Lacrosse Training Tips: Serious Players Keep A Training Log

Log Your Workouts, Make Progress

Athletes who keep a practice or workout log are serious about improving their game.

Taking a few minutes before and after practices, workouts and games to jot down some notes on your play sounds a bit silly. Seriously though, you would be surprised how much keeping a consistent log of your performance will boost your game.

Tracking Your Workouts Accelerates Gains
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The largest benefit you will get from keeping a log is the awareness that you will develop to your game. Having a day-by-day training journal will make it easy for you to refer back to previous workouts and monitor your progress.

The newfound awareness will further provide insight to where you are hitting slumps and what might cause that.

Sometimes a certain day of the week makes some people a bit lazy, or maybe you will see if training

Be in tune with your game!

Be in tune with your game!

in the morning or afternoon provides a greater training session.

Along with the slumps, you will be able to see where you hit your peaks.

Doing a weekly review of your workouts will help you take notice of what sorts of things prep you for a killer practice or workout. Obviously, you can then start doing more of those things.

A log will help you set and stick with goals. If you don’t track what you lift in the gym, often times you will end up lifting the same weights you did the week before just because you do not remember what you did.

That is a huge deterrent to making real progress on any goals. A goal is meaningless if it is not measurable and being tracked.

You will be able to understand what you need to work on. If you keep track of your practices and make a note that you were lacking in a certain drill or focus, you will know exactly what you need to work on at the next practice, or individual training session.

Keeping a practice log only makes you a more focused player. The more you monitor your training, your practices and your games, the more seriously you want to work on your game. Trust us.

Keeping a practice log is Super Simple:

  • Have a growing note open in your phone or take a physical notebook with you to practices and the gym.
  • For each day, write out what you did for a workout.
  • After the workout rate how you felt about it on a scale of 1-10, 1 being a super lazy, sluggish workout and 10 being a workout that you would be proud of.
  •  Take brief notes on exactly how you felt. Were you sore? Were you tired? Were you hungry before practice? All these questions provide valuable answers
  • Frequently review your logs; perhaps weekly, and you can begin to notice patterns in your training habits.
  • Take note of the Patterns – Maybe Tuesdays you are always feeling a little lazy, maybe Thursday is your peak day. Maybe you practice better when you have had a little protein before.

Seriously, a huge part to improving is simply developing awareness to what exactly you are doing. This is where the practice log helps you the most. It forces you to pay attention more to the workout. Plus, subconsciously you know you would rather rate a workout out closer to 10 than 1 so you might find yourself working out a bit harder.


If you are the ‘physical notebook’ type of person an extremely highly reviewed workout notebook is the BodyMinder . This journal will be everything you need to have the motivation and means to keep your workouts and practices trackable.

If you are more of the paperless kind, maybe checking out some mobile apps is more your style. I would check out these two apps (all are at first available for free).

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Argus – A app that will track everything you do. The quality of the tracking can be questionable, but then again that is why it is free. A number of cool charts and stats, Argus is worth giving a try.



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Map My Fitness – Map My Fitness is a great app because of the wide selection of sports and activities that the app will track for you.

That’s all for the training tip this week LAXers, log your next workout! Do it!

Have any training tips to share with the community, please comment below!