OSL REVIEW – The Best Lacrosse Goal

A cheap lacrosse goal often isn’t the best lacrosse goal. Yet, just spending more money on your child’s equipment doesn’t always purchase higher quality goods. There is a delicate balance, and if you’re willing to do the research you can obtain excellent quality at a reasonable price.

Here at One Stop Lacrosse, we believe in saving you money, time, and the effort required to research different equipment. That’s why we’ve created a list for you to find the best Lacrosse goal!

The Best Lacrosse Goal

1) Franklin Sports Backyard Lacrosse Goal

Manufacturer Specs:
*Made by Franklin
*Available in two sizes: 48 inch by 48 inch, or 72 inch by 72 inch
*1.25″ diameter steel frame
*Easy snap-lock frame assembly
*2.5mm all-weather polyester net
*Reinforced net edging and rugged tarpaulin net back pocket; rope ties included

Pros: This goal is sturdy and easy to assemble. It also does a good job of holding up to the elements, especially considering Franklin’s lacrosse goals cheap.

Potential Drawbacks: Attaching the net to this lacrosse goal can be a bit of a pain. It would also be inconvenient to transport this goal.

Overall Value:

Franklin has managed to produce a cheap lacrosse goal that’s of respectable quality. Considering it’s for sale at $49.24, this lacrosse goal is an excellent value.

2) Champion Sports Backyard Lacrosse Goal

Manufacturer Specs:
*Made by Champion Sports
*Goals come in 4′ x 4′ or 6′ x 6′ with heavy duty orange steel tubing
*2.3mm braided polyethylene netting.
*Net attaches in seconds with Velcro straps.

Pros: This lacrosse goal is easy to assemble. This goal also comes with a decent frame.

Potential Drawbacks: The velcro straps used to fasten this goal’s netting are almost useless. They may hold up for young children, but they’ll break on the first shot from your college or high school player. For that reason, it’s recommended you use a strong replacement such as bungee ties for fastening the net.

Overall Value:

The Champion Sports goal is a poor to mediocre value at $57.34.

3) Gladiator Official Lacrosse Goal Net, Orange, 100% Steel Frame, 6 x 6-Foot

Manufacturer Specs:
*Made by Gladiator Lacrosse
*Includes the full 72″ by 72″ goal with 3mm braided polyester net and lacing cord
*20 lbs
*Easy construction with snap pieces
*1.5″ diameter all-steel orange frame
*Please note we do not ship to PO Boxes

Pros: This is a high quality goal that’s easy to assemble. This is also one of the best lacrosse goals for last minute purchases because it ships quickly.

Potential Drawbacks: This goal is extremely light. This causes it to sometime lean forwards. We’d recommend using a heavy object like a sandbag to help anchor the goal.

Overall Value:

The Gladiator goal is one of the best cheap lacrosse goals we’ve seen. It’s currently on sale for $79.95, and is a solid value at that price.

4) Ez Goal 8 ft. Folding & Tilting Lacrosse Rebounder & Goal

Manufacturer Specs:
*Made by EZGoal
*Telescoping frame adjusts throwback angle for high pops, grounders and line drives
*Throwback bungees remove easily for game play
*2″ powder coated 17 gauge steel frame with rigid construction
*Heavy duty polypropylene UV treated net
*Regulation size: 72″ Wide x 72″ High

Pros: This goal can be quickly assembled. The advantage this goal has over many of its competitors, however, is that it also rebounds your shot.

Potential Drawbacks: This goal’s frame is a bit flimsy. In addition, this goal has mediocre netting. Many high school and college players report putting holes into this net with their shots

Overall Value:

The EZ Goal is one of the best lacrosse goals at a mid-range price point. It’s a solid value at $133.99, but because of the relatively weak netting this goal is more suited to younger children.

5) Champion Lacrosse Goal Target ( LGT )

Manufacturer Specs:
*Made by Champion Sports
*Comes with quick goal fasteners for easy attachment
*Target area is 6′ x 6′ with 9 target zones.
*Made of all-weather durable mesh.
*Color: Black

Pros: Champion’s lacrosse goal target is an excellent piece of equipment for helping your child practice shot placement and finesse passing.

