The Top Workouts for Lacrosse

Work Out Off the Field, or Get Worked On the Field!

As a high-impact sport, lacrosse entails using every muscle in your body. Lacrosse players need workouts designed to build up the upper body in order to cradle a ball, as well as swing a lacrosse stick. They also need exercises targeted for leg strengthening so that they can run extremely fast on a 60 yard wide by 110 yard long lacrosse field.

Because a typical game can last as long as two hours, lacrosse players need to have enough resilience in their muscles to keep playing an entire game. Flexibility and core strength are just as critical because of all the bending involved in lacrosse. If you’re considering this sport, here are some of the most effective lacrosse workouts

Types of Push-ups 

Push-ups strengthen the chest, triceps and shoulders, besides increase core strength. There are several varieties of push-ups that are particularly beneficial for lacrosse training.

  • Clapping push-ups are helpful for increasing explosive chest power and involve push-ups so that you can not only lift your body from the ground, but you also clap your hands.
  • Triangle push-ups, which strengthen the triceps, entail putting the hands together, forming a triangle, so the fingers touch.
  • Wide push-ups are generally harder to do. To do a wide push-up you you stretch the arms as far apart from each other as you can. Wide push-ups are done for building up the chest muscles. 

Incline Sit-ups 

Standard sit-ups are good workouts. However, for more intensity, do incline sit-ups. To do them, you need an incline board and an incline bench.

After securing your feet under a support bar and putting your hands behind your neck, bend your hips and waist to raise your upper body from the incline bench. Lowering the incline can make this exercise easier to do. If you do your sit-ups on a flat surface, position your arms further from your head for more intensity.

Lunges and Squats Workouts 

These exercises are for building up the leg muscles so that you’re able to run farther, faster and more powerfully. They’re designed to target your muscles in the hamstrings, quadriceps, lower back, and the buttock. Do 20-30 minute lunges and squats about three times weekly. 

Running and Swimming 

  • Running—One of the most effective ways for increasing stamina and cardiovascular endurance is by running. A good run strengthens your heart muscle, making it more able to effectively pump blood. What’s more, running helps to condition your lungs, giving you increased stamina to complete your game without becoming tired. To be an exceptional lacrosse player, run for ½ to a full hour daily.
  • Swimming—This also helps develop stamina, besides strengthens a lot of the muscles needed for playing lacrosse. An advantage of swimming is that it lets your joints rest from doing high-impact movements. While flutter kicks help develop the leg muscles, butterfly strokes are good for strengthening the upper body.

Considerations and Warnings

  • Don’t do leg strengthening exercises every day because you don’t want to overexert your muscles. Instead, do them every two other day.
  • Always first check with your doctor before doing any type of workout for lacrosse.
  • There are many health care professionals that don’t advise lacrosse weight training for males until they’re high school age.
  • Younger players and people new to the game should do only those exercises that don’t entail using weights.
  • It’s important to understand how you can prevent workout accidents so that you don’t hurt yourself. Fortunately, about 98 percent of orthopedic injuries can be prevented, according to
  • Vitamin D is crucial in building bones. You’re  probably are deficient in Vitamin D, so get a blood test and talk to your doctor. A good recommendation, according to most medical experts, is between 800 and 1,000 IUs of Vitamin D daily.

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