6 Lacrosse Videos that Serious LAX Players Will Study

Our 6 Favorite Lacrosse Videos at the Moment:

Need some lacrosse videos to study? We have more of a fun and interesting article for all our “One Stop Lacrosse” followers. Plain and simple, today we are going over some of our favorite lacrosse videos that get us psyched, and hopefully get you psyched for your next opportunity to go pick up your stick.

We picked 6 videos that we find value in at the moment (trust me it was hard not to add a lot more), and for your convenience, we divided up the videos by each of the players’ positions so you can look to get some relevant tips and tricks based on your game.

Lacrosse Videos: Attackers/Middies

Westervelt-Drew-1260Drew Westervelt:  

Drew Westervelt plays his professional lacrosse for the Colorado Mammoth in the NLL and the Chesapeake Bayhawks in the MLL. Having the total of 71 MLL career goals and 164 career goals in the NLL Westervelt has earned himself numerous All-Star team selections. Plain and simple, this guy is a threat around the net and that is why we felt  Westervelt should make the cut for our first One Stop Lacrosse videos post.

Kevin Crowley:

Of course we should have a video from the 2013 MLL MVP Kevin Crowley. Crowley, now currently a member of the Philadelphia Wings in the NLL and the Chesapeake Bayhawks in the MLL. Crowley is a committed crowley-hsmember to the Canadian Lacrosse team and has helped that squad take a World Championship. Crowley has fantastic vision, he can take a lethal shot, and what we love most about Crowley is his ability to find open spaces off the ball. See if you can catch that in Crowley’s 2013 Major league lacrosse video.

Brendan Mundorf:

p4601227Mundorf, making the lacrosse videos highlight list here at “One Stop Lacrosse,” is currently a member of the Chesapeake Bayhawks. Mundorf was the 2012 MLL MVP, the career leader in points for the Denver Outlaws organization and his played in three World Lacrosse Championships. Mundorf interestingly enough played for the Aussie side in 2006 but moved to the USA side started in 2010 (just a fast fact for you). Mundorf was an avidly pursued piece by Bayhawks’ president and head coach Dave Cottle. Wonder why? Watch Mundorf lacrosse video highlight reel.

Lacrosse Videos: Defensemen

Brodie Merrill:

Brodie Merrill plays in both professional lacrosse leagues, in the NLL  for the Philadelphia Wings and in the MLL for the Boston Cannons. Merrill is an all-star. No seriously, Merrill has been selected to both all-star teams for each the National Lacrosse League and Major Lacrosse League. That’s just the beginning however, Merrill is really starting to accumulate the laundry list of awards. In his introduction to both the MLL and the NLL Merri?????????????????????????????????????????????????????ll grabbed the Rookie of the Year award from each. He’s accomplished defensmen winning the Defensive Player of the Year award in the NLL in 2006 and winning the same award in the MLL for SIX SEASON STRAIGHT. That’s ridiculous people. Maybe that needs to be in writing once more…SIX SEASONS STRAIGHT.

Watch Brodie Merrill’s lacrosse video already!

Lee Zink:

Lee Zink, the man whole stole he MLL Defensive Player of the Year award from the six year champ Brodie Merrill, Zink-0A2Btook the award for two yeras straight (2012,2013). Zink, as a member of the Denver Outlaws, comes into our lacrosse videos highlight list as a veteran. Zink enters his 11th year in the MLL, nine of which he has spent with Denver. If there is someone who you could take notes from on how to D up, it’s Mr. Zink here.

(His highlight reel is not electrifying, but that’s not the point of his game. Zink is a pest)

Jesse Schwartzman:

Didn’t think we would throw you a bone those of you who protect the net? Well here you go. Schwartzman-06AFJesse “Bear” Schwartzman, current reigning goalie of the year, there are not many others who can top Schwartzman’s ability to protect his team’s sacred space. Schwartzman, was a member of that 2013 Denver Outlaws squad that went undefeated. Yeah with Schwartzman in goal, I think we can see how other teams had trouble topping the Outlaw’s score. Schwartzman has a career professional record of 58-19 which yields a stunning 76% winning percentage, yeah, that ranks first all-time.

Well that’s all we have at the moment LAXers! Be expecting more One Stop Lacrosse videos posts in the future. Have any lacrosse videos that get you pumped or feel can add value to another player’s game? Post them in a comment below and we may add them to a future post!