand up to countless face offs, laxers who have used the Stallion in the past are saying the same too. The flex point on the STX is low enough to where a jam shouldn’t concern any face off players. The head will give you the right amount of bend however to get out of a tough clamp.

The STX Stallion is our current lead horse for the head of our best middie lacrosse stick ever.

You can find it available in a number of colors (Black, Red, Orange, Carolina Blue, Forest Green, Navy Blue, White and Neon Green).

Get your horse how you want it, then ride this baby to a whole new level of play…(Too much horse stuff?)

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2. The Nike CEO Lacrosse Head

Why did we choose the Nike CEO? Cause we da boss…


  • Stands Up to Mother Nature – The Nike CEO will hold up to the snow, heavy rain and even the hot hot sun. Not only do we think so, others laxers who have given us some feedback thought so too!
  • Ol’ Reliable – To continue off of that last point, this head is known to make it a couple seasons. Lots of laxers have said they have gotten a solid 2-3 seasons out of the Nike CEO in physical play.
  • Used by Elite Level Players – A good number of players who we received feedback from are collegiate laxers, using this head consistently at the higher level of play. That’s always nice to know.
  • Light Enough to Keep up with a Quick Player –      The Nike CEO is perfect for the lightening quick attackman, making his living off dodges and cool moves. Coming in at 5.2 oz. (unstrung), with the open sidewall, if you like the lightweight gear on the attack end like we do, you are going to be leaving the D in the dust like a boss with the CEO.
  • Pointed Scoop, Yes Please – Scooping up some ground balls with the CEO is like nothing with this pointed scoop.
  • Pinched Head? Yeah Keep the Lock on the Ball
  • Flex Em’ – The CEO also has a good amount of flex to it. Take a knock, whip a shot, and CEO is going to snap back to original form like a boss.

Find this Nike CEO Head on

3. Brine Clutch Unstrung 

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If you want a good quality lax head, Brine is considered to be a reliable choice. The industry leader has one of the widest range of the best middie lacrosse heads out there for lacrosse players in their Clutch range. This unstrung head is available in nearly a dozen different shades.

This is a very versatile head design from Brine. If you want more shot power during attacks, you can increase the pocket depth in this head. This is due to a patented offset design. The head also guarantees a smoother release, thanks to the gentle sidewall transitioning. The string holes are paired specially to allow you to create your preferred pocket position.

The Brine Clutch is an industry leader with no major flaws. This is one of the best lacrosse head options out there.


  • Outstanding value for money
  • Available in wide range of colors and size options
  • Optimizes powerful shots
  • Allows for custom pocket positioning


  • Nothing major

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Onto the handles!

The Best Shafts For Middies (and Attack):

1. East Coast Dyes Carbon Lacrosse Shaft

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The Carbon range of shafts from East Coast Dyes is available in multiple color options, from black to grey, neon yellow, blue, and white. It is also available in all three sizes, for attack, defense, and goalies. In this review, we will focus on the 30″ attack-oriented edition.

This is a composite shaft, made from durable materials like carbon fiber. That makes it very light, yet incredibly strong and durable. At just 147g, it is one of the lightest shafts, excellent for attackers and middies. The octagon shape and sandpaper finish at the handle combine to give this shaft excellent grip, even in wet conditions.

Carbon fiber composite shafts have the added benefit of flex, which creates a whipping effect on shots. This can be good thing for strong attackers who want to increase shot velocity. But that extra flex may make this shaft unsuitable for some players. Finding the correct fitting head can also be a problem for this shaft from East Coast Dyes.

But when all things are taken into consideration, if you want the best lacrosse stick for attackmen, this shaft will certainly help you build one.


  • Very lightweight
  • Extremely durable
  • Excellent grip
  • Outstanding velocity on shots


  • Too much flex for some players
  • Hard to find compatible heads

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2.  Maverik Lacrosse Union Attack Shaft

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If you don’t want modern design gimmicks on your lacrosse shafts, this Maverik might be the one for you. Available in a subtle black finish, it has the traditional shape that many veteran lax players prefer and love.

But don’t be fooled by the old school looks of this shaft. Inside it uses an advanced metal alloy. The combination of scandium and titanium ensures that this shaft has one of the best strength to weight ratio out there. Both are space-age metals, known for their strength and lightweight. The coolest lacrosse sticks at the elite level are made using these metals.

The surface finish also has a unique twist. It has been raw and unpolished. This optimized the feel and grip, making the Union Attack very pleasing to hold during attacks. Other proprietary features like a tapered design and adjustable butt end make this one a must-have to build the best attack lacrosse stick.

The Maverik is a highly regarded shaft with no major drawbacks. It is one of the best lacrosse shafts for middies and attackers out there, period.


  • Traditional shape and design
  • Raw finish for better grip
  • Elite level metals
  • Very lightweight yet durable


  • No major flaws

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To be a Surgeon, you have to be calm, cool and collected. You are putting up with a lot of pressure and lives are most certainly always in your hands.

We like the pressure. We love this handle. That’s why we put the STX Surgeon handle on our best attack lacrosse stick ever. 

Click here to see the STX Surgeon Sc-Ti on

  • Sandy, But Sturdy Hands – The STX Surgeon has that sandblast finish we really love. It adds the perfect amount of texture to take away the need for any tape, and keeps your hands in place. A grip you can really trust.
  • Concave Octagon Handle, that Feel You Love – The Concave Octagon design to the handle in combination with the sandblast finish give you awesome feel in play. Good feel to your handle means an even better goal count come season.
  • Strength to Weight Ratio Toppin’ the Charts – This STX Surgeon handle is not only light enough for the vicious, quick moving attacker, but also holds it’s own, as it is stronger than Scandium, but still much lighter than a titanium shaft.
  • The Surgeon Will Not Crack Under Pressure – Rolling off of the last point, the Surgeon is a durable handle! It was made for the attacker, but made for the attacker who has to put up with a few checks throughout the game.
  • It’s Called the Surgeon People… – First of all, meaning aside, love the name of this handle. Second of all, with a name like the “Surgeon” you better believe this handle was made for the players who are looking to pick out the spots where the keepers aren’t. The Surgeon is for that finesse player who is racking up goals for their time and making plays in tight situations.

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Mix and Match and Build the Best Lacrosse Stick Ever

We hope our different reviews gave you the information you need to either buy a complete stick or assemble your own with a head and handle of your choice. Please check out our other comprehensive guides (for goalies, girls, defensive players, etc.) if those better suit your situation. 🙂

The one great thing about the lacrosse equipment market is the sheer amount of choice you have. You can opt for a complete stick, or build your own personalized weapon from the ground up.

There are enough varieties out there to suit all positions, ages, gender, and play styles. We have tried to compile a comprehensive list of the best lax sticks, shafts, and heads for sale now.

Thanks for reading!