TRUE Lacrosse Handle Review…And Giveaway!


What’s going on Laxers? Today I have a real special treat for you…

First, I cannot thank the team over at TRUE Lacrosse enough! alloy true lacrosse handle

I am one of the lucky few who has the opportunity to review some of their killer, top-notch handles.

Not to mention…they are letting me GIVEAWAY THESE HANDLES…FREE!

I am thrilled to be releasing a review of such a quality product from some quality people!

Enter TRUE Lacrosse –

It started in 2004. For 11 years, True Temper Lacrosse has designed, engineered and manufactured handles for some of the best brands in the sport.

But, the pace has changed.

True Lacrosse has and they have shifted to build handles only for their own brand, TRUE.

Way to go, guys. Felicitaciones!

TRUE and their products have been at the top of the lacrosse game for quite some time.

Their prowess in baseball, paddle, hockey, cycling and golf is also worth a mention.

Certainly, they are a respectable bunch of folk.

I’m thankful they gave me the opportunity to get a couple of these handles in hand.

For more on their story, brand, and products, head on over to their site

The Handles:

true lacrosse comp handleI have the pleasure to review two handles; the TRUE COMP SF 4.0 and the TRUE Alloy 2.0.

You and I will be getting after each of these individually, in some detail, so hang on!


Material: Composite

Weight (Oz.): 6.2

Shaft Finish: Tactile Finish/Fine Grit

Handle Shape: Concave Octagon

Reflective Property: Matte

Butt End: TRUE Ruberized End Cap

true lacrosse comp handleThe Run-Down:

The COMP SF 4.0 was design with SmartPly and SmartFlex technologies. The SmartPly technology is a specific design, used with up 25 inner layers of carbon fiber. With SmartPly, you have a handle built for optimal performance, weight and strength.

Holding the COMP SF 4.0 I felt a balance of weight and strength from the get-go.

We have  a durable handle here.

You’ll find just the right amount of flex (I am about to get to that), face-off guys may want to take a second look here.

With the SmartFlex, the top of the shaft will be softer. The softness gives  more leverage for some real whip, and increased feel.

The COMP SF 4.0 does not discriminate. Younger and older players alike can get some serious value and improvement of play here. The guys over at TRUE say themselves, that they built this handle for all ages of play.

Important Note on the Flex: With the SmartFlex, TRUE offers up 2 differing rates of flex. This will all depend on your personal preference, and level of shooting.

The COMP shaft with the Flex 9 rate, bends a bit easier, giving you that extra torque and whip in every shot.

The Flex 6 rate takes a little more strength to get the same result. Most often, players at the high school and collegiate levels test out that rate.

The Flex is no joke! Shooting around with this handle, you immediately feel the speed of your shots jumping up a notch.

The COMP has a great feel to it. The slight concave shape and a fine-texture grip gives you grip, with little need for tape. Great for you out there who find the tape to be an added distraction.

true lacrosse handle compOverall Value: $109.00 

First and foremost, this is a handle of top quality. TRUE will stand by that claim as well, as they offer up a 6 Month Warranty along with purchase.

I don’t have much ill will to report about this handle.

I can’t comment on it’s longevity. But, from user feedback, the COMP SF 4.0 holds up well, just be wary of the occasional chip here or there.

Don’t just take my word for it either.

Scour the web, and you’ll see this handle is accumulating some good words!

TRUE Alloy 2.0 –true lacrosse alloy handle

Material: 7075 Alloy

Weight (Oz.): 6.3

Shaft Finish: Mild Sandblast Finish/Fine Grit

Handle Shape: Concave Octagon

Reflective Property: Metallic

Butt End: TRUE Ruberized End Cap

The Run-Down:

The next handle I got my paws on was the TRUE Alloy 2.0. This handle carries a ridiculous strength-to-weight ratio. Holding this baby, you definitely feel the durability without the extra mass.

The TRUE Alloy 2.0, like the COMP SF 4.0 is a solid handle for all ages and levels of play.

The Alloy is light enough to be an approachable handle for a wide range of ages. Yet, it is also durable enough to stand up to competitive play.

The Alloy 2.0 finishes with a fine tactile texture. You will find some small granules sandblasted into the finish as well. This gives the handle some added grip, but doesn’t pack on any weight.

The finish of the Alloy 2.0 is different than the COMP SF 4.0. I’d tape up the Alloy if I was to use it in real play. The sandblast is a nice touch, but the added tape would give me some the grip confidence I needed.

This shaft handles well. Like any lightweight shaft, you feel some serious control over the Alloy.

Tough to dig up any other user feedback on this handle at the moment! The Alloy is still looking pretty fresh on the web. Yet, from my limited experience, I can sense a high quality product.

true alloy lacrosse handleOverall Value: $60.00 on 

The Alloy 2.0 comes in with a sweet $60 price tag. The lacking user feedback across the web may put you a little in the dark. But, I still have confidence in the TRUE brand, and so do they!

Just like the COMP SF 4.0, they’ll back their handle with a 6 Month Warranty. That’s just business!


Well that’s all I have for you guys on this batch of TRUE Larosse handles. Again, it was quite the pleasure to take a close look at these, and shoot out some feedback.

Hope y’all found some points of value, and can become the wise buyer you need to be to start stacking killer gear.

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