Potential Drawbacks: This target has some serious durability issues if left outside in the elements. It holds up well otherwise, but reviewers stress this target will fall apart if left outside.

Overall Value:

Champion’s lacrosse goal target is a decent value at $56.65.

6) Rukket Rip It! Portable Lacrosse Goal – 4×4 or 6×6 Backyard Net

Manufacturer Specs:
*Made by RUKKET
*4’x4′ indoor regulation size or 6’x6′ regulation lacrosse goal. The flexibility also means the goal absorbs the impact of the ball, making it exceptionally durable.
*Incredibly lightweight yet stands up to the hardest shots. Made from solid fiberglass poles and rotating steel corners that allow it to set up and fold down.
*Folds down in 3 motions into a flat triangle that fits into a carrying case.
*Corner pockets allow for storage of personal items and water bottles or weights if the ground is not suitable for stakes.
*Perfect for coaches and players, novices to pros! Use indoor or outdoors.

Pros: This may be one of the lacrosse goals you should consider if you’ll be transporting your goal between multiple places. This is because this goal is light and it’s possible to assemble Rukket portable goal in just 5-10 minutes.

Potential Drawbacks: Parents say the 6×6 goal is significantly easier to transport than the 4×4 goal. You’ll want to consider how often you’ll be packing this goal up before deciding which size you’ll purchase.

Overall Value:

The Rukket portable lacrosse goal offers solid performance and easy transportation. Rukket is also a great brand for lacrosse goals cheap. In fact, the 4×4 goal sells for just $69.99, while the 6×6 goal is $99.99.

7) SSG Practice Lacrosse Goal

Manufacturer Specs:
*Dimensions 6’H x 6’W x 7’D
*1.5″ Orange powder coated steel tubing
*Lacing rods on inside front, uprights, and on rear ground supports
*3mm braided nylon net that has back pocket for a snug fit

Pros: This goal has a sturdy net, and a heavy frame.

Potential Drawbacks: Stringing the net to the goal isn’t difficult, but it may be time consuming.

Overall Value:

The SSG isn’t the cheapest lacrosse goal, but it offers good performance at the reasonable price of $148.99.

8) Brine Backyard Lacrosse Goal (Net Included), 6 x 6 x 7-Feet, Orange

Manufacturer Specs:
*Made by Brine
*Official size, 6′ x 6′ x 7′
*1.5″ powder-coated steel frame
*Includes a 2.5 mm extension poly net and lacking cord
*Includes four quick net fasteners

Pros: This is one of the best lacrosse goals in regards to quality. Brine is also a reputable lacrosse brand, therefore, you can feel confident this goal will hold up well over time.

Potential Drawbacks: This goal often goes out of stock. If this is the case, you may have to deal with delayed shipping before you receive your goal.

Overall Value:

If you want lacrosse goals cheap… keep looking. The Brine backyard goal offers excellent performance, but it’s far from cheap. This goal sells for $170. This isn’t a bad deal, but you may get better value from one of the other mid-range lacrosse goals.

9) SKLZ Quickster Lacrosse Goal – Portable Practice Net

Manufacturer Specs:
*Made by SKLZ
*Lightweight, portable design allows you to set up anywhere
*Regulation size for both shooting drills and scrimmage play
*Tension-Tite Technology for true lacrosse goal depth and ball retention
*Easy set-up and take down
*Ground stakes and carry bag included

Pros: This isn’t a cheap lacrosse goal, but might be the best lacrosse goal. In addition to being lightweight, this goal can be assembled in just 5-10 minutes. This SKLZ Quickster goal also comes with a bag for storage when not in use.

Potential Drawbacks: Because of its unique design, you may have difficulty attaching a shooting target to this goal.

Overall Value:

The SKLZ Quickster offers excellent performance at a reasonable price. It may provide the most value and be the best lacrosse goal for the performance it delivers at $149.99.


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